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    I need a program that will allow a person to add a picture to their email signature. They will be able to crop/adjust the size of the picture and have it be added to the email signature. This will have to work for all types of email accounts- google, yahoo, hotmail, etc.

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    We need a program developed capable of the following: 1) Take as input an? English-language HTML or plaintext email.? 2) Detect the email signature in the email 3) Parse the email signature for all available data, including: - Name - Position - Company - Email address - Phone Numbers (cell, office, fax) - Personal/Company website address

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    Need a signature capture box adding to a php/ mysql web page that will work on iPhone and other touch screen device.

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    I am looking for someone to do a simple task to create a signature template for business emails and apply it to C panel horde using the logo provided.

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    Capture web signature **with mouse or writting pad on iPad or iPhone**, then transfer the signature to server side. This is for a web application which require users to sign with the mouse or a writting pad. Once the page is saved, the signature must be converted to a gif, jpg, etc. and be able to send it to the server side. Delivery 20 days

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    ...authenticating, this is done but generating a signature - For instance, the function "GetAccountBalance" requires a Signature parameter. for more information see: [ログインしてURLを表示] > "A request signature, an HMAC with an SHA-1 hash code, is

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    I need a complete website that is similar to echo***** 1. Members Join 2. Members upload(different formats) and send via email contracts to be signed. 3. Contract can be edited to be initialed, text boxes, and signed where marked. 4. Contract is signed by recipient. 5. Information is gathered about recipient. 6. Contract is ent back to member to sign. 7. Contracts are accessible th...

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    I need to be ab...standard web form. I am looking for someone to develop the signature capture portion of the form. It must work on iPad as a web application using HTML, PHP and mySQL technologies. NO Flash obviously since it has to work on iPad. The component must also be able to submit the captured signature to a mySQL database using PHP script.

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    Hi, I am trying to validate oAuth Signature for Fatsecret platform API using classic ASP. I am getting error 8 - Invalid Signature. I have posted the details on their forum at Google groups: [ログインしてURLを表示] For any good programmer, it's a couple of hours job to get the

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    $30 - $250
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    This project is to install a script on my web-server that can capture a signature from a form. The signature then applied to different parts of the form. After that the signature is emailed with forms as pdf to user.

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    Want a simple app that allows blackberry users to set up a signature line that will automatically be added every time an SMS or MMS message is sent. There will be no icon for this application but instead it will be something added to the options list. Thanks, Alex

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    Looking for 50 Forum Signature Links. All links must be do-follow links. I will pay $30 flat rate for this project. Report must be sent in excel when done. Thanks, HP

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    ...I require a creative designer to fine tune an existing business email signature. #2 Scope: The existing email signature contains an image and other design elements. I also require a response email signature crafted from the existing signature. It is expected the signature is tested with many email clients and also be designed for recipients

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    To design a unique well designed ? email signature featuring, 2 hyperlink logos, urls, email adress, business adress, disclaimer, email disclaimer, company slogan. To also design? 2 forms with the same similar content. ? Forms should be designed so can be filled out online wither as a doc or pdf ## Deliverables Rent A Coder requirements

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    ...a persons signature in landscape mode. I currently have working code but it is blocky and not smooth. the signature should be a fine line width and smooth. ## Deliverables I need an application with a single view to capture a persons signature in landscape mode. I currently have working code but it is blocky and not smooth. the signature should be

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    ...form 2 Mail PHP script, 2) and also put the signatures stored in the MySQL table in the database (you can create a blank fresh DB in phpMyAdmin) 3)Create a simple admin interface so that I can see the images that have been signed and uploaded to the database 4) Login to the admin 5) jQuery or anything but Flash must be used for the signature boxes

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    I need you to create forum profiles on a list of 300 forum sites that I will provide for you. You will need to add 2 links in the signature and 1 link in the "My Website" profile details, for a total of 3 links per profile. You will create the profiles using your own email and password. I will provide an excel spreadsheet for you to fill out with

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    I am looking for someone to design and code an email signature for me to be used with outlook i will require 3 - 5 options of design, and coding and installation for microsoft outlook payment via escrow

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    I want a website developed just like Please look at [ログインしてURLを表示] before bidding. I do not need all of the functionality that they currently have. If you look in the Product tab on their website, I need the following two: 1) Echosign Web 2) Echosign Widget I only will hire a programmer within the Continental United States. I apologize for this, but I want to meet with the...