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    hi, i am looking for generating webpage with a video on bottom left corner and the chat on right corner, Thank you

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    I need the Sitemap for a scraper that scrapes information from Google Events website: go to [ログインしてURLを表示] - search "Events" - click on "Events" OR "Search More Events" under the list of dates and events. I need: Event Name, Event Date, Event Start Time, Location/Business Name, Address, Description, URL for 'more info', I do NOT need you to give me the da...

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    Basically I am from Northern Ireland. Raffle games are very popular at this current time. There is a website ran by a man who is local and this is how it works. He posts a prize in this instance it's a car and sells an entry for £20 with a maximum entry amount of 295. he sells all the tickets does a random number generator to pick a winner while live video via Facebook. This website is ...

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    I need someone to write a code for a random generator that will pick pre- ordained numbers for the Ny pick3 and pick4 lottery

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    PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR BID! I need a chatbot for facebook. It must be able to work in the messenger for marketplace ads. If someone responds to a marketplace ad the chatbot must reply either within that message post or direct the user to my business page which will engage them with the chatbot to answer more questions. This is a lead generator for real estate ads. As you ...

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    Website: [ログインしてURLを表示] Requirements: - Collect data all pages - Collect each popup links with all image links

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    Create and upload google sitemap opencart created website

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    Logo creation 終了 left

    I need a logo for my new company. It will be used / printed on several products (usb cables, computer cases, delivery boxes...) I generated and a logo on a generator, and I like it really...but the files are only in PNG and PDF. the copyright is not transfered and I would like this... I show you the logo I liked, so you have a idea of what I could want regards Jonathan

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    website hacked 終了 left

    My website was [ログインしてURLを表示] is a wordpress installation. It used to redirect to an other website. However i restored the files, it seems to work. But on google it keeps the old metadata and description. Also on live test url on google it keeps the old url. I have submitted a sitemap, i have fixed the meta description, i can see from source code that it is okay , but it keeps the hacked title and...

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    This game can be played with 2 people or teams of two as well as a group of people. It needs to be able to be played live over an internet connection. The first stage will be the basic 2 player version as a proof of concept. Once this is completed to satisfaction the selected developer will then go on to add the team and group function as a seperate project. The project will involve a random wor...

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    Hi there, I am looking for an illustrator to redo the the chalkboard we have in the picture at Generator Amsterdam in Oosterpark. The menu part will be removed and re-drew. This is where you come in for a new design that is similar to the existing design. Interested? Let me know about your rate and how long it will take for this job! :) Wendy Lin M&E and Group Reservations Supervisor &m...

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    • Install SSL installation • Setup Google Analytics • Add 10 keywords into website • Add Meta title and Meta description • Keep website speed optimization • Write content for your website and publish only after your approval • Image optimization • Submit sitemap • Submit your website too Google Search Engine • Work on SEO as per above plan “O...

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    I need a tool to generte quotes in pdf. It can be online or offline. I have 5 products and all products have 10 accessories. I need a simple tool where I can choose multiple products and their accessories. The tool must be easy to modify by adding new accessories and changing prices of accessories.

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    I need an engineer to design the electrical system for a pico hydroelectric power plant. The mechanical system and turbine will be locally made and attached to a small generator. I need you to define the best parts and components for the system and design a circuit in order to build a working prototype capable of capturing and storing energy efficiently. A first prototype has already been mad...

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    You must be a MATLAB programmer and Ansys Maxwell expert in electrical generator design.

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    no skills requried basic education is enough . computer or android required . intrested people message me further we talk more about work on provided contact detail

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    You must be a MATLAB programmer and Ansys Maxwell expert in electrical generator design.

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    the idea of my website is QR Generator. but first i would like to now what do the web site need to be like this website ? ( [ログインしてURLを表示] ) to be clear i want my website to be the host of the QR Codes just like the above web !!

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    Our translation group, ImmiTranslate, is seeking one qualified Bulgarian, Serbian, Romanian and Ukrainian translator. The translations will mostly be vital documents, education transcripts, diplomas, etc. All of the source files will be images or PDFs. You will be translating into a word doc keeping the format of the translation as close to the source file as possible. The client will receive you...

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    I need some help with finding some leads. Vending machine placement. We have a script. You will need to research business types in certain zip codes. Call the business consistently till it returns a guaranteed lead.

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    Find me Leads. 終了 left

    We are Winclap, we help marketeers allocate their budgets and manage their campaigns. We are willing to hire a lead generator.

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    I need Custom QR Code Generator for Vcard without apis.

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    This is part 1 of a project specially created for Nur M from Ekoom IT Solutions, for building an online real estate listings management system, to be completed in 9 parts. this is phase two of part 1 (design, UX UI and Sitemap) of the whole project. payment of S$100 for phase one has been released. Payment for Phase 2 is S$100 upon satisfactory delivery

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    create a unique content. keyword research. website optimization. robot text and xml generator. google adwords. social media marketing.

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    I am creating a website that allows people to get names generated for them by an expert. Here’s how it works: 1. User fills in some basic details in a form (eg using a Google form integration) 2. The form gets automatically populated into a google sheet 3. The website would be a single page website with “About Us”, “How It Works”, “Customer Testimonials”,...

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    I Need CV Generate Site and I Need Cover Image like careerbuilder com....No Sign Up, No Payments, Only 1 CV Template and Fill the Personal Details >Preview> Download

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    PDF Generator Data will be provided [in SQL DB table] We also have Fillable PDF Forms (~20 fields per page) We should generate a non-editable PDF using the data. Currently using PDFTK library, however, it's taking much longer to create a PDF. We are seeking for a faster solution.

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    PDF generator 終了 left

    I need a mobile app which can be utilized by ios and android users. I will require the normal terms and conditions added to the app., I will require a method to retain all contact information along with purchase history for each sale. I require automatic emails be sent to customers not completing check out options during the original visit, a coupon code generator to offer customers a discoun...

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    We are looking for some developer to develop a bitcoin client, with the feature to send fake transactions to the chain. All we need is for the transaction to be shown in the [ログインしてURLを表示], obviously we don't expect them to ever get confirmed! Required: - Amount field - Bitcoin address field. Can be a desktop (windows/linux) based solution, or on web.

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    Create product customization and dynamic image generator tool built on Magento or woocommerce.-100$ fixed amount

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    Create product customization and dynamic image generator tool built on Magento or woocommerce.

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    Shopify Expert 終了 left

    Our company's website is here: [ログインしてURLを表示] At the top of the page is a series of three cards, each with a "learn more" button at the bottom. We want to replace one of these buttons with a "buy now" button. Upon clicking the buy now button, the user is brought to a Shopify cart page and is required to check a box that says "I have read and reviewed the license agr...

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    openapi tools generator or swagger codegen generator using swagger json file generate "java" ApiClient connect client to oauth2 rest based server while logged in, call rest api method contact for more details

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    I have a very simple ruby project, it should come out to around 20-30 lines . I am using Jekyll, the open source blog generator: [ログインしてURLを表示] I need a minor modification to it. I want my own generator: [ログインしてURLを表示] It reads the root blog directory and from there is a folder called _sketches/ inside of sketches is, based off that generates some html: _sketches/test/[ログインしてURLを表示] _sketches/t...

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    1. Windows executable file (.exe) Encryption - give mi Encryption tool file extension - .swf 2. Windows Setup file for software installation. (32 bits and 64 bits) 3. Give mi portal for Activation key generator. 4. Used key analytics. (date, time, expiry date and etc.) 5. One key one user. 6. Software run offline. 7. Portal should be login base and login user also analytics. (How many key generat...

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    I'm working on solving fem for a 2D and 3D frame structure and i need to do some post-process to draw the solution

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    Dears, need comparison between diesel generator and SPV Financial Analysis & Decision Making in renewable energy Thank you, BR Sama

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    hello , can you do all these task "you need to redesign sine in sine up,account page, blog page, affiliating pages,and invoice generator and make my website speed 80+ score in google test speed" (mobile version and desktop version both ) and some bugs you have to modify my mobile design If you can do all the work, only then you will bit. if i don’t like or you don’t finish...

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    I want a logo for my script which is called "Smart Report Engine" it's a report generator engine , people can use it as an engine to generate reports. The website on which I will put the logo is the following template so make sure the color matches logo is needed JPG and png Here is the theme URL : [ログインしてURLを表示]

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    I want a logo for my script which is called "Smart Report Engine" it's a report generator engine , people can use it as an engine to generate reports. The website on which I will put the logo is the following template so make sure the color matches logo is needed JPG and png Here is the theme URL : [ログインしてURLを表示]

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    Hi Freelancers,

 We are having a requirement to customize a PHP based affiliate software script with a custom woo commerce & shopify integration. Main function will include Admin & Affiliate dashboard for management of affiliate membership system with paid / free types. - Admin will create affiliate membership plans, sign up can be paid & free using a e-voucher and ewallet system. ...

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    AGIC Energy North America is a renewable energy developer company located in the United States and other parts of the world. We are interested in contracting a candidate with experience in Electronics, Electrical Engineering, PCB Layout, Micro-controller, Circuit Design for our all in one solar appliance.

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    CAR DEALERSHIP! 終了 left

    We are looking for someone who is skilled in Yahoo website design tools, A developer who designed car dealerships before. A developer who has been using yahoo website design tools. If you're a developer who never designed a car dealership before, please do not waste my time and your time too. Key things that I am looking for are below : CUSTOMIZE THE DEALER WEBSITE. NEW ...

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    I want a high frequency generator from 50 Hz to some what 10Khz. with detail rating of components. Voltage is 230 volts & current is 10 Amp.

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    We need to develop a script to generate xml sitemap for our site with 2 lac pages. A ready script will be preferred. Preferably a web solution.

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    We required some sample Training Material with Voice/Animated 1- HR Orientation / Employee life cycle / Compensation and Benefit 2- Medical Health / Any Sales for Milk/Butter/Non-Veg items 3- Machinery Training / Instruction Voice/Animated/Video. example - Crane Function/Generator etc

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    UK BASED ONLY We have a fully specified requirements for the build of a directory, appointment booking and payment website which includes other functionality such as notes and ratings. We are looking to work with a creative UX/UI designer that can give us customised work (not Wordpress style) and produce the following deliverables: User Persona Customer journeys Competitor analysis Sitemap...

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    I am looking for a event space photographer for our new event brochure at Generator Amsterdam. The shoot is only about event space and some food shot. It will be 5-6 hour on set, then some post production with photo editing. Please see attached some pictures and the old event brochures. May I get a quote from you? Cheers, Wendy Lin M&E and Group Reservations Supervisor &mdash...

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