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    Logo creation 3 日 left

    I need a logo created for Cal Crew. We already know what we want it to look like, we just need someone to create the graphic files. There are 2-3 di...Crew. We already know what we want it to look like, we just need someone to create the graphic files. There are 2-3 different designs we need done. Files to be delivered in Illistrator format for print.

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    I would like to have the attached picture redrawn in Illustrator as vector graphic for logo creation.

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    I will design a creative and professional minimalist logo using illistrator. It will come with a vector file and sourcing file if needed. I can also do 2 different types of designs.

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    I have a print ready PDF of a book that I need converted into a PDF eBook. WATCH THE VIDEO FOR INSTRUCTIONS: [ログインしてURLを表示] I need you to: - Remove the crop marks - Resize the pages down to the size they would be if they were printed (ie inside the crop marks) - Split the cover into two pages

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    5 drawings cartoon style first of a mother standing over her child in bed tucking him in second the child having dreams in bed about family members like his grand mother and his unlce who has brown hair and glasses third the child waking up hands in the air stretching with a smile on his face and forth of the child faling asleep again and having huge adventures with his uncl with the glasses the c...

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    ...logo "simple and text", business card templet, a4 envelop, letter envelop, and letter head templet booth in arabic and english. needed in editable format for illistrator like ai thanks!...

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    特集 保証 トップコンテスト
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    We have a brochure that we need to fix one word only in it. Then we want to merge a anther page (we already have it) to the brochure. Then we also want that page also added to a second brochure. Link to the 1st brochure: [ログインしてURLを表示] Link to 1st brochure fonts: [ログインしてURLを表示] The word to be changed is المغذية in the 2nd page and to be changed to الحافظة Page to be merged attached. 2nd brochur...

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    Graphic Designer 終了 left

    We are a gift basket company that needs help with changing some colors in illistrator files, and creating a logo that I have already scetched out, just need to have created in an ai file. N

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    The characters are animals and the setting is a candy shop. The main character is a frog with a flamingo, monkey, hipo, bird, cat, dog, chameleon and kangaroo as her friends.

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    i have a children's book and need 10 - 12 pages of illustrations

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    I need someone who can illustrate a colored comic book for me. I have the story I just need someone who can bring their style. I need you to be able to read, understand the content and then illustrate it. so that we can agree before you finalize I would like you to send me a rough draft and we will fix things before finalizing. I will be paying $30-80 per chapter. so if a project has 20 chapters...

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    Hi. We are going to do a design contest for wrapping our company utes, but first we need the rear canopy (fiberglass box on tray) added to our profile images. (See attached)

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    I am a first ime published author but have changed generes' and wish to do childrens liturature.

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    I need a storyboard artist. I will sketch the rough frames and will need a professional illistrator to fix and make it professional.

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    Clip art needed 終了 left

    I make T-Shirts and print on all glassware as well as Bags ect. I need an illistrator to do the following . of a truck (semi) driver leaving the scale houe with Dollar signs coming out of his smoke stacks , as well as one showing the driver dumpster diving buy the scale house while you see the scale master in the building collecting money from a truck

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    Looking for someone to help me out by resketching some already drawn out drawingings, and drawing out some more ideas I have for an instagram account we are starting. Its a cool, all male, highend "fashion line" that we want to focus on. Message me if you might want to help out!!

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    I have PSD - Illistrator files for a wordpress wocommerce site. Jobs for elancefoxcon quoted $400

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    I am writing poems. I need a person to illistrate something for that specific poem.

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    i want an interactive map of the united states. when the customer goes to his state, it will then show the product being offered and the cost. there will be no more than 4 pictures for eacn state

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    how good are you with illistrator?

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    Looking for an illistrator to drawn my dream room. I want two different drawings from two different angles. I will give you links to the products im gonna have and you can look at the products online and draw them realistically in my dream room drawing. I have a floor plan aswell so you just have to draw a room i have designed based off products in

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    I need an illustrator for a children's book i need someone who's A graphic designer who can layout the book for me, combining text and illustrations in a file format the printer will need, typically a pdf with crop marks and bleed (which just means the area extending past the page which will get trimmed down to the final size of the book.

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    Comic Book front page in the style of a marvel/ dc comic. I will provide photos of the people I would like to be represented as the comic book characters there are only two. The title of the comic can be something like man mountain versus ice Queen. But the characters will be man mountain and the girl will be ice Queen. Wanted for a Christmas gift. I provided a couple of comic front covers just...

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    Update an Illustrator design of an Avery label to take Serial numbers from a spreadsheet and place them into each of the labels (48 per page). The Spreadsheet is also required to take these 2 numbers and generate a QR code and place this into the template.

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    I am the editor for a book about professional bubbleology. I require 4 to 5 small black and white pencil drawings to illustrate a short children's story that is part of the book.

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    i need to make a wallpaper with text in it 700x700 the same as the sample screenshot but with a burgundy backround i can supply an ai file eg with the writing jalfresi pasanda etc as per screenshot

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    illistrator work 終了 left

    simmilar to this transparent with jalfresi etc wall paper ou a burgundy backround but with the backround in burgundy and the file is 700mmx700mm

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    i have an AI file with my business logo etc. I need someone to make me some POS (not piece of ***) simple job. just scale, add text and thats it.

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    28 入札
    Design project 終了 left

    I need someone to alter some images. I'm writing a series of children's books and need an illistrator.

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    Design project 終了 left

    Need someone with adobe illistrator to help me update and finish my logo PDF. I don't need anything designed.

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo for The Sweet Hamper 終了 left

    The Sweet Hamper is seeking a new logo fo...relatively simple and should be something that can be built into a brand. Complex logo's will need a simplistic counterpart for use with branding Logo to be supplied in abobe illistrator and be editable. designer must identify any fonts used, even if edited. Let your imagination run wild. GOOD LUCK!

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    保証 with Visual Composer, need your help in finishing up some features on it. Must be fluent with WordPress etc. *Fix up some items on homepage, there is Adobe Illistrator file which has 5 sections, need to add buttons, and design may change with different logos. *Clean up design of blog page to be consistent with UI *Careers page clean up

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    Design project 終了 left

    I need some graphic design. I need some graphic coping. Hi, my, purple and white. I need it done so my vinyl graphics guy can print them out to stick onto the 1/8 scale model I've built. My vinyl guy says he needs it done on adobe illistrator so his printing machine will recognize it. Can anyone help? Contact me at Matt@[ログインしてURLを表示]

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    We need the 3 Pictures vectorized in Adobe Illistrator File Format, it is a 1:1 Bitmap to Vector Work Request

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    I am looking for an illistrator that can draw me a picture/cartonish of Morgan Freeman Meditation - full body/ bigger head , body in meditating position i have links for the reference - but this is the type of quality drawing im looking for cheapest bid, with reviews gets the job this is the quality i except [ログインしてURLを表示]

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    Looking for a good freelance illistrator, and cover designer to design a good quality novel cover formatted for createspace based off of my description.

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    graphic design 終了 left

    I need some graphic design. I have a template for a medium branding board for my business that needs to be designed, the template is an adobe illistrator project

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    Trophy icon Design a logo 終了 left

    Looking for a logo for a suspension brand. The brand is "Platinum Series" and will require a design that incorporates something to do with 4WD suspension (for example ...Series" and will require a design that incorporates something to do with 4WD suspension (for example a spring or shock absorber) Handover will be required as a vector (illistrator)

    $38 (Avg Bid)

    I am a high school student and I've reated a powerpoint presentation for a DECA Internati...for a DECA International competition. I'd like someone to help me make it look more professional. I also have a handout which is in word which might be better in Adobe Illistrator. I'd like help making more professional. I need this quickly turned around...

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    $39 / hr 平均入札額
    14 入札

    I have an auto repair shop sign drawn in black and white and it needs to be finished and colored and i want it back to me in adobe illistrator and in pdf, i want it in 24 hours

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    24 入札

    Attached is a AI file with the front and back of a business card. I need them separated into two separate AI files called ([ログインしてURLを表示] and [ログインしてURLを表示]). This is a quick fix for someone with AI. I simply don't know how to do it. Also, I need written steps on how it was done and the best way to export them as high quality jpg or png files for publishing

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    I have designs and flows already made for the website I need. I have the screens in Illistrator and they need to be coded on my website. I also have the functionality flow of how this will work. This will use web crawling or pulling information from another site and also making auto payment from one site to another. Please message me for info and quotes

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    I have an EPS file done in Adobe Illistrator i need exported to PSD with layers, small job need asap

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    change the (s) in superior cleanse to REperior this is a test to see if you can work with ai we will check it we have ai soft ware to check it this is a test must send it bak in ai

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    need some one to touch up 2 labels for us not much work

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    Hi have a logo and the way I got i...the logo from scratch as it will com eout blury, this is even though I gave them a psd file, Objective - It should not come out blury and on a big print. He said it needs to be recreated with colour code and layers from the start from a program like illistrator or photoshop. Qjuick job and small budget.

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    You will be given a list of 80-100 brands which you will need to find their logo, and place it on our product with a similar colour from...need to find their logo, and place it on our product with a similar colour from our catalogue to give them an example of how it could possibily look. Basic photoshop or Illistrator skills would be required.

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