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    Find and fix the problem with new XML + make the changes, as described in the doc + do EAN automation (add a new tab, with title and EAN, and next time, if same title is found, fill the EAN automatically) + try to figure out the problem with Google product category

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    I have an existing PHP database set up to run on a specific IP address with no new installation executables. Looking to Migrate to an MS Access or alternate. This will require exporting the existing PHP data. Creating a new database with +- 6 tables, creating a new capture screen, and creating a new query screen. It must be on a standalone system with no license requirement and run on windows 10 P...

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    Greetings from competecomigo marketing team. We are offering a position for an hourly-basis project. Please check the generic description below, if you are interested. 1) Fixing issues on The issues will be described by our team and the selected developer will need to inform #hours required to fulfill the task with success. A full report containing the full path of the change...

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    Languages: ms(Bahasa Malaysia), el(greek), fi(finnish), ro(Romanian) Translate Timesheet App xml files. Translate [ログインしてURLを表示] Translate [ログインしてURLを表示] complete on sl(Slovenian) language: [ログインしてURLを表示](only) app translation experience translated words in xml files should be brief and can displayed normally on the small screen(phone)

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    Looking for an expert browser extension developer. Our extension currently records events or actions performed on a browser, these actions are captured and send to the backend. There are two modes of operation, one is recording mode, another is the non-recording mode. These activities are captured in for of XML and send to our backend code for consumption. The developer should be proficient in Ja...

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    NETO does have a reasonably powerful import tool that I sadly lack the time to explore more. At present I am downloading a XML file, removing all the excess columns, changing the 2 header names required, pre-pending our part of the SKU, then importing manually with the option to update products existing only. So looking to have automated updated stock from the suppliers online XML file instead (2...

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    We would like to have a simple barcode generator and reader app for iOS and Android and build them via Xamarin. So asking for professional to fulfill the job. Just 2 pages: - Barcode Generator - - Input barcode number and press "Generate" to crate a barcode at the bottom. - Barcode Reader - - Press "Read by Camera", than use camera to read the barcode. - - If read any barcode...

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    Hi there I use wix and I have a phone case business I would like to make customisable products for my customers. Can you create a mock-up generator. Where you can add files like photos and then the files must be shared to me so I can send it to my 3rd party to make. Can you do this? I want something like [ログインしてURLを表示] this Regards Sree Saranya

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    Access Generator On Nimo TV A program that generates simultaneous access and is counted as an active visitor that lasts about 4 hours per visit. I hope I have explained. Looking forward to sending in contact!

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    coding for "Team profile generator"

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    hi ! i am trying to understand how a circuit, that i have found in an old device, works, and what it produces (apparently electric waves with a frequency converted into electromagnetic waves via 2 coils) i have only a basic understanding of electronics, and how components work and how they are connected, so i have managed to draw a schematic (did it 2 times from scratch same result!), but i nee...

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    This is phase 1 of a graphics file generator to create transparent PNG files with text drawn with some text effects including text border color and border width. This phase includes the quick calculating of text size for a given font size and text string, and accurate text placement and export to PNG with transparency control. We expect to expand this to additional phases to draw rectangles and re...

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    PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE AND COMPANY ONLY. NO FAKE PROFILE. TASKS TO DO IN THE ATTACHED FILE. We don't need fake profile freelancer using the company name where they are employed to get an extra job !, We need a programmer/developer team/ company expert in Streaming for a possible on-going job to install, to add some options and to make some improvements, to manage and to make the maintenance of...

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    I am looking for an expert lead generator to work with me, i design websites but i need someone to help with building my client portfolio. I am offering a percentage amount of each converting lead that you generate. For example, if a lead you give me pays me £1000 for a website, i would give you between 20% and 40%, depending on the type of website and the amount of detail.

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    Are you detailed oriented, highly conscientious, and reliable? Do you learn things quickly and use your own creative thinking to come up with solutions to problems? We are a large digital marketing agency with clients around the world with 3 companies operating internationally searching for new virtual assistants who are looking for long term, sustainable, and ongoing work. I’m looking for...

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    We need to create a website for our restaurants management group. we have multiple cuisines that we manage in Bahrain, and we found it more cost effective to use a SAAS solution called radyes, for our brands, however we need to create an SEO friendly microsite that helps us get reached digitally more efficiently and give us better digital existence. the ordering service will is designed using mob...

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    I have an xml file . Please create a php script to split the xml file to 3 or 4 xmls. The structure of the xml is very clean.

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    I am currently using a php ticket support application. I have a generator that is pulling XML files from a local server, and uploading them into the ticket system. Sometimes a ticket could have a few (2-3) different events, such as the 1st event (inital submission of ticket) 2nd event (ticket status change), 3rd event (ticket resolved). Currently on the local server the SQL table will show 3 rows...

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    - SEO & VOICE SEO EXPERT. -SMM SPECIALIST - CLICK/SALES FUNNEL EXPERT. -CONTENT MARKETING STATEGIST Kindly note that we are not looking for companies but individuals willing to grow with us, prove themselves and dedicated. An individual must understand/will to understand the INDIAN Financial industry with primary focus over Financial Planning & role & benefits of Certified Financial...

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    Only Individual Developer can Contact ( NO COMPANY should contact) The App logic, REST APIs, XML files are ready to start work. The App will contain only fragment containing a Recyclerview containg multiple view types ( Images, Videos, Text) and some activities. Sample APK will be given. You have to reproduce the APK in Android Studio. Message me to get the details.

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    Build Quran App 終了 left

    What is it: An app that helps Muslims learn the Quran and Islamic basic texts. How does it work? Option 1*: Listen to Koran Option 2*: Memorize Koran Option 3*: Repeat Koran (Muradja'a) Option 4: Tajweed Rules (name of chosen riwaya) Option 5: Koranexegeses (Tafseer) (Arabic only) Option 6: learn mutoon (Islamic texts) (additional option) Option 7: Fadjr alarm If you are not familiar with ...

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    Hello, We want to synch our Ecommerce Website (woocommerce) product STOCK quantity from desktop SQL accounting software which running standalone on local machine. 1. Every morning our admin will update the product stock in desktop SQL accounting software. 2. We need Middle Application software running as background to get the stock data from desktop software. 3. Use the window scheduler to run/e...

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    Project for Amit S. 23 時間 left

    Hello Amit, I have client who wish a new website, can you do on wordpress? they wish to look like: [ログインしてURLを表示] or [ログインしてURLを表示] I will post more design brief, Please, if you can do, give me your cost and approx time. Thank-you, take care! Kenny Menu bar to be like: (attached) 'who we are' to be like: [ログインしてURLを表示] 'Our team' to be like: [ログインしてURLを表示] 'Our locat...

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    Hi Freelancer community, I'm looking for a very highly motivated and talented company or individual who can help me finish an incomplete project. The project is almost completed but still missing some key functions and minor changes. Here are the plugins and scripts that you need to be familiar with in order to work on my project: Zoom => [ログインしてURLを表示] Yet-Another-Stars-Rating => [...

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    $500 - $1200
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    Hello, a small writeup of what I need: I recruit 4 to 5 interns every month and need to give them a certificate. I do not have any designer hence it becomes very difficult to get in touch with someone all the time. I need a website wherein, the certificates are generated automatically. I can put my csv list in the backend and the Certificate should be able to get the fields adjusted in the righ...

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    He desarrollado un sitio web en Wordpress con el fin de crear una academia para brindar tips y recursos tanto gratuito como premium de Contabilidad y Finanzas para emprendedores. Tengo objetivo de vender cursos online y he implementado plugin LMS (LearnDash) + Woocommerce. El sitio web tiene premium theme Edumodo (ThemeXpert / Envato). El hosting actual es el plan Ultimate de GoDaddy / Wordpre...

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    Write XSLT to transform XML data

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    ** GENERIC BIDS WILL BE IGNORED ** PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO ANSWER MY QUESTIONS ** I am seeking a lead generation specialist to help build sales for a web development & Quality Assurance company based in Pakistan. You MUST have these two skills: 1) Perfect English! Your written skills must be in perfect English. 2) You must have proven experience in lead generation with similar companies (...

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    If you are an experienced income generator through trading in Indian market, pls connect. Quote your services and charges related to trading via message.

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    IMPORTANT: KNOWLEDGE OF YACC or BISON or ANTLR ARE REQUIRED. Without them you couldn't complete this task IMPORTANT: this is a strict algorithmic task, you will have to do a lot of math here Problem: - There is C code, generated by alex, which has all transition tables, states, matches and backup rules (alex/ayacc is in Parser Generator [ログインしてURLを表示]) - There is no original [ログインしてURLを表示] f...

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    Hello. I have a webpage that I am building on a wordpress platform. I will have products that people can purchase using the woocommerce platform. The description of the product is located on a government website that anyone is authorized to use and retrieve information from. [ログインしてURLを表示] I am fine using either the WEB SERVICE or the WEB APPLICATION. I have created a CSV worksheet that w...

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    html5, css developer experienced in design, too. You shuold have knowledge in xml and high skill in animation

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    A simple Openvpn application that connect to my openvpn ubuntu server the application contain three buttons: - download certificate - connect - disconnect the application should be written in c#/wpf/xml and the openvpn implementation part could be in c++ or other low level language

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    I am looking for another freelancer to help me finish 2 BigCommerce stores I am working on. The two stores are for an embroidery business and a custom etching business. The existing sites are [ログインしてURLを表示] and the other is [ログインしてURLを表示] . Laser Etch Me will be a standalone BigCommerce Site and Embroidery Boutique Knoxville will use the Wordpress plugin for BigCommerce. It needs to show selecta...

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    DELIVERABLE: I am looking for help to create a comprehensive visual sitemap, using colour schemes to map user flows and add notes that help measure usability for a small WordPress multisite. FREELANCER: I would like to find an experienced web UX/UI designer to help design this sitemap. They should be able to grasp concepts quickly but challenge bad decisions should they occur. Full project detail...

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    Hello, a small writeup of what I need: I recruit a few interns every month and need to give them a certificates. I do not have any designer hence it becomes very difficult to get in touch with someone all the time. I need a website / web application wherein, the certificates are generated automatically. I can put my csv list in the backend and the Certificate should be able to get the fields adj...

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    Brokerage Review sitemap and examples attached in the word document, it is a simple website that I am looking for that is to be designed in Wordpress. With the review content this will be added by myself but the page needs a good layout.

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    We require to config Easypaisa payment module in SOAP including functioning callback function. the php code is developed. and has been in operation at this moment. but as per demand of the payment module. the merchant account require the plugin to be developed with WSDL services including the callback function following XML responses. - the developer has to confirm; either the WSDL services is r...

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    Need Mass Content Creator built that is SEO optimized and creates the html files on autopilot, organized into categories, (each category is a folder, and generates a sitemap to tie everything together. Packages all files and folders into a zip for download. Creates the articles based on keywords/phrases give list 1 -3 keyword or phrases

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    Hi, We are looking for a valid sensor data generator developed in PHP if it is possible or python for ecommerce.

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    Hello, I need a partner to audit custom CRM project in local language and then implement new functions. Project functionality highlights: - creating classifieds and exporting them through XML (one server) - creating classifieds and exporting them to a website - user management + export to web Project is in local language so you should have experience working with foreign language projects. Proje...

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    We are an education institution . We have an existing landing page which is very basic. We need to upgrade the same in terms of design ,look & feel . We need the UI/UX to be much better and interesting. The existing landing page has been made in word press on DIVI Page builder. We can share the existing landing page in XML format. The final file as well we would need in XML format in DIVI p...

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    Background Since 2019, AsiaVerify has been enabling corporate clients in the compliance role of their organisations to retrieve Asian company vitals with its digital solution. As the company is growing, it needs to create a strong online presence to build credibility and accesibility, ensuring that existing clients are kept, and new ones are converted. The existing website lacks these requiremen...

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    word press assistance using multiple page generator plug in ive created the template and the csv file for the mpg i need to create the pages but am having trouble with the short code

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    hello i need someone to do the following : ​ Please note regarding mada you need to follow the below steps for mada payment option in your checkout as per the branding : 1)If you have standalone format for each payment option Please make sure to complete the below steps: Make sure to display mada logo on both English and Arabic merchant website pages Display mada payment option name as the be...

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    We have Office Add-in, which is being created in Visual Studio using Word API, [ログインしてURLを表示] and which is as a separate tab in Word and need to add some custom control elements to the tab. Manifest xml file usually allows you to add controls of type xsi:type which can be either Button, Menu, or MobileButton. We need to have a listbox. Similar to 'fonts' list box in 'Home' tab...

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    Hello I hope you are well ? I want to essentially recreate the exact quiz creator on this site [ログインしてURLを表示] and put it on my site. I do not need the whole site developed. I just need the quiz generator developed specifically and I will handle the actual wordpress theme development and the generators installation once you have recreated it. I would like this to be able to be installed on a wor...

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    I would like to introduce our organization MYBooster Retails Pvt Ltd Pune, that specializes in the business of Sales, Distribution, and Marketing of international products such as Hitachi Maxell Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine, which processes drinking water by the process of Electrolysis and provides healthy Alkaline Ionized Drinking Water, without any chemical use. MYBooster also involved in the ...

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    Build a website 終了 left

    I want a single page website that includes the same generator as [ログインしてURLを表示]

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    I would like someone to build a XML style for Microsoft word 365 that will use my school’s edition of turabian to make a custom a citation and bibliography style. This is basically what I want to do: [ログインしてURLを表示] My school uses Turabian for the school of Divinity, and Microsoft word’s standards turabian format tool is incorrect. I would like something a file to upload to Microsoft...

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