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    AREAS OF EXPERTISE  Adobe Creative Suite  Photoshop  In-Design  Illustrator  MAC CS4/CS5  Flash  3D animation PROFESSIONAL  Visual Commination  Creative Media PERSONAL SKILLS  Problem solving  Thinking creatively  Attention to detail  Communication skills TECHNICAL PROFICIENCY  Image Editing & Graphic Designing: Adobe Photoshop CS, Illustrator, Flash  Video Editing: FCP, AVID - Media composer,  Adobe Premiere Pro, VFX: Adobe After Effects, 3D Max  Sound Effects: Audacity, Cube Base 5, Nuendo, Protools.  Operating System: MS Windows (Word, Excel, Power point)  Camera Operation: Canon, Nikon  Music - Western Organ Keyboard, Melodica, Singing STRENGTHS Achievement accompanied ...

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    Ultra-Fast Crypto Bot Development 6 日 left

    I'm seeking a talented developer to create an advanced flash transfer bot designed to conduct ultra-fast transactions across both decentralized and centralized exchanges. This project aims to significantly enhance the speed and efficiency of my Ethereum and USDT transactions, ensuring rapid asset movement in a highly volatile market. **Key Requirements:** - **Development of Flash Transfer Capabilities:** The bot should automate and expedite Ethereum and USDT transfers, employing cutting-edge technology to minimize transaction times. - **Versatility Across Exchange Types:** It must function seamlessly with a variety of exchanges, including but not limited to Binance, Coinbase, Uniswap, and SushiSwap, encompassing both centralized and decentralized platforms. - **Cust...

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    Quick iOS Flashcard App 6 日 left

    he flash card app would be set up like this: 1. You start by going to a list of your Flash Card Sets (or you can click "New Set" to create a new flash card set). 2. Each flashcard will have 3 parts: (1) a Picture on the front, then you can flip the flashcard and it will show (2) a Name, and (3) a Fact. 3. When setting up the flash cards, the picture will be added by accessing the phones pictures, the Name and Fact will be typed in when creating the card. I would like to have a test feature that shows you a picture and then give you three names to choose from from.....the names are pulled from the same flashcard set. Then you can see your score, and you can see the history/progression of your prior scores. Is this an app you can build? Can t...

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    I'm seeking a talented freelancer to bring to life a microcontroller project utilizing Circuit Python. T...add buttons or sound) Step 5 once wav file and LED sequence are completed stop all Separate from main program Step 6 - push a second momentary button to play another wav file that will “destroy” any monsters. This button I would like to have sound played while depressed. I have also found a good wav file for this..I just can’t code the button and the functions. Step 7 while step 6 is running flash the LEDs Red for .25 seconds each until wav file is done I was planning on wiring the device myself but need a lot of help with the program. I am trying to get this built in the next few weeks as a birthday present for my son who is very afraid of monsters. ...

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    Schematics Design 5 日 left

    Hardware Requirement spe...WIFI, security 9 Connectivity: WIFI 6, 6E and WIFI 7 connectivity along with backward compatibility to 3G and 4G 10 6nos of WIFI antennas (tri band) are required 11 Device should operate using standard 12VDC external adapters 12 Temperature Range: -30 to 85 Deg.C 13 Compliance: FCC Part 15 class A, EN 61000-6-4 (generic), EN 61000-6-2(generic) 14 Internal RTC support is required 15 On-Board Nand flash of 4GB capacity for OS and system settings storage 16 Fast wireless charging support is required 17 UART Interface Deliverables 1 Editable schematics - Altium / OrCAD capture file Timelines : 1 Week Reference schematics 1 Reference schematics will be given for Sr No. 1 to 13 mentioned above. 2 Additionally needed to draw the circuit for Sr. 14 to 16 menti...

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    I am on the lookout for a highly skilled Photoshop designer to collaborate closely with my team. We are venturing into the realm of personalized print-on-demand products, with our sights set on creating bespoke items like mugs, posters, and canvases. With 22 unique concepts ready for development, we need someone who can bring these ideas to life with flair and precision. Here are 22 of the designs **What I Need:** - A designer experienced with Photoshop, capable of translating our supplied concepts into high-quality designs. - Creativity in generating visually appealing designs for a variety of products. - An ability to work swiftly without compromising the quality, as our timeline is pressing. - Job is to create 2 examples of each of these styles, provide them in nice mockups to be...

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    I'm looking for an experienced developer to create a FlashUSDT wallet app exclusively for Android devices. This app will primarily function as a secure wallet for storing USDT with the capacity to generate and send USDT securely. **Key Requirements:** - **Platform:** Android - **Primary Function:** Secure Flash USDT storage with the ability to generate and send USDT. - **Security Features:** - Biometric login options (either fingerprint or facial recognition) - Encrypted data storage. NOT REQUIRED **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Have already worked on the same project - Proficiency in Android app development - Experience with blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, especially USDT - Strong background in implementing advanced security features in apps, including t...

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    ...professional retouching. The main task is to remove an unwanted flash which has significantly impacted the overall quality of the image. - Key Task: Flash removal from the photo. - Desired Expertise: Applicants must have prior experience in photo editing, particularly in flash reduction. Knowing how to maintain and even enhance the photo's integrity after the flash removal would be crucial. - Additional Enhancement: While the question related to other enhancements was skipped, an eye for highlighting other potential improvements would be appreciated. However, the area of focus remains flash removal. - Performance Indicator: Successful completion of this task will be judged on the photo's enhanced quality following the flash reductio...

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    im looking for flash software for the MacBook Pro.

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    Seeking the development of a user-friendly iPhone application tailored specifically for rowers aiming to bolster their stroke rate efficiency through targeted speed reading exercises. This application, a fusion of athletic training and cognitive skill development, is envisioned to flash words from a pre-inputted sentence, enhancing a rower's focus and performance simultaneously. The prime functionalities anticipated for this initiative: - **Sentence Input Capability:** Users will type directly into the app a sentence of their choice, up to 250 words in length. - **Adjustable Display Duration:** The app will allow users to select the duration each word appears on screen, with options ranging between 1.66 to 3.3 seconds. - **Continuous Cycle Feature:** Upon reaching the sentenc...

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    ...PartyPix Photo Booth. I'm in need of a unique, aesthetically pleasing logo for my photo booth business. As my business revolves around capturing memories and bringing joy, I'd like the logo to reflect a similar vibe. The design must be modern, clean, and easily identifiable. Key Logo Design Elements: - Colors: The logo should incorporate Blue, Green, and Magenta - Symbols: I want to include Flash and Photo Booth film strip as significant parts of the logo - Overall Theme: The logo should reflect a modern theme Ideal Experience and Skills: - Proficiency in modern logo design and color theory - Understanding and experience in designing logos for photography or related business - Creativity and the ability to add innovative ideas into design In your proposal, ple...

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    I am seeking a proficient and experienced web developer who can expertly convert my entire Flash-based website to HTML5, primarily for mobile device compatibility. The key aspects to focus on throughout the conversion process include: - Retaining all sections and functionalities of the existing website - Ensuring the site is fully mobile compatible - Preserving the current logo and branding elements The ideal freelancer should have demonstrable experience in HTML5 coding and understand the intricacies involved in converting from Flash to HTML5. Strong attention to detail is crucial to maintain the existing features while improving device compatibility.

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    I need someone who can do a short animation for my character like Looney Tunes, I need a professional with keen artistic skills to create a cartoonish style of animation. Ideal skills and experiences required for the job include: - Proficiency in Flash or Adobe animation - An understanding of print, digital work, and video - Exceptional artistic skills in creating engaging, colorful, and fun 2D animations - Previous experience in creating cartoonish animations All these will help to produce an animated video that is exciting, crisp, and captivating. The objective is to present a story in an entertaining and lively tone. Having a portfolio that reflects similar projects would be a major plus.

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    ...blockchain, with a deep understanding of decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystems, flash loans, and arbitrage strategies. Responsibilities: Develop and deploy a high-frequency trading bot capable of identifying and executing profitable arbitrage opportunities across various DeFi platforms. Implement real-time mempool data analysis to detect and act on arbitrage opportunities before they are mined. Optimize smart contract code for gas efficiency and speed to ensure competitive advantage in MEV extraction. Ensure the bot’s security and integrity through rigorous testing and code audits. Qualifications: Proven experience with Solidity and Ethereum blockchain development. Familiarity with DeFi protocols and flash loans. Strong analytical skills to identify arbitrage op...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a USDT TRC20 flash software with the following requirements: Functionality: - Token transfers with blockchain conformation and should be visible in Trust wallet, Safepal is must,if possible binance then well and good. Timeline: - Less than 1 week Additional Features: - User interface design Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in developing USDT TRC20 flash software - Proficiency in token transfers and smart contract integration - Ability to ensure multi-platform compatibility - Experience in user interface design to create an intuitive and visually appealing design - Attention to detail and ability to implement security measures to ensure the safety of transactions. If you have the expertise...

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    ...what I'm looking for: **Core Requirements:** - Expertise in designing cartoon-style characters. - Ability to create characters that can fit into a dynamic animation environment. - Skill in designing characters with multiple poses, ready for animation. - Strong portfolio showcasing previous work in cartoons or similar projects. **Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in 2D animation software (flash and cs6). - Strong understanding of character anatomy and movement. - Creativity in character design, with an ability to produce original and appealing characters. - Experience in working with animators and understanding of animation pipelines is a plus. The characters will be the center of attention in the series, so it's crucial they are both visually appealing and capab...

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    Need a micro rf transmitter and receiver with low power consumption for long battery life, transmitter would have two momentary buttons that activate a bright led strobe effect, much like a flash from a cellphone flash. The other momentary button would activate a buzzer sound for location purposes. The footprint for the receiver should be as small and flat as possible. I was looking at these components to work with but I really don’t know what I’m doing.

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    I'm seeking a talented freelancer to craft an engaging, animated video promo that's under 1 minute long. The primary objective of this video is to elevate our brand's visibility and recognition. This project is perfect for those who excel in creating vibrant, animated visuals that captivate and communicate effectively with an audience. **What I Need:** YouTube video promo and banner image for YouTube 1- video promo less between 30 to 45 seconds I will provide logo and some photos and text 2- Banner image for YouTube that will fit the cover for the channel and all devices - A creative, animated video less than 1 minute long. - Focus on raising brand awareness. - A visually appealing, dynamic, and engaging style. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in anim...

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    I need an expert in design conversion to convert the existing design of my manufacturing unit from flash format and dwg to SVG using SolidWorks. The project mainly involves Equipment placement. Prior experience with similar projects or extensive knowledge in SolidWorks is highly recommended. Ensure the new layout aligns to efficient production and safety standards. Your expert suggestions and improvements, if needed, are highly appreciated.

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    ...an existing Flash-based chat application to HTML5. The goal is to modernize the interface while retaining core functionalities, specifically voice and video chat capabilities. This project is critical for improving accessibility and ensuring compatibility with current web standards. **Core Requirements:** - Convert Flash chat to a fully functional HTML5 application. - Retain voice and video chat functionalities. - Implement specific design and branding guidelines provided by me. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong proficiency in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and WebRTC (for voice/video chat). - Experience with modern web development frameworks and libraries. - Knowledge in creating responsive and cross-browser compatible web applications. - Experience in working with leg...

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    ...need of a skilled freelancer who can transition my old Flash content into HTML5 while maintaining the core essence of our website's design. This project aims at modernizing our current website to enhance its appeal and functionality. Key Requirements: - Convert an SWF file to an HTML5 format without adding any new features. - Ensure the converted HTML5 content is fully responsive across all devices, emphasizing a mobile-friendly design. - Maintain the original intent and interactive elements during the conversion, improving the site's user experience and design aesthetics. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for front-end development. - Experience with Flash and understanding how to replicate Flash animations/effects...

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    I have 3 pce of Comestero RM5 that needs new calibartion of coins. I get the calibation working but can't change the ouput to ch2. I see the ch6 falshing. and it should not be flash. It should be 1 or 2 pulses. The configuration is 2 toins and both will send pulses to ch2. One coin is the swedish 5 SEK and should send 1 pulse. The other coin is 10 SEK and should send 2 pulses. I need at least 100ms as puse. Yo need to guide me thru TeamViewer or similar program an/or Skype/Teams/Google meet/Whatsup

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    We are looking to find someone who can work with our existing cutting-edge photo booth setup. This setup integrates various components including a camera, flash, cashless card machine, LED screen, and a printer. For this ambitious project, I need a freelancer who combines a deep understanding of both hardware and software to bring this vision to life. Improve and understanding current setup and improving with a view to a new setup down the line. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong background in electronics and hardware setup, especially in integrating components like cameras, LED screens, and printers. - Proficient in software development, with experience in creating intuitive, user-friendly interfaces for custom photo booth software. Backend portal for our employees. - Expe...

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    Seeking a highly skilled developer to integrate blockchain into my existing Node.js system. Ideally, you'll have profound knowledge of blockchain, Node.js, API, and flash cryptocurrency workings. Your tasks: - Integrate blockchain operations into the system - Enable Transaction processing - Facilitate Smart contract execution This project demands a thorough understanding of how Blockchain can work alongside an existing ecosystem, emphasizing Node.js. Previous experience with Blockchain and Node.js integration will be a significant advantage. You'll need unambiguous know-how on how flash cryptocurrency operates. If you enjoy challenges and are ready to innovate efficient solutions, this project is for you.

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    I'm seeking a skilled electronics engineer to design a PCB for a UART to CAN converter module. Key responsibilities and requirements include: - Design A PCB using STM32 - and a can transcoder like TJA 1050 to convert data received from UART port to CAN data CAN side: - 5v input - CANH - CANL - GN... Key responsibilities and requirements include: - Design A PCB using STM32 - and a can transcoder like TJA 1050 to convert data received from UART port to CAN data CAN side: - 5v input - CANH - CANL - GND UART side: - RX - TX - GND LEDs: 3 status LEDs, 1 for CAN side(1 I/O pin) and other for UART side(1 I/O pin) and one for power USB port: a USB C port or micro USB port has to be added to flash the firmware PIN details will be shared shortly Board dimension: Preferably les...

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    I have downloaded an app from a website for both Windows PC and Chromebook. The app is a program that is to flash statements or pictures across you screen as you work in various speeds that you set. The speeds are from 1 sec (testing) to miliseconds for the Mind only. The pictures can be up loaded and the statements can be used from the program or you can create your own. The pc program works fine, You open it, make sections you want to see, set the duration and start it. Now you close the program and it runs seamless even if you reboot. It runs until you open and stop it. The chromebook version is Penguin, ubuntu version amd 64. All functions seem to work fine, make selections, start it looks great but when you close it, it shuts down & stops. But if you open it back up it a...

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    I'm ...Electron dmg application from properly loading a flash game that it's supposed to run. Each time I make an attempt to run the game, it fails to load. This issue is persistently occurring with no exceptions to its consistency. It could be an issue with how javascript our cloudflare was integrated with it. The version of Electron I'm utilizing is Electron 8. It is crucial to consider this while working on the problem as the solution has to be compatible with this version. Ideal Skills And Experience: - Extensive experience with Electron 8 -Experienced with Javascript and browsers - Proficiency in troubleshooting and debugging Electron applications - Previous experience with fixing similar issues with non-loading games - Knowledge of Flash Games inter...

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    ...Implement a wishlist functionality allowing users to save their favorite products for future reference on both platforms. 5. Integration with Social Media: Enable social media integration to allow users to share products and promotions easily. 6. Loyalty Program: Develop a loyalty program with points and rewards for customers, encouraging repeat purchases. 7. Discounts and Flash Sales: Implement features for discounts and flash sales to attract and reward customers. Product Types: Types of Products: Under each category, include options for different types of products (e.g., litters, pieces, boxes, etc.), with clear specifications and pricing for each type. I am eager to review your proposal and discuss how we can collaborate to bring this vision to life. If you have any qu...

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    ...rich user experience while handling transactions securely and efficiently. Key Features: - **Product Search and Filters:** A flexible and intuitive search system allowing users to easily find products. - **Shopping Cart:** Streamlined for a quick and smooth checkout process. - **User Registration and Login:** Hassle-free user account creation and access for personalized shopping experience. - **Flash Sale Functionality:** Capability to host time-limited sales events. - **Payment Gateways:** Integration of popular payment gateways suitable for India, ensuring a wide range of payment options for customers. - **SMS Integration:** For order confirmation, shipping updates, and promotional messages. - **Delivery Partner Integration:** Seamless collaboration with delivery services for ...

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    ...editor who can breathe life into my anime-focused projects with high-energy and emotive edits. My aim is to create captivating content for personal use, incorporating a range of effects to enhance the visual storytelling. **Key Requirements:** - Strong proficiency in video editing software, preferably Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. - Ability to integrate a variety of effects (slow motion, flash, blur, motion, shake, etc.) seamlessly into edits. - Experience with anime and understanding of its unique stylistic features. - Creativity to transform raw clips into engaging narratives, ensuring each edit captures the intended mood and tone. - Willingness to collaborate closely to align with my vision, while also bringing your creative insights to the project. **Ideal Skills an...

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    ...The USBIP interface should primarily support the following devices: Samsung phones, iPhones, Arduino (Embedded), Flash drives. - Enable functionalities such as enabling USB device connectivity, sharing USB devices, and connecting Samsung phones, iPhones, and Arduino serial-based connections. - The interface should provide full compatibility between the Windows 11 and Ubuntu OS to ensure a seamless user experience. Ideal Skills and Experience: - In-depth understanding of USB / USBIP technologies. - Solid programming skills in creating interfaces for Windows 11 and Ubuntu. - Experience in connecting and sharing various USB devices, specifically phones, embedded systems, and flash drives. - Familiarity with Samsung phones, iPhones, Arduino connections will be highly valu...

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    ...lamps should be either 3 or 5 seconds with the time controlled by a switch. Lamp 4 should be active for 10 seconds if Sensor A is activated or 6 seconds if Sensor B is activated. This should also turn off the other lamps during this period and the sequence should then reset to the beginning. If sensors A and B are activated more than 5 times combined then Lamp 4 should act as above but then also flash permanently at a frequency of 0.5 Hertz when the sequence has reset and Lamps 1 to 3 are going through their sequence but with the transition time between lamps doubled. If sensors A and B are activated more than 10 times combined then Lamps 1 to 3 should shut off permanently and Lamp 4 should stay on permanently until a Master Reset Switch is activated. You should choose appropriat...

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    1. input - 2 fields: front and back of the card. Text and numbers 2. Card shows front. On tap it flips to show the back. Have to be Reverse mode: show back first.(or duplicate cards mode to show front first and back first) 3. Cards shuffle mode 4. After the card flipped there have to be 5 buttons: show in 01min; show in 15 min; in 2hrs; in 1day; in 4 days Card won't show within specified period. 5. Ability to create Folders. 6. Folder have to show: - amount of cards in it. - when studied last time - list of cards with both sides of the cards seen - how many cards ready to study 7. Have to be an option to move cards from one folder to another 8. Cards Upload and download

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    1. input - 2 fields: front and back of the card. Text and numbers 2. Card shows front. On tap it flips to show the back. Have to be Reverse mode: show back first.(or duplicate cards mode to show front first and back first) 3. Cards shuffle mode 4. After the card flipped there have to be 5 buttons: show in 01min; show in 15 min; in 2hrs; in 1day; in 4 days Card won't show within specified period. 5. Ability to create Folders. 6. Folder have to show: - amount of cards in it. - when studied last time - list of cards with both sides of the cards seen - how many cards ready to study 7. Have to be an option to move cards from one folder to another 8. Cards Upload and download

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    I need an expert knowledgeable in Arduino programming to create a control function for LED lights. The LED light specifics wil...the controller must be capable of handling 5v Neo Pixel LED lights. Key responsibilities and skills required: - Extensive experience in Arduino programming - Ability to program for the multiple conceivable scenarios of LED lighting control - Experience in electronics, particularly LED lights, will be preferred. Project: Control a number of short lengths of Neo Pixel LED strips, to turn on/off, flash, animate in a repeatable sequence. The script will be loaded onto the Arduino board and loop play. Freelancers should include their previous experience related to Arduino programming in their proposals. This will allow me to judge their suitability for thi...

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    ...whether it is a goal or not, the screen with the rewards will appear. *Attached you can see a video and pictures. The video is close to the style we want. The pictures are the situation in our current game. *We don't want the animation to be made from scratch. Ready animations and characters will be used. *You will find the field according to our game. *We want particle effect on the reward screen. Flash, explosion You just design the stage, prepare the animations and variations, prepare the award screen. You will give it to us as a project that we will code. As I said, we don't ask you for any coding. We will work with someone who gives an affordable price and is good at animation and effects. If we agree, we will give different jobs. This is not a game production...

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    I'm in need of a sophisticated software developer with experience in cryptocurrency, specifically Tether (USDT), to create an application that primarily facilitates quick USDT transactions. My objective is to enhance the efficiency of sending and receiving USDT by significantly reducing the transaction time. **Key Features Required:** - **Real-Time Transaction Monitoring:** The app must provide instant tracking and updates of every transaction as they occur, ensuring that users are always informed of their transaction status. - **Automated Reconciliation of Transactions:** It should automatically reconcile transactions, verifying that every transaction processed matches the intended transfers, thereby minimizing errors and ensuring accuracy. - **Secure Encryption for Transaction D...

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    I am seeking someone with photo editing skills who can make my still images appear as if it’s raining outdoors. I am after both a general rainy ambiance and a specific dripping effect in certain areas of the photos. Key Requirements: - Flash professional skills to create compelling, photo-realistic rainfall effects - Experience with compositing to simulate wet or waterlogged surfaces - Ability to work with and modify outdoor scenes in particular - Excellent attention to detail You need to understand how rain interacts with different surfaces and lightings to create realistic scenes. Expertise in Photoshop or any other similar editing software is crucial. Previous experience in image manipulation for atmospheric conditions is an advantage.

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    GPS tracker 終了 left

    ...from web (e.g. change how often the location is sent e.g) - each device should have an unique key (probably IMEI?) - Device sends locations to web via restful api -- Location data to send: latitude, longitude, timestamp (UTC), speed and device unique key (IMEI) - Hardware should have reset button to reset to factory default - GPS lock LED (solid means gps lock, flash no gps signal) - Cellular data LED (solid means has data on, flash means no sim or no data) - Should be able to auto take APN from the network, if not use command via wifi - You are not responsible for the web development. You are only responsible for the hardware design, schematic design, PCB design, prototype, and firmware development. - Commands: (not limited to) 1: set device password 2: set APN name 3. ...

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    I'm developing an interactive app and require a skilled freelancer to integrate live data functionality with sensor technology. Here’s what I need: - Incorporate a motion sensor that communicates with my app to distinguish between a hit or a miss in real-time. - Program a light indicator to remain lit for a specific duration upon registering a hit. - Configure the same light to flash a different color when a miss is detected. - Design both hardware and software elements to ensure seamless interaction between the app and the sensor/light system. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in app development with live data integration - Experience in hardware-software interfacing - Knowledgeable in motion sensor technology - Familiar with light indicator programming - Stron...

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    I'm seeking a talented graphic designer to create a modern and artistic logo that reflects creativity and is infused with pastel tones. The end result should be both unique and professional, standing out in a competitive marketplace. Company is Flash Financing And we want a monkey incorporated in there like the example attached **Requirements:** - Experience designing modern, minimalist logos - Ability to incorporate pastel color palettes effectively - Proficiency in graphic design software (e.g., Adobe Illustrator) - A strong portfolio showcasing creativity and past work **Ideal Candidate:** - Excellent visual composition and attention to detail - Strong communication skills for understanding my vision - Can provide multiple design concepts and revisions **Deliverables:...

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    We are looking for a proficient and experienced Marketing, PR and Partnerships Manager for a 3-6 month retainer contract in the Events Industry. Type of role: Part Time Retainer Contract, Remote (Training in London) ABOUT US Club Mob is a collective of event professionals, creatives and performers who specialise in creating bespoke surprise stunts, surprise performances, and flash mobs for live events. One of our taglines is ‘Making Corporate Events Less Corporate!’ We offer exceptional client experience, and work with world renowned brands, high profile private clients, and luxury venues all over the UK to create unforgettable experiences for their guests, and out-the-box experiential moments. We also create consistently viral content, with over 200M views on social m...

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    I'm seeking a talented developer to create a blockchain software focusing on flash transactions for research core project involves smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps), functioning on multiple blockchains, including Bitcoin and others. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Expertise in blockchain development, especially in creating smart contracts and DApps. - Experience with multiple blockchain environments, including Bitcoin and other prominent platforms. - Strong understanding of cryptographic principles and secure coding practices. - Proficiency in one or more blockchain programming languages, such as Solidity or similar. - Ability to implement best practices for software security and documentation. With your knowledge and experience, we can build a grou...

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    I am looking to use the TUYA SDK to integrate several IoT devices with my smart home system. The aim is to achieve greater device connectivity, data monitoring, and analytics. Primarily, I'm focusing on three types of devices: - Smart Lighting systems - Climate control devices - Security devices Total, I plan to connect more than 200000+ devices. An ideal candidate fo...SDK and IoT devices, knowledgeable in smart home systems and the technologies involved such as BLE, MQTT, and WIFI. Need TUYA SDK for Web & App expert who has experience with IOT Devices for Smart Socket and other devices using BLE, MQTT,WIFI Intention is to integrate devices with Tuya Platform or Sonoff platform. Freelancer must have experience using the Tuya SDK and Compiling binary to f...

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    edit out eyes flash with enhancement. Thank you.

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    TUYA SDK EXPERT 終了 left

    Need TUYA SDK for Web & App expert who has experience with IOT Devices for Smart Socket and other devices using BLE, MQTT,WIFI Intention is to integrate devices with Tuya Platform or Sonoff platform. Freelancer must have experience using the Tuya SDK and Compiling binary to flash on ESP8266

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    I'm seeking an experienced electronics engineer or programmer to develop an audio playback system utilizing an ESP32, an external DAC module, and a 2W speaker. Here are my project specifications: - Integrate a 16MB Winbond SPI flash memory chip for audio file storage. - System must support music playback with standard quality audio. - Flexibility in handling audio file formats is preferred, though MP3 is a must. Ideal candidate attributes: - Proficiency in ESP32 programming and audio processing. - Experience working with SPI flash memory and DAC. - Ability to optimize storage to balance sound quality and file size. Please outline your approach to this project in your proposal.

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    ...configuration changes may potentially be required. Ideal skills and experience: - Expertise in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CME) 9.1 ir newer - Familiarity with Cisco IP Phones, particularly the 7965 model - Proficiency in language configuration and firmware updates - Knowledge of Spanish (Spain)-specific configurations would be a plus. Hardware: - Cisco Router is 3945 1GB flash memory 2GB RAM. IOS 15.0(1r)M16 CME 9.1 Router has 3 PVDM3 DSP DIMM 32 channels, 128 channels and 256 channel. - Cisco switch 3750 Poe. -PC with windows 11 and anydesk for you connection. -Putty console connection to router. Requirements: - Configure CME 9.1 Spanish language on user-locale 0 and network-locale 0 - Leave US English default language on user-locale 1 and network...

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    ...print usage. The text : Flash Taxi Key Requirements: - Experience in creating bright, attention-grabbing logos. - Proficiency in creating modern style graphics. - Ability to design logos that translate well on both digital and print media. Specific Preferences: - The design should be modern, reflecting our contemporary business outlook. - The color tone should be vibrant, reflecting our energetic, dynamic brand persona. Below are some suggestions on how to approach the creation of the logo: 1. Incorporate a sleek, stylized lightning bolt within the silhouette of a taxi for a dynamic and energetic look. OR 2. Create a modern, abstract taxi icon with motion lines, giving a sense of speed and efficiency. OR 3. Combine a classic taxi symbol with a flash symbol ...

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    Il s'agit de création d'albums de musiques à vendre. On souhaite que la musique soit accessible par une carte avec un QR code. Lorsque le client flash le QR code, il est renvoyé depuis son smartphone vers l'album, et il peut alors jouer et écouter sa musique. On souhaiterait aussi qu'il y ait une possibilité de dématérialisation de la carte (du QR code). Vous pensez que cela est possible ?

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