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    Clone of [ログインしてURLを表示] I want a clone off [ログインしてURLを表示] (the other post is not mine). The clone should work exactly the same with some extra's: 1) There must be an admin section where I can easyliy add or remove new fonts, styles, backgrounds etc. (all that is used) 2) There must be an extra banner generator section 3) Users must register before they can actualy use the system (they mus...

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    This is the second post of the same project. The first provider picked (after waiting a frustrating 10 days) could not programmatically reproduce edited copies of a web page template. Here's the situation: The web site I need is pretty basic, 5 or 6 pages. The issue is a product sales page. There needs to be tens of thousands of these pages. The pages themselves will be almost identical. The...

    $300 - $1000
    $300 - $1000
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    database analysis program for windows -i need a windows application which operates similar to a php-mysql database analysis script i currently have. -it needs to be able to allow me to import an exported mysql database and perform a number of queries/calculations on the database (which the current php script performs so you will have a php example of all the necessary calculations) -basically ...

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    we are a golf course marketing company that help golf courses generate more rounds and revenue. we provide a website with a eBlast campaign manager called the Generator. we want to market the Generator and we have very good sells reps. we just need some collateral material. a simple 1 or 2 page PDF will do. I want to get the message accross to the reader that this program will generate mo...

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    Hi All, I am looking for a Froogle Data Feed script to run on a linux and windows webserver or a standalone Windows EXE ( which may be easier ). I am looking for a script or program that is able to scan a website and generate a file suitable for uploading to Froogle. It must adhere to Froogle's basic instructions. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED DOC. I think it's as plain as that. The s...

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    Hello, This is a much more detailed description about my project and if you are still interested in working for me, I can send you more specific information. 1) I have an account with bluehost and you can look at their features and control panel demo at htttp:// Familarity with their control panel and similar is not required but prefered. 2)Web-Development: I will give y...

    $100 - $300
    $100 - $300
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    Project Overview and Information: Take a look at this page [ログインしてURLを表示] I need a clone of this product... it needs to do everything that this product does and more! Every 2 months I will need 10 new template images that will come with this package so that people can have a wide choice of GREAT looking images with handwriting on them etc as a pop up style generator. It needs to be embeded ...

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    Need to redesign an existing website to make it more attractive and a pleasing experience for those visiting the website. The website currently has about 25 pages (about 6 unique pages). Not expecting any website content or SEO changes. In our opinion, the Main home page, Registration form page, FAQ page, Sitemap page will be different and rest of the other pages will use one or two template....

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    I would like a script that could generate a quote for the customer, based on what they select and my base prices. The admin part of this script could be handled via an easy admin interface (best) or via some kind of setupfile (where it should be easy to add & change things) As this script must fit in an existing layout, is must either be able to ??drop in ?? in to the existing layout or via ...

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    Some advanced mod_rewrite work for PHPprogram Meta generator Google sitemap

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    Web magazine 終了 left

    **Hello, I'm starting a new web magazine project and I would like someone to add documentation to a photoshop layout I have and design a simple user/login interface. I have all the materials ready and I need help? from someone who can code? layout and put the content. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.** ## Deliverables Rent A Coder requirements notice: As originally posted, ...

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    i have a VOIP software which is written in C++ i need someones help to change the software ( i dont have the source code ). if someone can solve my problem the reward will be great. in order for the software to run a file sould be created which is called [ログインしてURLを表示] and is a windows reg file inside the file which is coded is information regarding the server including the server ip address i...

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    I have a simple requirement to build a simple php application that builds a web page automatically. See the directory structure below. The program [ログインしてURLを表示] sits in the eay subdirectory - one level deeper are two directories; 083120050452x1024 083120050452x320 The application will crawl into each directory and read the jpg files and build a html page. The idea is to create the...

    $30 - $100
    $30 - $100
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    We need a simple flash script written and a component re-written from ActionScript 2 to 1. The script simply plays a short video (already in .swf format), then waits for a function call from JavaScript to play one of several secondary videos before performing a redirect to a new page. The script has to be written such that the name(s) of the videos and the URLs can be replaced at compile time (sc...

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    I own a site at I want to replace this site with a new site using a tab delimited datafeed from The new site will be modeled after another site I own, [ログインしてURLを表示] is for music videos, [ログインしてURLを表示] is for candles. The sites will look very similar except with different logos. Coder will have access to the code from [ログインしてURLを表示] to cop...

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    Must be compatible with all major browsers (netscape, explorer etc..) I need a variety of web-forms made, PLUS certain website specifications. The first webform's function will be to generate links from normal text.(link generator) The second form will generate a dropdown menu. The third form will create a username and password. The website must keep you signed in whenever you visit ...

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    I have a dedicated server that I want to use as a hosting business. It is currently installed with the following software 1. Windows 2003 Server 2. HELM Control Panel 3. SmarterMail 4. MySQL 5. MS DNS I want to oursource the setting up of this server for web hosting with the following requirement 1. Allow customer to perform sign up (there's a HELM auto signup generator for this). 2. Enable r...

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    I need someone for making a shopping cart for a software product. There will be only 1 product, not multiple products with 2 options (downloable version or buy the CD version). The user can pay with his CC etc., gets the download link & serial (serial-generator will be provided) etc. and can install his software. Payment is over [ログインしてURLを表示] and [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] is written i...

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    I have a small tourism business and I have started making virtual tours 360 panaramics of my city and attractions and hotel. The tours are held on another server and I only need link to them. I wanted to make a website that can display my tours on to the public. I also want a business directory program similar to [ログインしてURLを表示] yellow pages where business can post their basic info for free and be ...

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    I require a **PC based** script that can dynamically create SIS files as required. We have a server that creates unlock codes for our Symbian software. These codes are currently sent to end users via SMS text message. The user then has to write this code down, open our software, then type in the unlock code. We want to be able to create a .dat or .ini file inside of a .sis installer t...

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    I need a script/utility for our upcoming gift oriented website. This script should work similar to most "shopping cart" scripts and programs except for a few adjustments. I also need this script/utility to work with my HTML template and be fully customizable to fit our theme and design. For a live view of the script I explain below, please go to [ログインしてURLを表示] . The script should contain...

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    Hello Webmasters! HTML is preffered...... I am looking to have a website portal designed geared to the fashion business. The website is called [ログインしてURLを表示] and it will contain information regarding merchandising in the fashion business. I will need approximately 20 pages and I have generated a simple sitemap with all of the pages and information that will be used on the web portal. I ...

    $100 - $300
    $100 - $300
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    I have a web page generation software which I want you to build web pages with for me. In your reply to me, please provide .. 1.? Have you ever used a page generation before? 2.? If so, which one ## Deliverables Rent A Coder requirements notice: As originally posted, this bid request does not have complete details. Should a dispute arise and this project go into arbitration "as is...

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    We require a flash script written and compiled to a template for use with a flash generator (specifically the Swift Generator). The script simply requires running a .swf video clip once, then a function to be triggered externally which plays one of several possibly secondary videos before redirecting to a new URL. The videos and URLs must be set up so they can be substituted in by the generator. N...

    $30 - $100
    $30 - $100
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    Need someone to mod-rewrite 3 fresh installs of vbulletin on windows and one on linux that includes vbadvacned gallery. The re-write must be SOLID meaning no duplicate urls with the same content, proper navigation and usage of archive as a sitemap to point to original threads. We can provide URLs. Ideally we would like you to make the change on one and have it easily installable and portable to fu...

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    Project for Scriptgateway network sites: Scriptgateway: 1 - Changing the logo to scriptgateway. 2- Removing any link related to PHP-Mysql-Perl and replacing it with scriptgateway 3-Removing any link to itscript , these links will be replaced with a link to [ログインしてURLを表示] which is a marketplace for programmers and webmasters. Need a custom script? Post your project Free and receive bids...

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    Finish Site 終了 left

    This is a dish network site. It has the design, admin and database. A couple areas that are not finished and my programmer is working another project for me so he is available to help if you have questions. All source code is there -- Menu should be revised for dhtml dropdown as in [ログインしてURLを表示] -- the same packages, channels, receivers, specials will be used. Packages, Channe...

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    Could you kindly go through, make recommendations and let me know how much and how long it will cost to handle this project? Thanking you in advance, Peter Lungu. Project: Website designing, script programing Global Family & Friends - GFF Purpose: Charitable service to reach out to those living in poverty worldwide,While offering incentives to benefactors to continue contributing....

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    5 templates 終了 left

    I need 5 templates created. Each design must be completely different from the other and each one will need 'tokens' added. These will be used for page generator systems that insert content where the token resides. I will provide a default template that currently includes the tokens I will use as an example. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working progra...

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    We're looking for good testers to test a password manager program (attached) on Windows XP. Tasks include the followings: 1) For each bug found, file a bug report (sample attached) and a Macromedia Flash clip showing the whole repro scenario (use Camtasia Studio to produce the flash clip. More details below) 2) If necessary, work with the Buyer to setup remote connection to investigate the...

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    I need an ActiveX, to be used in a VB program, which will generate random Sudoku puzzles (and of course their solution). See Sudoku rules here: <[ログインしてURLを表示]> And a generator/solver written in Java here: <[ログインしてURLを表示]> The ActiveX will only create numerical matrices (will not output anything to the screen); it will accept difficulty as an input value (see above J...

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    we have a big shopping protal we want to optimize our whole site we need good SEO professional who can optimize our site pages including articles and other pages with meta tags alt tags, and create sitemap file according to site pages etc we need a keyword research also, and want to put some keywords in content with proper optimization

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    I need a developer to work with me on a project that will require the build-out of 12-15 CSS/HTML templates. The temapltes will need to have some interesting AJAX/JAVASCRIPT features, so javascript is a must as well as proper CSS techniques. Just to clarify, i need no design work done -- only development of html/css/ajax from a very well organized set of schematics and sitemap. ## Deliverables ...

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    Static site with 5 pages; home, sitemap, links, resources, vendors to be used as a voip ppc / adsense site. You provide the copy material on VOIP technology. The content must be organic and natural, but keyword rich. SEO is a major component of the site I want. The visual aspects of the site should be clean and simple and invite visitors to click through. The pages should be easy to modify ...

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    Programmer needed to write highly customizable and intelligent newsletter sending program. Three special functions differentiate this program from other senders in the market: 1. Multiple relay support, and relay rotation 2. Dynamic HTML message rotation 3. Advanced dynamic string generator For detailed description of Intelligent Newsletter Sender, see attached outline. C++ is the pref...

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    As discussed

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    Contact me ONLY if you already done that and if you already have a script ready for it. I need a fake click generator which send unique hits from several websites with following features: Clicks from different IPs IP-list can be updated easily. several websites define number of hits browser time referring sites keyword list choose location languages Browser should run on server (linux), not desk...


    The aim of this project is to develop an table generator to analyse results from survey: The developed piece of software will provide the end user with the desired output on the basis of his/her input. The tool will be flexible and generic enough to be used for several different projects (with different end-users). Interface will be user friendly for the user and for the administrator. Updates mu...

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    Need to develop a members join process and a members area for an SEO website. MySQL, ASP/ASP.NET/PHP hosted on a windows server. Tools: Search Engine Submitter (Automatic/Manual/Updatable) Web Directory Submitter (Automatic/Manual/Updatable) Keyword Generator and ability to save keywords within the user database Meta-Tag Generator Link Popularity Checker Search Engine Saturation Keywor...

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    Hello, we're looking for a c++ Coder. You should improve existing software to version 2.0 The software is a php webshop generator. The code is a commented german. But maybe you can read the source for this project. We can send you the source code, when you signed a contract that you'll not give the code away. After you send me a message I can give you further informations. Bye Felix ##...

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    I need someone to create a software such that I enter a list of url sites in one column and in the other column in the excelsheet i get their corresponding ip addresses. Even suppose for eg . i enter whole url [ログインしてURLを表示] still it should find ip of [ログインしてURLを表示] and not give error so column A in excelsheet is where i will be pasting my urls and column b is where i need the ip address...

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    Clothing store**** Already have flash template integrated with oscommerce cre loaded 6.1. Need upgrade to cre loaded 6.15. Would like homepage to be flash and all other pages such as category pages to be html with removal of header to have a clean look for the product images. (URL will be given in PMs to give you a better idea of what I mean) Also need some extra boxes that come with the template...

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    Client logs in, and enters this information: Title of site: clients info here Url of Site: clients info here Description of site: clients info here and clicks on enter. The client can do this up to 100 times. The software uses that info to make a page like this: [ログインしてURLを表示] if you refresh that page, you'll see the info change. THat's it, really easy I'm sure. We just need the pag...

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    This project involves writing a script that can run off a standalone Windows XP desktop PC i.e. client side. In essence, this script will be able to rewrite an initial seed article of html text based on the parameters contained in the functional spec attached. The rewriting will be based on an Excel spreadsheet seeded with defined text phrases. Please feel free to ask any questions. See files atta...

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    Link Generator 終了 left

    I need a link generator on my website. It will work as follows: step 1:Guest will type in a website adress & website name and press "submit" step2: The link generator will then produce a link in html code. step3: guest will copy/paste the code onto their webpage. example: step1: [[ログインしてURLを表示]][1] & google step2: code generated will be: <A HREF="[ログイン...

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    I have an existing page which allows you to edit individual styles for a CSS stylesheet, which are then saved to a database and the stylesheet is generated dynamically using ColdFusion MX 6.1. I'd like my existing page to be modified. Right now, you have to have some knowledge of CSS to use it, and enter your CSS style code in a simple text box. I want to change that to provide my users ...

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    PHP random link generator capable of categorizing the links in it's database. I can make the web page fine, I just need the script to randomize the categorized links. I would like to have an admin page of sorts to add links and do other admin type activity.

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    I have an astrological program that I bought that prints out a report and I am setting up a website to sell these reports. I would like the program to print to a downloadable PDF file once the clients credit card payment cleared. The program also requires an electronic atlas to be loaded into the same computer to generate the raw data used to produce the report. I don't have a clue ...

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    Currently we are running an auction listing generator service where sellers can create their auction listing and have them placed inside of our templates. We also offer our user image hosting for their auction photos. We would like to take our service one step further and allow sellers to post their listings directly on to eBay. the solution we are seeking would be very similar in form and functio...

    $5000 - $25000
    $5000 - $25000
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