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    Port the Drupal8 plugin - Video Embed Facebook [ログインしてURLを表示] for my Drupal 7 site

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    I'm looking for someone to build me a custom web browser like SeaMonkey / mozilla. My entire application runs on flash.. With that being said, I need to be able to embed a version of flash in the browser. I want to create a good looking application/browser that works like spotify. 1. It needs to be able to render flash forms 2. I need it to run on windows and Mac 3. i need it locked down t...

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    Embed Google Maps into PDF 5 日 left

    I'm looking for someone who can embed Google Maps in a PDF file and allow the user (connected to the internet) to move the map, zoom ... And explain to me like realizing it. Thank you !

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    I need a form created that utilises this API documentation to create a company incorporation app. I don't need accounts or any advanced functionality. Just a form that utilises this API to incorporate companies with, when completed it sends the documents as an email. I want to be able to put the files on a server and have the app run. So when people visit the link, they are given the form ...

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    Flow of Software 5 日 left

    Flow of the Software The main idea of this software / bot is to show that people do buy from the products in the site So it should look like the sample I sent you as a video file How the C panel looks like [ログインしてURLを表示] prof will show as a rectangle at the left hand side corner of the website at the bottom 2. I will have the option to control the delay time between every showing of the prof ...

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    Trophy icon Messaging/comments UI design 5 日 left

    Looking for a UI design for a minimalistic messaging/commenting feature, similar to Facebook or Linkedin with only basic features including: • Ability to make a post • Ability to comment on an existing post • Ability to upvote a post • Ability to post basic media to a post (images & video) • Ability to embed URL previews into a post • Consideration for how i...

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    Build a website (WordPress) 5 日 left

    I need a SEO-friendly website for the rock'n'roll band, 20 Flight Rockers. Currently is hosted on native website builder, but will be transitioned to WordPress. [ログインしてURLを表示] 1) Must look Rock'n'roll - please include samples 2) Must be SEO for "party band, wedding band, band for hire, band for corporate event" etc. 3) has to embed the BandsInTown for tour/concert da...

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    Hi I want a wix website to use to pitch a refurbishment project I am bidding for funding for. I've got lots of graphics of the project and want to be able to showcase these within a minimal amount of text on a website which is also mobile friendly. (Text would be simply bullet points and a few paragraphs etc). The website would need the following pages - Home (Inc a video and link to a 36...

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    establish email marketing through send in blue embed links in other news letters embed links in our website create contact list

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    Create embeddable widget 3 日 left

    HI I have a wordpress website which I host a calculator for home improvement on. I want to allow my users to embed this tool on their website and have some configurable options for it. Message me for the website address to see the calculator.

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    Hi, I am looking for someone to do two simple items: 1- Embed Google Reviews banner to my website 2- Embed Instagram feed to my website I would like to ensure the banner follows my website theme before finishing the job. If you are an HTML expert, this will be a super quick job for you. If you have done this before, please apply, otherwise, please don't bother ( I will be asking you for e...

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    Embed site with auto-login in .net 3 日 left

    Embed site with auto-login .net. Basically embed a Wordpress site in this .net site and make sure when a user logs in to the main .net site the same credentials make it auto-login to the Wordpress site that’s embedded.

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    We are looking for a Webflow Expert who is able to convert a simple landing page into a Webflow Design. We are looking to have this done within the next 24-36 hours, but it shouldn't take too long to complete. To apply, please submit an application with a few examples of your previous work. This is what the first half or so of the design looks like - [ログインしてURLを表示] You will be receiving th...

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    I need to simulate a waveform display as part of a Masters Thesis project and basically it is a Study in better visualizing waveform data. I can provide video examples of the real thing and I need to duplicate the movement of the 4-5 Waveforms on the screen plus another couple of objects, one being 3D. A plus would be the ability to create an alternative version of the display that has the abili...

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    I need a professional to design me one Flutter Page Calendar View ============ (see attached image) (PLEASE DO NOT WORRY WITH COLORS! IT IS JUST A MOCK YOU MAY USE ANOTHER COLORS AND STYLES) It is a vertically scrollable calendar view grouped by months/weeks. Weeks without events are empty (see attached image) Month header on each new month (see attached image) Event area: - Event Date, with ...

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    I need a professional to design me one Flutter Page Calendar View ============ (see attached image) (PLEASE DO NOT WORRY WITH COLORS! IT IS JUST A MOCK YOU MAY USE ANOTHER COLORS AND STYLES) It is a vertically scrollable calendar view grouped by months/weeks. Weeks without events are empty (see attached image) Month header on each new month (see attached image) Event area: - Event Date, wit...

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    I need a professional to design me one Flutter Page Profile Page ============ (see attached image) (PLEASE DO NOT WORRY WITH COLORS! IT IS JUST A MOCK YOU MAY USE ANOTHER COLORS AND STYLES) Notification Area: Variable height area with title ("Notification"), badge (Number, hidden if 0), and 1 to 3 details with avatar, text and date. A "more" text if there are more than 3 noti...

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    HTML/CSS expert for complex iFrame 1 日 left

    Hi! Looking for an HTML and CSS expert to embed web content in a iFrame

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    Hi we have a very small python script install job - can lead to larger projects. We need to use a corporate script that will automatically generate USER ID and embed an iframe script into our website. PHP Python or C++ or jupyter Less than an hours work.

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    update to rates table create btc calculator to calculated value in usd cad aed pkr inr eur etc create btc payment module to provide btc payment address from binance via api check for deposit using rpc node or some free api or binance api once one confirmation received auto sell against btc/usdt take value of usdt received convert it to currency used for calculator i.e usd cad aed pkr inr minus o...

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    Software Dev 23 時間 left

    Need to embed into my website an interactive way for people to pick how much junk they have to get rid of. A dump truck that fills up as they click junk items (mattress, couch, lamps, trash bags, etc) to show them how much they’ll pay to get rid of it

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    need these 2 designs for a business card front and back exporting to the following requirements, for some reason when i try to export the logos blur out, "We request all our artwork to be supplied as high resolution (300dpi). It is important that you prepare your PDF file in the correct way. These options must be set for commercial printing: Resolution - Choose High Resolution Compression S...

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    Help me to write inside the wordpress theme this form.

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    Website is [ログインしてURLを表示] •On the home page, Slide show "Layer slider WP" is not working properly and bugging. The slider can be edited directly on the plugin on the home page. The name is {layerslider id="1"} •On the home page, Please embed the video with the following link [ログインしてURLを表示] with an auto play where it says "Unknowntype of the video. Check your vid...

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    given an existing page based on Drupal 7 we seek support for some enhancements and rebranding the site with new color schme. In detail wee seek a partner for the following toppics: - Creating a custom color scheme / CSS We will provide color scheme / style guide according to your needs and kindly ask you to create a custom css to switch color from green to blue. - Contact form in line with da...

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    There is a nice flutter library [ログインしてURLを表示] Unfortunately it doesn't include (embed) images, especially local images on iOS devices. Task is to fix this Swift library, on iOS area. On Android area, library works fine.

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    Need to build a site where the users can create a form with custom options to insert into their on sites, but the most important thing is the data Generated must be sent direct to whasapp. After they created the form, a code will be generated to embed into their own sites... To use the form generated the user will have to pay per month, so must have a payment gateway. Must have a payment gate...

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    I work for a small UK Business in the Bathroom industry. We are looking to create our own BTU calculator and embed it into a website/convert into an app. The BTU calculator will look something like this and has quite a few variables. [ログインしてURLを表示] I do know what the equation is and from what I've researched, you don't need a lot of experience. I think.... :) All the best, Jonny

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    We need 3 roller banner design in specified sizes (.psd layered format) psd file attached. It is an Italian Frozen Pruduct distrubutor in the United Kingdom. So both flag would be apprecitaed on banners somehow. I will award 3 winners in thsi project. Company details: [ログインしてURLを表示] use any materials Clear design , less text are preferred. The finished size of a 1m wide roller banner...

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    Trophy icon iOS and Android Countdown Widget 6 日 left

    This is a small project: I need an iOS Cocoa Touch Framework (Objective C) and identical Android library (Java) that will display countdown seconds just like the Javascript countdown clock here: [ログインしてURLを表示], including the "enhanced" countdown starting at 10 seconds. This should not be a webview, but native code. The iOS framework should be a UIView and the Android library sho...

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    I want an app that can embed my youtube video content and organize it for use by students. I want the app to be able to stream my facebook live/youtube live streams for selected users. i want the app to be able to run mcq based quizes and share results in a report card form with my students. I want this app to be able to process payments.

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    Hello, I am looking for a software developer who is capable of creating a bitcoin/crypto input/output slot machine that I can embed on a webpage that I create. I would need some type of admin portal page as well. I assume javascript would be the best option for this. But if there are better options. recently I attempted this on Fivver and was scammed as after a month the seller sent me a github ...

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    Hello All, Only Expert please, I need to create an extension that turns an ace embed code editor box into a user friendly panel. In this panel he can edit the lines of the ace box (variable js) in a friendly way. The extension will also include some other fields. I have the detailed project in PDF and all PSD files. Only need html/css/jquery/chrome extesion no need api or backend languages T...

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    Need custom Mailchimp sign up form to embed in a website. 1. Single line email + submit button + gdpr consent tickbox + hidden tag added (make 1 templete we can translate for different languages Very straight forward

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    Hi, I need a dynamic form that I can embed to my website (responsive), that doesn't need a loading and that doesn't need a start button. I can show you an exact exemple of what I need in PM. Be in touch

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    I'm trying to find someone specialized as HVAC engineer/designers and knowledge with the software SimScale to create a fluid dynamics simulation for my air conditioning ductwork system (similar to [ログインしてURLを表示]). Please apply if you are really skilled with this software. Thank you.

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    1)Setup Ruby and link to a domain, ns servers and IP pointing to the domain. 2)Need to setup ec2,code commit(autodeploy to server from git) https,ssl(free one),lets encrypt preferably on the server. 3)Ruby should run on nginx,high performance,security no spams. 4)Please apply only if you have experience with this kind of setups. 5)Install and run jyupter,24X7,just 2 commands, if u r not aware([ログイ...

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    Link [ログインしてURLを表示] you will do one thing in the list first before I hire you to show me you can do the job and you pick the one thing Hi tell me if you can do this do you want a small job and don’t ask for a millstones or money upfront because I don’t do it been screwed in the past and what I have the job posted for is what I will pay not what you think the job should and I want yo...

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    Hi, I have added a sign up form on my website but it is currently not working. I need help to fix it. After the person submit their detail, they will be redirected to another page where we offer a free bonus if they share the previous page. I have the code ready, just need someone to embed it to our website.

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    I am looking for coder for my HTML's page - Css file and HTML page very simple with video player and no other links. 1. Css file to make good template for each browser or screen size and mobile friendly. 2. Sharing option like [ログインしてURLを表示] for facebook and Twitter etc 3. Page title, details meta data and thumbnails logo with sharing on facebbook and proper embed in facebook .

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    ****Don't apply without researching about my proposal,I will watching your bid......***** Looking for a React developer that can create a simple 'pop up' form to be embedded on website of our clients via GTM. We collect only a phonenumber and that will be sent our API endpoint (rest/json) To give an example: Mailchimp offers such functionality for 'newsletter' subscribti...

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    Looking for a React developer that can create a simple 'pop up' form to be embedded on website of our clients via GTM. We collect only a phonenumber and that will be sent our API endpoint (rest/json) To give an example: Mailchimp offers such functionality for 'newsletter' subscribtions ([ログインしてURLを表示]). But our requirements are a little different: Requirements: Phase 1: [1] ...

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    Budget:20$,please do not apply if you are not within budget and not having more than 3+ years in installing ruby projects on server 1)Need to deploy ruby project and setup on aws with nginx,ssl,high performance site,configure domain on UBUNTU ec2. 2)Install and run [ログインしてURLを表示] ,2 commands only. code commit,pipeline from github to aws once code is pushed to github. 3)Embed iframe into one page. ...

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    Edit code from 3rd party embed code to remove background color of photo gallery.

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    You will be building a scraper/crawler that does the following: - Takes input in the format of 'movie title' AND 'year' on request (Eg. Inception 2010) - Goes to [ログインしてURLを表示] and searches the movie - From the search page (eg. [ログインしてURLを表示]) and matches the exact movie name and year. The second result in this case : [ログインしてURLを表示] - Visit the result page - [ログインしてURLを表示] ...

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    Im looking for an assistant that can contact website owners that would let me advertise / embed my Live twitch stream on their web pages. I want websites that generate traffic regularly Willing to pay these owners I just want a mutual partnership The niche is gaming. Moba's, First person shooters, Survival etc.

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    Require a custom Woocommerce Stripe Plugin, that prompts for Customer information (Name Email, desired login etc), and relays those parameters over to stripe, to create a customer profile via Stripe Customer Create API. Subsequently, upon the consumer selecting 'Buy now' after entering their customer details, the plugin should generate a stripe invoice via stripe invoice api, derive th...

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    Database Search 終了 left

    I need a simple embed code that I can put on my website that will allow students to search for their name in a database and it pulls up once searched.

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    Module 04: Discussion Forum This week, our discussion thread is centered on the resource-based view of the firm and clarifying capabilities. Select a Middle Eastern company with which you are familiar and reinforce the approach to resource and capability analysis by applying the principal stages of the analysis from your textbook. Identify the resources and capabilities of the company. Choose the...

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    This job is not typical. The goal is to convince 5 travel bloggers to embed free Traveler map into at least one article. Traveler map is more powerful version of Google Maps focused on travel vertical. Blog owner can embed his custom map (ie. voyage track) or some existing map (ie. passenger trains in america). The blog has to have Alex Rank <=500000 and be in English. I am not going to review ...

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