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    My company needs to build an RPA application creator software. The requirements as following. ### Automation batch creator application a. Running environment: Windows 7 or later b. Functional requirements:  1. Simulate mouse click  2. Simulate keyboard input  3. Using OCR to detect windows, selection  4. Open/Close Program  5. Record macro  6. Logic functions support (if-else, switch case...)  7. Loop functions support (while, for...)  8. DateTime functions support (get system time...)  9. Wait (sleep) functions to support  10. Exports the robot that was created to a .exe file ### Automation batch manages application a. Running environment: Web b. Functional requirements:  1. Manage created robot (search, run, delete)  2. Alarm to the creator (email, message..) when having an ...

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    Hi, we are a Spoken Japanese Teaching Institute and require native Japanese speaking female voice artist/singer, who can sing rhymes in Japanese in a vibrant voice. Open to bidding for child singers who can sing close to good pitch and bit, not so much professional welcome too.. Thank you. 日本語で歌を歌って頂ける方を探しております。 弊社はオーストラリアにて日本語を子供達に教える仕事をしております。音楽の力で子供達に日本語を教えるプログラムを実施しており、今回オリジナルの曲を自主作成することになりました。そこで、歌が上手な方、特に元気な声、明るい声、聞き取りやすい声の方を探しております。子供の方でも歌が上手に歌えれば大丈夫です。ご連絡をお待ちしております。 I need a person, who can at least communicate with me understandably... I will provide you reference track and backing track soon. This will only be for a selection process, if we like your voice, there is future work, so bid accordingly..

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    読んでいただきありがとうございます。 海外サイトRedditから、アニメに対するコメントを英→日に翻訳していただきたいです。 内容は、High School DxD BorN 1-12話 Working!!!3期 1‐13話 2作品合計25話分です。 書き方は添付ファイルを参照してください。 1.RedditのコメントをコピーしてOpen Officeに貼り付ける。 注:ファイルはOpen Officeでの提出でお願いします。 DLはこちらから→ 2.英語のコメントの下に日本語の翻訳を書く。 3.話の時系列に並べる。 4.全体の感想として述べられているものは一番最後にまとめる。 以上が流れになります。 下記サイトあにこ便を観ると話の流れも速く理解でき、翻訳しやすいと思います。 !!!&x=0&y=0 アニメが好きな方には楽しんでいただけると思います。 締め切りは6月の末まででお願いします。

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    読んでいただきありがとうございます。 海外サイトRedditから、アニメに対するコメントを英→日に翻訳していただきたいです。 内容は、High School DxD BorN 1-12話 Working!!!3期 1‐13話 2作品合計25話分です。 書き方は添付ファイルを参照してください。 1.RedditのコメントをコピーしてOpen Officeに貼り付ける。 注:ファイルはOpen Officeでの提出でお願いします。 DLはこちらから→ 2.英語のコメントの下に日本語の翻訳を書く。 3.話の時系列に並べる。 4.全体の感想として述べられているものは一番最後にまとめる。 以上が流れになります。 下記サイトあにこ便を観ると話の流れも速く理解でき、翻訳しやすいと思います。 !!!&x=0&y=0 アニメが好きな方には楽しんでいただけると思います。 締め切りは6月の末まででお願いします。

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    私はアメリカの会社のブラジルのパートナーです。 私たちは、産業機械部品の販売で動作します。 私たちは、日本ではまだ開いて会社を持っていないが、我々は必要とする部品を販売して喜んサプライヤーを見つける必要があります。 私たちは、部品の送達のための日本での固定アドレスを持っています。 日本語を出来る人が必要です。 I am a Brazilian partner of an American company. We work with sales of industrial machinery parts. We do not have an open company still in Japan, but we need to find suppliers willing to sell the parts we need. We have a fixed address in Japan for the delivery of parts. It is necessary to know the Japanese language.

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    我々は、Android 、 iOSとWindowsの携帯電話のために本当に良いゲームを開発する必要があります。 我々は提案を開いているし、予算や期間によって制限されています。 私たちは入札メッセージでお知らせください。 We need to develop a really good game for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. We're open to suggestions, and are limited by budget and time period. Please let us know in bid message.

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    We have an online store that have been running more than 5 years. Our cart provider upgraded system without back up and our orijinal integration with payment gateway was to be seemed broken. However, our orijinal engineer for programming is not reachable anymore. I would like to fix or get it back to original. I have chosen prefered language as Japanese but both English and Japanese are ok.

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    I need to create a check in process for raw golf carts then have a multiple QC check point then have a final completed listed. I will also need to track items sold and have a SharePoint site so the sales team can see what we have for sale

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    SEO work for local business 6 日 left

    I need SEO work for a local automotive business including the following: 1. Directories listings 2. Google local optimization for about 10 keywords in 4 near by cities 3. Maybe social media and blogs written, if this is what you do. (this can be a ongoing ) I am open to suggestions , here is the business bellow: Dieters Motors , Mercedes, BMW , European car repair shop in Oxnard, Ca, . Company does both sales and service

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    I need an expert YouTube campaign master to increase my channel's engagement and bring in more subscribers. Please let me know how many subscribers and and how many views can you guarantee within what time frame considering the channel has 0 subscribers at present The channel is related to EdTech segment. I am open to discuss more on chat.

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    I need a Dashboard for looking at Employee Performance. I have a team of 12 people that ship orders for dozens of small ecommerce companies. To understand our performance, It would be helpful to have an excel sheet that captures data from the time study sheets attached below. Each individual keeps track of how long it takes them to "pick" a cart (per company) and how long it takes them to “pack it”. It would be great if we could capture this data to see daily, weekly and monthly totals per person, but also the daily, weekly, and monthly averages as a team per company. We would need a tab for importing this data manually and another tab where we can see the results with drop down options to view totals per person (daily, weekly and monthly) and another area...

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    ...with 3D creation pipeline. Value Productions Culture Value Productions share a set of core values and want to hear from you if you believe in: -- Succeeding together; you work collaboratively and put the team first; -- Inventing and innovating; you love fresh new approaches, and experiments and are always interested in improving processes and conversions; -- Being transparent and honest; you are open to saying what is wrong and what can be improved. -- Taking pride; you care about quality, producing great work, and customer/user outcomes. You demonstrate a strong user/customer focus; -- Kindness and empathy are the new “alpha”; you understand the importance of a human approach in sales and make your communication filled with empathy and willingness to help; -- Learn...

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    My brand is Amp Camp Brand Background: I started the brand in January 2020 as a mobile boot camp. My partner and I had truck full of fitness equipment and did group classes at local parks. Since then we have grown both with clients and social media platform. We are now looking to step away from group training outdoors and move into hosting group fitness classes with 50+...see what creative ideas can be created for our brand. Amp Camp is not just a fitness brand but a healthy way of living while still having fun. We want our new logo to embody health, fitness, music, and fun. Also, wanted the new color palette for the brand to be neon green, light grey, white, black. I have attached our current logo and the logo the was redesigned for us as reference but we are open to new and ...

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    Android App 6 日 left

    Hi, I want to develop android app which can do following 1. divide horizontal/vertical screen in two or three splits. 2. can play ticker message 3. once app start it shows passcode which we can unlock from your system. this is online time unlocker after that app will open normally and shows all functions.

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    We want you to create a promotion, but it should not always be the website promotion, should talk of some commentaries in the video, and why my website is unique from other website, the service we provide, and so they can visit our website to learn more about us. In the conversation you ca...amazing live commentaries on Letsgososocially.com. You can contact them if they really want us to write such amazing detailed live commentary for their xxx video and include our logo. The video quality should be 1080x720. Just in 5 minute. Please note: Do not show any models on our website faces in the video, can blare it. Thanks only serious people should, new free are welcome. You must be open-minded for this project HERE IS OUR WEBSITE, CHECK IT BEFORE BIDDING HERE:

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    ...There must be default projects like, holidays, sick leave, admin etc. 3. The app should be able to remind you (adjustable time scale, default, 30min) of inputting the project that you are working on now. 4. The reminder (What are you working on?) start and stop time should be adjustable. It should remind you with more frequency if you are ignoring it, getting louder and more annoying. The app should open and the set start time and close at the set stop time. For extra hours the app should be opened manually and a project started. 5. When a project is active, the timer should run in the background and be visible as a mini screen on your android/ios system (like the messenger icon). Timer should show time, project and stop button. As soon as the stop button is pushed, the program s...

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    Wedding invitation animation 6 日 left

    I need to have a webpage that displays an envelope on the screen with the name of the person being invited on the front. Next hit a button that flips the envelope 180 degrees and shows the back side of the envelope. Next the flap will open up and a graphic of an invitation slides out filled out with info about who is getting married and where. The info will be from data we retrieve in a database.

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    Trophy icon Design cartoon characters 2 日 left

    Hi! We seek a grapic artist who can create the cartoon like characters for our story. The main characters in the story are piano stools with each distinct characters and behaviours. We really like the style used in Sing2 (example attached) but are open to your creative ideas and work. Attached you will find the 5 charachters which we would like you to bring to life ! The characters you create should resemble the real piano stools in the picture. How would a piano stool look like if it could talk, walk and smile? Which one will you make look mean or how does 'Elegance' (the name of 1 piano stool attached) look? It is a he or a she? Please be creative and make each character distinct and unique.

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    remove green bar appearing when adding to cart

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    fix green bar appearing when adding to cart

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    ...can read the document via the App ( PDF Documents) - This new module should be equipped with the group setting function - In each group, some senior staff could be identified as coordinator -The coordinators are able to create their group members in an individual workplace or according to the OU - The coordinators can upload / remove the document to/from the system -The group members can open the document in Mobile device, mark "acknowledgement of read", the "acknowledgement of read" can be fed back to the new module - Report / Enquiry for the coordinator to monitor the read acknowledgement status in desktop PC. - Deploy in MS Teams for users usage - Connect to existing SQL database for data storage Please provide estimated total project co...

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    Hi there, We use a third party review software () on our WooCommerce site and have an issue with the review star count not linking to our reviews tab in our accordion area. What should be happening (which is default WooCommerce functionality) is when a customer clicks on the review stars at the top of the page it should automatically scroll down the page and open the reviews tab in the product information accordion. This will most likely need a snippet of JavaScript, there are plenty of examples on StackOverflow we just need someone to edit the JS to our requirements and insert it into our product page. Please add the word "Penguins" to your proposal so that we know you have read this project brief and not just auto-bid on any project like most freelancers on this sit...

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    I need a simple webpage to allow open webcam and I can select some frames to see during webcam operation.

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    PHP Development 6 日 left

    Looking for an advanced php developer who can fix the issues on the current open source portal. This job requires an advanced level of php with OOP knowledge along with JS and CSS. I will provide details during private chat.

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    My requirement is very specific. I need the contacts of person who deals with s/w industry or may be agencies who outsource their work. My target location is USA, UK, OZ & Europe. I am open to other locations too, but this is my main target.

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    I want to add a new search engine which will be set as default and rebrand the whole browser to be called « MyBrowser » and change all icons to mine I need a documentation where these changes are made in code

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    Hello, I am looking for someone to build me an open mic directory website with booking and purchasing functions. I think that this theme would be the best one to use I would like to have a page where people can sign up as business who is interested in being on the page I like this theme because it has a lot of cool features and I think we can use this one to set up the Open Mic page really adequate Category I would like to have Singing Comedy Poetry Each category should have its own calendar page that shows where they can catch the next show in the cities. Please take time to read my request and understand that I am not interested in reading long stories about your company. For me to be interested in your offer there are a couple of things that are

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    ...Most important of part of the website will be our products pages. We need home, about us, products, certificates(we will show the certificate that we have), Fair & Exhibitons(we will show the exhibition that we have) and contact us page. It will be a static web site, there will be no user transactions except contact us page. Site will be in just English. We would like to have a CMS system. We are open to use ready made template. Most important part is 'Products' page, we would like to list our products(more than 550) in the attached catalogue. We are expecting from developer to enter all products in the beginning, he/she will extract product info and picture from attached catalogue. We should apply some filtering on products. Here is the two example website, we a...

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    Open an Individual Amazon Seller account in Middel East, UK & USA. And manage the account in every aspects on longterm basis. Must have expereience of account creation, Product hunting, account management.

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    Hi, I work for a Financial Services Firm and each quarter we are legally obliged to produce a quarterly report that is sent out to investors detailing the progress made in our investment portfolio. This document is between 40-70 pages long and contains long-form text, images, as well as graphs and tables. It requires multiple tables of contents and some pages are la...to be added in in-house which is a duplication of work and means there is room for human error. We are looking to work with someone who could improve our template so it does not need to be formatted each time and help us solve the problem of having the formatting destroyed when we send externally via email. I, unfortunately, cannot share the document at this stage because it is confidential but open to discussing. Than...

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    We are a Singapore game company and the name of our game is Loveverse. Our game is a new dating simulator app that simulates social media to make friends. We want the author to create an attractive male character and simulate his conversation with the game player (MC). Our website:  Currently our app is open for US, France, British, Germany, Canadian, Australian, Philippines, Croatia, Apple and Android ID, still updating for more countries. Competitive payment. And we need around 50k+ words. Kindly DM me your below information if you have interest to join us: 1. Your pen name: 2. Nationality: 3. Age: 4. email: 5. Best data at other platforms (how many reads you got) and platform name:

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    ...We are no b****hit agency so we're looking for a genuine person that fits our company. Be aware that we close 2-4 clients per month so your opportunity can be huge. ONLY APPLY IF: - You can show results (not just 1 ad account please) - You have used attribution softwares like TripleWhale or similar - You're not entrepreneurial and would like to eventually be part full time of our team - You are open to work on a fixed monthly fee per client / or a fixed total monthly amount - You can start soon - You can meet daily in a Slack video call - You are proficient in English and could sent well written chat messages to clients (not needed from the start) as well as discuss ideas with me on calls - You understand that thorough creative testing will make you win in 2022 instead...

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    Build me a web site 6 日 left

    Consulting with small business owners, focussed in the construction industry, on their work and preparing Work Health Safety Documentation appropriate for their specific jobs. I may at a later time to add a shopping cart. [The Administrator removed this message for encouraging communication outside Freelancer.com. which breaches our Terms and Conditions.]

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    Need help replacing website's current (old) logo with new (updated) logo. The site is hosted with Linode, uses Dockers, and is built using SearXNG open source codebase. Must be able to locate current (old) logo and update it with the new logo (which I will provide). Requirements: Be familiar with Docker and docker containers, and editing Linode cloud hosting Resources: Current Logo New Logo

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    Fix MediaWiki install 6 日 left

    Hi Brett, A while ago, you helped me install a Semantic wiki plugin for my MediaWiki site I left the project parked for a few months now. And now I've come back to it, there are some issues I can't figure out how to resolve. There seems to be something wrong with the MediaWiki install. When I try to open 'All pages' or create a Template, it brings up weird errors. Can you help out?

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    Hello Coders, I have a list of addresses available via API/CSV I need to overlay those addresses on google maps. I want to be able to open google maps and Visually see Number of Addresses in each suburb.

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    is releasing is new adult movie called The Delivery3 the 3rd movie from our very popular Delivery movie series Trailer can be found here. I would like the poster to have some connection to the original movie posters. Like a box being ripped open. Pink colour or Black. The concept is to make the poster look like a package being ripped open. The Movie has a Sci-fi, Matrix vibe Attached are the model pictures plus some Ideas and last years poster design. Wording. Fancy steel presents THE DELIVERY 3 Staring Natasha Zare, Shortiii, Brittany Elway, Kelle Martina Written and Directed by James Grey Studio Sanctuary Fancy Productions

    $68 (Avg Bid)

    We are looking to launch an LMS to offer online courses to adult learners, via live video discussion sessions (with a self-paced learning option included). All relevant costs (including hosting, storage, backups, intermittent post-setup support etc.) need to be accounted for, please. Video content will comprise approximately 8 x 1.5GB videos per course, for ~30 courses. The LMS should be able to auto-allocate learner roles upon course completion (e.g., auto-upgrade a learner to a group leader/mentor role, upon completion of a certain course), keep track of learners' attendance of live video sessions from within the LMS itself (no third party tools), offer learners the option of selecting their language of choice in which to view different pages of the LMS, have e-commerce functionalit...

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    fb page and ads 6 日 left

    open fb page and start run ad with get directions button

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    Own UPI getway solution required 6 日 left

    We are looking to integrate UPI with our website which will open in Mobile-only : Now when our customer clicked on payment that time redirect on UPI Apps like phone pe , Gpay or paytm and take payment from that app and return confirm to our web app Please : I am not taking about payment getway its total different

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    Woocommerce experts individual only on single page our old developer do wrong code so single product page not working properly Even we try to use plugin for color attribute but its not work due to wrong implementation of code I want someone fix it and so whatever additional plugins we use, it should work. Looking for a deve...in/product/mood/ on single page our old developer do wrong code so single product page not working properly Even we try to use plugin for color attribute but its not work due to wrong implementation of code I want someone fix it and so whatever additional plugins we use, it should work. Looking for a developer who can quick fix it Person who take project make sure product single page works and add to cart as well works.

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    This is a startup project and we require freelqncers who are open to innovstive ideas who can contibute to good ideas and open to iterations

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    We are planning to do a diamond shaped(3d ) showcase (shelf) required in our newly built house(ie.., 3d sphere shaped open shelves attached for your reference. Similarly diamond shape required as per my attachment or better than that). we need open shelves not a closed cupboard . We are planning to do this showcase using granite or ferro slab or kadappa stone with the thickness of 15mm. the 3d sphere shaped open shelves - only for reference. the diamond shape what we requires. It will be appreciated , if you have any other diamond shapes ideas, better than this. actual place in my house where the showcase to be placed. Below points are expected from you, we are making this show case using solid materials, we need each and every parts of drawing

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    I have a e-commerce website, I need a custom cart and checkout page for that

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    ...details as a new lead contact in our CRM. 3. arrange video chat or face-to-face meetings, so we can advise them on how to run campaigns through our agency. REQUIREMENTS: 1. sharp instinct for suitable brands (examples attached) 2. clear communication and listing skills to close deals 3. energetic and inspiring personality BENEFITS • an exciting young startup environment • an open team that always supports you actively • continuous organised training • co-creation opportunities based on your skills • self and flexibly organised working day • well-paid commission This is a fantastic opportunity for an individual to join a forward-thinking team and help achieve their exciting growth ambitions. If you can, then please shar...

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    I need to upload this image with the following requirements while maintaining adequate resolution: It must be in the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) format. The maximum file size accepted will be 150 KB. It must be no larger than 2.5 by 3.5 inches in size (similar to a passport size photo). It must be a clear, full front view of your head and shoulders....maintaining adequate resolution: It must be in the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) format. The maximum file size accepted will be 150 KB. It must be no larger than 2.5 by 3.5 inches in size (similar to a passport size photo). It must be a clear, full front view of your head and shoulders. Your face should be in the middle of the photograph, and your expression should be natural with your eyes open and looking direct...

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    I can't find what happened to my Search and Cart Icons in Menu - Avada Temple. Serious Proposals Only, very small project. ****PLEASE NO PLACEHOLDER BIDS**** See the site at:

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