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    hi, i need a tool who can gen gmail accounts with a proxy support filling the registration form using a .csv file. need an integrated api harvester for 2captcha and smsverification it need to be on a python selenium program to be more "human " for the website. thanks

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    HI guys, i want a web-based solution to manage a complete structure of people working in any organisation. this application will have following features 1. Admin Login. 2. Complete details of Employee. like demographics,social site address(insta,twitter etc),position ,division,department,role etc 3. Oraganisation structure should be displayed in form of Tree chart or venn diagram. 4. facility ...

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    Using the Shopify App API, I need a way to bulk create collections based on the contents of a .txt file. I have about 300+ collections, adding them by hand is impossibly slow. If you can do it for under $20, I would love you forever; otherwise I'm going to pay for one of these stupid apps on the store to do it.

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    Hi Guys! We have a raffle website where every product within the shop is a raffle where customers can buy tickets to win a prize. We have downloaded a ticket generator but its very problematic. We wanted to see if anyone could do the folowwing: 1. Select how many tickets are available. (they must reduce each time when a ticket is bought) 2. We need to be able to select when the raffle starts a...

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    Chasing a quote for a pc or mobile application to automatically generate a weekly roster. Including the following features. - Fair Distribution of hours between employees - Differentiate employee’s from drivers, make bench, dispatch & front so that all stations have relevant staff working. - Full time workers must work exactly 38 hours a week. - Generate breaks relevant to hours wo...

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    I need a professional team to get this done as quickly as possible. Create a MarketPlace website Have a Smart Search Function for quick buying. Implement a Present Generator for getting gifts ideas based on info introduced by the customer. Warehouse webpage - with inventory and Seller Accounts to be registered on the site. It should have the functionality of this website - [ログインしてURLを表示] For the...

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    Hello We own 15+ Websites and we need articles for them on a daily basis. We are looking for Freelancers who have decent writing skills and can do the Job as part time on a daily basis on a very affordable rate (Part time or Full Time). We will provide you with an excel document which will contain: Topic Words Required Keyword Reference Articles to study about the topic We need freelancers with...

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    1. Will deploy hardware SMS gateway (famous brand SMS hardware gateway) 2. Web Admin Interface for control and send bulk SMS 3. Support SMPP V3.4 to connect with hardware SMS gateway 4. Provide RESTful and SMPP V3.4 from third party system to sent SMS to system 5. Require at least >= 250 SMS per second support (Hareware SMS will support it) 6. JSP or PHP with MySQL for the web system (With RHEL...

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    I am looking for someone to create Facebook ad previews based off of data generated from the Facebook Ads Library. I have all the data for ads been automatically added to a CSV and need someone to build a program that creates previews of these ads based off of the values (Text, Images, Headlines etc). Ideally ads would generate EXACTLY as displayed in Facebook with the idea to create an aggregate...

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    Hello everyone. Now we are selling ultrasonic system for mask making machine. We now have 100 sets of ultrasonic system (generator + transducer + horn) to be commissioned this week. delivery time: 7workdays. FOB: 3300 USD/set. Buy more, get more discount 1 set includes: 1 transducer + 1generator + 1 welding horn ¬ You will get 50$ about each sale. You should start your bid with “tor...

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    Need to do some modifications in my existing site It is a matrimonial website. [ログインしてURLを表示] OTP REGISTRATION, SMS 1. Integrate SMS registration with auto-reply the same as auto-mail. ( auto-mail is an automatic SMS alert available on the site ) the same reply’s to be available by SMS and what’s app. 1a) Bulk SMS setting from within the site for all promotional activities. 1b) wh...

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    I need to clone website [ログインしてURLを表示] and need exact functions same as the demo given

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    Hi Team, we are looking for a designer who can help us prepare 100+ tshirt designs. We need someone who can understand Indian (desi) pun, understands Indian sarcasm. Looking forward to talk to you soon. Regards, Ravi

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    I need an Android app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built.

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    Requires an iOS Photo Related App, something like photo editor, hashtag generator, gif, meme generator (in this category) Also we share the developer account and you need to upload the app, after app approved, we release the payment. - app should run on both iPhone & iPad devices. - you should prepare all App Store meta data - unique design

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    Project Description Project consists of 194,936 sf new four story 192 units wood framed building including site work, paving, utilities, curb, striping, signage, site concrete, bio retention, irrigation, landscape, storm, water, sewer, site amenities,planters, putting green, bocche, flag poles, monument sign, fencing, concrete, gyp -crete, masonry, cast stone, veneer stone, structural steel, misc...

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    Estamos creando una nueva pagina web basada en un script para ecommerce. Necesitamos optimizarla, SEO entre otras cosas. Idioma, sitemap... Optimizacion [ログインしてURLを表示]

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    Hello, I need a very nice layout completed for my website. I will need it for an online grocery ordering website. You must design the homepage and then set it up on my server You must make it look amazing You must add all the pages that need to be set up and have a slider banner at the top of them You must add the contact information You must set up all email responses You must delete the dummy c...

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    Hello I need a very nice layout compelted for my website. I will need it for a online grocery ordering website. You must design the homepage and then set it up on my server You must make it look amazing You must add all the pages that need to be set up and have a slider banner at the top of them You must add the contact information You must set up all email responses You must delete the dummy com...

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    I need a bulk sms sender php that is easy to use. The documentation is here [ログインしてURLを表示] I need it done within next two hours

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    ECDSA Digital Signature Generator. Part of the course project - to understand the level of difficulty. 1. Microcontroller - PLD. 2. The key length is 256. 3. Keyboard - not provided. 4. The number of digital sensors is not provided. 5. The number of analog sensors is not provided. 6. Interface - UART. 7. Environment - ModelSim.

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    Hello, I'm looking for more than one freelancer to publish content in bulk into a website. The content will be mostly images and Youtube videos to be posted on a website via SQL. The work will be taking pictures and videos and publishing in the website under a specific username. I will provide several sources and I need the freelancer to post at least 100 posts. Please let me know your pr...

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    Hi We are a Mask Producing Company in China And Looking for People Who Are Interested To Buy Mask in Bulk Quantity World Wide Shipping Hit Me Up For more contact

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    Hi there Im looking to create a Bulk sms sending platform from twilio hoping to find a profesional to help

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    I'm looking for an experienced Odoo expert to help us firstly to migrate our existing in-house-server-based ERP systems and data onto a cloud-based version of Odoo Enterprise V13 and then to use this new backend to create even more websites, selling an even greater range of products and services. We hope that the vast bulk of the work can be accomplished quite quickly but we do see this as an...

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    1 Make sure all the site's URLs are live and function properly 2 Make sure the 404 page is set up correctly 3 Ensure the site's multi-device ready 4 Validate code and CSS 5 Check for possible indexation issues 6 Check for duplicate issues 7 Avoid duplicate meta tags 8 Make sure the URLs are search-engine-friendly 9 check if Google Analytics and Search Console is ok 10 Use schema to mar...

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    if you have a ready panel i want to buy it from you with the released source code, i would also like to make a contract for monthly maintenance if the system stops working or gets blocked. thanks

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    User can create account as reseller and select & edit price of product and share through different methods like sms,whatsapp,fb etc... User can create account as reseller and select & add his margin in price of product and share through different methods like sms,whatsapp,fb etc... Anybody can purchase the product using that shared link. That link will show reseller page and (SHOWING AL...

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    I want an angular web designer who can create a web page for me. i need you to create an online form generator where the users can be able to create their own forms Please find the attachemnt for brief description of exactly what i want you to deliver.

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    Please see the uploaded file , it has project requirements . I am student from VTU . I need lexical analyser and parser and code generator built for the given samples it can be coded in java or c++ or python . Once you go through the uploaded project contact me , we can further discuss about this .

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    Hello I need a very nice layout compelted for my website. I will need it for a online grocery ordering website. You must design the homepage and then set it up on my server You must make it look amazing You must add all the pages that need to be set up and have a slider banner at the top of them You must add the contact information You must set up all email responses You must delete the dummy com...

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    I need someone who is available now, and make the adjustment, we need sitemap and [ログインしてURLを表示] installed. Regards

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    I am currently sending out mail from my mail server. smtp.wealthmorning.com. The mailing accounts are setup with GSuite I would like to send bulk unlimited emails without getting hit with a spam or block. What's happening now is whenever I go to send email and I check the mail queue it says "Our System Has Detected that this message is 421-4.7.0 suspicious due to the very low reputation ...

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    I need to check if i can get some data (data mining by means of scraping)

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    I have a self hosted web-app with REST api (Snipe-IT) - looking for someone to develop a light-weight responsive application to perform two main functions - bulk check-in and check-out of assets; Functionality should work similar to the existing Bulk Audit functionality. User input will be via barcode scanner - API calls and data validation should be handled in the background without interrupting...

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    Shelter design 終了 left

    . You have to construct a Survival Hut on an Island out of manageable bits of timber and other materials. These can be prefabricated in a workshop ready for assembly on site. 2. You must be able to put this together on your own possibly in a storm situation. • The size of the hut will be determined by your needs and your own ergonomics. • This hut will need to be able to sustain you over...

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    We have over 500 images of beds. We want to photoshop bedding onto the beds. Rather than do this manually we are looking for somebody to write a script that will automatically bulk photoshop / Render the bedding onto the beds.

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    Migrating the website located at [ログインしてURLを表示] to [ログインしてURLを表示] *We should migrate to a sandbox first, so we can test all issues before the actual migration * Need to make sure all existing pages pertaining to SEO (written pages and posts) are migrated. *Need to get rid of all ([ログインしてURLを表示]) duplicate content created by prior team *We need to completely remove the "Groups" [ログインしてU...

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    We are looking for a moodle expert to upload and configure 120 online courses ( SCORM Compliant) onto our Moodle LMS . Besides uploading and configuring the subscription rate, the expert will also update course descriptions for each of the courses - Previous completed demonstrable example projects in the Freelancers portfolio is a must - quote per course cost or in view of the bulk no of courses,...

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    Build an ios app 終了 left

    The Shooting Galley This app will connect a gopro hero 8, an ipad pro (12”) and an Epson printer. It will control the GoPro which will record and upload a video of the customer shooting a firearm. The app needs to capture and display watermarked snapshots to offer for sale, printed and digitally, with the company logo in the corner. The digital version offers the entire video as well as th...

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    I need a plugin für Ipboard generates fake visitor and member sessions to recreate the environment of an active community. I have a traffic generator,(See Files) it can be installed but no users are shown. You can this Modded i have here uploaded

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    I´m looking to hire somebody who can download bulk items from one plr website where i have account. I will give my login details and password. Just have to click and download bulk items (one by one). Once you download the items, you have to delete 1 or 2 documents of every download that i will tell you later. My rate is 10usd per 1000 item downloaded and edited (download it´s just a cl...

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    Lead Generator 終了 left

    HI We are looking for lead generators for website development and digital marketing. We are leads for UK leads.

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    Our work is to provide return gifts for every occassion in bulk. So i want a website which will show our work to online clients. and help us to take booking.

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    We have FDA Approved, CE Certified and Lab Tested Disposable Face Mask 2ply/3ply and we require dynamic people on board to help us find leads so that we all can beat coronavirus! If you are interested you can contact us and start work immediately. The money / payout will be based on qualified lead purchase only. More on this when we chat! We are "Face Mask Exporters" [ログインしてURLを表示]

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    ****Read the description from top to bottom**** Topic: Any Genre/Niches Bulk Work Task. High-Quality Articles needed with no errors. Deadline is 1-day maximum for every article. Price is fixed, though posted in the hourly system so as to save your charges on acceptance of the project. Please don't go on asking for payment again and again as I am very clear with the payment mechanism. Paymen...

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    I need the following script I need script created to generate compatible JSON files from CSVs. For example: There has to be a JSON file for each JPG that contains the relevant information. I can provide you a CSV that contains the Title, Description, Category Name, URL Key, Category Description, and file name. It will need to create a separate JSON file for each JPG, using the provided informat...

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    Business is a Life Coaching, Mentoring, Training & Development, Stress Management and Financial Educator So I want to put these elements into the website before I launch it next week.

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    We intend to import and distribute hand sanitizers and hand wash across Auz and NZ. We would like to prepare a marketing plan that covers universities, hospitals, social media, radio, television and buses by selling to the direct consumer in bulk and per item in supermarkets, chemists and convenience stores. The plan should not exceed 10’pages.

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