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    Task is to create a Wordpress plugin that will allow a user to generate schema markup. Shortcodes can then be created for the different schema markups, and then pasted into the text or visual editor and also widget areas, etc. We have a full requirements sheet for the plugin that we can send you once you PM us. A placeholder bid is fine for now until you see the requirements which will then help y...

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    Looking for an experienced TradeStation developer who knows what he/she is doing. The goal here is to create a custom order entry and execution system that fits my specific process. You will develop a custom TradeStation solution that will a CSV/excel file I generate separately to enter and sell positions as defined by the CSV file and by the required money management/portfolio [ログインしてURLを表...

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    Hi there, I am looking for someone who is passionate about providing entrepreneurs and small to medium size business' an extremely solid marketing solution. This solution will help them to: Acquire new customers, Lower costs, Increase sales, Bind customers, as well as Generate additional income. With the failure rate of small business being so high, I'm very passionate about getting t...

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    Here is the google analytics login in for Website [ログインしてURLを表示] Please gather data from last 12 months June 2014 - June 2015

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    I'm looking to build a simple learning tool for Sales folks selling software to medical clinics. Need to put images of a 'medical clinic' which the Sales Professional can navigate to understand the objects inside the clinic, and generally understand how a clinic works or looks like. Very simple application, where no head movements tracking is needed

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    Manage Google Adwords Campaign for 1 Month @ 100 for $1000 spent on google adwords.

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    I need an NODE.JS implementation to update location updates from Mobile devices to server and from the server to show real time locations desplayed in Google Maps. I need the Mobile App done for Android and I need the Server side also done to display the locations of the Mobile in a Google MAp. Using Node Expectation - 1. Need to Connect multiple client device (Mobile phones)...

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    Witam, zlecę utworzenie pliku xml dla google merchant center (zakupy). Sklep jest oparty o prestashop, produktów aktualnie lekko ponad 500.

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    Digital Culture 終了 left

    Exploring the intersections of technology, knowledge, and culture in a digital age transformations associated with digitization and digital media have immense implications for how knowledge and culture are produced, circulated, and consumed. A visible example is how various forms of very short to long-form digital publication facilitated by access to user-friendly platforms have increased opportun...

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    I have tried to configure sending mail (via a google relay) on a fedora 21 server, with no luck. Wanting someone who can do this with their eyes closed quickly. I will provide appropriate passwords to actual environment. To at least qualify for review, please type in the program best suited to making this to work. This will save me filtering out the generic responders. On success, there wil...

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    Generate conversions via Facebook advertising for sale of online products. Campaign goals: Checkout conversions (less emphasis on website clicks - looking to generate conversions, not traffic) Require: Setup of conversion tracking pixels on FB (Also would like to set up Conversion Goals on Google Analytics) Creation of landing pages for campaigns & specific product Creation of FB campaigns...

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    I need to extend my android application, but i don't have a time to do this. 1. Now my application generate and save file to the external storage (EXTERNAL_STORAGE/MYAPP). I want to allow the user to choose where he wants to save this generated file. 2. After this file is required, the app try to read the file which is stored in EXTERNAL_STORAGE/MYAPP by previous point 1. I want to allow t...

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    Topic: Persistence Layer for XMI-Files in C++ The workflow that we need is: Model a Datastruture with UML-Designer. Generate cpp-Files with uml2cpp generator - The generator has to be enhanced to make it possible to generate the functionality to read and write xmi – files. A plugin include generated code  Therefore it is possible to read xmi-files and create instances of the modeled d...

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    Looking to generate leads to attract UK hotels to sign up to the Travelux Card scheme ([ログインしてURLを表示]). This can be achieved via social media or direct email marketing, through the use of building followers/likes/connections via Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

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    I need someone who also has idea about SEO and can generate lead for business.

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    Need a landing page created to generate leads for my website

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    We have attached a .kmz file that contains all the placemarks of fire hydrants in our city. We need to extract the data of a certain area out of the file. We have plotted an area on the map and need all the fire hydrant placemarks of that area listed in an excel sheet/csv with the latitude and longitude.

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    I have an existing e-commerce website that is 70% complete, though i need to integrate checkout page with an existing shopping cart, recreate user login and dashboard that collects customer information, including all address and contact information and incorporates a user wishlist into that dashboard. This must comply with data security standards to protect against breach of security. I need to ...

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    Hello, Please read the project before posting offers. I need someone to code a Twitter bot for me. This bot will be protected with a username and password generated automatically and sent automatically to each buyer. The bot will have 4 different versions. There must be one single file as the bot but the username and password will determine if the user have access to all feature of the...

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    I have two websites. [ログインしてURLを表示] and I applied for adsense with the sites but was rejected. Please fix the issues to comply with adsense policy to enable account approval. Login details will be provided if required. Job is marked as completed after the account has been approved. (Google normally reply me in 24hrs average.) If this what you can do, Please send a proposal. Than...

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    I'm participating in very competitive market where we all sell exactly the same products. To be competitive you have to either offer lowest prices (and reduce profits) or be unique/offer some really intresting promotions or something like that. I'm looking for someone to generate these ideas for me and help me with Internet marketing in this competitive market. I'm also in need of ...

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    AFL will be converted into DLL and code will be protected using code protection techniques. Protected AFL to be packed in a setup file, through which one can easily install the protected AFL system. DLL file should not be able to decompile. License Manager should create product evaluation and trials, hardware locked, flexible and exclusive license to be generated for protected AFL system. This...

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    To design a website and SEO and able to generate traffic to our clients website.

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    We want to get no of view of website in which we have installed google analytics tracking code. We are running script in cron job. so you might need to google analytics api in detail as we need to use google service account for server to server call in our task. If you have experience with google analytics then only bid, otherwise don't waste your bid.

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    $10 - $30
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    I need convert this code to javascript with commentars. /* Subroutine to generate a Bezier curve. Copyright (c) 2000 David F. Rogers. All rights reserved. b[] = array containing the defining polygon vertices b[1] contains the x-component of the vertex b[2] contains the y-component of the vertex b[3] contains the z-...

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    We need a J2EE application to sign documents with certificates in format A3(USB card reader), A1 with PFX file upload and A1 with browser certificate detection. 1) Create a simple screen with a single input for file upload. 2) User can choose 4 options: "Sign with A3 certificate" or "Sign with A1 certificate from browser" or "Upload A1 certificate" or "Sign w...

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    No SEO proposals please. We are seeking partners to help us generate downloads and registrations from our website e.g. [ログインしてURLを表示] We need to target by specific criteria, such as Country, Title and Comany Size In your proposal please indicate: 1. You main method of doing this (email / social / other) 2. Your pricing model 3. Guarantees

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    Hi, I want a talented person to post my website link in forums, blogs, etc... in my nichie (IT exams like ITIL, CCNA, etc...). The purpose is only generating leads, customers to my website & not for google rank, etc... My main motive is to get leads & traffic through the links. It is long term if you work well. I need only experts and hard workers. Regards,

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    The following templates need to be updated: 1) [ログインしてURLを表示] Associated files: [ログインしてURLを表示] and /templates/mpsix/[ログインしてURLを表示] 2)[ログインしてURLを表示] Associated files: [ログインしてURLを表示] and /templates/mpsix/[ログインしてURLを表示] 3) [ログインしてURLを表示] /templates/mpsix/[ログインしてURLを表示] 4) /templates/mpsix/[ログインしてURLを表示] Client Area User Details Template For updating profile image ( You can see the old file in the...

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    Hi evryone! I need one custom function to my shop, Function: Client give our spcial text, in to my "tm-extra-product-optins" plugin in to created place after press preview button and in to setted background image and special place can preview our product Sample : [ログインしてURLを表示] in te admin side need to set for all product separate the font, place and and background image ...

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    quiero que mi pagina sea la primera en los buscadores actualmente estoy en 3er puesto en ciertas categorias tengo 2 website que son mi competencia que estan por encima de mi website

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    You can setup a new gmail account and I will give my personal information to you.

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    Thanks for coming by and checking out our project listing! We are a digital marketing agency that has an opening for an experienced and capable social media manager to promote our digital online magazine via social media channels. Your role would be promote and position our brand in front of our target audience through Facebook and Linkedin - as well as other social media channels. Conte...

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    The real estate platform will be built for two types of users: 1_ Real Estate Buyers (or Renters) 2_ Real Estate Agents 3_There will also need to be a dashboard for the admin The functionality for the Agent is the following: 1_ A dashboard for them to view - all their message requests (leads) / all their phone number requests / and the # of listing views 2_ A Listings page for th...

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    optimize my current adword campaigns and solve this issue I have on adwords now "Self-Referrals A significant portion of referral traffic to property W2Beauty is from the following hostnames, which may be self-referrals: [ログインしてURLを表示]" I would also like to link my analytics to be able to see the conversion rates etc and of course, improve my conversion rate my website...

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    I'd like to utilize a content marketing strategy for my new solar power startup. The general premise is that we provide interesting and timely articles about clean energy and solar power, and then in some way tie-in those articles with a lead generation strategy. If you are unfamiliar with how this is best executed, please research the category a bit before you reply to this job. Ideally,...

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    I am looking for a few salesman / or sales woman that can generate leads in a new roofing style. It's a product that's half the price of the competition, better warranty, and is great for the environment. I need people who can generate leads, Do cold calling, Knock on doors, Contact property managers, Some people who are driven by a solid product and the idea that they can earn as...

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    project is simple *******important- no milestone and payment released after 30 days success******** you make a website which can generate 25+ usd from adsense per day website must be on good niche clickbot and fraudclick not needed organic traffic needed,so do the seo optimize relevancy of ads/content so high coversion possible telling me your method to seo etc so i can continue it ...

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    Google adsense 終了 left

    Preciso de alguem que domine o google adsense pra ajudar a corrigir um erro. E que possa revisar meu blog<br />fazendo suporte online.<br />Estou tendo dificuldades pois esta dizendo que meu blog está sem filtro e que não está recebendo hits


    Find out the security threats n generate the simulations for that

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    Hey there! I have a cleaning business called dust bunnies. I also have a logo, however I need 1 image designed that I can use for all 3 social media platforms as far as the banner part of the social media page. You can visit the webpage at [ログインしてURLを表示] to get any ideas on the feel of the image we want to create. I am not sure about measurements, so I will leave that to you. Its the ban...

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    I need a nice guy to manager my google account, let 's started with 2 hours, and if you seem good, we will have a long term agreement sheet with you .

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    Hello! I have a website underdevelopment (ASP.NET MVC) and i need some partner to help me to complet many task. What i'm looking : - I'm on ASP.NET MVC, SQL Database, Entity Framework - You developer will work always on my TFS server - I use SASS for generate my CSS. - You need to be dynamic and propose good solution and idea - You need to work with Freelancer Tracking tool ...

    $7 - $30 / hr
    特集 シール NDA
    $7 - $30 / hr
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    I need a PPC expert to help with new and ongoing PPC campaigns in Google Adwords,with retargeting experience, also Bing ads and sometimes Facebook paid ads. Please tell me your price for setting up a typical new Adwords account, including keyword research and campaigns, as well as how much you charge hourly to maintain and grow the accounts. Can lead to lots of work for experienced PPC special...

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    I have started up a website for my running club. As part of the running club, we have upcoming runs at certain times, by a certain person, and at a certain location. To make administration easy, I would like to have my website display my runs in a table format for people to see (similar to the format here: [ログインしてURLを表示]). The source of all this information is in Google Sheets (located here: https...

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    I have started up a website for my running club. As part of the running club, we have upcoming runs at certain times, by a certain person, and at a certain location. To make administration easy, I would like to have my website display my runs in a table format for people to see (similar to the format here: [ログインしてURLを表示]). The source of all this information is in Google Sheets (located here: https...

    $8 - $15 / hr
    $8 - $15 / hr
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    Trophy icon Website Mockup 終了 left

    I am looking for a website rebuild mockup. Please take the existing site and provide us with a mockup of a new design that will be amazing. If the mockup is fantastic, you will be asked to build the very large site. Please see my parameters below. The site that needs rebuild: [ログインしてURLを表示] Examples of stuff we like: [ログインしてURLを表示], [ログインしてURLを表示], [ログインしてURLを表示] Stuff to be included: ...

    $20 (Avg Bid)

    Hello, I am looking for a very efficient , talented professional person to work on my project. I am just copying one of the projects posted on this site as it comprises all what I am looking for. Kindly reply only if you agree with these terms and are able to provide the results. PROJECT DESCRIPTION I need a professional and reliable Google Adsense website creator who is able to build a ...

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