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    Take advantage of my social media accounts followings into work. I need a manager to get deals from brands and also networking into brands events.

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    Need animated gif banner ads promoting a new product. Sizes: 300x250 728x90 160x600 300x300 40k max size I would like 2 options of creative and upon approval, I need them resized to fit all the options listed above. I will provide copy and some image ideas. I need these by tomorrow afternoon so only bid on this if you can deliver. I want all layered source files used to create the banners too s...

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    Customized Reports for Rountable Software Advantage System 4.0. Is anyone skilled in customizing reporting in this program?

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    1. Identify the background to the case Tengri [ログインしてURLを表示] and it’s marketing mix 2. Explain the case and synthesis with theory, consider its product, promotion, place and pricing strategy of Tengri 3. Analyse the situation, provide a positioning analysis of Tengri against its competitors 4. Identify with 20 academic journal references the sustainable marketing principles Tengri is follo...

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    My business is running a restaurant that provide light and healthy meal to customers

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    We need an html email design using best practices and maintaining consistency with our brand. Please see write up.

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    I have a very short eBook approximately 25 pages of text, 13 illustrations to be included . I am looking for someone to proofread and format the book ready to PDF exactly the same way as I have formatted my previous eBook so this is an easy job as font & style etc already established. Please don't send me an automatic reply to this ad, I am looking someone genuine who can reply directly...

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    Hi there I need a person who can handle my freelance profiles. Able to Bid and communicate with the clients and freelancers in a proper way. Project Distribution and Bidding is the main role. Should do little data entry, photoshop and video creation for marketing purpose. Always communicating through skype or hangout about activities, you may add vijaybharath16 if im not available here. Im o...

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    Must be able to take the tone of our email communications and create translations that retain as much of the subtleties as possible. We have about 10 emails to translate of roughly 300-400 words each

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    ...disability, 56 yrs. old and trying to get my bachelors degree in management so i can return to work. i am homeless and need an extra grant to secure me a home while I do this online schooling as i am single and my twin are now 21 and out the home. this grant is to be 500 word minimum and to explain why it would benefit society and those around me to receive

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    How a company can change their services to better suit the needs of customers and make the company stand out from the rest.

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    I need an iPhone app. I would like it designed and built.

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    I need an iPhone app dealing with numbers and correct calculated combinations matching numbers selected . I would like it designed and built.

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    An industry well known across the world with billions of people engaged has faced challenges because of it being confused with scams. Had there been clear definitions - earlier scams or unethical business practices would have been discouraged and ethical and sustainable businesses would have flourished. A consultancy has developed the definitions and explainations as a first step to formulatio...

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    Prepare a rough draft for your final report in APA Format with the following required sections: I. Introduction (1 page) This section should include the major conclusions from your analysis. II. Your Analysis of the Article (7-10 pages) Analyze the article by taking a point of view: do you agree with the article? Make note of how the article deals with economic theory: do you think it ...

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    READ the description, please. Looking for someone to do market research. Simply do competitor analysis, market trends, customer profile (if possible), and come wit...description, please. Looking for someone to do market research. Simply do competitor analysis, market trends, customer profile (if possible), and come with a competitive advantage for us.

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    I have a very simple project with a great advantage I need support for a project

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    Advantage Website Development & Enhancements

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    Trophy icon Iron Advantage Logo 終了 left

    ...industry but will not look like a building company. We are looking for a corporate looking logo. Perhaps 1-2 colours. We would specifically like a logo and the name Iron Advantage. we would like to be able to add 'Residential and Commercial Finance' below the name and logo where possible. As our company is really seeking to attract the residential

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    I need help in coding a programme to make charts of financial time series with javascript or html5. The charting shall be started out of R.

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    I am looking for a series of articles that give tips to aspiring musicians on how to use social media. The titles for the articles will be: "5 Things All Independent Musicians MUST Do On INSTAGRAM Right Now" The idea is that you will do research on Instagram to see what some strategies are being used by bands and artists. How many followers? How many pictures do the successful ones...

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    I am looking for a professional designer to develop a juice bar theme and identity (Logo, menu, shop board, interior design, marketing material etc.). The juice bar name is 'Snap Juice'. I will ONLY consider bidders who provide example of similar 'professional' work done and develop initial identity for Snap Juice would be a bonus. Bidder selection within 24-48 hrs and to s...

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    need an expert developer in php to devlop a product for me. magento is an advantage..

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    I need an email design, source files and it laid out in html.

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    Need a flyer announcing the next evolution for GPS Tracking targeting the vehicle finance industry. This needs to be: - Classy - more like an apple design - set up for print - I need source files Please read write up and advise costs and turn around time.

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    We are in need of a Graphic designer,who is versed in design for web, and print. I have a set of Designs needed to be done and this job would take a period of 45 Days or More The right candidate will demonstrate a very strong and versatile design portfolio and have solid working skills with Adobe creative suite including photoshop and illustrator and Mac operating system. Video editing and expe...

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    I'm looking to design a template for headers that I can use across our new website. I'd like something that is innovative and unique to us. I would like a couple of variation and will need layered source files that will serve as my template. Please provide costs and turn around time.

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    Advantage icons 終了 left

    I"m looking for a specific style of icon. Please see my write up for sample. I will need 30 icons - simple, clean, flat line drawings, 2-colors. Please review my word document with write up and provide turn around time and costs.

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    Ok Final Final requests from client: Agora with solid black shadow Color Wheel 208 98 52 Advantage Solid Black ----I also need version where Advantage is all white for when it goes on a black background Top and Bottom Triangle Color Wheel 225 97 53 Upper Right and Lower Left Triangle Color Wheel 192 7

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    We need a Web Designer who can make beautiful interfaces and our Logo. If this designer can convert these into HTML and do C# programming that will be advantage. We also need content writing and SEO services.

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    We need a Web Designer who can make beautiful interfaces and our Logo. If this designer can convert these into HTML and do C# programming that will be advantage. We also need content writing and SEO services.

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    We need a Web Designer who can make beautiful interfaces and our Logo. If this designer can convert these into HTML and do C# programming that will be advantage. We also need content writing and SEO services.

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    We need a Web Designer who can make beautiful interfaces and our Logo. If this designer can convert these into HTML and do C# programming that will be advantage. We also need content writing and SEO services.

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    HUGE ADVANTAGE IN CASE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR GOOD PART TIME JOB GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO GROWTH WITH AN AMERICAN ONLINE-MARKETPLACE. WORK FROM HOME, PART-TIME, TOP COMMISSION We are a fast growing company in U.S. and now we are looking for expand our business in EU, and looking for 50 sales persons who signed-up on our website and sell our products

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    C# Winforms (WinCE experience will be added advantage) i want engineer to work in our office in Bangalore electronic city, India for 6 months-12 months

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    ...first person shooter and I am looking to have a sort of "advantage". I need completely external (can be separate piece of equipment i.e. phone/other computer/monitor) player ESP. Now the tricky part is how to be sneaky with it. I'm not for sure on how this works but I think the advantage will need to have ring0 privileges and be some sort of kernel

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    Need Vienna Advantage ERP implemented

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    I have ongoing work related to our previous project 'Logo for high tech hospital supply company using technology as an advantage'

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    Design a logo that describes the company as a technology based business disrupter. We help Surgery centers in the US buy supplies used on patients at lower costs, aiding (albeit small) in lowered healthcare costs to patients.

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    Looking For Some one who have good experience in this points · historical of IS Bank . · Knowledge management in banking sector. · How Knowledge management well done or not ? The best practice and the bad practice of Knowledge management in the bank . · Benefit of knowledge management in capital risk management in banking sector. &...

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    Pong advantage ! 終了 left

    There is a Pong website that lets you play against other players for virtual money !!!, [ログインしてURLを表示] i want someone to code me an advantage against other players i want to see where the Ping pong ball lands everytime with a little red dot or something. [ログインしてURLを表示]

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    Pong Advantage 終了 left

    So theres a website on the Internet that makes u play "Pong" with virtual money from weaponskins, [ログインしてURLを表示] I want you to make me a Advantage that will gives me a red dot or something where the ball will land i have some pictures. [ログインしてURLを表示]

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    We need writers who are proficient with different referencing styles (APA, HARVARD, etc) Subjects can vary, and we need committed writers (no other work who can be loyal to us) to start ASAP. We consider the ff backgrounds: >Business & Management >Nursing/Health/Psychology/Medical >Accounting & Finance >Social Science >Law/Political Science >IT-related...

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    house advantage 終了 left

    I need someone to find the house advantage on a different version of black jack.

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    Advantage and disadvantages .the meaning and put it in sentence

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    Write 2000word essay demonstrates how both Benchmarking and Lean...demonstrates how both Benchmarking and Lean Six Sigma can be use by organizations to facilitate change in their business processes to enhance and sustain their competitive advantage. detailed instructions will be provided in chat Min 20ref. Havard style Due 30th JAN

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    I want to install Vienna Advantage community version on my system.

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