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    I have a model in originally created in Rihno so its a .3dm but also exported it as .3ds. It needs realistic rendering with lighting and textures, I will provide final details once once I assign the project. Please send relevant work, better yet if you can do a fast render with the files I provided.

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    ...take a photo that has been submitted and cartoon/caricature the person into an existing cartoon background. You can see an example in the animated gif on [ログインしてURLを表示] There is a 24 hour turn around time from when the photo is submitted to when the caricature is complete. The cartoon/caricature must be in photoshop format

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    I need an illustrator who can work with me on a small but reasonable budget. I need 15 illustrations ASAP. They will be for a children's book. 1) You will be provided with a list of headshots that will be used all throughout the document. Illustrations MUST be as similar to these headshots as possible (like painting from a picture) 2) You will be given a storyline from which an illus...

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    We need a very high quality dress shirt in 3D, the model will be used to produce images to our online shirt designer application. (Under development) Our shirt application will be similar to the one you find at: [ログインしてURLを表示] To see examples of what we are looking for, please see: [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] The shirt model should contain the following parts: - Body - Long sleeve...

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    At this time i only want a estimate for the modelling the riging and texturing (hair module in C4D) The important point is the most realistic and cute as possible. (google image search for marmot) Take care we make all rendering by our side (with render farm), no need to make such work. i want a C4D sourcefile...ONLY Looking for animators

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    Hello bidders, Am looking for experienced photoshop/photo editors who will create an AFTER picture to the BEFORE pictures that I will be providing. The AFTER picture should show a REALISTIC improvement from a before picture. The AFTER picture should show realistic muscle improvement that will follow my specific guidelines. Here are more info:

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    ...produce a finished look, but it must be high quality and realistic. 4. Remove the yellow number plate from the rear of the van and replace with pink and white stripes, to create the effect that the number plate simply is not there. - The attached [ログインしてURLを表示] image shows the original van photo. - The attached [ログインしてURLを表示] image shows a rough idea of

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    ...looking for someone who can make an awesome virtual set to use with our green screen studio. We need 3 camera angles. We are look for something that looks real (very photo realistic) not fake a computer generated. We have a very small budget because this is for a podcast but we don't want to sacrifice quality. We need to have a TV screen in the virtual

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    PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: I have 30 illustrations on pdf file that need to look more "photo like" as in make them look realistic, life like , real etc if you can offer to rework the file attached and send the result the best one will get the job the final 29 will be sent in about 15 to 20 days after the job is awarded. this is the ony way

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    I have the profile wireframe of a soda can and a lable. I need you to create a REALISTIC 3d image of the can. Well lit. The can should be rotating around and take 10 seconds to make an entire revolution. I know this is super easy. You take my wireframe into your 3d program and sweep it. Apply the label jpg and an aluminum texture to the can and you're

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    Independent Game Studio seeks skilled, professional caliber artist to create realistic medieval character for commercial product. If you are not capable of producing the desired quality of product, then please do not bid as we will accept only bids from the best applications. See images for quality expectations. No bid without portfolio and website

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    ...max format. You will have to add lighting, texturing and details. We will need two dramatic, photo-realistic looks. The deliverable to us will include two renderings @ a resolutions of no less than 2700X3600 in Tiff Format, this will include the Photoshop file and the working max file for our archive. We work in Max 2011 with Vray and would prefer

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    We are looking for an animation video similar to the link below (you need to click "Play video") The selected designer will take measurements from a watch provided (we will send you) and make a 10-15 second animation based on a 3d Render. [ログインしてURLを表示]

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    Photo requiring a photoshop expert to add an extremely realistic excited crowd to a indoors sports stadium environment. Must be high quality as photo will be used in Commercial environment in 2000 x 875 banner.

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    Hello, I am looking for someone who can provide me 10-15 free signups daily. The Leads should looking real and possible handmade. I want to pay upto 50$ per 300 Leads! (negotiable!) On request I will pay you daily for your work via Paypal or Webmoney.

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    I need the expertise of a highly skilled 3D modeller/texturer. I need an accurate 3D product model made ,textured,and lighted then 3 photo realistic renderered images taken from it at different angles. I would like the product modelled/textured etc in either maya or 3d studio max, so I can open and edit myself if needed. The model is a child-carrier

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    Photo quality renders need to be made for a game concept from given CAD files. All 3D CAD Files will be given including a full board and 8 separate game pieces, some with mirrors. The files can be provided in STL, STP, or IGS format so please make sure you can work with these formats in your program. Each of the 8 pieces will need to have different

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    Hello, I am looking for someone who can generate realistic-looking Adult Leads. At the beginning I need 5-10 daily, then more. So please contact me, if you are interested in this. Greets

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    I am attaching a light beam banner that I created in photoshop, but would like designer to make it look more realistic. It needs to remain a focal point, but at the moment it looks artificial. It also needs to become wider towards the end. Also would like the blue fade to cover the text, but make transition smooth, so it fits in well with design

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    I want to create a realistic 3d diamond animation. Result should be similar to: [ログインしてURLを表示] I am currently using Maya 2011 with Mental Ray. I also have access to vray for Maya but I prefer not to use it. I have a Maya scene with a good diamond model animating in the desired manner, but the render itself is

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    Please look at the attached files and our website header: [[ログインしてURLを表示]][1] Please send watermarked sample so we can decide the best.

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    7 入札 furniture. We are looking for someone who would create photo realistic 3d renders. Renders should not be different from real. The designer must be skillful in both rendering and Photoshop to complete this task. As soon as you submit your bid with a photo-realistic render of yours, we will give you further details of the project.

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    Please look at the attached files and our website header: [[ログインしてURLを表示]][1] Please send watermarked sample so we can decide the best.

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    5 入札 furniture. We are looking for someone who would create photo realistic 3d renders. Renders should not be different from real. The designer must be skillful in both rendering and Photoshop to complete this task. As soon as you submit your bid with a photo-realistic render of yours, we will give you further details of the project.

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    Model and export the realistic 3D human eyeball. The modeling of the eyeball can use your preferred 3D applications. The exporting of the 3D human will use a commercial middleware ([[ログインしてURLを表示]][1]). ## Deliverables **Project Details:** -- This project will use the paid versionof Facegen Customizer and free version of FaceGen Modeller

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    Hello, I need a realistic computer generated illustration, The project it`s really complex and I don`t even know if I can afford it. I want a designer that can create an image similar with the one I`m attaching using my exact description. It`s a clubbing scene including party people, a stage, dj, and other elements. ## Deliverables 1) All deliverables

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    Client needs some photoshop work on image of iPhone. They are looking to have their logo or screen shots of their iPhone app photoshoped into a photo of an iphone. Must be very savvy with photoshop and do realistic work. This image is difficult and requires use of perspective transform tool.

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    ...Control that can already display geometry and texture. In addition, each viewer shows only one virtual 3D human head. The face of the head is continuously animated to generate realistic expression and speech. Thus the work must satisfy real-time requirements.? ## Deliverables 1) All deliverables will be considered "work made for hire" under U.S. Copyright

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    ...adjust the materials of the products and the lighting within solidworks to make the renders as photo realistic as possible. We will require bidders to demonstrate their experience with Solidworks rendering by supplying some examples of photo realistic renders they have produced and also producing a test render of one of our products, at an angle

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    I need a logo recreated from bad client provided art. The key thing is it need to look almost photo realistic. See the sample anchor art. Oh and I need it like now. So please don't apply if you are busy.

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    I've got an image which I need to photo realistically render some machines onto. The machines' CAD files are STEP files (.stp). I can provide: - The base image into which we want to do the rendering - The required STEP files (there are two machines) - The base image with drawings showing our intended placement of the machines The machines are

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    ...available are STL but limited and will require some creative filling in. We also have 1024x768 resolution images of the vehicle. We need this creating by July 9th. Should be photo realistic quality. ## Deliverables 1) All deliverables will be considered "work made for hire" under U.S. Copyright law. Employer will receive exclusive and complete copyrights

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    We need our own version of the photo of the living room seen at the following URL: [ログインしてURLを表示] We're looking for something very similar to that. Please see the following bullet points for additional details. - Remove the windows. - Need a plasma tv there as well. Preferably a TV that looks like a newer model -

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    ...based photo editing program similiar to the website jizzpainter*com. However, I want the end result of the "edited" photo to be very realistic looking (unlike jizzpainter*com). The interface should be very easy to use. The user will upload their own photo. The user will then select, place, and resize the "objects" onto the uploaded photo...

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    I am tired of hiring people than losing articles based on them not getting it done for WHATEVER reason. I have lost clients over this. Not doing it anymore!! I need 1 or 2 EXCELLENT writers. Pay will increase as my faith in you does! I am looking to share my jobs and income with the right individual who can WRITE TODAY!!!!! Send me message asap with a sample. Pay is weekly. Sometimes per job, just...

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    I have a layout that is complete and I have all the graphics complete also. I need the pictures cleaned up and images fix to look more realistic. Ex. The picture of the cat... the car need to look like if was part of the picture not just copy pasted in. I need this done ASAP. USA EASTERN TIMEZONE AVAILABILITY. Means, i need this done quickly

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    I have a Photoshop file with layers that need to be filled in with buttons and backgrounds that will be used for a software application user interface. I supply images that show what the buttons and backgrounds should look like. But these images are low resolution and I need them to be re-designed at a higher resolution and with more lighting effects

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    I am looking for a partner with specialty in photo-realistic rendering of 3D photos to web and press. First, I need a price in converting three kind of models into high-poly models making it ready for photo realism. 1) Converting a low-poly model into a high-poly model 1.1) Simple model such as a table 2.2) medium model such as a chair

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    ...hand side will consist of 4 images (much like a photobooth photo strip) showcasing the web address. Again, the specific designer must be able to do a design that is similar to the attached image. It is very important that the front of the card look similar to this design. It must look realistic and ideally the graphic designer would have other projects

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    I am looking for a 3D designer to generate at least three views for an office. i already have the Autocad 2D layout for the project and photos of the concept Please note, I prefer a fixed rate for the project, some proposals on the project scope and final deliverables and all terms/conditions disclosed at the time of submitting the bid. Also, I would be grateful for your portfolios, as it spec...

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    I have one photo that needs to be edited. The attached file shows the photo I have and a very rough sketch of the final state. The photo is of a tree at night with a moon in the sky. I need these changes made to the photo: The photo needs to be extended to the right and at the top. The photo should be divided in half, with the right half darkened

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    ...textures etc.. i need some one to.. apply realistic SSS Skin shader and rendering in maya. using mental ray... to get result look like this.. [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] I need

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    ...brick warehouse (attached) modified in photoshop to make a semi realistic rendering of what it would be like if the warehouse were converted to a modern art museum with an outdoor cafe. This image will be used to generate interest in this project among potential donors and partners. I am not a photoshop guy myself, but did try it. I will attach

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    Based on the mannequin attached, i need it re-drawn to look more realistic. The shape of the doll must remain exactly the same as does the resolution. We require front and back images! We will provide an image of real life models head which will need to be blended and integrated also. The second attachment is an example of how it should look

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    Small manufacturer of contemporar...should own state-of-the-art rendering software. Artist must be able to generate warm, realistic wood tones and accessorize the setting for a warm homey feeling. We are potentially looking for a long term relationship. If you do not understand what "photo realistic" means then you probably should not reply.

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    I nead very realistic contagious snow - Flash animation

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