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    Hi Gavrichkov O., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project(Bitcoin Generator). We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Hi BestSolution4U, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project(Bitcoin Generator). We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Hi dojia, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project(Bitcoin Generator). We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I need a bitcoin generator that can generate any amount of btc I input and send it to any wallet address....either windows app or web app....

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    eAdvisor Reports (eAR) is a generator of dynamic operational reports. It's a reporting solution with dashboards, charts, graphics,... The idea is to have a root icon that represents eAdvisor Reports and somme additions for the 2 icons Server Manager, report Manager and 2 favicons Neutral, Report Result - Preference for blue - eAR is also good. eAR can be used but not necessarily. Root eAR ...

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    For email marketing and posts on social media, we need a content generator.

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    Hi there, I would like a google spreadsheet that takes this website and maps out the sitemap By Levels of Navigation such as hierarchical categories to pages. [ログインしてURLを表示]

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    I am looking for someone who can convert dynamic model of a generator that was made in PowerFactory 2018 so that it can be opened and used in version 15.2.7. It is essential that this is done correctly since, last conversion went wrong and model can not initialize in version 15.2.7. So either, proper conversion needs to take place or compiled model (DLL file) needs to be made. This is a 5 minute...

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    I need someone to help develop a beautiful webdesign for an insurance company. The webdesign can look like something similar to links below. [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] Web Designer Requirements -Proven work experience as a web designer -Demonstrable graphic design skills with a strong portfolio -Solid experience in creating wireframes, storyboards, user flows, process flows,...

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    I need someone to help develop a beautiful webdesign for an insurance company. The webdesign can look like something similar to links below. [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] Web Designer Requirements -Proven work experience as a web designer -Demonstrable graphic design skills with a strong portfolio -Solid experience in creating wireframes, storyboards, user flows, process flows,...

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    We're an experienced multifamily real estate investment company based in Atlanta, GA and are rapidly expanding. Seeking an experienced and qualified sales professional for a highly compensated commission based structure. Can pay a draw against commission.

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    Hi Mariya D., 1 Home(including header items) 2 Topup and Provider list page(number submition) 3 Offers or plan 4 Login 5 Register 6 Contact us 7 Sitemap 8 My account (Profile, reset password etc) 9 Check out 10 Recharge history Integration (Included)

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    Add full monitoring support for : 1) Tripllite UPS Model SV60KM3P4B and PDU model PDU3EVSRL2130 The PDUs and UPS have temperature, humidity and E2MTHDI (openc/close door) sensors 2) Himoinsa 75Kva generator, this has a device with support for SNMP and it is connected to the generator via modbus. Deliverables: - A project plan - Code developed - Documentation (including but not limited to, c...

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    Need the following changes at the earliest: 1. Removing all the errors of Mobile Usability of the website. 2. Change of sitemap 3. Change Structured Data Mark up. (will be provided) 4. Removal of Bugs in blogs and make them mobile friendly. 5. Rectification of the Excluded URL and other coverage issues. 6. Make sure that removed urls dont get included 7. Make other pages mobile friendly 8. paralla...

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    I have a service based for which I need lead generator for local business around my town and in my state who are looking for bookkeeping service.

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    We need to build an app as per the attached process flow. - Application form submission by our team or by customer - our team will process as attached - a pdf and excel files result. - there are 2 interfaces with login only (no sign up - new customers accounts created only by our employees): our staff interface and customer side interface. - no payment gateway required. - some data appear in ...

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    I need a developer to change the admin theme in a php laravel, angular js application CRUD builder. I will also need him to develop 3 other Dynamic Modules generators for Payment and invoicing, Reports module and dynamic widgets generator, if you are experienced in DYNAMIC CRUD MODULE creation, contact me.

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    Take a set of web page images as design template, and create a minimalist theme with content and stylesheets generated for the theme. You need the list of well known contrib modules for both Wordpress and Drupal. The given images: - [ログインしてURLを表示] - [ログインしてURLを表示] are intermediate stage where the image segmentation is done on the design The image: - [ログインしてURLを表示] is the image containing only 9...

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    Design a microgrid using Simulink, the grid should include 1 DC PV, 1 DC Battery, 1 AV Generator and 1 AC load. DC-DC converter should be used (connecting with batt) to control DC voltage. And another DC-DC converter for PV MPPT control, the inverter should control AC voltage and freq. Please use 3 phase AC instead of a single phase. *Please provide a report and a step by step manual of how you d...

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    Hi Freelancers, I am looking for a skilled, experienced electrical engineer to: 1. Come up with three solutions for an island diesel generator PV integration project, 2. Put a Bill of Materials together and, 3. Generate the SLD's and information for the solutions. You will need experience in solar engineering solutions. You will need to be based in the Phillipines. A high level of gramma...

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    I have a question generator which converts .word file into online mcq test,So you have to make a website and integrate my generator to my [ログインしてURLを表示] msg me i will discuss more

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    Hi. I need a freelancer who wants to do a fairly simple job on a wordpress site: -I have a theme already installed on the server and I need to configure 9 pages as it is in a .pdf (Sitemap type) that I will make available. -Basically what I want is to have the layout of the pages as it is in the sitemap with the links made. -Having some more knowledge of WPML will be considered. It's very sim...

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    I am looking for someone who can do micro formatting for me so that my recipes can be integrated into a shopping list generator called whisk. They need to be able to be read in [ログインしてURLを表示] below is an example of the code required to do this. Or you might be able to work out a way around not needing to do the code for each individual recipe. But the instructions for integrating into this site a...

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    Hi, WE would like to work with Ahmedabad based freelancers, preferably who could come to our office and do the work. Our website [ログインしてURLを表示] needs to be redesigned. WE need the following: To use our current web template (since we have already paid for it), need a classy look and feel Dynamic pages for content of website. Unlimited pages Unlimited galleries to the pages for easy upload of vide...

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    I'm a freelance Bubble developer who needs assistance with ranking a sports based social network I built for my client called We do not really know where to start so we would like to establish a content and link building strategy + make other optimizations to the site's pages for SEO, have a sitemap created, provide user experience / user retention optimizations to the de...

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    need premium link generator based on cbox

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    Upc barcode Generator POS module Inventory Warehouse Maintenance Testing And Debuggin

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    Develop an email signature generator in Python which can print the below. The name, role, phone number and email are the inputs.

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    I want an efficient true random bit generator design on zync 7000.

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    We are interested in developing a mobile application for a bidding system (similar to Ebay) for a specific industry with the following features: - Messaging / Chat + Group Chat: This will be the way users and businesses communicate & make deals. The messaging system will need to have the Live Bidding System Integrated with options to: - Send Bid, Make Offer, Make Counteroffer, Accept O...

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    Using code I have, we must do the following to it: **Seed=I was walking down the street When we add a comma (or period) ex.: Seed=I was walking down the street, Consider the last 4 words ex.: Seed=I was walking down the street, Seed=I was walking down the, street Seed=I was walking down, the street Seed=I was walking, down the street Find the frequency of all 4 in entailData. Ex.: (we do double...

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    Looking to get a schema generator tool made like this one that has all the features as this one and can make for all the sub local niches. [ログインしてURLを表示] Must include the schema checker also, all same features. Not sure how much this is going to cost but if it goes anywhere past $100 not interested. Not really looking to spend that much but for sure not over.

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    Looking for someone who can create a Web payment page generator tool. Person using the tool should be able to create,customize the payment page online and download the payment page. Workflow: 1. User visits the one pager website. On the left panel, user selects the form fields of their choice and select the programming language of choice. For example, lets say user selects: Name, Credit Card I...

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    I need Web developer (.Net MVC) to add some features in my web application. I will provide details when once we select you.

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    We are looking for a lead generator or team who can find us a large amount of leads (thousands) in the nutritional supplement industry. Within the US and Canada. We recommend using LinkedIn or Search Engines but you may use whatever method is most effective.

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    Hello, I have a few locations and GIS map layers and need to generate some 3D maps with height maps draped with orthophotos. The 3D Map Generator software is a low cost Photoshop plug in that is very cheap, but hoping you already are facile with it. The image attached is indicative of what the resulting images will look like. Thanks, Abe

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    I need to start marketing for two woocommerce sites (one is already finished and the other is under development) I need you to set up and integrate the main Google Marketing Tools I´m open to suggestions on what might work better these websites : 1. Do a XML Sitemap 2. Google Analytics 3. Google Search Console 4. Google Adwords 5. Google Mercant Center 6. Facebook and Woocommerce Inte...

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    A serial odd parity generator is to be designed. A binary sequence of arbitrary length is presented to the parity generator on input X. When a given bit is presented on input X, the corresponding odd parity bit for the binary sequence is to appear during the same clock cycle on output Z. To indicate that a sequence is complete and that the circuit is to be initialized to receive another sequence, ...

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    I need to optimize my website as user-friendly and need all setup done as recommended by Google Search Console. I have included some of the information here. Please also send a proposal to me with your Ideas. • Page title creation • Meta description creation • Schema markup creation and implementation + testing • Internal linking best practices • AMP implementation • ...

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    We are looking for a python bot/scripting engineer with experience. We need mass email account generator with outlook or hotmail. - Python3.5, JavaScript. - Automation/Scripting - Proxy and SMS experience If you have experience, please apply Thanks

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    I need assistance creating a simple website: I already have the domain name I already have the logo which has been professionally created I also have hosting via wordpress - Business package In need of a simple website with the following pages: Home Screen - Revert back to home screen Live Competitions - This will show the current product which people can purchase a ticket for. A question ...

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    Hi Linguang L., I have a startup company and I am looking to have a prototype made. The prototype is a thin QR code generator that gets created when a user presses a button. The QR code is a AES 256-bit encrypted hexed string. I have written this working code in python but I am unaware of how to translate it to machine code to run on a microcontroller, but I hope you can solve this during develop...

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    We are looking for a website developer to develop our Hotel Book System/Stopover website in CMS 1. Sample of work 2. Track Record -REQUIRED BELOWED- 3. Proposal with 4. Price breakdown 5. Proposed Navigation 6. Sitemap

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    Yoast Seo Premium Setup, configure plugin, set up Webmaster Tools, Google, Bing etc. Making sure not to disturb Google News Sitemap reporting. We want plugin setup to give us the best SEO possible for our site. Contractor must make sure not to stop google news feed. Want to have top spot back on google - Keyword - Chiang Rai, Chiangrai, news thailand, travel chiang rai

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    I need some help with finding some leads. U.S. Business data: Business Name Business Address Business Phone Number Business Owner’s Name Pilot in Broward County, FL; Palm Beach County, FL; and Miami-Dade County, FL Looking for any small to medium sized business that generates between $250k/yr - $5M/ yr in sales

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    I need a random generator to select a specific card or set of cards at random for an online oracle similar to tarot. I can write all the descriptions for the array, just need someone to complete the coding for me.

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    I need you to create me a generator that would add digits to a prefix. Your program has to be fast and quick preferably through python or node.js

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    The 3 phase sinusoidal micro controlled generator must control and stabilizing speed of the low power BLDC motor (less than 15W, ~15 - 24VDC). Must not use the PWM. Needs to use 3 DAC channel and powerful low frequency amplifiers like outputs. Display indication and PC control for checking. For exemplar, the processor could be STM32E373 or other. The details will be later.

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