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    ...(React) Back End Framework (Node + Express/Java Spring) Database (MySQL) Styled with CSS Responsive Application: A website that sells photos Has log in api, facebook login api, clickable photos in galleries of different subjects:Hummingbirds, Antilope canyon, Bryce Canyon, Landscapes Name of the Application: "OUR WORLD IS SO BEAUTIFUL" Frontend:

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    ...have an a 85% finished web application and we need to expedite the launching of the application. Required skills: -Java EE JSF -Eclipselink JPA/session beans/entity beans, netbeans -The application is split into 2 (Console and Frontend) -Login module at the application level, having external authentication option(facebook/gmail etc.) -Guests will have

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    I need an e-commerce application with paypal module, user registration with email, facebook and google. Developed in java and database on fire base

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    ...Share requirement are : 1) High Performance 2) Switch On Bluetooth from application 3) Admin Bluetooth Connections 4) Filters Photos, Videos, Music, Documents, Zip Files and Apps. 5) Share via Bluetooth 6) Share via Social Media Applications e.g Gmail, Facebook etc 7) Back up Application and Share Apk via Bluetooth 8) Support Google Drive, Dropbox. 9) Share

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    ...to design and build a landing page to collect data from webuser (employment application to apply for a job with our company) THIS PROJECT NEEDS COMPLETED WITHIN HOURS. Its simple enough to complete. CODING: The technology to build this page will be done with vb and or java. This will need to be done in CLASSIC asp only. Not php, not dot net, not anything

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    ...it to my msaccess database. The picture will be uploaded to a directory on our windows server. I will want the user to login with facebook if they have one so there will need to be a one click “apply using your facebook info” or fill out this form... Data to be collected from user: First name Last name Email Date of birth City they are in Phone number

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    Launch the application using and complete login with facebook user (Android and iOS) Using Appium with JAVA

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    ...Business problem: Exporting contacts from Facebook and mapping to our template. 1) Choose one CRM, one that you can export out Contact Info, all of them should have a way to export out Contact Info into CSV or Excel format. 2) Manually Export the Contacts from the CRM into a CSV or Excel file 3) Create a Python/Java Utility which takes the exported CSV

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    I'm Java Developer Actually working as Business analyst. I have a little ecommerce site and i need to manage It using this app. I'll share my app for free. I've written all the stories in a trello dashboard. If you are not responsible for the deliveries, I cancel the project without replicas Sory about my english. I'm still learning. **

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    ...mobile app. We need native coding in Java (Android). We have wireframes, content, and designs already fully developed and ready to go. All video is hosted in YouTube, and all audio files are hosted in Amazon s3 buckets. Elder Source Senior Ministries is seeking to re-design the current Elder Source Mobile Application. The purpose of this redesign is

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    ...the player to login using their google, facebook, twitter, Microsoft account, track their games, enabling the rating algorithms from existing APIs are the primary objectives of the game. There is no engine development or advanced logics. just simple interface to two players play the chess game via the application/webpage. This is first phase of the project

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    ...mobile app. We need native coding in Java (Android). We have wireframes, content, and designs already fully developed and ready to go. All video is hosted in YouTube, and all audio files are hosted in Amazon s3 buckets. Elder Source Senior Ministries is seeking to re-design the current Elder Source Mobile Application. The purpose of this redesign is

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    Develop full stack web application hosted on AWS using HTML, JavaScript, Java and relevant AWS technologies (e.g. DynamoDB). For v1 version of the website, we need the following built: 1) layout of the website (we will do UX design separately) 2) access control (different login and permission groups to access different parts of the site) 3) Community

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    I am software developer, but I have no experience with Spring Boot and java script framework. I need to finish the prototype soon. I need -> Implement REST with Spring Boot in a web application. ->Create callbacks using (I prefer) Vue.js (or JQuery) -> Create one ore two data service to get cake graph data -> Update the service to get

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    I need to get a prototype in Android native Java code. The prototype should have two screens: - Hello world screen Here should be just written "hello world" and button, continue - Apps control screen ON this screen should be displayed a list of all other apps installed on the device with ON/OFF switch next to each app. IF the switch would

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    I need to design an application which can search social media sites like facebook, linkedin , twitter etc and search a person and fetch his details. Any technology will do ( preferred Java)

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    i can work on java projects like desktop application i can add different animations like sliders and more like u see in your android applications i can also add facebook api into desktop app for direct login. you can see my private projects templates on my email ghostasdevil326@[ログインしてURLを表示]

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    ... Forum Posting, Answer Site, Social Media Marketing, Guest blogging, Info graphic submission, Business Listing, Review Posting, Profile Creation, PPT Submission) SMO: (Facebook Advertisement, Twitter Advertisement, LinkedIn Advertisement, Google+ Advertisement, Pinterest Advertisement, Quora Advertisement, Video Advertisement) Technology Stack:

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    ...account table values and botnet table values) [ログインしてURLを表示], (admin utilities, analytic graphs for tables) [ログインしてURLを表示], (landing page for either:donating, joining a project, download (java app) for Win, iOS, Andriod, Linux) [ログインしてURLを表示], (basic) [ログインしてURLを表示] (basic) [ログインしてURLを表示] (basic) [ログインしてURLを表示] (basic) [ログインしてURLを表示] (individual live-feeds and project live-feeds

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    ...appium hybrid framework, preferably built in java which can be used to author tests to test any web and mobile application of small to large scale using CI. I am also open to nodeJS framework. The framework should be fully functional and be able to demo writing few test cases for a given web site like Facebook, or freelancer.com. Also reporting should

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    Vaadin Java application for invite my facebook friends into a new webapp. I need a search screen, where i can connect to my facebook account. If connection ready -> My friends appear in a list. I have to select one or more friend. The selected users put to a List. Add button -> get the friends data from the List (full name, e-mail, profile img

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    ...python or java, that use only my login account (username and password) to crawl and retrieve the comment of my friends page and fan-page where i've "liked it" (I just insert the pages id that I want to crawl). I dont want use the app_id authentication token, and I dont want use fql. I want an program that can read the js of the facebook pages as like

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    The application is a real estate marketing tools, a video maker capable to deliver showcase movie presentations, by compiling photos and videos together with our relevant lifestyle footage, and turn it into an engaging video ready to share in a minute. Many features and functionalities are similar GoPro app called "Quik", magistro, Animoto and splice

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    We are looking for someone who can create a java based application that can extract public social media profile from LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, twitter, google+ and other social networks. The developer brings the expertise of extracting the publicly available information.

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    ...implementation of e-commerce application with payments system through credit cards and Paypal and also application of automated display system of products in social networks. System includes the following innovations: 1. Implementation will take place in Rich Internet Application Environment and it will be a Single Page Application, with functional features

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    Java EE web application with JSF frontend, login functionality and fetching mechanism for public facebook events. General requirements * This project is the setup for a web application with predefined technology. Therefore, clean code and a proper structure are very important. The main goal is to boost the development of the application which will

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    ... Type application: Android Description: Display of posts from facebook pages Source: facebook graph Expected screens and treatments: 1 connection screen (loginActivity) ** already exists ** I will provide you with the source code to use the results in MainActivity 1 main screen (MainActivity) ** To be developed ** Managing facebook pages

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    Point System & Gift Redemption 1 a) Mobile Application Integration (IOS & Android) ~ Mobile application (Android & iOS Version) ~ Optimized Phone Design ~ Design, Structure & Graphic 2 User Login a) User Signup as Member ~ Signup through facebook/email/google ~ Sign up using email, phone number, name and password ~ Edit password & email

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    Hiya! I am looking for a small html/java script application. What it needs to do: I have an application that does a 'pop up' slider bar When anyone clicks on my links - like this: [ログインしてURLを表示] What I am looking to achieve is to have a set of share buttons where I can set the shared URL as well as a redirect (open

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    hi, all i want chat application in java web like facebook Technologies: jsf, mysql IDE preferred: Eclipse oxygen user can login than he can see all employees in database and can chat to anyone or there can be multiple user chat.

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    Integration of Linkedin, Facebook, Google login with Oauth2 via Rest API for an existing java/postgres application.

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    We have existing application codes for two platforms - iOS (Swift) and Android (Java) Application needs few upgrades. 1. Application uses facebook login. Recent Facebook API version change requires to upgrade Facebook SDK used in the mobile apps. 2. Mobile ads needs to be added into the applications in several places. You may suggest what adver...

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    Hi, i'm writing a basic facebook application in java with a SQL database. Most things are done but there are some details that need to be added. 1) all the exceptions are mentioned and used but not worked out, that needs to be done. 2) The following must be possible in the application:  Add and edit accounts (can not delete).  Add and remove

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    ****** PLEASE ONLY APPLY IF YOU ARE IN OUR TIME ZONE (+/-) 2 HOURS. We are on Eastern Time , if you are on a time that is more than 2 hour difference, your application will not be considered. Thank you! ******* Fitness Company looking for a Graphic Designer/Web Designer/Video Editor for full time. If hired you will be required to work from 9:00 a

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    After adding domain and ssl to a vps, we are experiencing trouble with a java application, it seems like it does a callback to something not existing. Besides that had the freelancer adding the ssl certificate to try to fix it, guess he changed some permissions on the project and thereby the app is now showing a HTTP Status 500 - /appname/[ログインしてURLを表示]

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    After adding domain and ssl to a vps, we are experiencing trouble with a java application, it seems like it does a callback to something not existing. The app in question is made in java, and is for facebook. The following are the error message we get. HTTP Status 404 - /APPname/APPname/callback type Status report message /APPname/APPname/callback

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    ...services -Manage easy Sign In, Sign UP and Subscription Plan with Social Authentications options : Google, Twitter, FaceBook -Manage Account Settings -Manage Team -Manage Team roles -Manage Applications -Manage Application API Access Key used OAuth2.0 (accessKey, Secret key) -Display Applications statistics (API Call count, Events History)

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    ...-Manage easy Sign In, Sign UP and Subscription Plan with Social Authentications options : Google, Twitter, FaceBook -Manage Account Settings -Manage Team -Manage Team roles -Manage Applications -Manage Application API Access Key used OAuth2.0 (accessKey, Secret key) -Display Applications statistics (API Call count

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    ...communications-aimed web application. This is an upcoming project, so the developer will be free to discuss intended technologies with the team, although preferences fall on Javascript and related frameworks. The developer will also be able to shape the project, discussing its roadmap with the team. Description of requirements/features: - Facebook Graph API integration

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    Build a Website 終了 left

    -- One page web design(no page refresh)Website design(similar to twitter/facebook/linkedin), development and functionality coding along with admin control panel to manage the portal contents. -- Allows user to -- create their profile -- post blogs similar to linkedin/Quora -- ask questions similar to linkedin(Within various groups)

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    Application Option - HTML 5 based Application Native Java Application Modules: Delivery Invoicing Leaves Tracking Subscriptions Payments Products Modules Explained : Subscription : Login or Register - via google , facebook or email Verification via sms Subscribe for services - Prepaid / postpaid Payments - payments

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    I need a mobile application that will enable clients to: 1. Check in at our club... when geolocation put them within 50 ft. 2. See what dancers are on stage that night and purchase dances right from their phone. 3. Also driving directions, share in Facebook, twitter and instagram. 4. Book shuttle pickup based on available schedule availability.

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    ...user Web application. Users can create an account/login. User can connect to other users or send request to connect to other users, similar to Facebook or LinkedIn. Should have option to make the profile private or public. The front of the web page will be simpler and will only have few fields to display. Want this app developed in Java/JEE and related

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    I'm developing the back end of a very simple web application in Java. This app consists in a 5 step wizard for people who want to sign up for a training course. Step 1: Personal information input (or an alternative Facebook Login button) Step 2: Select "face to face" or "distance" learning Step 3: Select the date of the course you want to sign

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    Dear Sir/Madam, I want to have two examples for facebook feed and twitter feed. Written in java main application (main()). Thank you in advance.

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    ...Android app that I started to develop but for reasons of time and knowledge I decided to do it by other means. 1) Technical Characteristics - The app is in Native Android - Java. - Use Firebase 2) What is there? - App's Intro Activity. - Login activity: Use firebase to authenticate the login with the Google account. - Register Activity: Use firebase

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    1. Develop a simple Java application using Spring REST and Spring Security and JPA repositories of Spring. 2. Develop 5-6 APIs performing CRUD operations on Postgres DB. Phase 2: Integrate with Google and Facebook using OAuth2 protocol.

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    Simple Build an Online Book Reviews System in JAVA using Spring Framework. Application should have is Facebook like box on your web application, which helps applications to get more likes on facebook. That will show how many users have already liked your application. I can

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    Hello I am looking for an android application in java with following features 1. User register /login [ by google + , by facebook , by twitter only not by email] 2. user will see a dashboard 1 and dashbord 2 with system will send a sample query to our server and based on login data it will return the response and print for this

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    ...(Without answers to these question I will not consider your Application): 1) List how long it would take you to integrate the following items into a new Android project. Give times for each one: 1. Basic Flurry Analytics 2. Google Analytics 3. Chartboost Interstitial 4. AdMob Banner 5. Facebook Share Dialog 2) How many Stackoverflow Reputation Points

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