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    Researching -- 2 6 日 left

    Research of an Australian based not for profit, specifically identify any mentions in the media between 1st July 2017 to today. Secondly access the annual reports from the net and analyse the last 3 annual reports.

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    trend filter long entry 50day ma > 100day short entry 50day ma < 100day --------------------------------------- entry long buy signal C > 50day HHV roc (20) > 30 short sell signal C < 50day LLV roc (20) > -30 ----------------------------------------- trailing stop long 3*ATR(10) down from highest high short 3*ATR(10) up from lowest low ----------------------------------...

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    I want to design a verilog code for turing machine under EDAplayground at link [ログインしてURLを表示] I have already made code in C ( c code file is attached herewith) and it is working but I need to make it in verilog in the said online verilog compiler [ログインしてURLを表示] description for the working of Turing machine is as given below: We want to output “ABC” The code would be i0 65 // load the ...

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    Hi, We have a large volume of files emailed in, which require filing. Rather than save the attachments manually, we would like a function whereby the email can be forwarded on to a service that takes the attachment and saves it to a specific folder, using the filename specified in the subject field. The specific folder, would depend on the specific "to" email address used. picked from...

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    Scraping Instagram photos I would like to have a python code that allow me to fetch information on instagram pictures. Information like media_id media_shortcode media_display_url media_url_video media_text media_date_created media_type media_location_id media_location_slug media_location_name media_owner_username For example from: [ログインしてURLを表示] * I want to retrieve all the 7 informations p...

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    Hi all, I need a fullstack developer to code an app I have designed in Adobe XD. I will give specifications and design plans and need a working app for iOS. Thanks

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    C Code Programming and Development 5 日 left

    i would like to port haproxy codes to fstack codes. for more details please contact.

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    I need a bot written in c# using Visual Studio and .net Framework to submit ads to this site: [ログインしてURLを表示] It must use Selenium Browser 1. It needs to navigate to this page: [ログインしてURLを表示] (I own this site) 2. Navigate to [ログインしてURLを表示] 3. Type in email and password 4. Click "Log in" [ログインしてURLを表示] to [ログインしてURLを表示] 6. Change dropdown to choose country 7. Type in title 8. Typ...

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    Hello, guys need the code done for my new app, the design has been created I just need the code done in ionic Cordova. All I need is the code done for the design, if you can do it brilliant.

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    Hello guys need the code done for my new app, the design has been created I just need the code done in ionic Cordova. that all I need

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    SQL code task: Create a new table which combines tables A, B, C, D, E, .... , Z. Do this in the following order: first append columns in Table B to the right of the right-most column in Table A, then Table C to Table A + Table B, and so on. The tables are in the same database. Whoever is first to submit the correct code will be paid £15. There may be an additional bonus.

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    Build me an ecommerce website with paymemt gateway and with at least below screens. I will create mock up pages very soon. Please contact me for more details. 1. Log in Screen 2. Sign up for buyer and seller 3. Main product display page. 4. Cart 5. User profile page 6. Check out and payment page

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    net writing 5 日 left

    I need you to fill in a spreadsheet with data.

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    $1 - $5 / hr
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    customize jquery.flowchart library 5 日 left

    The project is to customize [ログインしてURLを表示] library (css and javascript) to be a questionary flow generator. A questionary has many questions and a question has the question itself and can have 2 different kind of answers: - a set of answers with 2 to x options - a single open text questions. There will be a message as well (exactly as single question but with differente type) The library will h...

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    Hello, We looking for AWS server expertto take backup for db and code - help need urgent You going to do it with me on anydesk. on my pc i am here going to work with you. Thanks!

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    Hello. I have my website and I need someone who can help me rebuild it. It is on wix and I don't want to use them anymore. So we will build it from scratch. First I need the landing pages done. Thanks.

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    Like this Source code or same: [ログインしてURLを表示]

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    We need to change the Patreon integration for our website. We use Patreon to lock parts of the content they are gated and can be unlocked by logging in with the Patreon account. What we need is to customize, to add a few things from ACF, and to offer the possibility for users like editors to see the content unlocked.

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    Wordpress Code: Website Header 5 日 left

    I am looking for a programmer who can create a code for my WordPress site. You just have to create a code for the header area. The picture in the description is an example for that.

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    Hello, We looking for AWS server expert for AWS server expert need to take backup for db and code - help need urgent

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    Hiring an experienced WordPress Designer/Developer, to Create a Custom website for a Exclusive Social Network. This WordPress Designer/Developer will work with us closely to design the content structure of the sitemap (each Individual Menu and key page). Additionally, the Designer/Developer must have the appropriate skills to produce any custom graphics, illustrations, image editing & optimi...

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    In my Wix site I have a button on a dynamic page which needs to go to a Lightbox, as defined in a filed in the underlying database. It should be about 10 lines of code I have seen in examples, but cannot get mine working Price is EUR 6

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    Hi, I need an invoice generator program - to read data from excel/csv and create invoices. Please mention the word "GREEN" in your bid. Thanks!

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    We would like to build or integrate an online code editor for coding students that could be used for automated testing and grading.

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    I need quick help on how to send OAuth 2.0 access token to Octoparse API . I'm using PHP with guzzlehttp/guzzle, and I could retrieve the access token from API server. But when try access to API with specifying retrieved access token, API server returns with invalid token error. Octoparse API [ログインしてURLを表示]

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    School ERP 5 日 left

    I want a School ERP with all modules like fedena. If any body can provide already tried and tested. It will be better, If this will be in PHP or .Net.

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    butuh jasa untuk mengkonversi sistem informasi untuk halaman admin milik saya yang dibangun dengan php native anda hanya perlu mengkonversikan source code php native ini kedalam codeigniter. tidak perlu membuat database karena sudah disediakan (.sql) tinggal diimport saja tidak perlu memikirkan query sql karena sudah tinggal konversi saja assets sudah tersedia tinggal pakai saja (ajax,js dll) tida...

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    I need an Amibroker data Plugin, which can be developed simply with ADK and C++, I have data in ASCII Text Files, which I want in the Amibroker (not like importing, as we have with MetaStock plugin). Data is stored locally in text files where filename is the symbol and Columns are - Date, Time, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume. Won't take much for anyone who has some hand with C++ and ADK. I ...

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
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    Zlecę wykonanie webowej aplikacji do wystawiania faktur. Aplikacja ma zawierać: - formularz do wpisywania towarów/usług, ilości ceny (towary/usługi - wpisywane odręcznie - bez magazynu towarów), danych firmy - odbiorcy faktury (wpisywani odręcznie - bez bazy danych odbiorców) - zapisywanie faktur wystawionych wraz z możliwością ich odczytania - możliwość drukowania faktur - ...

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    i want all source code (Unity assets) which you can use to launch an iOS, and android. Visual resources (icons, splash-screen, app store) ,Keystore file with password (Required to update your app later on). Runs in auto - pilot mode means no maintenance required at all. ( easy to reskin multiply time)

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    1)Migrate the source code to the newest unity version 2019 and Upgrade to 64bit. make sure th source code is compatible on both the platform, IOS, and android "Make sure the source code is perfect. A Few points to check are ● Check whether the second game mode has the first two dragons, which was in the first game mode ● Check, There are specific textures or not. OR it has just pink rectang...

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    4 入札

    Online Examination Module For Students in .NET

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    15 入札

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using .NET.

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    19 入札

    I have an apk app, which contains already a firebase db, is a movi app, problem is that login is no in my control, i wanna implement a separate login that will be in my control. al views & functionality is already functional in the app. Everything have to be done with the apk app, cuz source code is no available

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    We are looking for freelancer website designer to make changes in CSS code as needed to format the elements, color and other aspects of few of our website pages. The work would be give as and when required with hourly rate and delivery time would be 24-48 hours max.

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    37 入札

    I have a USB dial from 2010 = [ログインしてURLを表示] Basically it is made for windows XP and the old software doesnt work on windows 10 anymore , but people make programs that work on windows 10 Here are existing programs that control the volume on windows 10. I just want to send keystrokes instead of change the volume when you spin left, spin right, and CLICK down the wheel [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを...

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    1) Candidate should have good experience in .NET, C#, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML technologies 2) Managing Microsoft Azure technologies (Azure Logic Apps, Azure Functions, Azure Event Hub, Azure blob Storage, Key Vaults, Resource Groups, API Management, Application Insight)

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    So I need someone to clean my code and verify my integration. Another freelancer work but he don finish like I want Exist a bug, one bug. I think is because he not remove original files I need create somethings but is just help, I’m web development, but I do know enough to do this and I need help

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    14 入札

    Hi, Preferrable developer from India I have developed data access layer, need User Interface to de developed in .net Core Once I test it at my end, project will be matked as closed thanks daya

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    Billing system 5 日 left

    I need you to develop the billing system for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using .NET.

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    4 入札

    I have c ++ source code when i build the project on some PC it's give error [ログインしてURLを表示] was not found. I someone to check whats wrong to the code without asking the user to install any microsoft c++ runtime library.

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    6 入札

    This extension books trips offered on a particular website. What I need done: 1. We need developer to add a login function to the extension which will direct users to our website where user can login. User should ONLY be allowed to use extension after logging in through our website. Login should be required every 24 hours. 2. Previous developer was trying to add functions that ended up not worki...

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    Only Experienced Developer can Bid this project! We want to have a Zynga poker transfer panel. Our requests are as follows: 1) There will be a web site and a panel where we can access from anywhere. This panel can be opened different membership, different memberships should be able to login. 2) After logging in, we can record the facebook addresses and passwords which are zynga texas holdem poker ...

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    3 入札

    Bulk leads generation for local security company.

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    11 入札

    Hi I need someone to port my python code to c++ using xtensor libary for c++. it has many nympy functions and You'll also use cross compiling environment for RPI. More details in chat.

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    12 入札

    We would like to hire an experienced UX/UI Designer to produce a fitting design for the website of a Technology Incubator in the Pacific. The Designer will be required to work with us closely to design the content structure of the sitemap (each individual menu and key page). Furthermore, the Designer must have the appropriate expertise to produce any custom graphics, illustrations, image editing ...

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    20 入札

    I'm developing a marketplace application called Listerbox. Lister is an African online marketplace that connects freelance labour with local demand, allowing users outsource everyday task, which includes: Caterer, Handy Man, Cleaner, Laundry Man, House help, Delivery Man, Electrician, Generator Repairer, Plumber. (Something like [ログインしてURLを表示]) I need a UI/UX to help me out with the mock-up a...

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    Looking for Net Beans Expert -- 2 5 日 left

    I have assignment related of net beans. If anyone have good knowledge of Net beans IDE and can help me in this assignment then kindly provide a bid so that we can discuss.

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    6 入札
    Chaturbate Traffic generator 5 日 left

    Im a broadcaster on chaturbate and I'm looking for someone who can creat a software that generate viewers in my room on [ログインしてURLを表示], about +5000 people in room ( registered users and anonymous ). What Chaturbate Software be able to do: - Creating registered users on the site ( one user / one proxy ) - Saving the accounts for reuse - Able to handle multiple rooms - Able to use a differen...

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    5 入札

    Need a app and website for daily deals website which has spin and win contest too

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    2 入札