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    We are a new company that needs to develop its social media presence. We need to identify related existing forums, posts and videos. We are also looking to identify social media influencers who are related to our area. We need assistance with creating lists of the existing niche areas we can post and interact in and assistance posting our content to these areas.

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    Hello! We are currently developing a betting and casino based site. We have one developer who is working on it however would like another developer to look assist and in development and give ideas. Regards

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    I am not sure this is possible with Google Map's API but hoping code can be developed to utilize the API to provide bulk driving map directions' links. The input would be a business location and a 50-100 latitude/longitude coordinates and output would be the driving directions shorted links for each coordinate to the business location/address. The manual process for this is taking...

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    Need to develop very simple iOS application. It will display Quran-A-Pak Tafseer contents. Currently contents are available in PDF format. There are six volumes and each PDF has approximately 400 pages. Developer can place the contents in Cloud, once user install and run application, he has the option to view online or download the of line copy. Developer can change the format if required. Look an...

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    We are looking for a Game development partner to help design and build Kids music game in Unity. You must have good concept artists, animators, 3D modeler and unity developer on your team to qualify to be our partner. Selected freelancer will agree to NDA, IP Agreement and ensure our project is not featured in their portfolio. The reference game is

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    ...for our websites We have Website. but He can not finish. building a long time. You must be reliable, responsive and knowledgeable. We are not looking for anybody who is subcontracting jobs! Right now modify the Woocommerce payment like US style ,add cart. shipping address=billing and payment ==> review==>place order. and the invoice detail . and other

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    Im looking for someone to develop a procuct for me, it has a "GSM" alarm system and inside a box. I need someone to source the design, produce, then send to australia. From there assist in bulk orders. Thanks, Phil

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    We are looking for long term Need Woocommerce and WordPress professional for our websites You must be reliable,...looking for long term Need Woocommerce and WordPress professional for our websites You must be reliable, responsive and knowledgeable. We are not looking for anybody who is subcontracting jobs! Start a chat so we can brief you on details

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    ...tinyurl) for the post. It will also append a message to the post, telling to wich cell phone numbers the message was sent (Timestamped). c) The "curl" commands are for future development and integration with the ERP that we are writing in Ruby on Rails, and also, to integrate it with other platforms. d) The way to load the posts inside de blog would be filtered

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    I am a writer and a socialist exploring people and their motivational stories to enlighten the lives of others. I write about how the world around looks and how really it is but yet people smile. I have been working onto this since a long time and now looking for a perfect web solution to make the platform ready.

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    Research and consulting practice consid...of overall potential to be strongly considered. New business development, problem solving and people management skills/aptitude required. Please relate key aspects of "fit" as you think most relevant to future success. Schedule flexibility exists in addition to training and development for the right person.

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    WP template based website development for the crowdfunding platform We are looking for a skilled developer for building the crowdfunding rewards-based platform. Please pay attention, we need no equity-based, no so-called NGO, and no securities-related platform. You MUST have experience for development, designing, tuning, and supporting such a rewards-based

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    We are looking for a fairly comprehensive app with a number of features, including; Calorie Tracker Nutrition Coach Exercise Lessons Diet Planner with to help us develop such an app. Other necessary features include SmartWatch Sync Step Counter We plan to expand our features in the future as well, so further development will be planned.

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    Hi, i want to develop a website for reselling a variety of gps tracking device, pets tracking, children tracking, elders person tracking...create a customer account with his device added to his account( or if could be automated). i want to have a website(landing page and traccar based platform) and mobile app development thank you for your interest

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    Web development 終了 left

    I need a new website. I need you to design and build my personal website. Website is needed to market an event management consultant specialising in Wedding events

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    ... Legal & Corporate Compliance HR & Corporate Audit Support We are looking for Freelance Business Development/Client Acquisition - Consultants. - Recruitment Industry. Job Description. - Will be involved in Client Acquisition or Business Development. Will have to bring in New clients who have Recruitment and Staffing Requirements to CMS - Should have

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    We are developing intranet website. I need some experienced freelancers from chennai to help me on development. Very urgent project. Sometime work from office also needed. I prefer to work with individual freelancers or very small team.

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    Please help me with these part of the project first: 1. Project charter 2. Project plan 3. Risk management plan 4. User requirements 5. Quality assurance plan

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    We are a web development and marketing company in need of a freelancer or two, to be able to assist us with current and future projects.

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    app development 終了 left

    I need a professional app developer to help me develop mobile app for my business

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    Hi I would like to develop a plugin, which will enable us to filter blog Posts based on categories. A working example can be found here [ログインしてURLを表示] ...either select Pagination or select Load More. Etc Settings. Looking for a developer >Extremely Professional. >Can deliver this quick. >Extreme Knowledge of WordPress Plugin Development.

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    I need some help with finding some leads for mobile application

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    I need you to develop a chatbot onto the mendix platform.

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    Hi. I am developing a domino game. Already I have purchased the game source. ([ログインしてURLを表示]) I need to reskin this game and add some features(like user login). I will provide all UI and my server for this project. I attached new some UI. If you are a unity expert, please place a bid. Please put "I checked it" text when place bid or I will ignore your proposal. Thanks.

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    i am looking for experienced developers to assist me in evaluating my trainees quality. The candidate should have strong knowledge about security protocols since i want to make the project more secure from all kind of known attacks .

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    ...F-53 nullify material stock initial upload minor printing configurations split valuation of domestic / import material schedule agreement - tapped/ untapped material subcontracting challan wise reconcile allow alternative item selection in same BOM allow entry of customer GRN no in invoice Nice-to-have mass upload bank reconciled but open entries

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    Web development 終了 left

    I need a new website. I need you to design and build it. Website for watch movie

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    .net website Development project

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    check what is the website made of? I need to add some features and redesign the website.

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    We are developing a platform where user can upload data and play around with our features. The project is developed on Grafana. Languages used in the project are angular, typescript, GO and python. You have to fix bugs and make minor changes in UI.

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    Please read the JD carefully before applying. I have a website which is ready to go live. All the coding and development is done on that. So now I am looking for a tech content writer to write content for that website. You simply need to replace the placeholder texts with the actual content. Each section of the website already have dummy texts and

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    We are looking for development of CMS (Web app, Android and IOS) for Electric Vehicle Charging infrastructure management and supervision, the communication protocol would be OCPP JSON. The Company or person may be anywhere but he or they should have prior experience in understanding the Working Style of OCPP Communication protocol and EV Chargers

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    Looking For Development partner who can develop our project.. "%" We have many clients.. payment Teams 50% - 50% after development.. 1 - Androide / IOS / Ionic Developers 2 - Coordinator / Magento / Open cart Developer 3 - SEO

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    Looking for a person , who is having an experience in business development . As the company is looking for the new businesses

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    Modifications of the website. For more details I will explain

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    ...Interface design, Progress 1, Progress 2, Final Upload) 8. All code to have inline comments 9. Project to include the uploading to Play store 10. Project to include setup of our development station to allow for uploading. (via Teamviewer) See attached sample xml file and Project specification and UI guideline. Please ensure you understand the projects full

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    It's simple R shiny app for the public data available. Please find attached design document for the reference.

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    Development of Overwatch Memory Amboots We're going to sell it via Skype.

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    Looking for an individual to develop a mobile app. All design is provided and instructions will be given. Looking to develop this in a cross-platform environment. Must be reliable and flexible to the projects needs. Please message me for further discussions. Please no copy paste proposals. Thanks

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    I am looking for someone to develop an app for Andriod and Iphone. It will be a fitness app similar to already existing apps like 'myfitnesspal' and 'cronometer. I already have the app mapped out and designed, I just need it made into an app.

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    Standard Web, Android and IOS Development plus.( Front, Bank End and Server Database). Standard Web, Android and IOS Development plus.( Front, Bank End and Server Database).

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    Need software to develop a live streaming website, preferably on WordPress platform. Should allow users to setup, broadcast and watch live video channels. Should work in mobile browsers: use HTML5 WebRTC, HLS, JavaScript. Need to see functional live demo of broadcast and playback before awarding.

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    We have a website that is Wordpress based, with various plugins including Woocommerce and WC Vendors. We require some customisations to the mailflow when an order is placed. At the moment, users are not getting shipping tracking info, because there is nowhere for the Vendor to add it to the order on their WC Vendors dashboard, even though we have a plugin installed for tracking. I think this can...

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    we are a recruitment agency looking for a business developer to call companies and bring leads. We need a person with experience in HR in North America.

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    I want someone who has experience in business development and who will come onboard as a business development specialist

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    I am looking for experienced php developer to develop web based POS (Point of Sale) system. See attached images for your reference.

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