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    Asterisk and Freepbx support staff 21 時間 left

    ...Description (According to what I have posted) About the Network Engineer Role: To provide assistance and support for ongoing and new projects in our Customer Support, Help Desk, Remote Support, Provisioning Services, and Fulfillment efforts. Key Responsibilities: - Timely, accurate and positive response and resolution to customer’s technical support needs

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    17 入札 unsere Seiten zu verbessern, die Artikelplätze schreiben dann z.B. über unsere Seiten. Es ist also wirklich z.B. simpel und basiert viel auf Kommunikation. Du kannst remote in einem coolen Team arbeiten. Es ist ein sehr cooler, angenehmer und lockerer Job. Wir würden uns sehr über eine Anfrage von Dir freuen!...

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    Xamarin c# mobile application CONSULTING 21 時間 left

    My first project is here. Assistance is often needed duri...offers to help someone overcome the problem if they get stuck in chat. Visual Studio 2019 / Xamarin Form It's all about simple things and chates on a desktop, possibly with remote control. When you need a milestone with the project's adherent, you should be compensated by the hours you spend.

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    Website Facebook Login Issue 20 時間 left

    Your task is to help debug and fix an issue related to my front end script inability to fetch a facebook user email address. My front end uses angularjs 1.6. You ...and fix an issue related to my front end script inability to fetch a facebook user email address. My front end uses angularjs 1.6. You are required to work on this task via remote desktop.

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    Hi Mohammed A., I noticed your profile that you h...diagnostics and firmware updates either in person or over the air. We require the control electronics to work in all conditions and locations of potential customers. This includes remote locations where communication infrastructure may not be available and temperatures can exceed 50°C regularly.

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    A colleague to work together as a team. 20 時間 left

    Hi, We are looking for a dedicated resource to take care of our clients integration and pitch them from the various platforms, freelancer who can on remote location are most welcome. New freelancers are also welcome, I can assure with the earning you have a lot of learning in area such as client handling/client analysis/ project analysis etc. Let

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    Hello, I need to install magento as multistore and multidomain. Multistore : Every store should have separate cart and separate full store, (where retail merchants can sign-up and create their own e-commerce and m-commerce stores with their own domain names) Multidomain : Every store should be on seprate domain

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    Work is to Install interspire email marketer on linux server from [ログインしてURLを表示] for promotional email marketing with multiple ips in rotation. Setup proper DKIM, SPF and RDNS to get maximum inbox delivery rates.

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    ...project made using Angular material Component, it requires UI improvements There are total 10 screens and below are the points to work on using a remote desktop connection. So you will have to take remote access to your system using TeamViewer where the code will be available and do the UI improvements. Below are the project details and requirements

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    server : centos 7. with mariaDb I have difficult executing the command : gcc -m64 -fPIC -Wall -I/usr/include/mysql -I. -shared lib_mysqludf_sys.c -o /usr/lib64/mysql/plugin/[ログインしてURLを表示] this is the error : gcc: error: lib_mysqludf_sys.c: No such file or directory

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    ...single working day. This is remote work, constant communication is the key to success for this job, among other things. - Your internet speed must be very good, so much that it supports video calls - You must commit that you'll never vanish. It is very unprofessional & unfair to the company (it is known that some remote employees in rare circumstances

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    Required an online application which can take a Back from remote Client and store on their given Accounts. Once the Data is uploaded it should send a confirmation Notification email to the client. The Datastore on the server should be Encrypted with Authentication Key specified for every account Owner, without Key, no one can read the ready the Data

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    We are Uptake. Uptake is an industrial artificial ...later on. The developers should have experience and mastery in the following areas: 1. Android Development (Java/Kotlin) 2. Firebase FIrestore 3. Firebase FCM, Hosting and Remote config is preferred. 4. Problem Solving Skills 5. Lean Development Skills 6. Node.js experience will be highly preferred.

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    We want you to guide us with our Drupal 8.x-7.3 project. You will help us to increase the speed of development. Best will be you hav...suit our needs. Catch geo data of user and proximity search for users. Please note we do not share server credentials. You will work remote at shared screen via chrome desktop or ultaviewer. You will work by remote.

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    ...signature into our system 20 points [ログインしてURLを表示] PNG in DOCX and PDF (for PDF sample exists) - 30 points Need to perform detailed analisys with consultant - remote Need to collaborate remote with remote senior techcnoca architect on: GitHub, Intelij IDea, ORACLE, SQL Server database Need to deliver test scenarios with: testing steps; expected results. All

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    Setup and install Cocorico. Small customization.

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    Hi, We have purchased App from themeforest, need Android App developer for installation and configuration and linking to our main database for inventory fetching and orders synchronizing.

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    Project is for Home Automation We need a full IR Commands database or hardware for Remote controlled appliances available in India. Hardware should be able to operate on xBee and the command set will be provided by us. In case of codes we need a 100% accuracy codes for the same. We need mapping of the codes with brand and model in both the cases.

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    Kiki Time is committed to creating an online sharing economy for publishers so they can earn money for the content they produce. Publish amazing content on Kiki to earn money. Becoming an online publisher on Kiki is a great way to earn cash on your schedule and publish content when you want. The more you produce online content, the more you can earn. It's simple and perfect for those lookin...

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    necesito instalar app Open HRMS Core en odoo 12 ubuntu 18.04 desktop

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    We are lookin...Maintenance of servers; Autoscalling; Routing etc. Important Note: Consultancy or agency don't bid. Don't waste your time. Only individual can apply. Job Location: Remote(Full remote) Type: full time(Monday to friday) Time: 05:30 AM to 02:00 PM IST Contract: 1 year contract(you can't leave job before one year) Experience: 2-5 years

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    I need to connect Spring boot client application listen to ActiveMQ on a remote machine which is embedded in WildFly application server. Communication should be both ways

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    install Open HRMS Core in odoo 12 ubuntu 18.04 desktop

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    ...little bit done and have hit a learning wall. I need help either mentoring or just finish it so i can see what you did. I can give you access to the Github repo and to the remote SQL Server Site will enter at home index view and have a login and register buttons in the navbar //completed Register btn takes you to Account -register view, form to

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    6 入札 the new fonts (more info provided) To apply, you must be: 1. a trained web developer + wordpress expert 2. very familiar with fonts and how to install them with the @font-face method 3. able to install files on server in an optimized way (so that it does not slow down site speed) 4. able to summarize what the problem was, so I'm able to fix this

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    ...and Jquery. I am used MySQL for the database, and I am fairly familiar with that also. It also uses an API to communicate with a remote server. That is a little complicated and uses Curl to make request to the remote server, and the results are return as JSON objects. I am also quite familiar with that. I am mostly interested on migrating to Laravel

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    Remote Email Rep Needed. 2 時間 left

    I am looking for someone who can act as a remote rep, with business to business outreach each day. We need: 1. Someone who can follow instructions and do outreach to a business list we provide. 2. This individual would be responsible for monitoring their own inbox for interested responses. 3. When a business is interested, you will forward that

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    RemoteDesktop Linux C or C ++ 1 時間 left

    Hello World, I am looking for someone who can create a remote desktop program. It should be usable on a linux pc and allow you to gain access to a windows server. Requirements: pogrammed in C without the usage of wine or other windows emulators, portable and compatible with debian 9 kde-plasma.

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    23 入札 Japan for the next 30 years at least. We work online and are on the road a lot but are in communication with you every day. Good for someone who is planning to probably remote work forever, even if they have a family, in Japan. Not good for people with other full time jobs. or who are in a student, youth discovery and travel, or backpacker and

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    ...prestashop with the theme named : Bos Nature by Leo Theme And i would like to use a different slider than the one already installed. The specific slider i would like to install on my current theme is this one : (Located under "New Arrivals") [ログインしてURLを表示] Please don't place bid if you can't achieve this

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    ...*Friendly and you can communicate with our team leaders. *Very good to interact with customers and be nice! *Very good to english! *Have a fast WPM! We can offer you a good remote inviorement and great teamleaders who will help you with everything you need New freelancers are welcome to apply for this job Experience as virtual assistant would be a

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    Experience sett...clock again. Can not risk bringing down working environment. MUST speak very good English and work with me [Removed by Admin]or similar voice program to work together with remote screen sharing program. Please reply confirming wifi and or router experience and hourly rate and times in USA EST zone, Availability. Thank you very much.

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    7 入札

    ...who will also want to grow with the vanilla and feel responsible for their successes and mistakes. Good for someone in the USA based at home or with a family, who likes remote work (working at home) and wants to see this as a job of a few hours a week for extra income. Not good for people who are in a student, nomad, or backpacker exploration

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    Connect DynDNS with MyPBX VoIP: I have high-speed internet without static IP and needs to connect MyPBX with DynDNS in order to get remote IP extension.

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    I need RDSL ( Remote DSL ) in Germany, or france. with Dynamic IPs. fast connection. A remote DSL means a computer in the required location connected to a DSL line that I will have access to using team viewer or any other remote access software.

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    ...the call to an open source sip client that is installed on the android . when this app is created we will test the app with this steps 1. connect remote to the sql db installed on the android 2. connect the sip client on the andriod to our sip server 3 . post the number in the sql db at that time the app

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    7 入札 do ios and android app which is only a remote desktop app with no functionality. The following settings are required in the app : Ip address Port Username Password Windows App Location Screen Resolution Screen Orientation once we set parameters in the app then whenever we open it should open remote desktop of the pc with above parameters and

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    we need experienced developer to integrate the following plugins in a single unity project. 1- firebase (analytic, FCM, remote config, events) 2- unity IAP for android and iOS 3- google play game service ( login, leader board, achievements, save game) 4- game center ( login, leader board, achievements, save game) 5- AdMob ads (banner, Interstitial

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    the compenecy issue memrory limit

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    need someone available right now to install demo theme on wp website make sure everything look exactly like demo theme. including images and text. and make sure all contact form are working correctly

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    and make sure my ubuntu server is all updated and good.

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    In the userinterface of digitalocean it only gives option to install linux based vm I need a windows server droplet I saw manuals of how to do it but am not familiar with this

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    Hello everybody We need a general data entry assistant, VA, a person willing to work hourly with attention to detail. Need to have perfect English and just pay attention and keep the big picture in mind and have common sense. We do not care where you are based. There is almost unlimited hours available. The work is related to tourism products and some consumer products, and you will learn a...

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    Bagi yang punya waktu beberapa jam sehari dan mau uang tambahan! ini sangat menarik, karena bisa bekerja dari mana saja (selama ada laptop dan akses internet) Job Desc: Pekerjaan yang dilakukan hanya data entry saja, tidak perlu mengetik, hanya perlu copy paste. copy dari data yang kita berikan untuk dipindahkan ke website tujuan kita. websitenya adalah suatu marketplace luar negeri. sebagai gamb...

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    I need to develop custom board to read values from a electrode and send to remote server, accuracy required

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    Install a full theme with a slider

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    ...a virtual machine to emulate another older pc running windows XP. Remote access provided and an image of the existing hard drive. Virtual machine must interface with a physical device that connects with USB and is always plugged in. Software can not be reinstalled as a new install due to limitations imposed by software distributor. The old computer

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    I need to install a full theme with slider to a website (I purchased the theme). May need additional support later

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    I need to install windows on the mac for a few projects that i have in mind.

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    Project Description We're looking to use a mounted PCB to log the strain seen by a larger mechanical part over an amount of time in a remote location. • Form Factor ○ 15 mm Width x 50 mm Length ○ Single board ○ Mounting § Enough room on sides to slide into a channel • Power Requirements ○ 1.2 Ahr-3.3V Battery must last 6 months on

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