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    Photographer 終了 left

    Hi there, I am looking for an event photographer at Generator Amsterdam in Oosterpark on 30-01-20. This is a reception party for STAYWISE event. Pax: 350 people Time: 19:00-00:00 Interested? Let me know about your rates! Cheers, Wendy Lin M&E and Group Reservations Supervisor —— Generator

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    In addition to what we already discussed over Facebook, could you please do the following? 1. Smooth edges of fonts without adding load time. 2. Address three instances of http where should be https, according to [ログインしてURLを表示]: [ログインしてURLを表示] in all places it appears. 3. Add fixes to code to ensure all future links anywhere in site are interpreted (is that the right word?) so all go to https. Th...

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    I need a logo designed please. The attached photo is from a logo generator, i quite like it but i feel like it needs a bit more work. I am also open to different designs.

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    Hi there I have developed an intelligent spreadsheet using google sheets with various large formulas. I need to migrate this whole spreadsheet into excel 2013 how ever many of the formulas stop working when I download as excel spreadsheet from google sheets.. I presume this is because google sheets has some different formulas to excel. would you be able to convert my google sheets spreadsheet int...

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    PLEASE READ REQUIREMENTS BEFORE SUBMITTING A QUOTE: I need a custom Woocommerce direct checkout link generator built that will create a link that I can send to customers. The link needs to load the cart with the items in the order, then direct customers to the checkout page. I will email this link to buyers. Browser cookies cannot be used for this since the customer will not be adding the items...

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    We're just launching a new website and want to increase our visibility through a proper SEO strategy. We're looking to partner with someone that will help us identify our needs and also review our traffic analytics on a monthly basis. Selected individual to work on the following, but not limited to Competitor Analysis Keyword Research & Analysis Website Analysis Meta-Tag Optimizati...

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    SEO SITEMAP HELP 終了 left

    I need you to connect to my computer I can't upload to OPENCART Extensions in the FEED file of SITEMAP I don't know how to do it here I only know at WORDPRESS

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    help sitemap 終了 left

    I need to promote SEO and I'm sitemap and I can't upload in opencart Who can give me support?

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    Hi, I want to be able to generate qr codes from audio files. When i scan the code, it must open up in my domain and play the audio from there. Can someone do that for me?

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    Hello, I will need [ログインしてURLを表示] integration which is C# winform to generate Fawry invoice, so I can provide all required parameters and be able to generate the fawry reference so my clients can pay be by fawry *Even while this is fixed price job, yet I will require you to record how many hours you spend in this and let me know *I prefer freelancers from Egypt as this is local payment geteay work...

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    Need assistance with installing Community Version MySQL 5.7 on to CentOS 8 server. Programmer help resolving the issue below. Timeframe: now --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Getting the following error message ---------------------------------------------------------------- [ログインしてURLを表示] - SYSV: MySQL database server. Loaded: loaded (/e...

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    I need to commission someone to design a logo for my team. If you are able to take it on, let me know and give me a sense of how long it would take. Please plan to charge me full price, no family discount requested! The team name is R.E.I.G.N which is an acronym for something, but also a play on the fact that it rains a lot in our geography. We are a competitive sales team striving to be the bes...

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    One of my competitors has a silo structure for locations and ranks well organically. I would like to copy this using my text but the same structure, its nearly 500 pages with the same content, however each page has some minor unique content at the bottom regarding area and other locations. Sitemap attached will show you the competitor and the pages. Please only contact me here and no default co...

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    This project include all program:- Website design Rankble article 50+ writing Website sitemap Server link Google search engine 1 rank Fast page Any airtcle rank 1 page Powerful back link 150+ Adsense approval website design

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    I am looking for a script (created as a wordpress plugin for woocommerce) with that a whole website (also running with woocommerce) can be scraped. Every found product (scraped by navigation or sitemap) should be created as variations. Example links: Base product: [ログインしてURLを表示] Variant 1: [ログインしてURLを表示] Variant 2: [ログインしてURLを表示] Variant 3: [ログインしてURLを表示] If the variant is out of stock it will ...

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    I,m a stock broker, i want make a application for my customer stock call records and automatic contract note generator send on email and whatsapp number, i want to make copy of zerodha application but work on my server

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    While we are not sure what your developer did with the sitemap there might be a way to get those URLs out of Google faster. We suggest the following actions: 1. Clear all your caching from your theme, plugin, server, CDN like CloudFlare or browser. If you are not sure how to clear caching from theme/plugin please speak to those authors. If you want to clear cache from the server, please speak to y...

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    Website work 終了 left

    hi i am looking for some work on my site [ログインしてURLを表示] i need some one to do a reindex on google for my site as domain search text is incorect 1) in header can you do all links same as fiverr and also in drop down can you again add all the sam sub cats as on fiverr 2) in the soical links follow us could you please add a linkedin imag for follow us. 4) could you please add my links for paypal...

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    Sitemap creation of website. Require all url of website via script.

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    Hi guys, Our site has a css glitch in the front page (mobile view only). Also on the front page(mobile) we would like to add a label which tells the visitor that the sliders can be moved left and right. Please see the attached image which I hope will explain better then me :) Lastly we need a suggestion for xml sitemap plugin. Again, please see the attached files for visual explanation. Thats i...

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    Hi there, I need someone who's very professional in creating best quality [ログインしてURLを表示] for SEO. I want the type of schema that publishes the rating of the website and the rating of the products in google results. I will upload a picture with examples. The website is new, it is in romanian language but I will offer all the support needed to create the best possible [ログインしてURLを表示] (which h...

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    Hi Laroslav I have found your profile in a search of a person to work with me on a project of development of combine cycle (micro)turbines engine generator for an electric supercar. If you like Italian supercar engineering this might be a fun project for you. Contact me for more information. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards!

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    Hi Tomasz, your profile seems perfect for leading role in my project. I look for a person with skills and capabilities to design a gas and steam turbine generator for my electric-hyper car project I work on in collaboration with one of the most famous Italian supercar designer, engineer, modelling, and manufacturing company. Reach out for me if you want to know more information on this project. Th...

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    This project focuses on the design of multi-function portable campfire/stove/generator. A basic log campfire is often lit by campers for various essential reasons: warmth, cooking and low- level lighting. Many campers would also argue that it is a critical asset to the camping experience, particularly when dark. You are required to design a camping stove that uses a campfire as its fundamental he...

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    We are in need of an experienced social media and lead generation specialist to contact and interact with people individually to drive them to events and dealerships. This person would act like an inline brand ambassador for a few of our clients. These clients vary in industry.

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    Freelance Web Developer Jobdesk : 1. Membuat website dengan sitemap seperti official brand website dengan penyesuaian menggunakan framework wordpress 2. Gunakan style yang berbeda dengan official brand website namun tetap dibuat mirip. Same core different style, sehingga pengunjung web akan mendapat kesan website yang Anda kerjakan profesional seperti sister company atau official distributors. (S...

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    I need is a simple and small BTC generator that can generate or mine from 0.9BTC every time I run the App and send it to any wallet address.... (Android App)

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    I need is a simple and small BTC generator that can generate or mine from 0.9BTC every time I run the App and send it to any wallet address.... (Android App)

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    I need is a simple and small BTC generator that can generate or mine 0.9BTC every time I run the App and send it to any wallet address.... (Android App)

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    K E Y F A C T O R S • 25-30 page re-designed website • This will be a static website with no CMS needed • Photography to be supplied • MUST be ADA Compliant so all people with all disabilities can view the site. Reference Guide: [ログインしてURLを表示]@krisrivenburgh/the-ada-checklist-website-compliance-guidelines-for-2019-in-plain-english-123c1d58fad9 • Responsive on all platfor...

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    Hi, My name is Francisco Sosa. I develop several network marketing businesses such as [ログインしてURLを表示], [ログインしてURLを表示] and [ログインしてURLを表示] I need to get more leads for those businesses and I don't have the knowledge to do it. Please can you make a proposal.

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    All Page Info, Images and Sitemap will be supplied... Need someone to upload content and make basic changes to the installed theme...

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    Lead Generator 終了 left

    We need people with availability to work on a regular basis and: 1. Scrap website for business opportunities 2. Find the point of contacts We will provide help and guidance as needed but you'll need to be autonoumus from a certain point on and reach the targets we set for you.

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    Commerance 終了 left

    I have a finance brokerage, whereby I can provide finance to businesses. At the moment i'm using simple SEO adverts to put traffic into the site. This is working fine as i'm getting a couple of leads per month. However, my ads are driving 100+ to my site, but they are not being converted into leads. My website is an online brochure rather than a lead generator, and so I want to create a ...

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    I am building a probabilities spreadsheet which requires a number of rules that need to apply. I have built the random number generator which has been developed to replicate the odds of a casino table. I require somebody to help me convert a number of rules into formulas so i can run a time based simulation to predict profit & loss probabilities once the rules have been applied. I would a...

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    Earth batteries put off about 1 volt but wired together they provide more voltage, it's essentially free electricity as long as the dirt stays moist. Mining litecoin isn't very profitable unless you have free electricity because of electricity costs. I need to know how to do this safely and where to get the parts fairly cheaply as well as how to build the setup. It doesn't have t...

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    Want to make a website at WORDPRESS Designed just like that [ログインしてURLを表示] With the option of purchasing the products With other logos and other products In Hebrew from right to left Option to purchase in PAYPAL I need it ready up to 48 hours.

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    We are pursuing a full creative re-design of our french language website [ログインしてURLを表示] , composed of +/-30 static pages and 200+ blog pages based on two templates (Custom Post Types). An extension will be awarded if homepage redesign is to our satisfaction and collaboration is successful. All texts and media content are provided by us. We want the Homepage and website to be designed in Astra them...

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    We are pursuing a full creative re-design of our french language website [ログインしてURLを表示], composed of +/-30 static pages and 200+ blog pages based on two templates (Custom Post Types). We are posting this 1st job ONLY FOR THE REDESIGN OF THE WEBSITE'S HOMEPAGE. An extension will be awarded if homepage redesign is to our satisfaction and collaboration is successful. All texts and media conten...

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    I want a MCQ app with a few features like Test Generator, Study Notes, Bookmark, Leaderboard, Quiz Report, Flash Cards, Wrong Answer Reporting option and Test Print. Firebase integration for login. Want it to be on a monthly/Lifetime subscription model. It should have an admin panel for uploading questions and notes with an option for bulk upload also

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    Hi , I have a clothing apparel & accessories Ecommerce site , which is UK based. I need a Full Time Freelance who will work for me. Who has minimum 3 years of experience in E commerce SEO. Things Needed:- Focused on Ranking Regionally (law firms, medical, service providers, etc.) Keyword Research Analytics Setup & Configuration Monthly Strategy Discussion Title Tag & Meta Tag Creat...

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    BUDGET: $75 | Don't bid if more than my budget. THREE (3) DESIGNERS FAILED ON THIS PROJECT. Please pay ATTENTION TO EVERY WORD stated below AND PHOTOS. I. I am MODIFYING EXISTING CART. Not building a new one. >>> Need a CLEAN, FUNCTIONAL, ATTRACTIVE, PROFESSIONAL DESIGN for my MOBILE food cart. <<< DRAW TO SCALE!!! II. >>> Cart sets up and breaks down daily. <...

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    We are looking for someone that is willing to partner with us and have a ownership status in our company to build this software. We are needing to build some software to pull all our work together below I have details all the requirments we need. Full show managment from start to end invoicing and quoting Crew Managment Health and safety form generator and full display plans for each displa...

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    At Sterlings Rowe Financial Group, we offer different financial solutions per business needs. We offer short and long term lending on equipment, working capital, term loan and invoice financing. Essentially your job is to identify and qualify the contact as a potential customer and create a curiosity in the prospect and create sort of a mysterious feeling where he or she would be waiting for a c...

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    The app has been built. But still, we need to implement a couple of features into the existing app which is Windows App/Surface. The features are as follows. 1. There is the Text Field to Type the Name or Else. But in the Surface, the On-Screen/Virtual Keyboard needs to open via popup. 2. After completing the form, the ID Card should be Print via a specific Printer(I'll share that specific p...

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    Build a wordpress website. We will provide all PSD's, Brief and Sitemap. Take the brief, sitemap and PSDs and create a wordpress website

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    We would like to hire a website designer capable of developing an e-commerce website for B2B2C using WordPress, WooCommerce. Consumers will be able to find the best offers based on seven criteria, which should be programmed into the website backend database application. 1) Price of the product or service 2) Vicinity of the product or service 3) Availability of the product or service at the desire...

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    Create or take an existing val code / serial number generator / license manager (such as [ログインしてURLを表示]) and integrate it with our software. - User launches software (Adobe Plugin in this case) for the first time - Software asks to enter a Validation Code or Serial Number - If correct Code is entered, it lets the customer user the software - If code is incorrect, it throws up and error and stays...

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