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    Payment by milestone or bank transfer Milestone will only create after developer complete project . #1 This system must work t as Classified ads with completed list of categories #2 And as automotive auctioning site. #3 This is meant as a guard [ログインしてURLを表示] must know better and input missing ideas we have 0 tolerance for misleaders so By biding

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    ...vhicle sold above $1001 - $3000 and $50 on sold vehicle over $3001. This fees only apply to vehicle listed or sold as auction . This is meant as a guard only. developer must know better and input missing ideas not just base it on requirements!! we have 0 tolerance for misleaders so By biding on this project means u have read and fully

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    I am seeking to build a Open Source Database that can be searched via the web for opensource software and projects, with relevant descriptions, and links to where the projects are hosted. Projects will be tagged/categorized for extra convenience, such as "virtualization" software. This project will primarily be community driven once built, therefore

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    ...extensions, and tools that come with it. 1. DO not want your common or average website. I do not like "BLOG style" sites. 2. Server and hosting will be provided to hired developer, wordpress setup is installed and theme validated. 3. Responsible for creating SEO content, Google analytics, need correct header and meta tag keywords pertaining to my business

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    Looking for an experienced web developer with strong PHP, frontend development and AWS skills. You will work on the web based business web page builder application (from scratch). I have specifications (final Designs and detailed technical specification document) available for applicants to review upon request. Application Details - It will be

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    I am looking for a fast, experienced, but looking for cool portfolio additions FRONT END and a bit back end web programmer (PayPal e-commerce is part of it) to help me REDO my web site for LOW PROFIT ETHICAL HEALTHY award winning social project with a SHOP. Please be super FLUENT or close to native English speaker. BUDGET IS FIXED with very little wiggle

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    We are looking for a professional web developer to build a WordPress theme for real estate where users/agents can submit/manage properties from the front end. LOGIN/REGISTER - Enable/disable login/register - Registration is not required to submit a new property. (Email address is required at the end of the submission, a new password should be

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    ...on our way to becoming a global agency, and we’re looking for a smart, ambitious web developer to help with some of our smaller website projects. The Brief: * Branding, colour palettes and font family have already been confirmed * Design needs to be highly visual and interactive for the visitors * The website will consist of the following pages;

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    $200 - $300
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    Muslim Charity requires the services of a competent web designer (individual or firm) to develop a new trendy and user-friendly website for Muslim Charity with a strong visual appeal. The website needs to embody Muslim Charity’s wide and forward looking mandate as well as have a robust Content Management System (CMS) that can effectively manage large

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    Revelation Magazine is a non profit online visual magazine, based In Los Angeles and New York. We Are looking to redesign our website after it got deleted by our last web designer. We are open minded and flexible we can either buy a Wordpress template to customize or create our very one word press template. We want to know how to add and edit

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    College Website 終了 left

    In this website we include like important notices,departments,campus life,faqs,g...important notices,departments,campus life,faqs,gallery,quick links,news&events,training&placements,contact included email sending options,etc. are [ログインしてURLを表示] have login and registration form for student and [ログインしてURLを表示] made in microsoft visual studio 2010 web dev...

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    ...create great products and services. SKILLS • Languages & Frameworks: C#, Visual Basic, C++, Pascal, Java, Java Script, Python, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra.  .NET Framework: 2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5, WCF, ASP.NET Web API, MS Enterprise Libraries (Blocks), ASP.NET MVC 5, Web Forms, WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, NHibernate, Entity framework, Linq-to-SQL. 

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    ThornhillWeb 終了 left

    ...through a CMS. The memorial products will have various fields to allow filtering and searching of memorials 2. Project Scope • Production of CMS driven website that replicates visual designs supplied by MS-Group • Production of each page style to allow client to construct / change website via CMS • Ecommerce platform to allow product entry which includes

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    I need a basic website that meets the following criteria: Must designed in Visual [ログインしてURLを表示] or Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express. Please use CSS to design the layout, with masterpages so it's easy for me to change the content later. It is to replace [ログインしてURLを表示] - I would like it to be similar to what is on that site now, just

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    ...with all major web browsers in windows, MAC OS operating systems as well as on ipad 2, ipad 3, iphone 3, iphone 4 , iphone 5 and android based mobile devices. 5. The site should use HTML 5 technology to support video play on non-flash devices 6. The site should support the touch events on touch enabled devices 7. Home page, contact us page, History

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    特集 シール
    $750 - $1500
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    ...not a material amount. ## Deliverables # # # # # WEB Site Requirements STUDIO B ** ** # Introduction This document is designed to serve as an initial point of contact between Creative Studio B and our prospective developer for the purpose of a WEB Site Development Project. The information captured using this document

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    ...some extra help to finish the project. Professionals and consumers can meet on this website and the following has to be done: • Apply an existing registration form. Registration form exists but has to be implemented in application. Two kinds of registration one for the consumer and one for professional, both have to be implemented. • Cross

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    ...looking to not only update its professional online image amongst its membership, but to also improve the channels of communications between the organisation and its members. New web technology should be utilised where possible, while maintaining a high usability and simplicity for users. A full description is provided below. ## Deliverables continued

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    ...physical education programs for kids ages 4 - 14 who are overweight, out of shape, active, and athletic. My website: [ログインしてURLを表示], needs an overhaul and looking for a developer with experience building kids's websites and proof of their work to re-design it. ## Deliverables [ログインしてURLを表示] requirements notice: As originally posted, this bid

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    The web site is for a Forex Trading Company in London. This project is for the design only of the web site built on a Joomla Platform. If a suitable contractor can not be identified then the design and construction of the web site will be posted on Vworker. This project calls for the design of a Logo, Banner, Home Page, Following Pages, Buttons.

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    ...with IIS plus SQL Server Express. Site must be constructed using Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expressions or Visual Studio plus ASP.NET. Coding with naming conventions is required for web controls and database objects. For example, important web controls should be prefixed with ("txt"), ("lbl"), ("cbo") for textboxes, labels and select boxes....


    ...Potential For Other Unique Website Development Description: MAIN OBJECTIVES OF SITE: 1. Using superior visual and content information; intelligently energize people to respond to a call to action to either completing a contact information form or instill a need to call for more information directly. 2. To clearly and quickly display the different

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    I have a project which needs completing. It consists of a web site which has a number of pages/forms. It links to a SQL Server 2008 (hosted) database. There is also an Admin section to the site, which consists of a CMS system. The Database is an EXISTING database, and it has data already in it. The site is nearly complete with some field

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    I have a project which needs completing. It consists of a web site which has a number of pages/forms. It links to a SQL Server 2008 (hosted) database. There is also an Admin section to the site, which consists of a CMS system. The Database is an EXISTING database, and it has data already in it. The site is nearly complete with some field

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    Private WiFi is a service that provides a secure VPN connection to an OpenVPN server.? We are? looking for a developer to build the client as a .NET application.? ? The application should provide the functionality of the Open Source Open VPN GUI client in a stripped down and less complex interface, while adding customer management/registration features

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    ...against each job. The system will run on their corporate server, and will operate as an intranet application ??" staff will access the system using Internet Explorer or other web browser. The development has already been started and an initial prototype exists, but we have taken on another project, so this one now needs completing. The platform is ASP

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    ...past experience designing websites for corporate clients, flash design knowledge, ASP.NET 2.0/3.0 programming. We must be able to make minor modifications with Visual Studio and MS Expression Web. 2. Client wants usability but also wants project to look great. 3. Make W3C compliant. 4. Formatted in CSS. 5. Use clear self descriptive CSS names. 6.

    $300 - $1500
    $300 - $1500
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    DotNetNuke Forum 終了 left

    ...DotNetNuke 4.x. The forum is written in C# and it can be seen [here][1]. Read about DotNetNuke [here][2] I need the following to make the forum suit my needs: * The email notification is based on DotNetNuke 3.x code which isnt compliant with DotNetNuke 4.x. Read about it [here][3]. This must be fixed. The code making it happen must be part of

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    June 30, 2006 Webmaster(s), developer(s), creative mind(s) needed for large project (possibly long-term – depending on several factors). NET, ASP, C/C++, XML, Website Design, RSS, Linux, PHP, HTML, Project Management, Flash, Graphic Design, Cold Fusion, Visual Basic, geocoding creation and integration with Google maps, Banner Design, and any other

    min $5000
    min $5000
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    ...or The program should put my company's logo in the users systray. When the user clicks on the icon the get a menu with 3 options: Send "my company" Email, Contact "my company" by Phone, and Recieve Remote Support. The remote support software should connect to a fully qualified domain name that I specify on a specific port. That

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