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    Hi there, I am looking at creating a webpage with most offerwalls integrated so users can complete all task and earn points that can be converted to dollars, i have the domain and hosting all ready to go so i just need to find a script to install, i have the knowledge to do all this and to play with coding but its a little to complicated for me to compile all of this myself. these are the things ...

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    Project 142 3D 終了 left

    Deliverables: 1. Our client needs a 3D rendering and 2D images of a butterfly to make a mold and for color/assembly reference 1x 3D rendering with measurements (3D view) with layers: a. frame only (anodized iron-zinc metal) to include the wing circumference, wing internal ribs with allowance for fabric/net attachments, butterfly head and butterfly antennas, any brackets (the wings have sligh...

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    - You should be able to analyze the strategy of our 3-5 largest competitors - How and where to create backlinks - Based on the analysis of competitors to introduce the strategy for link buildign - Set targets growth in traffic - Be aware of creating backlinks from Wikipedia and so on (how often and how to avoid removing) - You should have a strategy how to refer to the content on our website ...

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    Choose a WordPress theme based on Zurb Foundation such as "Cornerstone" Then create child theme from there and then and make the following WordPress site more mobile friendly. [ログインしてURLを表示] Before biding I would like to see that the right candidate has experience using Zurb Foundation and preferably worked on a job like this before where combining WordPress themes with HTML 5 ...

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    the website should have the following features manage obituries and Memorial Walls * Creating memorial walls to the ones who died you can: publish the textual obituaries or life stories, supplement the long-lived homage with photos, videos and audio files, configure which memorial fields to display and modify field labels, create additional custom fields of different types f...

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    daily work report creating in excel

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    Hi, I have a IOS app but I would like to add those features: 1- Post writings and videos(like tweeter and facebook) 2-Creating groups and pages(like facebook) 3- Share location Time: in 10 days Best

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    I am looking for someone to handle the online marketing aspect of my small clinical hypnosis business. Webpage dev, social media, blogging The perfect applicant will hopefully be keen for ongoing work and creating an online image for the business from scratch. Please make me an offer for initial startup fees, and also ongoing weekly/monthly fees. Regards.

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    !! IF YOU DO NOT HAVE READY MADE APP DO NOT BID Hi, I would like to get social networking ready made app IOS and Android. Basically I want to mix, Facebook , Instagram and Tweeter. Features: 1-Login via Facebook 2-Profile setting with Picture 3- Posting writings, photos, videos 4-Groups and pages (like facebook) 5- Creating events For this, I want buy your source code. If you have re...

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    Hello, I want to make from you, you will create a script. First step for settings ; I will put website names to this script for example And Only one email address for sending to information to me. [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] when i run this php, this php will check those website's [ログインしてURLを表示] and will tell me , LATEST TWO POST URL include cre...

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    Private Project for creating 3D Video Animation. Please contact me immediatly. I have full description ready and waiting for you to make it work. High quality needed. Thanks

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    Bag with Light 終了 left

    Girls might struggle while trying to find stuff that are inside of their handbags. That is why i thought of creating a bag that would made it easier to see what it has inside. I installed 6 little bulbs inside of the bag and also a switch on/off button.

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    Design a Logo 終了 left

    Creating Logos,Business Cards,Wallpapers,Graphic Designs,etc

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    Hey, I am looking forward to make a web application. The details of the project will be discussed later. This project is about creating the full specification from some random ideas that I have and not for making the whole application. This would be on going work for about 1 year. You should have good knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Node.js, CSS, Web Design, JavaScript, Jquery, MangoDB and other r...

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    Analyse the operations of SEAMM, the Case Study described overleaf. 1. Identify the entities and relationships that are relevant for a system to manage SEAMM Develop a data dictionary (catalogue) and create an E-R diagram. 2. Using a DBMS (eg. Access), build a prototype database by creating the tables and populating them with at least 3 rows of dummy data. Take screenshots and compile a d...

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    Create Crystal Report Template for Generate number of Invoice, Sum by Category the charge of a Hotel. I need help for finish a Project of Crystal Report but the software of Hotel managent software, and this software not provide Invoice Number, only Reservation Number or Folio Number but this number not work for create a seq of number for a invoice. I need help for creating formula for generate inv...

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    The Social Media Manager will implement the company’s Social Media marketing. Administration includes content strategy, develop brand awareness, generate inbound traffic and cultivate leads and sales. The Social Media manager is a highly motivated individual with experience and a passion for designing and implementing the company’s content strategy, creating relevant content, blogging...

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    Create a Video 終了 left

    The video for an app I am creating. The app ui is complete and would need to be used in the video shown being used on phones. The video would require narration to explain why people would want the app, what it is and how it will work.

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    Create a Video 終了 left

    The video for an app I am creating. The app ui is complete and would need to be used in the video shown being used on phones. The video would require narration to explain why people would want the app, what it is and how it will work.

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    Need to work on filemaker template- form to sumuarize product found during fair : editing list / drop down menu / boxes - link category / vendor master table ( ..).

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    I'm inventing a new type of Projector which is being designed in Solidworks. I'd like someone with awesome rendering skills to create some photo realistic product shots of the product in real world scenarios. This would be in the bedroom, in the kitchen, etc. So ideally you'll already have some models for rooms which are clean and trendy in style. Or you'll know how to place a...

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    both the platform should be very user friendly , attractive backgrounds , as well as maps inscribed in it for the live tracking of vehicles ,person as well as the point of origination of the waste ,through the GPS of the customers, a programme where an user can check that how much pollution they are creating by using there bulb or there TV{crt,lcd,led} or any other electronic appliances , so th...

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    *****IF YOU ARE NOT LOCAL TO WESTERN SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, DO NOT APPLY FOR THIS PROJECT****** We are a building material manufacturing company located in WESTERN SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. We require the expertise of a LOCAL contract writer who can assist us in creating a template for a contract we use on a regular basis with new business opportunities. Ideally we would like some automation for ease ...

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    The website I need help creating is for my company, Fetch Delivery. Fetch Delivery is a delivery service, similar to Postmates or Grubhub, where customers order food or any other items they need and have them delivered within the hour to their desired location. Fetch Delivery caters exclusively to the University of Maryland campus and the surrounding neighborhoods. I need help making a clean, easy...

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    Seeking talented ghostwriters for on-going long-term basis. Task will consist of writing multiple Erotic Paranormal Shape-shifter romance series aimed at female market. Theme |Outline | Direction and Characters for each story will be provided and required to be adhered to. Their lies ample creative freedom in telling the story, unfortunately not in the re-shaping it. However, insightful, rich an...

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    I have started creating a Muse website and require a cost calculator that works in a similar fashion to the one on [ログインしてURLを表示] and [ログインしてURLを表示] all intergrated into a ecommerce for Adobe muse. Happy to provide screenshots or a mock up of the look and feel required.

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    I need assistance finding/creating content for a Linkedin group. The group is focused on general business and post topics could cover higher level strategic topics such as business technologies, marketing, operations, management, etc. Content should be a blend of unique original content and finding content (business publications, blogs, etc) that might be interesting to the group and stimulating...

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    I need someone to help with emailing clients, following up with clients, sending thank you emails, creating a response to service request inquires, Helping to keep appointments and reminders. Creation of contracts, paperwork for my two businesses. Social Media posting.

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    We are creating a brochure for our Public Policy department. The middle folds out into a poster - and we would like a nice graphic that captures attention, as well as the spirit of the department.

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    We are a small company called Smart Space Group. We offer a variety of services to create smart homes: smart tv, automatic doors, CCTV, lighting design and control, structured cable installation, etc. We are now looking into opening our own lighting shop, where we will sell: LED lighting strips, drivers and accessories. We have prepared a very complete brief for this task and a tentative sitemap ...

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    Experienced designer needed to help with holiday work flow. Tasks will include creating homepage sliders and landing pages for mobile and desktop. Create product images according to brand charters. Ability to work quickly and professionally. Detail oriented. Beauty brand experience a plus.

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    Build a Website 終了 left

    [ログインしてURLを表示] I am launching a new company which specializes in private investment and fine acquisitions around the world. As i am creating a new concept the company is growing day by day. I need a Home page designed with a contact box, with a link on the top corner page MEMBERS LOGIN. Anyone who clicks members only link, they type member number and password. it will always decline access....

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    need expert for creating a video to advertisement, i need more than 2 videos but i want to see ur wrk. lets discuss if you can

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    Hello, I'm looking for a people for creating short animated promo video for the website. For more information, contact me please by chat.. Duration: 60-90s Output: avi Thank you for your offers..

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    Hello! I am in processes of creating an Off-line dating experience which would require registration for specific dates and times. Because this operation would initially be run by 1 or 2 people, taking on and manually imputing reservations would not be the most cost effective approach, additionally, having customers be able to see and register for times and dates several months in advance would ...

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    Hi, I need a site for a takeaway place where customers can book online. The takeaway sells sandwich and because of that customer should be able to pick salads they want in it and meat and dressing and bread and so on. I have bought this theme and would prefer to you this, so you need to set 3-4 rows up under options and make some of them obligatory and some of them will cost extra. The fu...

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    i need someone to write a LR on the topic "Cyberbullying, Creating a Browser plugin that can detect and report on cyberbullying ". l need to criticise, compare and contrast information from secondary sources (Journals, books, News in the CyberBullying, and web browser plugin. I will provide all sources. NEED mendeley for APA citation

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    We are looking for WordPress expertise for creating custom WP sites for our customers. The sites embed the Gbox ([ログインしてURLを表示]) video player so that their users view a catalog of available videos and watch/purchase them.

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    I am looking for a wordpress coder to work on certain debugging and also new plugin tasks for - 1. integrating a new api send/recieve into a contact form by creating a new plugin. 2. debugging an existing wordpress installation email sending script and figuring out why it's not sending it to the right user category. Please bid your hourly rate. I am looking for the best price with feedb...

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    Our client needs to have you voice the Dwarven Language like that within the Lord of the Rings and similar fantasy based source materials. It will be used by a Tabletop Role Playing Game. Read below for more details. -- Gig Details -- Gig: Dwarven Language Prize: $325 Duration: 2 Minutes License: Buyout Client Description: You are creating the Dwarf Language (Dwarven) so all r...

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    creating slide 5/10 to put on an advertising space online features 06x07 cm in addition to the freelance graphic should be advised how to communicate and call to action.

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    Write an eBook 終了 left

    Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest Marketing: A step-by-step PowerPoint Presentation about how to use the following the above for business marketing. 1- The PPT file should include screen shots of the steps along with the explanation of steps. It should include everything from creating a profile, to using all the features possible in these three products for business marketing, tips and tricks ...

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    We want a Application developer for creating an Android and IOS application for [ログインしてURLを表示], a platform to share books, socialize and save trees.

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    I am creating a GUI application using Python's Tkinter module. I need some assistance in creating three functions and threading functionality.

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo for MCH 終了 left

    This contest is to create a Vintage looking Logo and business card design for a company called MORRIS CUSTOM HOMES. Morris custom homes is a high end custom home builder. Our focus is details, quality, custom designs and craftsmanship. Could anyone do a more vintage logo like these? [ログインしてURLを表示] Here are some other big players in the industry: [ログインしてURLを表示] The design should be...

    $250 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Logo for Munivarya 終了 left

    Munivarya was a Dyslexia student, yet he became Space Scientist. His current full time job is to provide automatic solutions for Earth’s Natural Resources Management and Sustainability. He works semi-part time as a freelancer in various web sites and provides Brand Names to the clients. It is his passion to give the names to the organisation and products. The earnings made through this h...

    $72 (Avg Bid)
    保証 トップコンテスト

    George, We are creating a company with an Android and iOS based app providing the privilege for the end users to post a driver service requirement by specifying their current location. The company name and associated web and apps is “Driver on Call” or DOC in short. We offer 4 categories of driving services: Non-emergency medical transportation, Dedicated Driver, Senior/Elderly Assista...

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    Creating a project for interface design of Anu Community Health website homepage

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    Logos are very important in business world, logos are more likely to be remembered by the market. I have been creating and designing logos since a very long time and my clients have been satisfied over my work I will design an awesome looking flat logo for your company with free revisions till your satisfaction Why buy my service? - I am a professional graphic designer - I promise you wil...

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    Create a Video 終了 left

    Introduction Adobe Premiere and After Effects expert needed for general video production & support duties. Right now we are creating several short sales focused videos and require an experienced resource to help with general editing duties. Each video is around two minutes long. General colour correction, audio balancing, After Effects integration, title creation etc. are among the mos...

    $15 / hr (Avg Bid)
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