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    Hello Everyone, I need Employees for Supplier Sourcing in UK/Germany. Please apply those who have experience in supplier sourcing. We are seller on Amazon. The freelancer should have knowledge of E-commerce business. You should have fast learner, It is a ongoing job. Before hiring you have to go through a test, selected candidate will get paid as per

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    1) crm with many user which I should be able to quote my product to the customer with attachment as catalogue.

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    Create an Employee Directory example by adding the basic site and writing code consistent with the OOP-based code. Html, Javascript and Css is required. Details and content will be provided.

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    Looking to start a website for a headhunting business in Japan for English teachers Website functionality : 1. Helps teachers find jobs 2. Helps schools find teachers Website requirements : * Easy to navigate * Mobile and Desktop friendly design Login/Registration system System for submitting job advertisements. System for maintaining

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    I need a someone write a contract between my Property Rentals Agency and my employees. My employees will be full responsible to organize a check in, cleaning and other service. I will send you a contract between my agency and property owners so you can check our obligations. In this contract my employees will have all obligations except booking.

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    We want to have all employees send out emails with a standard design for their email signature. We are using [ログインしてURLを表示] to make sure the same signature is applied to all emails. We want a modern design for our new email signature. The design will incorporate the following elements. 1) our company logo - see attached

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    I need to post projects to people that I work with so that they can have the information for the jobs they're doing. Something that can be viewed on their phone and updated as information changes by myself on my phone. I would also like for it to have a look with high visibility for the user, and easy posting for myself. Something with the technology of a google docs or sheets, but with ...

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    A desktop/mobile app for offering work to staff members. Looking for something pretty simple. Essential Needs: 1. Need to be able to list different events across the year, approx 5000 (which can be filtered by Australian States). 2. Staff need to be able to select 'Interested' or 'Available' if they can attend the event. A notice to allow the user to know they have selecte...

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    ...information for job applicants, interviewees, and employees. • It can be web-based or not depending on what is cheaper and more efficient. • Administrator 1 conducts phone interviews and manages interviewee and new employee information on a desktop. • Administrator 2 is interviewees and new employees who fill out forms on a tablet. • Administrator

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    ...structured around providing on call labour. I require a video to display on websites and social media platforms to build up employee database. The video will be directed at the employees looking for work not the companies looking to hire. It needs to be professional and also appeal to a complete range of people, not only job seekers but also part time workers

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    ...functionality to our website. We are looking for someone that can understand our working requirements and has the ability to build the custom functions that are required for our employees to increase productivity. We need someone that is flexible and professional and has the capacity to preform. If you think you might be a fit and would like to work

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    Hi, We require someone to extract all employees data of a company from LinkedIn. Need to have LinkedIn sales navigator for this. There should be around 1100 records. Should be completed in next 36 hours. Our project budget is $25.

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    i want to get followers & employees on my linkedin company page 1000+ will be fine for followers only 15 employees needed

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    We need you to appoint full time employees for our start up. location Pune. India. You need to find, scrutinize, interview and appoint the employees with experience in Php, python, angular-js, sql, SEO, Website monetization, Hosting & Security, AWS etc Required 1 UI/UX developer 1 Php devloper 1 pythona 1 android (Hybrid app developer for

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    We're a Construction company that has around 60 workers. We need a windows application to manage their salaries and working days. I can provide the full requirements

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    I am looking for a somebody to show me how to set up a weekly wage system which is automatic within my company. I need to pay employees every week and I need someone to show me how to set this up the right way. Thank you

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    We have service techs that travel around the cities daily and we are th...were there for 1.5 it would show a green icon, if they were there for over 2 it would turn yellow, and far past 2 it would turn red. Allowing other techs to see how other employees days are going. If this sounds like something that is manageable please let me know. Thank you.

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    ...1. Employee Monitor Screenshots (selection choice setting: 1x/2x/3x every 10 minutes) 2. Employee URL App tracker (record keyboard, mouse activity) 3. Time tracking (stamp-in & stamp-out - idle timeout deductions of time - prompt choices 5/10/20 min)...

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    We are a small in-home senior service agency (caregivers). Looking to deploy iPad Air 9.7" tablets to capture clock-in/clock-out with some identity verification; PUSH announcements to an icon on the desktop; Login for training materials (either a browser link, or iCloud content, etc.) I worked in the computer industry for 23 years. Know this isn't rocket

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    I need you to write a research article.

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    HI my company name is Manna E commerce pvt ltd,our project is [ログインしてURLを表示] which is an online food [ログインしてURLを表示] the time of joining i need joining order for employees,agreement for the delivery and we need experience certificate for [ログインしてURLを表示] this the salary and notice period has to be mentioned.I am looking for a standard format which has to

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    ...on writing and designing an employees handbook, targeted for new employees locals and another book targeted for expats, the tasks would include writing an introduction about Saudi Arabia, what to expect, procedures once the employee accepts the job offer all the way till s/he is mobilized, inducted and fully integrated in the company. The one for

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet.

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet.

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    I need a well designed id card for my employess which they can wear in office and must be unique.

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    Our CEO is drawn to surf brands like Billabong, RipCurl, Hurley, etc. We would like our t-shirts to have a similar feel that incorporate our branding.

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    Lab has steps and need each step to be sorted in folder

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    Working for 3 hours daily for 22 days per month for 200 $ What we need with them : Php skills Create web applications Iphone and android apps Telegram bots MSsql Mysql

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    To select the employees reliable course recruiters view the ability of candidates the worker and usually also experience. This is not absorb labor has expertise in below average, because of expertise that can actually formed through training the most important is the character or attitude candidate employee discipline, hard work and full responsibility

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    the app should replace a notice board. the app should have several sub options and all important things. the meeting and important appointments would be schedule and reminded of.

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    Looking for email list of any and all types of cannabis companies in united states. Have CBD products that like to send out to people for

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    Looking for email list of any and all types of cannabis companies in united states. Have CBD products that like to send out to people for

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    We hava an organisation. We need an application to maintain some data related employees.

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    ...sales reps and also a back end where existing reps can log into a secured area. This will be an ongoing job and you must be able to show me similar work. Minimum experience required is 5 years. If you do not have the ability to create something similar to the screen shots provided please do not waste either of ours time. Happy Bidding! Remember this

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    Need a photographer in Bangalore who can help us click pictures of our riders, employees and founders in new t-shirts. This is a one day job. Kindly contact if you have relevant experience.

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    We need a photographer who can help us click some good pics of our riders, employees in our new branded t-shirts. This is a one day job.

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    Develop an online platform for a corporate client where employees can login, view information, communicate via chatt and discussion as well as view statistics and performance of each other.

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    we need an app to assign and schedule jobs for our mobile employees. Our customer data is in Zoho CRM, I need it to fill out the addresses and contact info from our CRM to the job assignment, then bring notes back from field to store in the contact in CRM.

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    I am looking for developer , designers who could work full time from remote location.

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    (a) to carry out the actuarial valuation of the Fund in order to compare the actuarial liability as at the valuation date with the assets available to back the scheme, (b) to recommend how the costs of the scheme should be recognized in the accounts of the Company in accordance with IAS 19, and (c) To fulfill the disclosures and other requirements

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    ...of a bigger project I require a database to insert travel details of employees. Recorded shall be the following details: 1.) Date of Travel 2.) From ----> To 3.) Client Name 4.) Transportation Method 5.) Cost 6.) Name of Employee The database shall calculate the difference in dates of each record. I want different request forms for example

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    ...of a bigger project I require a database to insert travel details of employees. Recorded shall be the following details: 1.) Date of Travel 2.) From ----> To 3.) Client Name 4.) Transportation Method 5.) Cost 6.) Name of Employee The database shall calculate the difference in dates of each record. I want different request forms for example

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    Hello. I need someone who can use a laser mahine. I already have workers but i need for my second company branch. And if you need something made with the laser machine like doors, grills and a lot more (Removed by Admin)

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    looking for an expert to design the compensation for 3 employees

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    See general specs in the attached Word document.

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    The job is to supply list of all companies/businesses based in Chicago, USA with 100 or more employees. I need an xls of company name, address, phone number, email, the name of the HR person and their email also.

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    An web application is required that consists of the following Components: 1. Client UI 2. Agent UI 3. Admin UI 1. Client UI This is where the clients will log in to manage their account. Here they can view analytics, put in the details, add their credentials, upload their FAQ and more data and view the history of the actions. 2. Agent UI

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    I need a quick Moodle-dev consultation to see if it can work for my use case - CBt's for Employees. It will be a 1-hour Freelancer chat session max.

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