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    Trophy icon Logo for English School 8 日 left

    Stark English School is the name of the English school. The teacher is Canadian and we live in Japan, so we want to use black, red and white as the colours for the logo. We want there to be a star in the logo, because the name "Stark" sounds like the word star. Once completed we need the files in AI or PSD format, high-quality JPEG and transparent PNG. NEW: I should point out...

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    Hello Sanja, I am Martin. I checked your profile. I like your children cartoons. Our company is looking for someone to help us to create several creative cartoons of animals and childrens. I would be glad if you contact me. A long term business relationship would be great. Best regards Martin

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    Hi, I need the print on the attached pillow recreated in a digital image so I can have it printed onto a new pillow. I only have some images of it when my son was holding it. It is a monkey driving a train, stars coming out of the train chimney, polka dots all around and a small butterfly as seen in the images. So I know you have read this and understood the requirements please start your propos...

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    Hello, I am Martin. I checked your profile. I like your cartoons. Our company is looking for someone to help us to create several creative cartoons of animals and childrens. I would be glad if you contact me. A long term business relationship would be great. Best regards Martin

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    Making creative cartoon 1 日 left

    Hello, I am Martin. Our company is looking for someone to help us to create several creative cartoons of animals and childrens. Attached are three sample photos. In the cartoon there schould be place for a clock. I would be glad if you contact me. A long term business relationship would be great. Best regards Martin

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    Build a small website 4-5 pages 19 時間 left

    I need a small website designed The nature of the site is for Santa Claus bookings to disabled childrens homes without the hassle of a Shopping Mall First page is an introduction, About us and what we do and why we do it Second page is a history of the Santa Claus and his elves preparing and the locations we visit Third page is a list of the requirements when booking and what Santa provides when ...

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    Need illustrator for a children's book that will have 5 characters to the story, people and a St. Bernard dog. Characters and animals will have realistic look to them, no cartoon look. Living on a farm with some repeat pictures 15-20- pictures with water coloring look to them.

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    I need an "and" keyword search program, that I will describe as if it is in Excel, but it doesn't need to be an Excel program. In Excel column A, and in each cell down to a maximum of about 850,000 rows, there will be a list of words 50 to 1000 characters long. For example: A2: cat dog rabbit mouse trap... A3: table chair stool lamp ... A4: car truck motorcycle parts ... A5: comp...

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    Trophy icon Childrens book illustration 終了 left

    16 page children book already written with rough illustrations as a guide. Book (closed) will be 10" x 8.25" horizontal with all pages using a two page spread (as per samples).

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    book for children aged 6 to 10. style is to look like a pop a book, but as an illustration. 32 pages with cover and back cover, and 16 internal full page illustrations.

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    We want to create a line of foam padded mats for children. There are a few on the market at the moment but none with the sort of designs we are looking for. I have attached a word document and on the last page is a couple of our "to be" competitors. The mat will have two sides, one side I'd like a more muted, mature but trendy design and the other side something playful and youthf...

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    Hi! I am a mutitasking mom wearing many hats and author is one of them. I'm looking for an illustrator to bring my childrens book to life.

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    16 page childrens book in need of minimalist style drawings. Mostly in black colour with shots of colour. I will explain more when sending over the script.

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    We are going to make four children books (as a start). Small books with 10-15 illustrations pr. book + front page. Our business educates swim teachers, and are going to make books for parents and kids. There will be five main characters: Flounder, Oyster, Squid, seahorse, starfish. They are going to be express different feelings and movements.

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    Looking for an editor for a childrens book. Need someone who can take the attached book to a higher level. i want to ensure there are no spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors. where there are areas of improvement the right candidate will offer suggested changes through examples/rewrites.

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    Lawyer required to challenge a section 90 application in nsw childrens court on 7th august

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    Childrens book 終了 left

    It's a book for approx 6 - 15 year olds. Based on the journey through the irish countryside. Told through the various creatures that reside here. Centered around two dogs an owl and a woodmouse.. Factual Information. Artwork and some humour are at the forefront but also dealing with animals as compassionate beings with independant thoughts and feelings.

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    Educational Children's book series aimed at 4 - 7-year-olds. 500 - 600 x 5 books. = 2500 - 3000 words total

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    Childrens book Based on mischievous little kids

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    I would like to obtain a quote for turning a text consumer education piece we have into a graphic version (preferably manga-style, online and print) aimed at Chinese and Indian app developers, etc. It will be in English with the ability to plug in other languages, starting with Chinese (we have a provider who is turning the text into Chinese already). Is this something in your wheelhouse? Can ...

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    Dental office in PA. Childrens office, and adults. Lots of kids. project for enablers.

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    Hello, I am looking for an illustrator for a Christian children’s book I have written. I am needing an illustration of a mother and baby which will be the same mother and baby on 10 pages of the book with basic background as well as a cover illustration. I am still deciding on whether to have a basic background illustration covering a two page spread where text will be or just have one page...

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    for an product presentations i need an design for an instant noodles pack. Erik and Nanji want make robot with own os. the robot love soups and childrens. robot help childten at home, school ..... campany make chicken soups for us. we make money are for social children projects. Robot protect people and service soups. We need an design for pack instant noodles. - Nice Chinese letters - robot ...

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    I need eight sheet designs with bold, simple outlines for children to colour in. The designs will be printed onto calico draw string bags which will contain products. The usual product board size is 30 x 30 cm. The design sheets will feature my brand logo in the bottom right hand corner, and otherwise have a range of outline images of things such as bugs and insects, vehicles, farm animals, pet...

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    Dental office 終了 left

    Dental office in PA. Childrens office, and adults. Lots of kids. PROJECT FOR ENABLERS.

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    23 入札

    I wrote a childrens book and I am awful at drawing. I need a few characters for my book, a couple in which will be shown multiple times doing different poses

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    44 入札

    I am a single dad and travel full time with my Autistic son. We have a successful blog and my son is wanting to start creating an income stream for himself to help fund his dream trip to Japan. He is currently writing a children's book on being kind. I will need around 15 images drawn which will entail 2 - 3 characters and other basic details such as giving another child a toy, sitting next ...

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    I have to make an edit to this page - [ログインしてURLを表示] - but it isn't really a "page" and I can't find it in the back end. I've attached the edit needed.

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    FRAME OF BRAIN 終了 left

    DMIT AND MIDBRAIN ACTIVATION INSTITUTE DMIT TEST IS A COMBINED SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF :--- BRAIN LOBES 9 MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY WITH THE HELP OF FINGERPRINTS Medical experts, through observation, recording, comparison, induction and clinical trials confirmed that fingerprints provide accurate analysis of person’s inborn talents. The assessment system analyses th...

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    Hi Richard W., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. I am also adapting a small childrens novel to a script for animatino,and would like to see if you are available to do this? We can discuss details over private chat, but basically if you are not able to do the entire script maybe you can help by just marking up the pages with important scene, characters, locations etc,...

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    Create illustrations for a childrens book on language development. Looking for a clean colorful design. Story takes place in a playground and has primarily two african American characters (girls) who are 3-4 years old. Will need about 9 illustrations with one character then the illustration repeats with two characters then the illustration repeats with no character just the difference objects in t...

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    Need SEO service for my youtube channel, which has childrens nursery animated videos

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    Need SEO service for my Youtube Channel which makes childrens animated videos and nursery rhymes

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    J.A.M. Jesus and Me Bible Club Included a few designs I have approved in the past. church logo and mens ministry logo uploaded

    $190 (Avg Bid)
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    I have written a small childrens book, I would like to get it illustrated just so I can publish it. I am 16 and am willing to pay about 70 dollars. there are about 8 pages that need to be illustrated. you guys can have complete creativity.

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    I am looking for an exception animations team to create a animation of a Children's classical fairy tale - Either 3D or 2D animations experts Must be a team Must have a portfolio of previous jobs If project goes well there will be multiple future jobs of a similar style Only proposals that include links to similar works will be considered. No individual freelancers - teams only

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    My name is Yossi Lapid. I am an award-winning indie children's books author. You can see my books at: [ログインしてURLを表示] I am in the process of building a new author website and I need an appropriate logo. Previously, I had a website associated with my Snowman Paul series and I attached the logo I used. Now I want a website that will be associated with my name as author and book publisher. So th...

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    IVY character 終了 left

    Simple girl character made from childrens building blocks, riding a bicycle with an electronic toy in the basket

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    Fun, colorful, kids parties logo needed. I am in the business of childrens parties, where we create bath bombs and soaps. We would like the logo to be colorful, playful and represent scent and fun.

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    I need small vignettes and detailed black and white pencil and ink sketches of Bears and forests and mountains. I'm looking for a particular style - old fashion and simple. See examples. I need about 20 pictures plus a cover.

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    Matheo is the name of our brand and we are producing a series of Trilingual Flashcards for Children. We are looking for a Talented animator to create an animated video of 20 secondes. The Video is about a little boy named Matheo who is full of energy, loves to laugh and dance, he speaks three languages English, French and Spanish. The look we are looking for is a little like the pixar Lamp video, ...

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    This is a childrens book in need of illustration. It is a true story told to me by my father about a little pet hen. The setting is a village farm in northern Italy. The little boy should resemble my father. I have a picture of him at four years old which is when the story takes place. The characters must be friendly, colorful, and not too stylized for a young child. Scenery will flow through the ...

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    I'm a start up with no designer skills, however i have a vision. I want to trail an idea i have before fully investing. Its a customised swimwear line for children aged 6 months to 3 years old. There will be some innovation. Looking for traditional fabrics and eco friendly fabrics. Possibly if i can trail 1 design in 3 sizes etc. Please contact me if interest

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    Hi, I'm looking at starting up a small business creating short books aimed at parents to read with their young babies/toddlers. Each book would be about 6 scenarios - i.e - 'My daddy loves to do DIY around the house - where the 'daddy' in the book would resemble the baby's dad. I would give a quick brief on what each picture would need to be like and potentially ask ...

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    We are a wholesaler of childrens toys and gifts, selling only thru retailers. We have a house of brands. Learn more about us at We have an AU/NZ ecommerce site (Shopify platform) - [ログインしてURLを表示] We are looking for end-to-end digital strategy/services with very aggressive growth targets.

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    I plan on constructing a farmhouse in India by the end of this year. The farmhouse comes with a swimming pool, mutlipurpose court, duck pond, childrens play ground, etc. Layout and 3d illustration shall be provided.

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    iam writing about important of school for child development education is main base for all childrens and students. and so many schools and top 10 schools are providing such a wonderful education to our child so our children will choose top schools and make their education of our society

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