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    It's an informational dynamic website. The whole site is dynamicly controlled by the admin and the moderator. ## Deliverables I need bids only from SERIOUS & EXPERIENCED (related portfolio is a must!)programmer/designer or team. THE DESIGN IS READY AND THE SITEMAP TOO. DOWNLOAD THE ATTACHMENT (TC [ログインしてURLを表示]) AND THEN READ THE PROJECT DESCRIPTION HERE! =============...

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    A system for Customer Service Rep. for Fault Reporting system is required. The system should based on the requirement and it should be able to import data from MS Access. The database should using My SQL or Access Database to developed and it should be export to MS Access/Excel also. For the reporting, you may develop using Crystal Report or any other cheap/no cost report generator. Please us...

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    report generator 終了 left

    I am a psychologist. I have been using several Qbasic 4.5 programs I wrote to generate ascii text files to be edited in a word processor. Each module CHAINs to another until all data has been entered. Data is either text or numerical, and I have tables which look up percentiles, standard scores, etc.. I would like to change my program to work in a Windows environment, with text and numerical ...

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    This should be a simple project for a programmer who knows how to develop PDF converter. I am looking for a “PDF Ebook and File Generator”, similar to Adobe Acrobat but including XMP to allow the inclusion of Meta Data. For example Meta Data (“data about data”) will consist of the following, however this is not an exclusive list: Title of Ebook Title of file or document ...

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    2 flash programmers required for 4/5 week project starting in central London next week. Knowledge of Generator and post script process very useful.

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    $200 - $300
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    Button Generator 終了 left

    I would like a script exactly like the following... [ログインしてURLを表示] I will provide the HTML I just need someone to make the php for it. I am looking for this to be done reasnobly quickly.

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    Write a program in C or Jave for the following: The Independent-Set is to find a maximum-size independent set in G. a) Formulate a related decision problem for the independent-set problem, and prove that it is NP-complete. (Hint: Reduce from the clique problem.) b) Suppose that you are given a "black-box" subroutine to solve the decision problem you defind in part (a). Give an algori...

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    This should be a simple project for a programmer who knows how to develop PDF File. I am looking for a “PDF Ebook and File Generator??, similar to Adobe Acrobat but including XMP to allow inclusion of Meta Data. Meta Data will consist of the following: Title of Ebook Title of file or document The Author Category of Ebook Keywords Description of file / document Infor...

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    See attached swf files for 2 examples of what we are looking for We are in need of [3] flash presentations: 1. for a slick introduction similiar to [ログインしてURLを表示] 2. a walk through of the unit we are trying to sell similiar to [ログインしてURLを表示] 3. a 3d rendering of the technology process. i.e. a couple rollers with paper going through them ***if possible prefer this to be don...

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    Page Generator 終了 left

    I want a script "doorway page generator/spider" that run automatically and create static pages continuously as search engine. example: I search "porno zuccaweb" in google: [ログインしてURLを表示];ie=UTF-8&q=porno+zuccaweb&btnG=Cerca&lr= the first and second result is: [ログインしてURLを表示] simple another list of link. I insert a link or a word and Spider search ...

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    I need a script or windows application that will generate all possible combinations for a lottery. For example, in a 5/37 game, the application would generate a list containing all 435,897 possible combinations. The list would begin: 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 6 1 2 3 4 7 1 2 3 4 8 1 2 3 4 9 1 2 3 4 10 and so on and so on. I'd like the program to save the data to a text file a...

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    I have another project that I'd like a quote on. Depending on the price it may be a bit before I can afford to build it, but I thought I'd run it by you anyway. There's a JavaScript program that's called "Dynamic Price Generator" It makes it so the price of an item goes up until a set date. You can see an example at the link below... [ログインしてURLを表示] Anyhow that'...

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    I would like an application that can create box cover images, newsletter cover images, CD covers, header graphics, DVD covers, eBook backgrounds and different perspectives of boxes and covers. It should have capability to import templates and registering users server side so only they can access the software on their server. I need full rights and code to the software. See eCover Generator [ログインして...

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    Need a Flash Banner fast. Approx size is 780x100 that displays content like [ログインしてURLを表示] . I will supply all content/pics for you to incorporate. Thanks...

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    I want a script "doorway page generator/spider" that run automatically and create static pages continuously as search engine. example: I search "porno zuccaweb" in google: [ログインしてURLを表示] the first and second result is: [ログインしてURLを表示] simple another list of link. I insert a link or a word and Spider search in internet and doorway create static pages. I use [ログインしてURL...


    We are a US-based e-learning company interested in simplifying creation of avatars for online learning. We are looking to host a web-based application that will let a user rapidly trace the outline of a foreground character in a user-provided digital photograph. Users will browse to a web page, input a user name and password, and be invited to upload a photo (jpeg, .bmp, or .gif) containing a...

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    I need developed ebook creator software... the ebook creator takes HTML files with an [ログインしてURLを表示] as first page and then carries on like a website with links, jpg or gif, avi files mp3 files whatever... the features: 1. personalised key for each client that buys the software or the ebook. [ログインしてURLを表示] unlock the ebook the client inserts email and name that are emailed to who created the ebook...

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    Dice 終了 left

    **Due Friday, June** **25** Design and implement a Visual C++ .NET program that simulates rolling a pair of standard six-sided dice as described below. Consider this experiment: Roll two dice and remember their sum (this is called the target sum). Repeatedly toss the two dice again until the same target sum reappears. Count the total number of times the two dice are tossed, including the initial...

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    An ASP or VB program that will list domains that have expired or going to be expired according to filter criteria. 1/ By Domain type .com, .net, .org etc 2/ By Max length of domain name 3/ Contains a supplied substring, either at the beginning or within the domain name. 4/ Link Popularity greater than a supplied value 5/ Max result entries to accept in the output report ...

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    I would like for a coder to complete this web application for me: I would like the same functionality that you will find here: <[ログインしてURLを表示]> you will have to sign up for an account. [[ログインしてURLを表示]][1] Replace the DOT with a "." You will find a lot of the functionality exists in the ministrymanager software. I would like the reporting piece to ...

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    The goal of the project is to write windows application to let users save and open MS Office documents into the Lotus Notes database. This is not easy job at all, as I expect candidate to deeply know Lotus Notes API and use .Net for rebuilding part of the Lotus Notes UI in a standalone application. There will be security issues, lot of caveats and black holes. So only brave guys are welcome ! :-) ...

    $500 - $2500
    $500 - $2500
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    Lottery Crack 終了 left

    this program first will generate a list of all lottery combinations from 1 to 41416353, that is how many possible combinations there are for the lottery, the second part is complicated..... what it does is it uses a psudo random number generator to generate a list of numbers if the first number does not match the lottery number then it is cycled from one to infinity until it matches then a second ...

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    I have a peice of software that I sell on [ログインしてURLを表示] It created those DHTML type windows that look like pop ups but aren't actually. The problem is that this has a couple problems listed below that I need fixed... [ログインしてURLを表示] Netscape 6.2, the title bar is messed up, the box has no border and the popup will not close. 2. Does not even load in Opera 6.03 or Netscape 4.7. I need ...


    This project will required the development of an application that creates a quotation based on data that would be provided to the system. The data in which the quotation is based is provided as three (3) worksheets on a single workbook. The system should create the quotation as a fourth (4th) worksheet of the workbook. As you read the Scope of Work, you will notice that to develop this system it ...

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    Web page template (no content) for traffic generator program. Design Priorities: Professional clean high impact appearance Parameters: Lite weight (low bandwith), no frames (SE friendly), Multi-browser compatible, no end user required downloads i.e. flash etc. * A straight-forward design is preferred. I will do the site/ script integration. The program out of the box: ascripts dot com/demo/au...

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    Suppose you need to generate a random permuation of the first N integers. For exampe, {4,3,1,5,2} and {3,1,4,2,5} are legal permutations but {5,4,1,2,1} is not, because one number (1) is duplicated and another (3) is missing. This routine is often used in simulation of algorithms. We assume the existence of a random number generator, r, with method randInt(i,j), that generarates integers between i...

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    I need an application that will generate audio for a website, it needs to generate the audio to an .swf flash file with a play, pause, and stop button. This is similar to [ログインしてURLを表示] however there is no need to have a toll free number to call and record a message. There need to be two ways to record a message: - Via Microphone connected to the computer - Via Selecting an already recorded file...

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    We need a simple, elegant, header graphic modified (or newly created) for a legal web site. The graphic will feature gold text set on a navy blue background. The graphic currently says "Internet Legal Resource Guide". It is located here: [ログインしてURLを表示] We want it instead to say "Internet Legal Research Group" with a superscript TM at the top right of "Group". We p...

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    Please see the attached Word Document. It has MUCH more detail in it. Basically, I have a very large database of business names and addresses that I want to place on a CD, build a GUI that allows the user to query the database just about any way they want and print the resulting data out on standard mailing labels or export it to Excel or comma delimited format. This needs to have a really user fr...

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    Suppose you need to generate a random permuation of the first N integers. For exampe, {4,3,1,5,2} and {3,1,4,2,5} are legal permutations but {5,4,1,2,1} is not, because one number (1) is duplicated and another (3) is missing. This routine is often used in simulation of algorithms. We assume the existence of a random number generator, r, with method randInt(i,j), that generarates integers between i...

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    Installed on my server is Alstasoft's Live Support - a multi-user, subscriber based online chat service. It is similar to Bold Chat and Liveperson. Functionally, it performs as expected. However, there is a flaw in the code generator that creates the html for the subscribers' web pages. The link to the subscribers' chat window is represented by a framed link instead of the graphic i...

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    I'd like a script that can create new websites using a control panel. This script with just a few click can generate a new website with different css, styles, templates. There will be an area to enter the content. That content will be displayed on new website using templates. Content can be changed to create new websites of course. Should be able to save the work so it can be published. Only ...

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    Trace Converter 終了 left

    This project is to write a program that runs on a Windows 2000 or Windows XP system and reads the SCSI command events contained in a proprietary protocol-analyzer binary trace file and generate a script for a traffic generator for Serial Attached SCSI. Many customers have requested the ability to recreate the bus traffic captured by the analyzer, by using the traffic generator. This project requir...

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    Java code required to search and replace in pre tagged asci files. **The Inputs:** (1) An asci text file with field specifiers formatted like TABLE:FIELDNAME. (2) JAVA Classes encapsulating the tables with getters for all the fields. Each TABLE has a class and that class will have getters for all FIELDNAMEs. **The Output:** Coder should create a JAVA class that accepts above in...

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    Key Generator 終了 left

    Custom Key Generator What I need is a program that tries code combinations to see if it is a code that would work to register the sims online. Basically, it makes a randomly generated code, tests it, and then if it works it swill store it in a file. But of course I onbly expect it to find a few codes a day because there are millions of possibilities. It must find atleast three valid codes a d...

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    Summary of Requirements: 1. Time Frame: within 2 weeks (this is critical: NO EXTENSIONS) 2. Windows Platform written in .NET environment as a standalone .EXE program (not a web based program). 3. Must link to / use our existing SQL Server tables, and be well coded to change the location of these tables (the SQL Server) easily Project Overview: We are looking to create a CRM system (some...

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    I need someone that can develop an enhanced version of the Flash-Sitebuilder located at With the following modifications as an example: **** Please read attached zipped MS Word Document for detailed requirements ****** 1. The Entro page needs a button to allow the end-user to turn of the music. 2. The generated Flash web pages also need a button to allow the end...

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    traffic generation program (name will be told to winning bidder) main actions on the program -url(s) to send traffic to this will be a box to where the user can add different urls that the fake visitors will go to. The ip addresses will go to each one of these urls in order from top to bottom. -url(s) traffic came from this is the referral sites list,so it looks like a true hit. You cou...

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    Develop a new electronic version of hard copy pattern cards (with technical information and color samples). In the past we produced an A4 sized folder with some general information and 1 page for each dye with it properties and dyes samples. In the future we would like to distribute the technical data of the dye ranges in electronic form. We would start the project with one dye range but n...

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    Very simple (if you know html, jave, etc) We need two pop ups installed on several of our sites. We have a special software, called "popOver Generator" which you must use to create the pop up with. (PopOver Generator prevents our pop ups from being blocked by pop up blockers, but anyway...) Both pop ups must only come up AFTER the user has left the site. The fir...

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    2 apps as a testbed and proof of concept for server side CGI EXE (W2K server) and client side file upload. D6 PRO, no Enterprise components. Indy by preference for internet functionality. The CGI EXE is to interface with a server side database, and I want to test with MYSQL, MS Access and Interbase/Firebird. (If you don't have expertise in all 3, that is OK, you can still bid). The database ...

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    We need to update our online tournament director software. It is currently written in ASP using an MS Access db. We need to update to .NET with MS SQL and I know nothing about either. I need someone to update the code for me and to add security features. I will also need some ongoing customer support help by email in case there is a problem. I will also need help setting up my computer to work ...

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    I basically need a PHP script that allows me to offer custom hosting plans. The customer will be presented with a form where they put in the amount of space, transfer, emails, subdomains, etc. that they need. This then generates a subtotal, and they can choose to pay monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc. Once that is done, they are taken to another page where they put in their details (name, number, et...

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    I need a program that is similiar to the Lead Generator of [[ログインしてURLを表示]][1] integrated into my postnuke site. V.726 and api compliant. More info here: <[ログインしてURLを表示]> It must be a Postnuke module api compliant and be able to work on any pn 71X version and above. It also must be multi site compatible. I am truly looking to emulate what buyerzone has now for my site to manag...

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    I need a simple PowerPoint plugin created that will allow me to record audio messages on the slides of a PowerPoint presentation, and then export the entire presentation into a Flash file that is easily viewable by others. After being exported into Flash, the presentation should play continuously and move from one slide to the next automatically after the audio has played for each slide. ...

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    I have a product that requires a customer's name and serial number. I also have a serial number generator for my application. I am using Paypal Business Account to process payment. I need a .PHP webpage that will collect the purchaser's name and do the following functions: 1. Generate Registration information based on the algorithm of the serial code generator 2. Email the purchaser ...

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    POP/IMAP on an existing database 1. Presentation The company is working on a dematerialised office solution for SOHO. This solution is composed of a · ERP · CRM · Webmail · Set of groupware functionalities We need to offer to our customers a direct access to their inbox through IMAP4 and POP3. 2. Technical view...

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    Convert an Access 2000 database to a standalone application. This is a very basic application I wrote many years ago to capture flight hours when I was a student pilot. I plan to give this to other student pilots to help them organize their flight hours. I would like this to be a standalone application in VB6, compiled as an executable with no third party contols. I need it to be installable to ...

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    Need a program which does two things 1) spider the site and create a sitemap based on the links and page titles 2) opens all the pages or the equilvent effect Purpose is to trigger the google mediabot to update the google adwords on a site. That's it!

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    I have 15 jobs already open on RAC wesite out there that are waiting for bids. PLease look at each of those 15 jobs!!! **You have to be strong in Math to do each of them.** Please search for all work and type in **Markis**. That will find all jobs listed by me. Note: I am always on the lookout for other educational type projects. **If you can think of others besides those 15 - please desc...

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