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    My company needs to build an RPA application creator software. The requirements as following. ### Automation batch creator application a. Running environment: Windows 7 or later b. Functional requirements:  1. Simulate mouse click  2. Simulate keyboard input  3. Using OCR to detect windows, selection  4. Open/Close Program  5. Record macro  6. Logic functions support (if-else, switch case...)  7. Loop functions support (while, for...)  8. DateTime functions support (get system time...)  9. Wait (sleep) functions to support  10. Exports the robot that was created to a .exe file ### Automation batch manages application a. Running environment: Web b. Functional requirements:  1. Manage created robot (search, run, delete)  2. Alarm to the creator (email, message..) when hav...

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    ■ 仕事内容 主に米国にいらっしゃる方にお願いします。 弊社のアプリを、実際に現地にいらっしゃる方にに操作していただいて、実際の通信速度を計測したいと思っています。 ・テスト用アプリをインストールしていただき、こちらの指示書通りに操作を行っていただきます。 ・1回 30分ほどのテストを 3回行っていただきます。 ・指示書は応募後にお送りします。 ・テスト結果は、アプリを通じて自動的に記録されます。細かい計測などを手動でしていただく必要はありません。 ・英語のスキルも必要ありません。 ■ お支払い額 3,000円 ■ 応募資格 1) 現在、米国にいらっしゃる方 2) iPhone 6s / iPhone 7 / iPhone SE をお持ちの方 端末性能の差をできるだけなくしたいので、今回は上記の端末のみに限定させていただきます。 3) 以下のいずれかの通信キャリアをご利用いただける方 ・Verizon ・AT&T ・Sprint ・T-mobile ■ 応募時に教えてほしいこと ・現在お住いの州 ・お手持ちのスマホの機種 ・契約中のキャリア ■ その他 テスト結果を受けてアプリを修正しますので、2週間後ぐらいに再度同じようなテストをご依頼させていただけると助かります。 その際はさらに追加で 3,000円お支払いさせていただきます。(サイトを通じてご依頼させていただきます。)

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    We are looking for EN>JP translators for our project. Field: medical, life science pricing manner: per EN word requirements: Freelancer (not the agency) native Japanese speaker at least two years in a translation firm or department Good at medical translation simple test as acceptable Please contact us if you are available

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    This is rosemarylaw office, lawyer in Japan. We are searching freelancer of PHP, SSIS, SSRS programer. We are continue to develop CS system, MS SQL +SSIS ,SSRS of server side and PHP front with IIS. All MS solution based. We have Server side engineer in house. and test server with dummy data, you can try from remote. development can do english based with skype, github,mail and so on. We hope to good offshore appications. Thanks now we are searching below project enginner. 1 upgrade SQL server SSIS import program 2005 to 2012 SSIS side is improt form exel to dbo and job lancher is C# based exe. Req Skill C# 2000, SSIS, SQL prototype, ex- version will remained Documets also you need to upgarede customizing and version up job. Becase some field connection was...

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    This is rosemarylaw office, lawyer in Japan. We are searching freelancer of PHP, SSIS, SSRS programer. We are continue to develop CS system, MS SQL +SSIS ,SSRS of server side and PHP front with IIS. All MS solution based. We have Server side engineer in house. we have test server with dummy data, you can try from remote. development can do english based with skype, github,mail and so on. We hope to good offshore appications. Thanks now we are searching below project enginner. 1 upgrade SQL server SSIS import program2005 to 2012 SSIS side is improt form CSV to DB, job lancher is C# based. Req Skill C# 2000, SSIS, SQL 2 upgarde SSRS program 2005 to 2012 small customizing upgarde checking. over 100 report should upgarde 3 php with sql add new searching view e...

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    ...engineer. About Us: it is a company We are doing a hardware development there Your job Overview: Have you responsible for the application development that corresponds to the Internet. <Work scope> Of the front-end requirements definition - Specification of the front-end functions and UI In addition, the following work will be made out of scope. 1. programming 2. Description of the test code 3. Test specification created Non_Japanese and GLOBAL community System Engineers are requested kindly to check the Attachment Files which signifies the REQUIREMENT for this ROLE. Assumed operating time: XXX contract period: XXX Such as the necessary skills and experience: - Business application requirements definition and design of the experience of Smar...

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    ...calendar to display the price using the data from the Excel document. This is part of the fixed price , in order to cover all the latest tables. Currently I am using PHP Excel, to migrate to MySQL if possible. MySQL 5.5 PHP 5.2 Basically: I want to display the captured data in XLS (Excel) to MySQL in calendar form. PS. if there is the necessary support, we can do this monthly PPS. For the test site , I can prepare it in the same server. ---------------------------------------------------------------- エクセルファイルのデータを使って料金をカレンダー表示したい。 料金を一部変えることは無く、最新のシートですべて上書きする。 現在はPHPExcelを使っている。 できればMySQLに移行したい。 MySQLは5.5 PHPは5.2 ・XLSをMySQLに取り込む ・取り込んだデータをカレンダー状に表示する 月を区切るためにエクセルになにか追記が必要な場合対応可能。 テストサイトは、同じサーバーで用意できます。

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    ...accuracy external active antenna, energy during active antenna usage. Here some sample rows: Geekstory BN-220; GPS receiver; ... Seamuing GT-U7; GPS receiver; ... MS3: - implement position detection based on GPS only in own function - implement position detection based on DGPS in own function - do the same for other options available - each function shall be callable independently to be able to test the different accuracy in a proof of concept later - write into local csv style file - provide a schematics - provide a video of your setup to be able to rebuild locally - help us to rebuild prototype locally MS4: - use results of MS3 functions and store them in local persistent buffer (suggest best approach) - read regularly (configurable schedule) the buffer and send via MQTT. -...

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    Selenium / Linux expert required 6 日 left

    I am running a selenium test in my server on linux. It is in a Python3 environment. I want to write code that records the video of the test. You need to be able to start it immediately and finish asap.

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    Job Title: Cybersecurity Analyst Expert - Blue Team Level 1 Test Prep Job Description: Seeking a cybersecurity analyst expert to assist with Blue Team Level 1 test preparation . Only those familiar with the test should apply . Responsibilities: - Provide guidance for Blue Team Level 1 test Job Title: Cybersecurity Analyst Expert - Blue Team Level 1 Test Preparation Note: If you're unfamiliar or lack expertise in the Blue Team Level 1 test, please abstain from applying. Successful test-takers or experienced candidates are encouraged to bid.

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    ...connectivity issue with Shopify to avoid accidental deletions or incorrect updates. e. Maintain a synchronization log to document all updates, deletions, and any detected anomalies. 3. Automation Framework: a. Develop the automation using Python. b. Use appropriate libraries and modules (e.g., Requests, Shopify API Python SDK) to facilitate the automation process. c. Ensure the automation script can run periodically without manual intervention. d. Integrate error handling mechanisms to deal with potential issues (e.g., network failures, API rate limits). 4. Testing & Validation: a. Thoroughly test the automation system in a sandbox or testing environment to ensure it functions correctly. b. Validate that marketplace-specific details are co...

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    ...there's a noticeable gap in the market for a holistic solution that encompasses everything from social media posting automation to database-driven email marketing. Key Features and Vision: Social Media Automation: The goal is for entrepreneurs to dedicate a full day to crafting content for all their social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest). With the integration of AI tools like ChatGPT and graphic design platforms akin to Canva, content creation becomes seamless. Beyond just crafting posts, the platform will automate descriptions and schedule posts at optimal times. Chatbot Integration: To further enhance the automation, we envision an advanced chatbot that users can train with their content. This ensu...

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    google sheet scripts 6 日 left

    I am looking for a freelancer to write Google Sheet scripts that automate daily processes S column is IF formula to RUN or Blank as per D Cloumn, as well make sure T Cloumn is data come from other scripts, but you just must clear that cell where is not RUN in S column, in that S Column if there ...freelancer to write Google Sheet scripts that automate daily processes S column is IF formula to RUN or Blank as per D Cloumn, as well make sure T Cloumn is data come from other scripts, but you just must clear that cell where is not RUN in S column, in that S Column if there is RUN then no actions, if run remove then T column will remove like T13 will clear S12, S21, S38 Here is file link for test https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SXL8Jj_nnVbEJaDzkp_eerM4IQYKg927mvkVIGze8ss/...

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    I am currently looking for a skilled freelancer to assist me with a project involving Excel automation. The specific tasks include data entry, formula calculations, and report generation. Additionally, the freelancer should be able to audit SMS as per guidelines and identify wrong characters in texts. I am flexible with the timeline but will provide access to existing Excel files so that the freelancer can understand the current process better. Knowledge of VBA code is desired but not necessary. If you are interested in this project, please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you.

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    Hi guys, Thanks for your interest in writing for us. IMPORTANT: Human writing only - No AI or Rewriting - (we check) What we offer: *A full-time position with a starting salary based on the amount of work you do for us. If you can write more or want to write less (e.g. part time), that is fine a...pass Copyscape. *By bidding on this project you understand that any writing work you'll do for us will be done on a pay-per-work basis, and that you transfer all the rights to the content you deliver upon delivery and will not publish the content anywhere, including online portfolios etc., or use it in any other way. We'll try promising applicants out with a paid test article. For now, please submit a proposal of $20 for the test article. Thanks in advance for...

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    As the Head of Software Develop...testing needs to be done on a specific module, and should be completed within a month’s time. I would prefer that the support provided be manual testing, as this is the most efficient way to ensure accuracy in our product. The candidate should possess strong expertise in manual testing, including knowledge of implementing test cases, analyzing results, certifying software elements, and refining test plans. Hands-on experience in test scripting, and software automation and configuration management tools like SVN, JIRA, etc. will be an added advantage. Time-management, problem-solving, multitasking, and excellent communication skills are all essential qualities I'm looking for in a successful candidate. If this sou...

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    Step and stl. file of the mold design made for mechanical test samples.

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    ...detail · Flexible approach to task-driven deliverables · Good English grammar and communication skills The successful candidate will: · Build completely custom websites - strictly no off-the-shelf CMS, or themes or templates · Work with JavaScript frameworks (ReactJS, NodeJS, etc.). · Begin your application with the words "Front-End". · Having clean code skill, debugging skills and fixing bug on test environment · Experience in responsive designing · Maintain high quality inline documentation · Experience with testing and cross-browser compatibility tools · Promptly meet deadlines and milestones, and be available for ad-hoc meetings during work times throughout the week · Only applicants who pr...

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    I'm looking for an Excel expert with proficiency in VBA or macro to help me with data analysis and reporting. I already have the data ready and what I need is a report in Excel document format. This project requires skills such as macro and VBA writing, automation of repetitive tasks, data analysis and reporting. The successful contractor should demonstrate the ability to successfully analyze large datasets and provide information/insights into the data. Additionally, they should be able to generate easy-to-read reports that can be shared with stakeholders. The ideal candidate would have extensive experience in data analysis and reporting and have the abilities to solve complex problems. If you are an Excel expert with experience creating macros, automating repetitive tasks, an...

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    Weekly webscrape automation 6 日 left

    Project Description: I am looking for a freelancer to automate a weekly webscraping task for me. Frequency: - The webscraping should occur on a weekly basis. Data Type: - I am...Type: - I am specifically interested in scraping text data from a big commerce powered store from a wholesale supplier to store on google sheets Website(s): - I have a specific website in mind for scraping. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in webscraping using Python or other relevant programming languages. - Experience in scraping text data from websites. - Familiarity with automation tools and techniques. - Attention to detail and ability to handle large volumes of data. - Strong problem-solving skills and ability to troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the scrapin...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with a simple and urgent project. Payment Gateway: Stripe Testing Required: Functional Testing Specific Issues to Check: Checking Skills and Experience: - Experience with Stripe payment gateway - Strong understanding of functional testing - Ability to identify and resolve transaction issues - Attention to detail and thoroughness in testing - Ability to work quickly and meet tight deadlines

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    I am looking for a Pinescript developer who can help me modify an existing script on TradingVie...understand and modify existing code effectively. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Pinescript and experience with TradingView. - Strong understanding of trading strategies and risk management. - Previous experience in implementing trail stoploss and target functionality. - Ability to work with existing scripts and modify them as per the requirements. - Attention to detail and ability to test and validate the modified script for accuracy and efficiency. More details of the strategy: The strategy is simple engulfing and conditions for buy and sell have been set but I need the stoploss to come to entry at the first tp and come to first tp at the second entry and so on until i...

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    Get $15 for a 300-word sample of YouTube scriptwriting, and ongoing work if we like it. This is a paid test. we need very good scriptwriters for ongoing work. Please Read and Understand the Google Docs file carefully. We are very intelligent, you will get disqualified if you use any AI. All information is in the Google Docs file inside the attached file. Notice to Freelancer. com We are uncomfortable providing descriptions of projects on your platform since they appear in search engines even after they are finished and paid out to freelancers. After the project is completed, you have no right to keep the description of our project publicly available on search engines.

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    Logistics app/software 6 日 left

    ...applications with inventory management, route optimization, and real-time tracking features. - Knowledge of mobile responsive design principles. - Strong problem-solving and communication skills. Design: - Although I don't have specific mockups ready, I have a general idea of what I want the design to look like. I am open to suggestions and creative input from the developer. -iCargo is about automation, digitalization and software solutions and booking of cargo and making it easier for logistics companies because it is easy to use. -You will emphasize that they use iCargo software solution to their business and say more than hundreds of logistics companies use Cargo software already Functionalities: - The most important functionality needed on the front-end is user login/r...

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    ...com/en/ We are looking for a talented Automation Task Programmer to join our team and help us create innovative solutions using the Scenario Builder "Make." This role offers the opportunity to work remotely and collaborate with a dynamic team of professionals. Job Description: As an Automation Task Programmer, you will be responsible for creating automated workflows using the Scenario Builder "Make." These workflows will integrate various applications, including Google Docs, Chat GPT, and social media platforms, to streamline processes and increase efficiency. You will have the opportunity to work on exciting projects that push the boundaries of automation technology. Qualifications: - Proficiency in using the Scenario Builder "Make"...

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    Hi Kishor B., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to develop a computer vision algorithm using OpenCV and Python for PPE detection. The project requires detecting safety helmets and safety vests in images or videos. Ideal s...Experience in object detection and classification algorithms - Familiarity with training and fine-tuning deep learning models - Ability to work with large datasets and perform data augmentation The PPE detection system should be highly accurate in identifying safety helmets and safety vests. The freelancer may need to source a specific dataset or use a rough idea of what dataset to use to train and test the model. The final solution should be able to detect PPE in real-time or near real-time scenarios. Please check the video attached for reference and I'm looking for some...

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    ...groundbreaking idea into reality. While we are a startup and don't have a substantial capital at the moment, we are offering a unique opportunity for you to become a core part of this venture and share in its success. Responsibilities: Collaborate with the team to design and develop cutting-edge AI software. Utilize your AI expertise to create innovative and efficient algorithms. Implement and test AI models, ensuring high performance and reliability. Be an active part of the decision-making process, contributing your ideas and insights. Work diligently to turn our ambitious vision into a concrete software solution. Qualifications: Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science or related field. Strong background in artificial intelligence, machine learning, a...

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    Error in (mf[[1L]], mf[[2L]], mf[[3L]]) : not an unreplicated complete block design Here is the link to the post I posted online :

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    Hi, this project requires you to visit 1,000 websites, and for each, visit the Contact Us page, submit a message through the contact form, then update an excel file. The project is for manual form submission only – no automation is acceptable for this project. …………… You will be provided with an excel file, which has the message details, the sender details, and the list of 1,000 websites. I have attached an example to this project. For each submission, you will need to update the excel file to show: - Successfully submitted (Yes/No) - Contact Page URL - Submitted Confirmation Page URL …………… THE CRITERIA The Project will be awarded today, there will be more than one freelancer chosen. If you take on th...

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    Hi, I need someone to coach me through making an automation in that: 1. When A Google Form is filled out 2. Tasks/checklists are created in ClickUp

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    ...within the backend to incorporate the updated pricing information. 4. Testing and Quality Assurance: Task: Conduct comprehensive end-to-end testing to verify that the frontend and backend changes are synchronized seamlessly. Technical Approach: Develop and execute test cases to validate that all pricing and tax adjustments are functioning as expected, with particular attention to user experience and interface consistency. Project Workflow: • The existing code will be shared with the developer. • Development will take place on our test site, with a link provided to the project owner for real-time progress monitoring. • The completed work will undergo thorough testing and quality assurance to ensure accuracy and reliability. • Upon approval, the update...

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    build website 6 日 left

    ...to build an attractive, functional site that showcases our mission and values as an organization. We prefer the website to be built on the WordPress platform, and we would like the website to feature an online booking/registration system. Website should allow counsellors to offer time slots in a calendar, then users can book appointments via the website. Also it should have the possibility to test users, they should be able to fill out questionnaires and get results in a easy to understand way. Occasionally some embedded videos and a possibility to donate Reference: It is for different purpose, but this kind of style would be great. Clean, minimalistic, high quality pictures The ideal candidate for this job should have a great understanding of WordPress

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    I am looking for someone to teach me how to use Integromat modules. As a total beginner with no prior experience with similar platforms, I am willing to devote a few hours a day to learning Integromat. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Extensive knowledge and experience in using Integromat modules - Strong understanding of automation and workflow creation - Excellent troubleshooting and debugging skills - Ability to explain concepts and guide a beginner in a clear and concise manner - Patience and willingness to adapt to different learning paces

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    Dear Freelancer, I am excited to introduce my new project, "Clear Cat," which aims to provide effective solutions for cat acne while promoting feline well-being. At this stage, I am seeking a skilled professional to help me test the concept by creating a landing page and driving targeted traffic to it through sponsored ads. This is the initial step in validating the "Clear Cat" idea before proceeding with a full website. **Project Overview:** **1. Landing Page Creation:** The primary goal of this project is to establish a compelling landing page that effectively communicates the "Clear Cat" concept and offers the cat acne solution, silicon brushes, and metal water bowls. The landing page should include the following elements: - Clear and concise m...

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    ...automate the process of selling stocks on the Thinkorswim platform when the price drops by 20%. Here are the specific requirements for the project: - The automation should be able to automatically sell the stocks when the price drops by 20% below the entry price. - There is no need for any additional features such as tracking multiple stocks or auto-buying. The focus is solely on implementing the stop loss automation. - The ideal candidate should have experience working with Thinkorswim and be familiar with its API and automation capabilities. - Knowledge of stock trading and risk management strategies is also preferred. - The automation should be reliable and efficient, ensuring that the stocks are sold at the desired price point without any delays or error...

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    HI Freelancer, I am looking someone expert Tutor for A LEVEL You will be helping My Son for Exam Practice of Biology helping him to understand more run MOC type Exam find his weekness and help him to IMprove he is on A Grade but having Potential to get A* hee has good Understanding etc. You will be making MOC Test as per the A LEVEL Helping him all the practice which can help him to Improve his BIOLOGY Weekly at least 14 to 20 Hours Training will required Until His A Level is Finish. Method of Delivery will be Online system .

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    Freelancer to help and make sure to make a Script based on Python . Script will have 3 Methods and 4th one is Document 1) Download the Data from 20 Different Websites we will provide after agree the Project . 2) Validate the Data from 20 Website on Specific Fields ) 3) We have Ebay Listing Store CSV file for Upload all the 20 Webste data will be Organised to Ebay CSv file for Automation . 4) Procedure of Performaing the Steps in Document will be Required Scope of Work 1) Scrapping 20 Website Commerce Product . 2) Script for Downloading Product Info ( all of it Organised in CSV File such whatever info is there on website . but one Primary Coulmn for Product code should be important as this will be also a Folder on Local drive for each Product and you will save a...

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    ...store for members and special different requirements that include CSS, forms, social login, consumer portal, variables, connection to FB and Google ads, stats, shipping, etc. Then, we have ongoing custom PHP and WP needs. We're a nonprofit from Florida looking for a multinational quality. Follow English grammar ruller when communicating with us as it's an indication of the way you write code. We test you already from the first line on the chat. If you can't follow these simple instructions, - Start always with a capital letter - Refer to yourself with "I" and never with "i" - Don't capitalize letters in the middle of the sentence unless it's a name Please answer: 1. How long have you been an employee in software companies? (we veri...

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    Take-Home Test 9 日 left

    A scene with that allows for 3d rotation of a character with 5 buttons to switch between animations. Also two extra buttons for changing character color and background.

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    I'm currently working on a web3 automation software which can be used to automate NFT mints, token swaps and any kind of Ethereum transaction. Instead of charging our users a monthly price, we want to charge our users based on a transaction fee. Each time a user uses our software to send a transaction they will be charged a % of the total value if the transaction is successful. We want a solidity contract which has a method that takes as parameters the target contract to call and the input data which will include the encoded method data to call from the target contract, this way, our custom contract will call the external contract with the provided data, check if the call is successful, and take a % of the total value and send it to our vault. Keep in mind the transaction s...

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    Hi Sana A., I would like to offer you my project. Specific requirements for this project include: - Conducting functional testing to ensure all functionalities of the UI are working as intended - No specific functionalities need to be focused on; all functionalities need to be tested thoroughly - The testing needs to be completed within a week - We need to test the Import feature with various files, including: all days in current year, some months in current year, and so on.

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    We are looking for a JS Fullstack developer to join our team of developers. Team consists of 3 developers and 1 IT architect. We are working on development of software for logistics company in Estonia. Work is permanent. The ideal candidate s...technologies: a. Nest JS b. React JS + Tailwind CSS c. Writing tests 3. Experience with docker and containerised apps 4. Good English and Russian languages ( written and spoken) During on-boarding part-time option can be considered. If you don't have experience with some of mentioned technologies, but willing to learn those it is also an option. Hiring process: 1. Interview - 15 min 2. Small independent test task for 2-3 hours based on real life case from our development tasks 3. Review of task in pair programming mode 4. Final int...

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    1. OBJETIVO: Realizar un test de usuario para una aplicación de inteligencia artificial. El objetivo es evaluar y mejorar la capacidad del motor de interpretación del lenguaje natural de la app. 2. ¿QUÉ DEBO HACER? Algo tan simple y mundano como descargar una App que te enviaremos en tu Android o iPhone y contar qué tal te ha ido el día. Explicar los sucesos del día desde una perspectiva personal, tales como interacciones con familiares, amigos, pareja, hijos, o cualquier otro evento digno de ser recordado en un diario personal con los sentimientos que esto te ha generado. 3. DURACIÓN DE LAS GRABACIONES: 1 vez al día (idealmente al final del mismo). Idealmente, cada grabación debería durar un mínim...

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    ...Reporting I require the setup of a Looker Dashboard to report data from various sources. The sources include: - A non-transactional website (GA4) - Two social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) - A Google Ads account - A Facebook and Instagram Ads account - Four Google Business Profile Locations Requirements: 1) Google TAG Verification Confirm correct implementation of Google Conversion TAG. Test TAG functionality for accurate click tracking to an external website. Identify and resolve any issues or discrepancies. 2) Looker Dashboard Setup Prepare a Looker Dashboard to report data from the specified sources. Propose a soultion for the 3rd party connectors Ensure data integration and visualization for clear reporting. Adjust or propose a template that has a user-friendly ...

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    ...Installation of Multi School Management Software: Download the software package and relevant dependencies. Set up a local server environment for testing. Install the software, ensuring all necessary configurations are in place. Reskinning: Customize the software's appearance to match our branding and visual preferences. Modify UI elements, such as logos, color schemes, and fonts. Bug Fixing: Thoroughly test the software for any functional or visual issues. Identify and rectify minor bugs that may arise during installation and reskinning. Demo Presentation: Provide a live demonstration of the software's functionality to showcase its features and capabilities. Upload to Hosting Account: Use AnyDesk to remotely access our hosting account. Upload the reskinned software...

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    **We are looking for an experienced iOS developer to convert an older iOS game (year 2013) written with Xcode in Objective-C (cocos2D) to the current Swift language. The app needs to be compatible with iPad 9th generation and above.** **Game Description** * The game consist...specific features or functionalities need to be added or modified in the app (there are some bugs, but we don't care for now). Future work could be available for that in order to develop the final version of the game. * The application's authorship will remain with the client *the source code will be delivered to the client * The freelancer must commit to converting the app and making it ready to test on an iPad within 7 days of delivery. **If you have the required skills and experience, please sub...

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    I am looking for a SharePoint expert who can help me set up SharePoint 2019 on-premises on an Azure environment. The purpose of this setup is to run and test PowerShell script on SharePoint. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in SharePoint 2019 on-premises configuration and administration - Experience with Azure environment setup and management - Knowledge of PowerShell scripting to change URLs in SharePoint 2019 - Familiarity with collaboration, document management, business intelligence, reporting, workflow automation, and process management in SharePoint Azure Subscription: - I do not have an Azure subscription currently, but I am open to procuring one if necessary.

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