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    I work in television in Australia. I have started a channel on Social Media, and have amazing talent appearing (currently from home) creating great content. The shows are now running well, and I need to attract some big sponsors for them. In order to do this, I want a lot of viewers, which is our only obstacle currently. I want someone to publicise shows on Social Media regularly to vastly increas...

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    Render PDF Documents Using ng2-pdf-viewer. and add the download button. (Angular Project)

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    I am a twitch streamer restarting my stream in a new brand, If the graphic is good, i will be looking to return for more work, and need someone to create a logo that is unique, flavorful, and pulls the viewer in. So I will be looking for a graphic/graphics that can encompass the Name Rage Mountain Gaming. Rage mountain gaming is a gaming channel dedicated to Exciting gaming/content for its viewers...

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    I'm looking for someone to help develop my 2D floorplan ideas into a photorealistic 3D rendering to help me evaluate if I like my design concepts for our upcoming renovation project, and to provide contractors a visual reference as we move forward with construction. Ideally, I'm looking for something similar to what you would see from an "HGTV Remodel" show that ...

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    I have a website running on Opencart, the problem is that OpenCart's native "Google Sitemap" extension (in Feeds) is not running correctly, unfortunately the webmaster made a big mess in admin area, I think he installed many sitemap modules, but not deleted them correctly. And the site is running live now. So the job is; To run the original Google Sitemap correctly (I think ...

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    Need Android Application to observe a set of data in a tabulated format, when a user types the characters of a search word. Set of data is tabulated in an excel sheet. Initial excel data set can be provided. Time to time the data will be updated in the excel sheet from one place. That change should reflect in the app when a user is searching through the app to observe the data. Should be able to...

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    Trophy icon Logo Animation 終了 left

    Logo Animation for Youtube Intro This is a simple logo animation. This should be relatively simple for a skilled graphic animator. Please mention the word Peace in your response for consideration. Intention: Signal to Yoga Teacher viewer that the information communicated will teach pertinent info on all levels. Feeling desired: Trust, Open to Receive, Unlimited Possibilities Concept: Visual ...

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    website including design site according to my guidelines, I have some examples for the design. The website will have around 7-10 pages It should contain the following: 1) Users registration(Regular, FB Login). 2) Option to pay for a subscription to my service(there will be some services, customer can choose) - so I need to know when he purchased the 1-month subscription, auto-renew option. 3) Opti...

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    Wordpress plugin 終了 left

    Radiologica is an online educational resource for healthcare professionals learning about medical imaging. The website uses a knowledge base theme to organise textual information. Requirement The website now needs to feature a medical image viewer (graphical user interface). An MIT licensed open-source javascript library already exists which performs most of the required tasks. The job would be ...

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    Hi All, Looking for a technical copywriter to Re-write some technical contents for a website and make it plagiarism free and SEO optimised. There will be around 15K words. This will be used in website. Technical area mainly consists of SAP/ Cloud Computing/ IOT/ Testing Services etc Available contents are organised in google drive according to sitemap. Will share access for the same. Thanks

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    I have a website running on Opencart, the problem was original "Google Sitemap" (Feeds) was not running correctly, unfortunately the webmaster made a big mess in admin area, now I have many "heading_title (0)" modules, the modules with (0) near it. I think he installed many sitemap modules, but not deleted them correctly. And the site is running live now. So the first j...

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    We need 10 desinged Nadir Graphics for the Bottom from 360 Recordings. The Design should allways promote the website. The Text will be provided. The Text schould be goind around so the viewer can read it from both sides. A Nadir is a circle. We need the files as AI-Vector so we can rezize them. Pls. no Photo and no Pictures. Our Logo and Icon is attached. You will find attached a sample of a Nadir...

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    Hi Jasim, I need a new wordpress website for a client. jnillnill@[ログインしてURLを表示] On Thu, 23 Jul 2020 at 15:17, Kenny wrote: Hello Jasim, I have client  who wish a new website, can you do on wordpress? they wish to look like: [ログインしてURLを表示] or [ログインしてURLを表示] Menu bar to be like: 'who we are' to be like: [ログインしてURLを表示] 'Our team' to be like: [ログインしてURL...

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    create me a logo 終了 left

    I have just set up a new business, working for myself as an independent sustainability consultant after 20 years working 'in house'. I will be supporting businesses and charities alike in the UK to connect with a sustainable purpose and make a positive difference. I want to launch a new website on 1st Sept 2020. My business name is "Remarkable Impact" with a strapline of "...

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    I am looking for a software creation company. One that can create and develop a Custom proprietary software aimed at a specific demographic. This is for an internet marketing company. It must have the functionality of funnel building and creation. We must be able tp upload video ads along with livestraming capability. It can not be a complicated or difficult to use . As for the end users ...

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    change sitemap link from /[ログインしてURLを表示] to /[ログインしてURLを表示] 10$

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    Find product images on Google and convert in Faststone Image Viewer $10 per 500 images. I need 100 000 images. $200 for the job. Use excel product code to search for image in Google and save images in a file. Batch convert images in Fast Stone Image Viewer. Simple easy work.

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    We are looking for Creative Writing for Video Narration: Our need: To write on World or National Heritage Sites, History, Civilizations, Religion, for documentaries videos in English language (Mandatory!). The text we need must be around 1000 to 1200 words based on the video we send you. Your Skills: - Perfect creative and entertaining writings in English - Excellent research skills - Expertise i...

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    Hello everyone! I want to hide my sitemap XML file from all but allow access from search engines (I use Yoast plugin). What is the way to do it? (I want to hide the depth of site’s content from competitors.)

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    Need Editor to add new main page that we will supply and to modify XML sitemap to existing website

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    Full stack genius wanted for long term- ongoing projects. Can you make me a modular timeline software which also works as a basic social network feature that allows users to join and create their timelines adding it to our database. The data of the timeline can be mostly anything, such as an EVENT or a Person... Eg... World war II or Jesus Christ. This timeline has the special feature of allow...

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    Google Analytics 終了 left

    I need help doing my Google Analytics. I am signed up, I have my Tag and everything. I just don't know where to put the tag at. If you can help me with this, it'd be awesome. I have a PHP site, but it does not have a framework. PHTML If you can either walk me through this, or do it for me via, Team Viewer or Anydesk. Thank you!

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    I'm a YouTuber that want traffic coming towards my channel. I need viewer and subscriber and i need that by someone who can bring people towards my channel.

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    Need to submit the correct sitemap, create Google friendly URL's and basic [ログインしてURLを表示] file. I already have all of these I just need someone to check them over. [ログインしてURLを表示]

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    Hello, I bought a template and I have already installed it on Wordpress. I can do it by myself through WooCommerce but I'm not IT so it will require more time. I would also like to setup the CSV to import the products. I need to upload just 57 products at the moment to make a test. I want the website to be operative and to allow Customers to register and buy my products. Can you help? How muc...

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    Please show me how to connect one database to another database to transfer data automatically using TalenD Data Integration studio, please have team viewer, it is a simple job, willing to pay less than $15, i jus need a small example

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    Individual Full time PHP CI Expert Need for Long Term Note - Please Contact Me if you are able to work remotely via anydesk or Team viewer

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    I am looking for a well versed sales and marketing script writer. You: Have a degree or long experience in sales and marketing with a flair for script writing. You: Can bring the magic to a comparison script without injecting negative content about the competition. You: Write and speak fluent English. You can envision how to storyboard the animation. The script is in first person narration- Th...

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    Hello, I am planning to start a youtube channel in a particular niche. For this I will be needing a script writer, a video creator and a video editor. I will be consistently uploading videos every week on my youtube channel, that means if you are good, producing a good script, creating good content and editing it perfectly then you will be chosen for every video(To create) and you will get paid ...

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    $100 AUD Budget per month, we are looking for a SEO agency to white-label under our agency.

You must have good communication, fluent English and be able to work and communicate effectively. Need to include: 1) Analyse the website and will provide us with a website analysis report 2) Analyse competitor and will provide us with a competitor analysis report 3) Research keywords and will suggest ...

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    Annotate 500 images using a browser-based application (in Chrome). Making a decision for each image takes around 15 seconds, for a total of 2 hours of actual work. For each image, find the optimal viewing resolution which is the largest resolution (or zoom-level) at which the image quality is highest. This is how the web-interface for the study looks like: [ログインしてURLを表示] By default, the demo wil...

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    ■Our business overview We are teeth aligner D2C service in Japan named Oh my teeth. We scan end-user's teeth 3D data in our clinic and setup a simulation for To-Be aligned teeth by simulation software. And finally we manufacture aligners according to STL files exported from simulation software to deliver aligner kit to our end-user. [ログインしてURLを表示] ■What we want to develop Now we have been de...

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    I have a requirements for a Small Size Visual Basic 6 Desktop Documents Management project with the following requirements: (1)must be able to View, Create, Merge, Save(both to disk and db), Append, Retrieve, Scan, Print and Export all standard image types(jjpeg, bitmap, gif, png, tiff, etc) and pdf documents. The in-memory format of documents should preferable be in the form of bytes or byte str...

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    I want to add a proxy user:pass from GUI textbox. WebProxy proxy = new WebProxy { Address = new Uri($"http://{strProxyIP}:{iPort}"), BypassProxyOnLocal = false, UseDefaultCredentials = false, Credentials = new NetworkCredential("USERNAMEFROMGUI", "PASSWORDFROMGUI") }; I need to parsedObject from multi items from JSON response. It going to b...

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    We need a video sharing websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc with backend node.js or php Common Features Banner and Video Ads Paypal Standard Payment Gateway Easy Admin contact Blog Google Analytics Maintenance Mode Sitemap Advance Features Export Redeem Request Details with CSV and XLS Outlines and Statistics Admin Side Notifications Banner and Video Ad Price Management Manage Pr...

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    Hello I need someone to build a sitemap on my shopify site. I just tried doing it but its showing an 404 error .Maybe it needs to be added on google console to work.

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    Looking for a one time support to setup employees on QBO Payroll and process their Payrun for a California based client. Work should be done on screen share/ team viewer. If the engagement ends positive, do expect a lot of ongoing small gigs. ONLY EXPERIENCED APPLICANTS. Will be asked to prove payroll processing capabilities. Flexible on budget, give me your rates for this project.

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    $10 - $30
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    hello, i want to have a tool which ouputs a babylon powered viewer for 3d obj formats. more details in chat.

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    - SEO & VOICE SEO EXPERT. -SMM SPECIALIST - CLICK/SALES FUNNEL EXPERT. -CONTENT MARKETING STATEGIST Kindly note that we are not looking for companies but individuals willing to grow with us, prove themselves and dedicated. An individual must understand/will to understand the INDIAN Financial industry with primary focus over Financial Planning & role & benefits of Certified Finan...

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    The import jpeg to paste in spreadsheet macro you wrote for me has always run a bit slow. This is a macro that finds the jpg open in Faststone Image Viewer 5.7. and pastes it into the excel spreadsheet. With recent updates to Microsoft office 365 it has been running even slower. I was wondering if you can optimise the macro to become faster? Perhaps this could be achieved by not doing a recursiv...

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    YOU MUST BE AN ANIME VIEWER FOR THIS ROLE! role - make a video edit for a voice over discussing anime/animated series. editor MUST BE an anime fan! this is essential in order to edit appropriate content. Examples: [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] (I do not expect the editing to be as good as these videos, i would like a very simple version of these 2 video styles) INSTRUCTIONS: 1. You must source...

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    Hi, I would like to create a very basic OBS plugin. The goal of this plugin is to encourage viewers to join my telegram community. The first four requirements are straightforward however, the fifth one is a bit more complex. Ideally, I'd like to be able to trigger a notification on screen each time a viewer joins my channel. I am not sure whether this is possible and would like some feedbac...

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    We are a new dynamic investment management company focusing on the younger generation. We want to help young people take off, and have selected the black Pegasus as our inspiration. We want something that will appeal to the more traditional generation, but also something to excite someone younger. See attached images for examples. We would love to be able to depict a black Pegasus just before it t...

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    Please read before you bid! Hi very small project for someone who has the knowhow.. My woocommerce site needs to be german and is english now.. The backend needs to stay english.. The site is running on a local host so eather you need to tell me how to do it or do it by team viewer!

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    I have an old project that was built to run on a thumb drive that I used to run on a machine with Windows 7. I never could get the software to run on a Windows 10 machine. Well now it won't run on a Windows 7 machine either. I would like to see if someone could fix this. The application asks me to install Adobe's SVG viewer 3.0 (which I did) but I still get the same attached error me...

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    Website This is a blog site page with content of Finance / stock matters but written in Chinese. I will provide content. You can build the site in English but with Manual for me to amend the site later. Requirements: Mobile, ipad and computer screen responsive, SEO friendly Developed by Word press. So I can manage and maintain it I will need to include Google Ads. So people viewing website will...

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    I am the Managing Partner of a consulting boutique and would like to update my website. Target: reflect a professional, competent, experienced, urban, timeless image The logo of the company you can find among the pictures. It's called 121126 Layout logo, the font is AVENIR; the colour scheme you can find under 200707 Colour Scheme. I like websites like [ログインしてURLを表示] Content (incl. sitemap f...

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    I have a project in visual studio that I cannot get to run in Docker as it is giving me an error about docker-compose build image or build context. For someone with experience this should be a quick fix using team viewer or anydesk.

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