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    152 open website using java program 仕事が見つかりました。次の価格: USD method. I've attached the Java Project given in the folder called RoboCupDemo. To run in java, first run the server called [ログインしてURLを表示], next run the monitor [ログインしてURLを表示]; this allows connection of the Java Code with Monitor to view results. Next in java, open Krislet and Run Configuration, double click Java Application; under Main Class...

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    8 入札's comatain more informations about me) I am very familiar with that kind of jobs. I hope to find out about this job possibility after taking some courses on [ログインしてURLを表示] website. I believe that if I get the chance to work on biggest company on that greatest country that will totally transform my life. Please don't just read those words because words

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    ...designer software on the lines of [ログインしてURLを表示] and [ログインしてURLを表示] In our software we want to use containers and not using the traditional materials to build a house/strutture. That is the only change that we want to do. Since containers are only available in a few sizes the dimensions will have

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    Welcome ^_^ Attached you will find an open-source mobile application written for two different platforms, iOS (written with Objective-C) and Android (written with Java). This application basically runs/builds a .WWW Magento store in mobile application form, and keep the products in sync using the RESTful API. The application set is connected

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    ...for data processing. Weka is an open software that can be downloaded from the website [ログインしてURLを表示] Weka has been installed in the computers in the CS Lab. Weka is implemented in Java. Weka includes a GUI (graphical interface) as a platform for data mining. But more essentially, Weka is a Java library consisting of a set of

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    4 入札 [ログインしてURLを表示] This extension should not be removable. The program is steer on any [ログインしてURLを表示] example When i write on php file on my website like run=[ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] program must download [ログインしてURLを表示] and run [ログインしてURLを表示] this program must work on [ログインしてURLを表示] The program run google chrome with like [ログインしてURLを表示] --disable-web-...

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    ...access C++ code through a webpage. JNI - Java Native Interface JNA - Java Native Access Chrome App - NaCl (Native Client) I would like see if this is a project that can implement java or Chrome NaCl as a solution. The goal would be to make an existing C++ program available from a webpage using java/Chrome NaCl. Maybe store bytecode on we...

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    ...the current form is very cumbersome and often does not get the full attention it deserves because people are busy and forget. Eventually we end up with more NCRs being left open and unaddressed than we should. In order to ensure that all NCRs are properly handled a software solution is needed which will manage the workflow. This document

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    Prototype Site Layout located at [ログインしてURLを表示] The designer I am looking for has experience with Java - the 3D models display method. I am open to suggestions about the display method. 3D PDF - I want the page to link a 3D PDF file which the Client can open and save to his computer. the person who signs up with a name, password and email address

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    ...existing system that (was developed in Java) using ASP.NET technology. The system name is Xproctor that authenticate, proctor, and provide trail audit of biometric data for online learners taking online education. Please see the video on the website [ログインしてURLを表示] to give you an idea of how the whole program works. We have gained a lot of feedback

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    Flash or Java Card Game + Website I need a multiplayer (up to 4 players) card game created either using Java or Flash. The rules/specs for the card game will be described to the winning bidder acceptance of their bid. Ppl from around the world must be able to register/login to the website and then be able to play the game can play it on facebook

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    I need a multiplayer (up to 4 players) card game created either using Java or Flash. The rules/specs for the card game will be described to the winning bidder acceptance of their bid. Ppl from around the world must be able to register/login to the website and then be able to play the game. Generally this game has the same functionalities

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    ...hours according to different projects, using tags associated with a specific project. For example: for project "company A", you will add a tag that can be a picture/screenshot with "company A" Logo; When the system does the screenshot and you have the company Logo on the screen (example: the company's website is open). It will count that minute f...

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    ...of small particles in a flow of water and their interaction with obstacles due to gravity and flow dynamics. There is an open source flow simulator written in Java and which combined with code from other sims on the same website should make most of what I want to achieve. The flow simulator and other sims can be found and tried at ( [ログインしてURLを表示]

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    ...the maximum number of nodes stored in the open list during the program execution) needed for a certain size of problem. 6 When the problem size increase, A* runs out of memory. So implement the SMA* to solve the memory limit problem. Put a fixed limit on the number of nodes that you can store in open list, show that with the same amount of memory

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    ...ERD design, WBS diagrams, etc. ? Programming languages: C#, C++, C++/CLI, VB, Android, Java, JavaScript, VBScript, Prolog, Clips, little skills in experience systems, little skills in Ajax. ? Designing & programming Web applications: ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, PHP, JAVA servlet, HTML. XHTML, XML, HTML5, CSS, little skills in flash designs. ? DBMS Systems:

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    ...parsing HTML, using a headless browser to navigate website and turn HTML content and HTML tables into structured data? Then you are needed. Ideally I'd like this written in C# but I'll take Perl or Python or Java if the HTML parsing experience is there. Job Description: We need a talented application and database developer to create a program that recu...

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    Web Development 終了 left

    Website design:
 Posses strong conceptual, layout and typographical skills
. Ability to design using InDesign, Illustrator and photoshop. 
Ability to read a creative brief, talk to the CD and develop a usable website concept from conception to completion. 
Ability to design using InDesign, Illustrator and photoshop
 Application of simple SEO principles

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    Would like to install OpenGTS software on on Dedicated Server with Linux Ubunta operating system and use Java Runtime Development Software to set up the OpenGTS program. The OpenGTS uses the SQL database. In addition I would like to set up a website and various reports using the reporting functions of the open source software.

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    3 入札 engineering firm to build an “alpha version” of our website. At this stage, we are focused on speed and efficiency, so we would like to build the site in Wordpress rather than building everything from scratch. If, however, you think that an alternative approach would be better we are open to suggestions. In general, this project requires the

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