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    Read a query from an SQLite database. Write it to an XML file without schema data. Will provide SQLite database with query and output XML to use to compare output to. The query from the SQLite DB is "xmlqryStandings_Out". The xml file (example provided) standings.xml. This needs to be coded in VB2013. I've tried the WriteXML method with "ignoreschema" specified and t...

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    [ログインしてURLを表示] The steps mentioned in the above url need to be followed. Objective is to get the app publish in the Google Marketplace. files of icon, banner , screenshot will be supplied. However some editing need to be done to fit the size needs. Objective is that the app must be published in the Google Marketplace. The developer fee is already paid. Step 1 is already done.

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    The client is a Full Services Property Maintenance and Repairs company in the UK. The corporate logo has been chosen and the design and colours are to be used throughout the website. There are about 25 pages but based on only 3-4 page templates and article content can be supplied or will be uploaded later. e.g 20 pages will be describing a service offered and will use the same template. There ne...

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    Hey guys, We have a website we're developing for a client, and wish to use Roboto Condensed as the Google font throughout the site. We've imported the font and referenced it in our font-families across the site, it works flawlessly on all three browsers on a Mac, but does not work on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome on a windows machine. I've had someone look at thi...

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    Assisting TravelManagers Australia Pty Ltd with all aspects of their Business Enterprise System

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    Description We need 25000+ PR 2+ Quality Backlinks which will stay permanent on French language websites only. The 25000 links will be pointing to our sites. We only want backlinks from French language websites with focus on France. There should be at least 70% .FR *** This project is for experienced link builders only! If you are new to link building, *** Please provide details on ho...

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    Hi, I am developing social channel API. I need some one to develop google plus api. If anyone interested with me knock me asap.

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    Gostaria customizar um menu numa planilha do Google e executar funções de acordo com algumas condições. O código para criação do menu eu já fiz, mas as funções eu não consigo porque não domino a linguagem JavaScript. Um exemplo do que eu quero: Tenho uma planilha com várias páginas. Uma das p&aacut...

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    Hi, I just need a simple "Google Play scraper" script that will collect the datas I listed below from Google Play and store in a MYSQL database. - app name - developer name - price - thumbnail image - screenshots Basically, I want the script to function where I will enter the Google Play URL for an speficic app (ex. [ログインしてURLを表示]) and it will collect and record the datas I...

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    I use a google spreadsheet for clients control. In a worksheet I have several pages. One of the pages receives data from google's form. I would like to change other pages through a menu command. One example that I'd like: when page X to receive a new line from google's form, then page Y need receive page X's data if column A == "YES". I did a custom menu, but speci...

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    How we do it Our motto is to learn from our users, all product upgrades will come from them, this means we adapt our technology to their behavior. Our Culture What is it like to work at Tabacus? Some words come to mind to describe our culture: resourcefulness, amelioration, family and transparency. We like to keep an open perspective without losing our main focus, it means having a clear vision...


    problem solving and trial login php admin 1) user register 7 day 2) I activated the user for one year maximum

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    I have web traffic analyzer and website value calculator website. [ログインしてURLを表示] There is a [ログインしてURLを表示] in the admin area where i can add any size of url list. See attached screenshot. I need to add a extra future for this page. I need to be able to add a keywords list, so the bulk [ログインしてURLを表示] need to search google, yahoo and bing for the keywords and automatically collect and add the...

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    Programming in .NET i need a little help in my Visual Basic Task i’m trying to make a HttpWebRequest GET request using a proxy, the proxy should be loaded from a file [ログインしてURLを表示] the proxy format is ( $IP:PORT) the HttpWebRequest should use the proxy to make the connection the [ログインしてURLを表示] file is contain a list of proxies like this $IP:PORT $IP:PORT $IP:POR...

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    Assignment Music device backup based application You’ll receive data in xml format This data should be parsed and stored in a MySQL database using Hibernate Users should be able to login and view their backup information i.e., tracks, playlists, and anything stored on the device in a readable layout that is easily navigated. The application should use a tiered architecture i.e, RE...

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    I need a highly experienced person to build a Google Ad words campaign with High Click through ratio and Low cost per click. This of course means correctly putting together the ad words campaign. It is for a Garage Door Company in Los Angeles.

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    系统维护,.net 网站维护, 网站使用的技术有.net, web service,xml

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    Looking for a method for my Truck Dash to go from Point A to Point B like in the flight simulator.

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    We are building an affiliate web site that will compare auto parts from different web sites. - It would need web scraping from different web sites, comparing data against TecDoc and make/model - We have XML product feeds from the web sites, but they do not include either TecDoc or make/model. - Do you have access to TecDoc ID with make/model? We have a list of TecDoc ID but it needs to be upd...

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    Zlecę utworzenie konta i skonfigurowanie do google mechant center. Plik xm mam wygenerowany

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    We would like our website on the first page of google for certain keywords, the niche is electronics wholesale. If you think you are fit enough for this role, please explain your game plan, estimated time of complete, if you're going to create backlinks on spammy websites, etc. Please note, any milestones will only be released once evidence in progress is shown. We do not want any beginne...

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    Looking for somebody to scrape an ecommerce website to produce a list of categories on the website. The website has a sitemap, so you may be able to use this to get the information. The end result should be a spreadsheet in this format: Category - Sub-category 1 - Sub-category 2 - - Sub-sub-category 1 - - Sub-sub-category 2 -Sub-category 3 -Sub-category 4 Should be a simple task, so ma...

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    This project is done by using Android studio (using the AVD : Nexus4 , API 21 ) (Note: You should do the functionalities of the interfaces in the attached project 1-View announcement ([ログインしてURLを表示])([ログインしてURLを表示]) Use the view [ログインしてURLを表示] in the file manager to retrieve the announcement in the application . 2- Check Training ([ログインしてURLを表示]) Use train table to do the query as p...

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    Set up Google Analytics, made some small changes as well as added a few more things to my webpage.

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    SCOPE OF WORK FRONT END DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT FEATURES Home Page design: Inner Page Design: Registration: Visitors will find an option to register themselves. Hotel Search and Booking : The features are as follows • Searching hotel by 1. Name of hotel 2. Category (i.e. 5 star / 3 star / 2 star etc.) 3. Price range 4. Review 5. Rooms • Availability calendar to che...

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    Existing Icecat PHP import script for Prestashop needs to be adapted. 1/ Fix double features bug whe importing Icecat XML 2/ Add related products from Icecat XML into Prestashop related products table 3/ Add multimedia files from Icecat XML to the attachments of the product page. The files need to be downloaded on our server. The budget is €250.

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    I would like a Python script written that takes RSS feeds from a file ([ログインしてURLを表示]), retrieves the RSS XML from the web, then creates a merged RSS feed (accurately date sorted). It should filter out unwanted article titles by regex patterns ([ログインしてURLを表示]), finally writing the most recent 150 articles into rss.xml. For example, [ログインしてURLを表示] may contain entries like: [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログ...

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    In need of a freelancer that can analyze my top 3 competitor's websites that I will provide and swipe them so that my WordPress site configured with All In One SEO can outrank them in Google and get to page 1. Top 3 keywords must rank in Google but the main keyword must at least reach page 1. Currently my website is #1 in Yahoo and Bing but it does not rank in Google. I will need lots of orga...

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    Hi lathabalu1, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. Please contact me at sekhons@[ログインしてURLを表示] or through freelance message for project description and we can discuss details.

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    Hi, We have approx 4000 mainly USA addresses that need to be separated out CORRECTLY into the normal fields, address line 1,2,3 city, post code, county already imported need to personal email and scorch web etc. It is important these are done precisely. The data is being exported from Google Company name and Contact name . Some are perfect, personal email to get this data in correctly. j...

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    I need an API for my website so I can integrate with some vendors. The API will be used by vendors to send job application details so candidates can track all their applications centrally in one place. The API will accept a number of parameters, which include things like job title, description, salary, recruiter, contact number, etc. We will accept XML, json and html. We will need authentication s...

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    READ BEFORE BIDDING!!!!! NO COPY AND PASTE BID !!!!! I do have a brand new website with no SEO work yet. So I will need the full package OF SEO Including SME and SMO, link building etc… Give me your best strategy and best package to Be on first page of google in the next 3-6 months I need A SEO Expert to DO SEO for brand new website.

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    I need someone with a good knowledge of NodeJS and using Architecture ([ログインしてURLを表示]) framework to do the following: 1. Create a good structure for a large scale Nodejs application using the architecture plugin framework. 2. I want my entire application to be built as a set of plugins including the following: a. There will be a [ログインしてURLを表示] file that will contain a list of all the plugins th...

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    i bought this : [ログインしてURLを表示] and i need website like this : [ログインしてURLを表示] i'll give you domain and hosting. you start from zero. i will give you script too, if you want, you can use this script for yourself. Its other offer; if you can make website like thisyou can earn many %49 from this website. i will give %49 from this company sells. So, you will earn min. 100$ in everyday. ...

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    Need help with Opencart, we have many error logs with vqmod and admin, we will have more jobs after this, i am looking for someone reliable to do work for us, we own 3 opencart websites

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    i bought this : [ログインしてURLを表示] and i need website like this : [ログインしてURLを表示] Please give me offer.

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    Traducir algo 終了 left

    Busco un traductor XML de Ingles a Español preferiblemente alguien que tenga un programa con los mejores datos de memoria para hacerlo automáticamente ya que es un archivo que tiene 80,000 letras y perderíamos mucho tiempo en traducirlo.

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    I sell digital downloads on my website but I don't know where my sales are coming from. Is it from Google, Yahoo, the posts I publish as a Huffington Post blogger? From my email blasts? From my Facebook posts? From my Pinterest page? I have no idea. rnrnTime to stop that nonsense. Looking for somebody with a LOT of experience creating funnels, goals and robust tracking mechanisms in...

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    Tenemos el tema de un cliente que recién se compró. Necesitamos una tarea muy chiquita.. seria dejar el tema como se compró,  [ログインしてURLを表示] Pero en el server del cliente, [ログインしてURLを表示], ya está instalado incluso el tema, esta el xml para importarlo y los archivos fuentes del tema. La tarea es de configuración básicamente. No programación, ni...

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    Hello, I am looking for someone to rank my website: [ログインしてURLを表示] to number 1 in Google for the keyword "spotify premium code generator". Please note that it is currently at position 24. Please only bid if you know how to rank the website to number 1 in google.

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    Hi everybody, mainly the job consist to fix several problem on an html website, and add some functions as navigation arrows on fullpage sliders. Fixings concerns desktop and tablet on horizontal mode. A smartphone version will come later, so there will be some other work on this version in the future. Here is the website: [ログインしてURLを表示] Remark: I don't want waste time with half-do...

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    Hello, I need the raw data from a Google Maps API on a public website. Please message me for the link to the website. This data set should -be delivered in MS Excel format -include all information displayed including links provided -include Latitude & Longitude to be mapped in other software May re-hire in the near future for similar jobs. Thanks.

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    We have an admin theme that has a left side site navigation. it has a bar at the top with a few settings options on it. we would like to have the navigation moved from being left side nav to top nav. the demo of the site is here: [ログインしてURLを表示] if you are awarded the job, we will provide the full template via dropbox and you will need to load it on your server and make the changes and share ...

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    if website is http//[ログインしてURLを表示] I want the user to just type the [ログインしてURLを表示] so that webpage displayed and URL remains [ログインしてURLを表示]

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    Hi, There is one small issue Google MAPS API project you worked for me - the URL under the results is showing the same all the time, doesnt matter of data in the database. Plus i would like to open an additional upgrade project , and would like to see if you are interested - the Google API Store search but with better design of results . Let me know if you are interested in the next few hours...

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    I Want Google Page Ranking & SEO my Website In Cheap Rates. Bid Now Thanks

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    Google Adwords 終了 left

    I have a ebay store and a website. I would like to Market 1 product and 1 product only. Pls let me know your price...add me on skype kingj2432

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    I sell digital downloads on my website but I don’t know where my sales are coming from. Is it from Google, Yahoo, the posts I publish as a Huffington Post blogger? From my email blasts? From my Facebook posts? From my Pinterest page? I have no idea. Time to stop that nonsense. Looking for somebody with a LOT of experience creating funnels, goals and robust tracking mechanisms in Googl...

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    I have a web form that I need updated with some additional items. I have the files and I will share those with the winning bid. The files are written using HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, and XML. The form works by the user completing it, then receiving a validation page, then the user submits it and it is emailed to various people. Here are the updates and changes that I would like put into place...

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