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    Hola, necesito la ayuda profesional de un especialista en Google Ads. Es importante que tenga la certificación que lo avale. Mi objetivo es poder auditar 5 campañas que tenemos en marcha para identificar posibles errores y optimizaciones. Es de suma importancia que hable Español y que esté en América Latina.

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    I am seeking for a talented fluent bilingual speaker who will be responsible for translating our 2 travel web-sites from English to French. Translations must sound smooth and natural. At first you will work with the translations of some strings directly on an XML format document (check screenshot-only the black letters), afterwards we will send you the entire website content. The possibility of a ...

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    Google Adwords Campaign Project 4 日 left

    An existing business is about to go through a transformation and requires the services of an Adwords expert to revise the current adwords + campaigns, develop a new adwords strategy and roll it out.

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    I need Google Pay integration into my Android app which has a Subscription model. Also some UI changes need to be done but as they're so simply and easy, they'll be complete after the payment gateway is %100 done. IMPORTANT PART IS; This HAS to be complete today. Deadline; 1 day Budget; 100$ PLEASE don't bid if you won't complete in 1 day. Let's not waste each other�...

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    A single page app/jquery plugin for configuration is required, once user defined its configuration data would be saved on a file in Json/XML format(both types should be supported). Details are added in PDF file.

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet.

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    spreadsheet with VBA to be converted to google sheets. I will share the sheet will the candidate who replies. ' i have read' ONLY. I want google scripts expert.

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    This is for Google Sheets. I need a custom Google Apps script that will take my list of product SKUs and sort them in order of SKU AND size. The cell value is like the list below. The first sorting is the first part of the value E.g. ‘SD0266’ or ‘SD0263’. These will be placed in alphabetical order and that is easy. The function will need a predetermined order for the size ...

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    I am seeking for a talented fluent bilingual speaker who will be responsible for translating our 2 travel web-sites from English to Spanish. Translations must sound smooth and natural. At first you will work with the translations of some strings directly on an XML format document (check screenshot-only the black letters), afterwards we will send you the entire website content. The possibility of a...

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    Part 1 : need to build a simple game Part 2 : read xml file to display infos with pictures

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    spreadsheet with VBA to be converted to google sheets. I will share the sheet will the candidate who replies. ' i have read' ONLY.

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    need xml sitemap generator unlimited

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    We have just launched US site as well as our UK site. Users are redirected to the UK or US site dependant on their IP location. For some reason our US site is being shown on UK google searches. This is putting UK buyers off thinking they're buying for the US. I need this rectifying ASAP

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    I need to integrate native ads on my existing app. application is developed in android studio, java and android

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    Step 1 : User sees Get Instant Quote Button on Google Ad Step 2: User Enters his details Step 3 : we should get the user details to our mail The Webhook has to bridge the gap between Step 2 and Step 3

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    Есть электронная рассылка писем из почты gmail, в письме есть ссылки на внешние сайты фирм. Нужно отследить статистику кликов, т.е. переходов на сайты каждой из этих фирм в Google Аналитика. Количество открытых и прочитанных писем мы в Google Аналитика видим, как событие open.

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    I have deployed php website on google cloud using clud sdk. I created instance and sql->mysql and add instance public ip in sql add network. Now i am able to access my database using instance ssh but once i am connecting with php file using mysqli_connect it is showing Connection refused.

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    We need a reporting dashboard to be built that automatically captures leads when they come through various sources (ie: [ログインしてURLを表示] Franchise Business, see full list below). This dashboard needs to be updated in real-time as well as being able to track the original source of the lead. The dashboard needs to be accessible by various users. The dashboard needs to be easily presentable on a sin...

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    1) I have google developer console 2) I had done a free apk version of my app but unfortunatly the app has too many ads and totally hindered the user experience, this is the present version of the app on google app store at present 3) I have done another apk without the ads and have the apk file ready to upload 4) When i try to upload on the google developer console it says signature is different...

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    We want google chrome extension which should be mobile friendly,i mean that something which works in mobile version. like an example : 1st ": we have a site and we have the full access of that site. 2nd : similar of an other site which we don't have any [ログインしてURLを表示] this site has good goggle visibility. your work is : user will go to google on their mobile device and type the 2nd webs...

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    I am a Chief dental surgeon and ceo of Vital Voyage Dental Health care, I want a very good skilled person to build my google ad with best performing and keywords incorporated ad. If you feel you can give best solution. Show your interest.

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    Google Adwords Expert 4 日 left

    I have a current google ad words campaign ... need an expert to help me today to tune it to work with better results today.

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    amazon > kunaki order integration 4 日 left

    Hi there I am wanting to create order automation between [ログインしてURLを表示] and [ログインしてURLを表示] XML Web Service [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] Please only get in touch with you have previously worked with Amazon's sellercentral API's and have a current Amazon developer account. If you think you can do this please get in touch and I can send further information about what I am after. Thank...

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    SEO First Page on Google 4 日 left

    We are looking for an SEO expert to put our website on first page of Google urgently. Please no time wasters, we need someone who is serious about providing consistent excellent service. This will be a long term relationship.

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    Building a website with Highcharts 4 日 left

    Im Currently working on a project where i have data sent to me from swimming pools. This data contains information such as temperature , ph level , chlorine readings etc. My end goal is to have a user be able to log in to there own personal swimming pool account and be able to view data from there swimming pool in the form of a series of graphs. I currently receive this data as tcp data just in ...

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    Hi, We are looking for some one to build some customized analytics report for us

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    We have C# source code for an application that can currently: 1) Query the configuration of the Win32 CCD 2) Save that configuration to an XML file 3) "Apply" that XML file to change display configuration, allowing to have "display config profiles" so you can change easily like rotating a secondary display connected to your computer. We need to come up with a modification to ...

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    I need help researching, posting and managing my Google Adwords campaigns.

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    Filtering across multiple data sources is not working on all my charts. I have (8) different data sources and some are working properly when I select the filter for "name" however some are not. I am using the "name" dimension as my filter requirement and all my data sources contain the "name" column so not sure what the issue is.

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    SEO for website for google ranking 3 日 left

    SEO for an existing website to rank hire on google

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    what we want is when customer search our business name, google will list all the shops in different locations. now google can only show one location for us on both google search and map. Can anyone help?

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    Our digital marketing agency needs help with uploading new ads into Facebook & Google ads managers and pulling data reports and entering them into Google sheets. We need you to get ads live in Facebook & Google ads once the client approves them and pull . Our goal is to pay you a flat monthly service fee to be on call via slack when we need you. It shouldn't take more than 5 to 10 h...

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    website already setup with google analytics but our e-commerce data is not shown properly. Need developers who do the code and set up them. Also some loading issues and some images problem with the website. In mobile device products images is not show properly. Just write U starts with your proposal.

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    One Page, User Provides table of input, makes a calculation, gets returned data, housed on AWS, adds from google - you build Single page web page that will look professional, enable a user to enter a table of data of 5 columns, make a calculation, return the result to the user. The calculation will require taking data from the table, running it across a simple algorithm, and returning a result t...

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    Hello guys, We have a site in the DIY niche, the link of the site is [ログインしてURLを表示], the goal of the project is that this site become in the number 01 in the DIY niche, please make your offers and includes a details SEO Audit for the Technical SEO, One Page SEO and Off page so that you are planing to implement to improve the SEO of My site, please Send a details SEO audit of Technical SEO, One pag...

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    Have conversion tracking working in Analytics for typeform submissions, but and have imported this to Adwords but the conversions are not working with our paid traffic in Adwords. May have to set this up using Google Tag Manager? But I don't know how. I am going to put this same form on multiple pages, and want it to track form submission conversions in Adwords.

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    Tengo un proyecto a mitad ya desarrollado pero estoy teniendo problemas con la firma digital. "Valor de la firma (SignatureValue) diferente del calculado por el PKI." Estoy buscando quien tenga una excelente habilidad con el firmado de XML en formato [ログインしてURLを表示] usando certificados PFX con la librería XMLSECLIBS. El XML se envía mediante SoapClient, todo en PHP. Al s...

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    Armar un plan de .ppt en base a las directrices del documento adjuntado para alumnos que aspiren a convertirse en Google Planners. También debe contar con contenido interactivo.

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    Google Adwords 3 日 left

    Looking for a Google Adwords Expert who can manage our Adwords Campaigns.

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    I need some help with internet marketing. I need someone with seo experience who can help me with my Google ads campaign

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    I have created a webinar and need to use YouTube ads to drive very targeted traffic (small USA business owners) to the registration landing page. I have already created the ads. I need you to: Increase the views on my videos Get my videos suggested in front of my competition Increase my subscribers Build my personal Youtube Brand Increase my watch time and build a relationship with my ...

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    I need someone to go into our company website (squarespace) and create a job description page. This page will need to be aesthetically pleasing on our website, as well as translate into a job listing page on google that is also as aesthetically pleasing as possible. All of the job information will be provided.

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    We are looking for an expert in handling the build and deployment of User Interface which will be used by NGOs when it is live. We are currently building a Predictive Modeling in Python. The goal of this code and the results from it will be sourced and displayed in this UI. Below are the listed high level pointers on what is expected along with the detailed site map (below link) for the User Inte...

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    Altman Inc., a US based firm focused on developing automated technology for the alternative investment market, is seeking a candidate for a specific engagement / project, which will require the following skills: • Meaningful experience in building scalable scraping technology • Writing scrapers for different websites and fetching appropriate data at regular intervals • Excellent k...

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    google ads 3 日 left

    i have mobile repair institute which train as well as provide doorstep mobile repaor service

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    Please, send sample links in your offer.

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