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    ...Like: Less than NADA High to low- low to high Price less than (would include all vehicles that are priced at that price and less) Vehicle prices Type car Type car with model Color Types of cars like Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler etc…. Automatic fall off at 7 days. New Page This page should list our wire transfer information and approved shippers

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    I need a java code that can predict future stock prices using kNN algorithm using historical stock data provided. The program should implement mapreduce model of Hadoop. I expect to see the predicted stock price(close price) as well as the precision and accuracy of the algorithm.

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    Web development 終了 left

    I need an existing website rebuilt. I need you to design and build my blog. I want to fix model popup issue. Simple click any advertise to open this ads on model popup or new window. My website [ログインしてURLを表示] I am back 15 minutes Thanks

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    Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an educational simulation and/or academic competition in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. Da Nang International Model United Nations need a new logo for this year. Our previous logo contains the symbol of the city - the Han Bridge. Also

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    Output is a 3d model in unity with most realistic interiors,Light baking from a given autocad plan.

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    HI, We require writers to write about out adult toys. We need someone to create a persona on their sex lives and refer to using our products. Creating a character and stories about using our products commenting on the quality, use, size, etc about the products. The article needs to educate people about the safety and health aspects of the product

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    ...stores. This price scrubbing program would need to provide prices for the like items (with different item or model numbers) from the three retail stores on a weekly basis. Our company would provide the store location, item description, item/model number and the internet URL for each item that we would need a price comparison for. The program would need

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    ...leasing). One for car leasing and one for van leasing. The car leasing form will pull the data from WP Car Manager and allow the user to select a vehicle manufacturer and then model in two dropdown menus, but only displaying cars and not vans. The van leasing form will be the same, but obviously for vans and no cars. There will be other fields on each

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    At SwissVBS, we build digital learning solutions that engage, inspire and transform. We seek out voice talents that...our client Scotiabank for an e-learning course they are creating about human rights for their employees. We are specifically looking for voice talents who associate with male assigned at birth, Transgender or Gender Diverse.

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    Hi I have a button code in my page. I want to show model popup form when a input field filled else it will return error

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    13 入札 complicated, much simpler, a more basic version. The things you have to do are: 1) Separate the code from the business logic of the interface as the MVC controller view model. to be able to add all these new functionalities correctly. 2) Remove the tools to draw oval and scribble. 3) Create a tool palette on the right side similar to the one

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    I want an E commerce for a clothing line web application implemented using MEAN 4 stack. I want the model to be scalable and the app to follow best practices guidelines. I am the UI to be responsive for the clients and the Admin.

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    Web development 終了 left

    I need a new website. I need you to design and build a website for my small business. I am looking for a freelance model for my clothing buisines

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    Basically I have just integrated Twilio with [ログインしてURLを表示] (Cloud...The main problem I have is that Twilio needs the number to be in international format in order to send out the texts, yet the Mautic mobile number field doesn't allow the + character to be used. I have been told this is a Mautic issue rather than Twilio. So need someone to help me fix it

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    Scrap website 終了 left

    ...script should update data if changed, if listing is not longer in results should be marked as not active. Proposed estructure for data: Uniqueid Active Price VAT Model Country First registration Power (PS/KW) Description Data of contact First seen on website Last seen on website Direct link to listing Photo resources (in separate

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    need an explainer video, 60 / 75 seconds. format of the video is trivago ad - without the real person...but animated character. We need script, storyboarding, animation, voice over and final delivery. Budget 15k, only one milestone.

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    ...trail-running holidays organizer in Carpathian Mountains, Romania. I need a user friendly web-site with about 10-12 pages. Should be also view-able on the mobile phone. This is a model of how I wish the site to look: [ログインしてURLを表示] It must to be catchy and to present the information clearly. Video and photo gallery will be needed, some buttons

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    We're working on a library which has a tool that takes doctor prescriptions as input, recognizes the text and outputs all the words on the prescription. We are aiming for a model with at least 80% accuracy. We are looking for people who can contribute to this.

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    ...include Data, Information, File System, Database and Database Users, Database System Concepts and Architecture, Data Modeling using the Entity Relationship (ER) Model, The Relational Data Model and Relational Database Constraints, Functional Dependencies and Normalization for Relational Databases, The Relational Algebra and Relational Calculus, Relational

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    Trophy icon Design a 3d render of photobooth 終了 left

    Im looking for someone to design a rendered image of a photo booth like the picture attached. This is the model i will be purchasing and then having graphics printed to suit. The curtains will be swapped to red velvet and the booth color scheme will be black and gold glitter. At the top of the box it should read 'Papp'd' Rather than snapshot. I will

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    FOR ITALIAN FREELANCERS Fai della modellazione 3D Videoclip musicale durata 2.20min. Verranno forniti il character design della cantante e lo storyboard. Sono richieste le seguenti lavorazioni: 1 - modello 3d cantante rap basato su miei disegni 2- animazione 3d stile cell shading basato su un mio storyboard L'ambientazione è New York ai giorni nostri

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    Male/Female American VO artist with neutral accent required for 1 minute of recording for a product demo. The timeline for final submission is December 14, 2017. Please share VO samples for review.

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    I need assistance of modeling a steering console (steering pulpit) for a motor boat. Unfort...steering console (steering pulpit) for a motor boat. Unfortunately no drawings (yet at least) so it needs to be modelled and estimated from images. I need someone that can model this in Rhino so that I can 3D print or mill it later. Images are attached.

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    I have a paramectric park to make. Basically, I need an orga...benches and tables throughout the park. I already have a sketchup layout, good pictures as examples.. I do not need any textures, no need for renders, I really just need the model. I plan on making it using a CNC. I can provide you the sketchup file once you've taken the job.

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    3d model for packaging consumables.3d drawing should be such that according to manufacturing point of [ログインしてURLを表示] machine design of horizontal flow wrapping machine.

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    Details can be talked after negotiation. But e...negotiation. Briefly, mechanism needs to work as shown in attached image. Some (TS algorithm) components of MIP will be executed on MATLAB, then it will send to GAMS to solve the model, then sends back to tabu search, and so on. It will work until the optimal / near optimal solution will be obtained.

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    ...balance equation for the lake system, defining clearly all variables in your equation. 4. Your influent load into the lake is variable. Decide how you will handle that in your model. a. Assume a steady input loading based on the average of all years presented b. Assume a background concentration of phosphorus based on the maximum value from the loading

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    Design project 終了 left

    I need a 3D model of something. Interior design required

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    I need a 3D model of something. 3DS MAX artist

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    This is a 3D project. The final deliverable will be multiple images from different perspectives to present to the client. I will provide a floorplan diagram and several photographs of the desired design. The client has chosen several looks that include kitchen cabinet designs, kitchen island, cabinet tops, etc. Portfolio images must be provided. Vendor must be reliable and responsive. This ...

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    We need a realistic car model with PBR materials. One car will have 3 variants - high end, low end and mid end. All 3 variants will have the same base mesh with minor modifications.

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    the application of smart grid to reduce the Area Appliances) of the household consumers to balance the moment-to-moment variation in load which is the cause of generating the Area Control Error. A simulation model need to developed to evaluate the systems stability as well as collection and verification of the proposed research idea.

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    looking for a competent freelancer to create an animation video for a future mobile app. Will send 2 model videos so you can use them as a model. All the best

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    I will award $50 to the best cartoon frog character for children's book idea. His name is Charlie the frog. He is from Colombia, South America. He is green and can walk and talk. No clothes necessary.

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    i need hair and fur to my model and make rigging. i will provide my model.

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    ...general Second, Talk about the waterfall model and focus on the disadvantages of the model (Describe why we are not used) Second, Talk about RAD Model and and focus on the disadvantages of the model (Describe why we are not used) Third, Talk about Agile Model and and focus on the advantages of the model (Describe why we are used) Fourth, In Agile

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    ...general Second, Talk about the waterfall model and focus on the disadvantages of the model (Describe why we are not used) Second, Talk about RAD Model and and focus on the disadvantages of the model (Describe why we are not used) Third, Talk about Agile Model and and focus on the advantages of the model (Describe why we are used) Fourth, In Agile

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    ...Split the Storyline in 10 chapters. - Each chapter main event must be details - Each chapter must have a cliffhanger - Each chapter must include 3 main choices done by the character that can involve the story - Storyline must include the characters bible (6 characters max. in the story) - Storyline must include the places where the scenes take place

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    Hi. I'd like to create a cartoon frog character for a children's book idea. His name is Charlie the Frog. He is a green tree frog from Colombia who can walk on two legs and talk.

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    Specifically, I need a few adjustments to be made to an existing model so that it matches another one in some aspects. More details if you have experience in editing models to be used in video games.

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    First of, ...for a freelancer who is into games. I am looking for someone to create 1 colored drawing of a Destiny 2 character. The character should be a Titan, in an action running pose with a scout rifle. This drawing will be put in a T-Shirt. The character should be drawn "chibi" style and cute. I have attached a sample illustration for reference.

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    ...2D pixel sprites for an open world 2D game. The game requires main character sprites and open world character sprites as well as some creature sprites. The game will have a rich story for the player to interact and play. Required: 1) Main characters - Male/Female 2) Npcs - Male/Female 3) Creatures 4) Buildings, Paths, Caves, Outside world

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    I need some one make rigging for my character and make fur in Maya or 3dsmax 2013

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    Design project 終了 left

    I need a 3D model of something. Hi I am looking for Photobooth design I have an idea with me. Thanks, Mayadesign corp

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    ...excel format in an organized way (I will provide excel spreadsheet). - You must be able to speak good English. Information: - Our Items consist of apple iPads, the latest model along with iPhone 4S(All are genuine and come with warranty) - Auctions will be BIN (Buy-it Now) in Fixed price format for all items. - You will send a sales report at the

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    We have female model having rigging and Modelling already done, Only Spinal cord and expression Blenshapes are missing, We are looking for Rigger/Modeller, who has to add facial Expression using Blenshapes and Spinal Cord Controllers to our model. Once Freelancer is finalised I will share a model with freelancer.

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