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    My company needs to build an RPA application creator software. The requirements as following. ### Automation batch creator application a. Running environment: Windows 7 or later b. Functional requirements:  1. Simulate mouse click  2. Simulate keyboard input  3. Using OCR to detect windows, selection  4. Open/Close Program  5. Record macro  6. Logic functions support (if-else, switch case...)  7. Loop functions support (while, for...)  8. DateTime functions support (get system time...)  9. Wait (sleep) functions to support  10. Exports the robot that was created to a .exe file ### Automation batch manages application a. Running environment: Web b. Functional requirements:  1. Manage created robot (search, run, delete)  2. Alarm to the creator (email, message..) when having an ...

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    SDL is Product and Service Public Company. Over the past 25 years we’ve delivered transformative business results by enabling powerfullynuanced digital experiences with customers around the world. We are looking for passionate, collaborative and creative people to join our team. We are spreadacross 55 offices in 38 countries yet we still manage to keep a small company feel. About Us - SDLアメリアは、ソフトウェアテスティングサービスのリーディングカンパニーです。 ただいま、ソフトウェアのQAテスターを急募しています。様々なデバイスを使って、ソフトウェアのQAテストを担当していただきます。都内のグローバルIT企業のオフィスでのお仕事です。 雇用形態:契約社員(契約延長の可能性あり) 勤務地:東京 モバイルデバイスのテスト経験がある方、幅広い種類のデバイス、アプリ、メディアに対応できる方からのご応募をお待ちしています。 <求める経験、スキル> • モバイルデバイス、クラウド、ウェブ、テレビ/ビデオ等のテスト経験、または開発経験がある方(2年以上) • iOS、Android、Mac OSの使用経験がある方 • 分析力、トラブルシューティングのスキルをお持ちの方、細部に注意を払える方、新しいことを学びすばやく吸収でき...

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    SERVEROK SOFTWAREさん、あなたのプロフィールを見つけて、私のプロジェクトを依頼したいと思います。詳細についてはチャットで話し合いましょう。

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    ブログ記事の翻訳をしてくださる方を募集しております。良い記事を読者に提供するのが唯一の目的であり、重要なことはそれだけです。そのため、翻訳の方法は直訳ではなく意訳でもなく、実際の作業は「英語を記事を参考にした日本語記事」を執筆とも言えます。原文に忠実である必要はなく、パラグラフをひとつ削除しても、文章の構成を完全に作り替えてしまっても結構です。ただし、完成品は以下の条件を満たすものとします。 日本語の文字数:800~1500 ひとつの段落は3-7文。 見出し(h1、h2、h3)を使用する。 一文は長くても60文字以内にする。 HTML形式で納品する。 翻訳・執筆内容 本文 タイトル(ひとつの英語タイトルにつき、5つの日本語タイトルを作成して下さい。一番良いものを利用します。) メタディスクリプション(メタディスクリプションを3つ書いてください。タイトルのように使うのは1つだけです。) Twitter投稿メッセージ x 5 なお、PMでマニュアルを2点送付いたします。必ず目を通してください。

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    Services  Professional Photos, Images, Pictures editing  Data Entry & Data Processing  Logo Designing & T-shirt Designing  Any work with Ms. WORD, Ms. Excel, Ms. PowerPoint  Architecture  HTML, CSS, PHP  FB Cover Photo, Banner Designing

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    I need someone to make an exe file where you inject chrome extension to the users Chrome Browser and stays permanently.

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    Yowsup Software - Github 6 日 left

    yowsup is a whasapp project I installed it on Linux, but when I run command to register an account : " sudo -S python3 yowsup-cli registration --phone 212778411708 --cc 212 -r sms " I got error : old_version For anyone who wants to check this : Here we can find discussions concerning this issue : If you think you can solve this : 1- Install the software from your end 2- Run this command to check the error (old_version) : sudo -S python3 yowsup-cli registration --phone 212778411708 --cc 212 -r sms 3- Solve it If you solve it, send me a screenshot of the output and let connect to work on my side Thanks ! project link :

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    We have a back office software with data base written in C which as a jason data base attached/intergrated within we want this converted Java script or python If you require more information we are able to get a download of the current software

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    Software engineer project 6 日 left

    I need a skilled software engineering for a small project that will tock 90 minutes

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    I have manufacturing unit plant where a Raw material comes at our plant and going for process like washing, dyieng, stitching then to release, I need to manage all these things through my software where all the managing units input the details (like washing units send x kg raw materials, stitching units stitched x numbers of clothes) & I will get all the details from my computer screen.

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    Salam, I have a set of requirements for a Consultations app (web/iOS/Android). What I'm looking for is a consultant to analyze the requirements and produce a document identifying the recommended tech stack, components/APIs and architecture (all layers and database) in order to inform the development process. Note that I have already hired a UX/UI designed who has just started. Are you interested? Have you done something of similar nature?

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    ...Is HOA Accounting Software? > Recommended Meta Description - HOA accounting software provides a streamlined cloud-based accounting solution for property mangers of residential and association properties. > Target Keyword 1 (MSV) - hoa accounting software (210) > Target Keyword 2 (MSV) - homeowners association accounting software (70) > Tertiary Keywords - a. accounting software for homeowners association" (40) b. hoa management accounting software (40) c. accounting software for homeowners associations (30)" > Anchor Text - Internal Links a. HAO management software - b. Residential property management - c. Real estate accounting software -

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    Extend living/tv area, renovate kitchen to bigger size, change internal stairway from closed to open, add new double garage with extra space, fencing across backyard existing play area, add double sail, add gazebo (total renovation area around 100-150 sqm). Person undertaking this project should have (or able to seek) knowledge of local ACT (Canberra, Australia) Council requirements. Note - I'm reposting this ad without the need for site visit so it can be completely done remotely.

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    Our team is looking for an exceptional Principal Software Engineer to drive the creation of this vision. You will work on the latest innovations in modern Web programming, cloud computing, and open source to take new experiences from prototyping to production. You will partner with Product Management and Design to ideate and create prototypes to validate early thinking and use on-going customer data and research to validate your ideas. You will lead a broad range of architecture and system design topics with other senior technical leaders at Microsoft, designing innovative solutions to some of the most complex problems for Microsoft.

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    I need a developer with excellent knowledge of C# language for Cross-platform, Azure cloud, APIs, MS SQL database, or MY SQL anyway.

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    Hello, We are looking for a developer having experience with EPLAN Electric P8 software, to create a custom functionality in EPLAN development environment tru C# using EPLAN API Regards, Hector

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    Wir gründen eine neue Firma und brauchen professionelle Hilfe bei der Software Odoo in z.B. CRM, Verkauf, Angebotserstellung, Formularlayout etc.

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    Job Purpose Define, develop, deliver and own the current state architecture and the architecture road-maps for a business cluster that will enable delivery of cluster business plans at acceptable cost and risk and systems are developed with an overall architectural framework which aligns systems designs with business objectives and principles. Minimum Requirements B Degree Industry recognised Architecture certification such as, TOGAF, ZACHMAN NQF level 6 qualification or higher• Ten (10) years experience in IT, specifically Architecture and Leading Architecture. Three (3) years experience in strategy and research Three (3) years experience leading architecture initiatives Three (3) years people management experience No criminal record ...

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    Project calls for conversion Images into a editable AutoCAD layer version. Samples are attached for your reference. We need only the architecture, no other measurements or other wiring diagram required. Around 15 files to be converted to AutoCad

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    Please create an ad copy for facebook and google, along with a few images for each ad copy.

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    Night club software 6 日 left

    I am looking for nightclub software that will handle POS sales, inventory, restaurant, seat booking pokies (gambling), and membership. The nightclub will issue membership cards with QR codes affixed to them. When the members spent money in the club, they will scan their cards to the cashier and for every dollar spent they will be given a point (say 1 credit point). Later the credit point can be converted into cash / monetary value for shopping in the nightclub. If you do have similar software that can be customized immediately then please bid. We need this solution within 1 month. It would be better if you would also provide/point us to where we can purchase the cash register machines to be used with the POS software.

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    We wanna search for a software programmer to create three functions as below in our ERP window-based software: 1. access right 2. licensing 3. report design Language used: C#, .Net

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    This is a data scraping project. We are looking for someone who is skilled in data scraping and can help us compile a list of businesses within a particular industry - architecture, design and building in this particular case. We will provide you with a list of links to scrape. We are looking for someone who is diligent, detail oriented and efficient. Appreciate your time:)

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    Looking for Python Full stack developers with ML experience

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    Details Proposals UX Designer Prototyping $15.00 – 25.00 USD per hour We are looking for a freelance UX Designer - Prototyping for a leading Enterprise client. Responsibilities : • Help pick and incorporate into the team the best prototyping tools to help us deliver working high and low prototypes. • Work on experiences that are optimized for a ...Service Design. • You can work across the entire design process, from problem framing and conceptualizing design directions to the final handoff. • You are proficient with the most common design tools. • You are open to receiving and providing constructive feedback. • You are proactive and have an experimental mindset. • You are aligned with our principles: customer-centric, lean, service-oriented arch...

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    Looking for python developers having ML experience

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    Details Proposals UX Designer Prototyping $15.00 – 25.00 USD per hour We are looking for a freelance UX Designer - Prototyping for a leading Enterprise client. Responsibilities : • Help pick and incorporate into the team the best prototyping tools to help us deliver working high and low prototypes. • Work on experiences that are optimized for a ...Service Design. • You can work across the entire design process, from problem framing and conceptualizing design directions to the final handoff. • You are proficient with the most common design tools. • You are open to receiving and providing constructive feedback. • You are proactive and have an experimental mindset. • You are aligned with our principles: customer-centric, lean, service-oriented arch...

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    Build SEO website for spa and architecture

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    I’m looking for a consultation on which software application would be best for my particular needs in project management and portfolio management. My project management needs are: We need to see critical path and gantt charts. We need to show reports of planned vs actual timing. My wishes are: I’d like to view tasks by resource also (we manage individual tasks through sprints, like Agile). To see if we allocate a person to a project, how it affects other projects they’re working on, OR, how it changes their workload Do any solutions let me classify tasks differently (ie, tasks we know, that are effort-driven, compared to those that are variable and may rely on vendors, and those that are new technology developments or decisions that will take longer? Do any sol...

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    I need senior software engineer 6 日 left

    Hi, I'm looking for senior software engineer (upto 10 freelancers) having sound knowledge of web development and mobile app development. Please bid if you are available for long term Full Time position. Please start your proposal with the word "success" and share your past projects Looking forward to working with you

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    solving Tour's D algorithm problems

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    Hi SERVEROK, I have HTTP error 503. The service is unavailable on my shared windows hosting server. 1. Can you solve this Error on the same hosting? 2. this error should never happen again. kindly let me know if you are avilable for this task, Thank you Mohamed El Mohamady

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    Deadline: 1-3 months We are looking for an AWS Application architect to help design and build a shopping cart and a delivery system for a company in CBD Industry. The application will interact with Payment System. Must hav...will interact with Payment System. Must have expertise in : - AWS, - API Integration, Rest Full API, and full stack development. - Expertise in multiple Shopping Cart solutions. - GPS Based Delivery system a must - Mobile development : React, Ios, and Android - Be part of requirement gathering - Create architecture diagram, process flows for the application - Experience with NextJS a + - Experience with OnFleet and Blaze a big plus. The first phase of this project is to design the architecture of all the AWS services that will be needed to power th...

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    Hi Imara Software Solutions, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I need someone to create a test environment on my PC with all of the necessary software needed to test my source code. I need someone to test the functionality of all of the apps in the source the SQL database for any bugs

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    We have a number of tweets and articles that need to be reviewed and converted into Twitter and Linked In messages. This our website and our primary product is BimlFlex. This is technical content so any knowledge and experience in this area is a must.

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    i need a freelancer to write me software which can retrieve all number dialled on phone keypad

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    ...the app is live and maintain this project as a long-term opportunity. Who are we looking for? We're looking for someone who is a skilled backend developer. We just want someone who uses best practices for code maintainability, architecture, and styles their code in a neat, re-usable way that any additional developers in the future can easily replicate the same style. Alongside the Android hire - we're going to hire an iOS developer and an Android dev as well! Ground-up we want this project to be built with scalability in mind and have defined part of the architecture in the backend tickets. However, some areas we're going to lean on your advice! The work? This app (oddly enough) does not have user-accounts. So this BE job is solely dedicated to building o...

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    Who are we: We're the fastest growing casino for video game items/currency with hundreds of ...You'll be working directly with the co-founder who is our CTO and is a senior-level Java engineer that will be able to guide you to ensure you succeed. Our site's frontend is in React and it's connected to our backend via Java rest APIs. Tech stack needed: -Experience with Java Spring Framework or Spark -Experience with Redis -Experience with MongoDB Nice to have: -Experience with microservice architecture -Experience with SocketIO and Redis pub/sub Our website name is attached as a text file to this job post. In your cover letter, please send a GitHub or any projects that you're proud of. Please put "I'm not a robot" at the top of your cover l...

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    Number Software -- 2 5 日 left

    I need a simple piece of lottery software that will give me the most common numbers drawn. I have a notepad file with the complete set of numbers, it shows 6 numbers drawn from 1 - 49 on each line and the date they were drawn. I want the software to give me the most common single number drawn, the most common 2 numbers drawn, the most common 3 numbers drawn, the most common 4 numbers drawn and the most common 5 numbers drawn. I want the program to search the 6 numbers and give the results. I don't want results just for numbers that show in sequence, I want the program to look at all the numbers and give me the most common drawn even if they are not in order. I want it to show the top 50 of each and the dates they were drawn. I have included some files showing exactly ...

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    software dental? -- 2 5 日 left

    Desarrollar aplicación web odontoprograma para odontología y ortodoncia. El proyecto que necesito es que varias clínicas independientes estén registradas en mi servidor, cada clínica que pueda registrarse y cobrar una cuota mensual por cada portal. Busco algo similar al software dental Dentalink. Modo B2B, Super Admin otorga suscripción al médico dental y el médico administra el paciente, el laboratorio, etc el software es para gestionar pacientes

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    Build for me software Video editor Like avs Video Editor with idea

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    I am looking for a high skilled developer to write SRS and write a software for me. I attached explanation files, take your time to read the requirements and please get in touch for questions. We run a custom name puzzle webshop and need to automate the file creation process. Thank you in advance. Good English skills needed for good clear communication!

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    Buscamos una persona para realizar las tareas de Marketing digital de nuestra solución de software. Funciones principales: Planifica y ejecuta, muchas veces junto a agencias externas, el marketing digital de la compañía, incluyendo SEO/SEM, base de datos de marketing, correo electrónico, redes sociales y campañas de publicidad. Diseña la presencia en las redes sociales. Identifica las tendencias e ideas, y optimiza el gasto y el rendimiento en función de las mismas. Aporta e implementa ideas sobre nuevas y creativas estrategias de crecimiento. Colabora con el equipo interno para optimizar la experiencia del usuario. Solo personas que hablan español

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    I have design ready for Third party job management web portal, I want to get it developed preferably using Python Django. This will have various tables. Some tables will be master tables, and some will transaction tables. There will be various screens to add/change/delete. All the screens and the contents will purely user role based.

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    I need two diagrams functional requirements are gathered. share more details in chat,

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    Website Development 5 日 left

    We are looking for a web developer to create a new website for a client in the landscape architecture space. They require it to be set up to show the various application of their products with the option of adding an online store later down the track.

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    I need two diagrams functional requirements are gathered. share more details in chat,

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    shop drawing architecture is a picture of shop drawing of the hermina hospital project precisely in the country of Indonesia, the province of Central Java, the capital of Semarang

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    トップsoftware architectureのコミュニティ記事