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    ...so what i need is : 1- inser an option to create agency inside the system so it will be like (' agency1 , agency2, shared agency) 2- employee and contract expense and everything should be assign to one of the agency on creation so it will be visible to that agency only , except for the shared agency it will be visible to all agency 3-i wanna also edit

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    We are two 22 year old guys fro...our entrepreneurial dream. We are about to start a startup within eSports. We have our strategy set but we need help in building our platform, since our knowledge in web development is limited. Mainly, the task is about building a platform on both mobile and website. Of interest is a fixed price with a smaller budget.

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    wordpress and php coded website which will accept the order detail as well as send email of order to client.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed . I need mob watch or mob sim track tracker software but I wanna clear that it track sim and and gps is not working in that sim means and we can download this software in any mob and track continues sim with this app

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    I wanna create an app that users may enter the CV info, create short CVs and HR people may search and scan those CVs

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    My name is Amr, i've a bachelor of languages (english and italian) . I wanna translate something you need

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    I need you to write some content for a website. I wanna write my own books, so I can make my family proud ,n inspire young people like who have dreams ,not give up on their dreams,, so I need a place n resources to write this books plz help me find a place

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    Hey Mohamed, i would like to offer my help with your project, here's my instagram page if you wanna check it out [login to view URL]

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    I like to keep things simple and subtle, but as far as weddings and events are concerned I like them grand, colorful and memorable. This is how I want the logo to be and if nicely done I would wanna extend the contract for business cards and letter heads as well.

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    some expert on photoshopp just to add text to a PSD file .. very simple task but ARABIC text

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    An android application it will be very simple about 3-5 functionality need to add 1. matrimony list of boys and girls 2. directory 3. Birthday 4. Shradhanjali 5. Our Magzin (need to upload every month new)

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    hey ...i dont wanna leave on bad terms ...u have already started the task and u will be best to complete it since u made some modifications ...i have downloaded cudnn to the cluster ...as i need to start GPU training immediately

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    I want to know how to create Virtual Credit Card.I know some website for that. example,payoner ,payza and many [login to view URL] can't create from some [login to view URL],i wanna know what website can create VCC from asia country and Cheap price for vcc. Like 1VCC=2$ Show me video record with any asia country IP .( i am from Myanmar )

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    hi there, I wanna fetch some data from 6 sites like product name, URL, Price etc... you can use any programming language to do python, Perl or PHP but the script should be hosted in the server and runs automatically according to the scheduled time if you think you have enough knowledge to do this project under the budget please do contact

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    I need a 3D model of something. I wanna make my 3d modelling of a shopping mall design I have the 2d plans and sections....I want a best output render Anyone interested?

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    I would like to create a three fold brochure design for my product which is a online gift voucher platform. This brochure should be in horizontoal format and should be like a interesting card that says surprise to people and makes them wanna open it up and see more

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    hello I wanna talk to u so am writing this this does not mean anything

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    Hi Narek P., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. I have a software that lets me open a limited number of service manuals of a medical device and I wanna make it work for an unlimited number. I think there is a counter that counts down every time I open the service manual on a machine so if you c...

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    I wanna create Excel sheet, with tow side columns so I can inter-data on column, column 1 and column 2 inter some data and compare the data, I need it in 3 to 5 hrs. If you can do it , then bid plz, My Fix Budget is only 10$ No advance payment/ Milestone , happy biding

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    I wanna create Excel sheet, with tow side columns so I can inter-data on column, column 1 and column 2 inter some data and compare the data, I need it in 3 to 5 hrs. If you can do it , then bid plz, My Fix Budget is only 10$ No advance payment/ Milestone , happy biding

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    Someone who is expert in Statistical Analysis and can do Professional Analysis for a Business to know how one company is performing in correlation with other company. If you wanna apply on this job you must have knowledge and education of bellow things: => Econometrics => Statistics => Statistical Analysis => Economics => Bachelor Education

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    Trophy icon I wanna a logo for my bus Ended

    #### Company: BUG BUS #### Description: A modern bus company. #### Focus: Young and adult people, boys and girls. #### What i need: Cannot be disgusting (cannot look like a real insect) You can create a bug + bus or just the bug Cannot use something from internet Must have 2 versions (white and black background) ####

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    Looking for a writer/singer for one of my tropical/pop tracks. Send me a message if you are interested, and wanna make a demo. Here are some referance tracks for what type of vocal Im looking after: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL]

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    ...Amazon, in this template, you need to express we are grateful to the customer to buy our products, inquiry them whether the product works well, and euphemistically expresse we wanna them to share their review on Amazon。(Do not violate the Amazon Review policy!) Please Note: We sell Security camera on Amaozn. The template should be expressed in idiomatic

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    Hey I need an Impressing CV in English language for software engineer who had 4+ years in development not a normal CV I wanna it to very very impressing.

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build my personal website. Need a website that is a escort website ! Cannot have anything sexual or anything illegal . I need a website that stands out that makes the viewer not wanna search anymore . This will have to be the best website out there !

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    I am software developer and web developer. I have done many web application. Me and my team wanna work with you

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    wanna a logo about lace fabrics need something creative prefer pink and light colors

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    I would like to start building front-end first I would like someone skilled in XAML and good with designing and animation skill visual studio And making UWP programs for windows or Xbox one Please understand this is just front end and I a good working front end that's it to showcase the pages of the UWP program Things you should know

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    Online booking sistemim için bedsclicks XML entegrasyonu yaptırmak istiyorum For my online booking system I wanna make bedsclicks integrations

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    Hi Delowar, This is Koray. I am starting to sell prints and canvas tables online and i have a few projects. For one of them, I need a watercolor city silhouettes collection. (Around 50-60 image designs). I read your reviews and wanna work with you. If you are interested in, pls contact me. So we can talk about details and you can give us your quotat...

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    I wanna do some scripts for some trading sites from a game that i play which allow me to withdrawn from a balance inside the site certains items that i choose basically like when the item appear in the site i would insta buy it or withdrawn from the site to my steam account like it appear on thatr image basically i would put some balance and ...

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    Hi guys, i wanna farm some money in this game: [login to view URL] Function for Autoplay: Fresh account starts with 4999 money 1. Add main Account as a friend 2. Main Account must accept friendrequest 3. Invite mainaccount to a privat game with 2,5k commitment 4. Start the game,

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    wanna a logo about kaila's closet prefer pink color and purple one wanna something creative

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    I need some help with selling something. Hello, I wanna sell my group on facebook it's an Arabic group it's 12,000 members, anyone who is interested please contact me for more details..

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    I need some help with finding some leads.

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    Hi, i want create a website by wordpress and add som plugin, i have find on web this is template: [login to view URL] i wanna add in my private area this: [login to view URL] and this: [login to view URL]

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    I'm about to start a website with gaming related news. I want to publish simple news with clean design. Filter for every game, so you can just choose every game you wanna see news about and the rest getting ignored. Hot right now will basically just be links to tweets from ppl, twitch highlight etc recent forum threads will just show what forum

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    I need some help with selling something. wanna potato exporter

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    Hi Jin S., its me Str33tb0y add me on skype :str33tb0y or come in my discord so we can write i cant write here anymore if u still wanna join my project let me know [login to view URL]

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    See now [login to view URL] I wanna get some developers so we need to upload Theme Templates Logo Plugins Modules what digital product you have And if you upload item you will get 70% from each sell that you made and we will send you projects like we do for all developers and what you bellive can do and like our offer you will get requirments and

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    [login to view URL] and I wanna make redesign some part. Add some new bloks and things like this I need freelancers who can make seo for my website and redisign. I have some user that make some exchange traffic and I dont want to have any problem. Please check http:[login to view URL] and you can give a click on adsense if you like it. And if

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    I wanna build an auction platform. It will be get products in [login to view URL] and the user will bid mediated through my site. The website will be update price, product, winner,... realtime. The website has database management system.

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    I need you to write some articles. Hey peapole I wanna to tell u some subjects One of them that there are many of us have a talent But there are no one to support them

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