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    Hi, I am looking to buy custom or ready-made clip art of all kinds with Indian motifs (from India, not Native Indian American) looking for wedding related graphics like Mandaps, Dolis, Brides, Grooms, and other graphics like Indian people, houses, landscapes, etc. This is for websites we will be creating for Indian customers who own Travel Agencies

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    ...the features are similiar. The site will be a Portal that will permit users to access real estate information and providers. Since much of the database information is common, it may be that the sites need common development. There will be various Categories available to the visitor. Foe example: Find a Realtor, Find a Mover, Find a Mortagage Broker

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    We need both color and b&w updates of this logo; we use a specific blue, because we have a magazine that is b&w, plus one color -- to keep costs low on printing. I'm looking for several possibilities for the update: *a *very modern/contemporary take on the logo*, which would involve reducing the imagery into very few lines -- within the oval

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    We need 5 unique professional web site designs. We will ONLY need the layered .psd files (we DO NOT need you to build out the html). The templates will be for mortgage brokers to integrate into our web site system. An example design that is integrated into our system is located here: [ログインしてURLを表示] We will need a variation of different

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    I am looking for an experienced coder who can create a program that will connect Metastock Professional to the Interactive Brokers' data feed real-time. Other requirements are for it to have a fail-safe, where I can enter a dollar amount, and if the system lost it, it would stop sending orders from Metastock (and close open positions). The software

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    ...2 Things need to be changed. We have the flash files we can provide. 1) We need the top logo the words need to be changed to "Lions Business Brokers", so its like this: L I O N S <--- (But even) business brokers 2) we also need the 6 pages to link to [ログインしてURLを表示], [ログインしてURLを表示] And also the "Click ...

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    need a website for mortgage brokers and loan officers nationwide can buy leads genererated from my current site, [ログインしてURLを表示]

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    VB.Net developer 終了 left

    Cardiff based contract. Client developing a VB.NET based sales order processing application for insureance brokers. Requirement 3 VB.NET developers for 3-4 months or perhaps longer, to work on site.

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    I'm after a charity site which will be related to the game "Ultima Online" I want the site to be original and not some pre bought template site. I'd like images from the game to be used in the site, in the header, menus, borders etc. I'd like the site to be similiar in layout and design to this one <[ログインしてURLを表示]

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    11 入札, amortization, investments, insurance, Qualify for Loan, etc. Please indicate whether you could add more financial calculations. The market is the Property/Real Estate (Brokers, Mortgage Originators, Banks, Investors, Valuers, Builders, Quantity Surveyors, Architects) Therefore calculators for these professions would be useful as well. Should

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    I write reports for clients provided by intermediary brokers. Client and broker details stored on Access db and simple repeated client features (eg name, calculated age, gender, handedness, address etc) are currently mailmerged into Word. As report base has grown I find there are increasing stock phrases that can be usefully recycled to save time. I

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    ...built a real estate web site for brokers and agents. The MLS sytem in our area is moving to using RETS. What we need is a set of scripts (VBScript) to login to the RETS server and retrieve property/agent information (IDX listing) to load into our local SQL 2000 server and/or web pages that would allow us to use the RETS server to perform s...

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    5 入札, amortization, investments, insurance, Qualify for Loan, etc. Please indicate whether you could add more financial calculations. The market is the Property/Real Estate (Brokers, Mortgage Originators, Banks, Investors, Valuers, Builders, Quantity Surveyors, Architects) Therefore calculators for these professions would be useful as well. Should

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    Web promotion 終了 left

    ...interesting ways for individuals to get loans from their retirement accounts, to save for their retirement, and techniques to minimize taxes and penalties. Our primary audience consists of the approximately 16 million self-employed individuals in the USA and the sites and publications interested in personal finance topics. We are looking for a cou...

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    I have a private web based system to aid mortgage brokers. I have just added a link on our home page with information to convince brokers to join our organization. A radio campaign will drive traffic to the site starting September 13. Our web address is [[ログインしてURLを表示]][1]The link to the recruiting page is close to the bottom on the left nav...

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    We are looking for a lead generating website (i.e. Mortgage, Brokers, Business, etc.) built in PHP with mySQL backend. On the front-end we are looking for general lead website content with a web base user control panel (login) and admin control panel. We will provide a layout/template of the website. The database will receive (from our affiliate

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    I am looking to embed a remote control support module into a windows forms app written in c#. If a client calls and reports problems, I want to be able to remote control their desktop (with their permission) to resolve their issues / demo a work-around. The trick is I want to enable certain users (support users) to have access to remote control cer...

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    ...20-25 content-based websites. Each website will have 5-10 pages of content initially; the content will be provided · Perform competent SEO work and manually submit sites to major SEs and relevant directories · Maintain and update websites adding more content on a regular basis as it becomes available (1-2 pages every 2 weeks for each

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    WEBSITE OVERVIEW: Site will enable its members to earn income by listing, merchandise from the company's Web site to various online auction sites, such as eBay and Yahoo. It will make the process of listing, selling, and shipping simple for its members who sell merchandise on on-line auction sites. They can also sell their merchandise in their very


    I need email addresses for Mortgage Lenders, Auto Insurance Brokers, Life Insurance Brokers and Health insurance brokers. This will comply with all current US laws. I am looking for as many email addresses as can be found. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of

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    $100 - $200
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    The attached image needs to be modified. - It should say "Why use RentBid to fill your apartment?" - At the bottom, in small print: "Movie run time: 3 minutes". Then I need a flash movie about the same size (length the same, can be a bit wider) as this this button image. Here is the script: [scene 1]Which way is the rental market headed? [scene 2] “All

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    ...tcl/tk. For an interface look go to [[ログインしてURLを表示]][1]. The overall business/website process is as follows: **"Ticket Exchange, Inc.** provides the infrastructure for the most efficient and technologically advanced online marketplace to buy or sell sport and entertainment event tickets in TEXAS. [ログインしてURLを表示] allows buyers and sellers to transact

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    Requirements: Website development to allow the following: New Mortgage Broker visits site and requests to be registered with AFS. Brokers submits credentials and 6 First loans closed within last 120 days ??" We verify Broker and assign a Username/password and percentage split. Broker logs into website. Broker enters Prospects w/ optional

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    Write DLL 終了 left

    I need to write a .dll to allow two applications to process orders for securities. The application generating the orders (messages) is Wealth-Lab Developer 3.0. The program has an Order Manager that has a native API written for “Interactive Brokers??. I would like to set up the order manager inside WLD to communicate with anothe...

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    Need brokers 終了 left

    We need people who can sell our whole list of domains as and when we want. We'll give out 5 to 10 % share depending upon the price sold. Currently on the offer are; [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示]

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    ...Introduce Brokers from [ログインしてURLを表示] and would like having own trading platform with startup the online forex brokerage firm as exactly same with the FXCM, or similar with other brokerage firm such as: [[ログインしてURLを表示]][2] [[ログインしてURLを表示]][3] [[ログインしてURLを表示]][4] sdf we would like have the solution of how to startup

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    ...leads. Now we want to sell them and we want to make a new site for it. For example [ログインしてURLを表示] or something like that.. I would YOU automate this? My idea is this: Everytime a new lead is generated it must go to a database. Then the leads must be forewarded to the customers that have paid us for this service. For example customer 1

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    I need full data on Mortgage Brokers for California and New York. I need full names, address, phone number and email address of each one. You can find this information through the search engines or some other method. I need this all put into an Excel Spreadsheet. I am looking for up to 5,000 or more records. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    List Scraping 終了 left

    We need a programmer (Perl?) to help build the size of our direct mail/email list by scraping the sites below to _**get all of the contact information on each member**_. [[ログインしてURLを表示]][1] (This will need to be done by entering state and hitting submit=>primary business broker directory) <[ログインしてURLを表示]

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    $100 - $500
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    ...looking to develop a stock trading software package that is Windows-based. A person would download and install the software on their computer, connect to any one of the major data feeds and be able to monitor their stock portfolios and make trading decisions based on our proprietary indicators which we will provide programming criteria for. We currently

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    Implement wrapper class for Interactive Brokers API. For information on this API go to [[ログインしてURLを表示]][1], click systems, and then click API/FIX/Tools. The following features are available with this api and must be implemented: quote retrieval order placement and status retrieval brokerage account information retrieval Knowledge

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    Logo Design B2B 終了 left

    I would like to see actual examples of your ideas for this logo not examples of other logos. These can be small .gif or .jpg files with watermarks to protect yourself. :) The company is called: American Business Brokers I have attached a starting idea : theme: putting the pieces of the puzzle together... The logo must look almost

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    ...weren't sure how much they needed to do. I am providing some code since peices of this are done. This project is to build an automated trading system. I'm breaking it into phases, a lot of the work has been done already. Included in the zip are: Rough design doc with screen shots, references to where to get code to build the engine that wil...

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    Discription: An enteprenuer seeking to clone several successful mortgage leads sites. I am seeking a designer with data base skills. The site must load quikly with out frames. The site is broken down to, -designing front page with text and lead to applications -Loan application which forwards to windows data base and -drawing for which data base -access dat...


    ...separate bid requests_**, each for 50 x 100word paragraphs (so 5000 words per bid request) ??" you may initially bid on upto 4 x 5000 word-paragraph sets maximum. The paragraphs are based on variations on a core subject or theme. You will be supplied with a list of 50 keywords for you to base the paragraphs on, relating to the theme subject. The "keyword&q...

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    Need content for website articles to populate real estate agents/brokers sites. Articles need to be written to benefit clients buying/selling homes, and to provide content directly to an agent/broker website. Each article should be between 300 and 600 words. Articles must be spell and grammar checked, and be written in conversational ...

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    Website Design 終了 left Financial Website Content will be provided. Web designer will be expected to deliver creativity for a financial website. The general description of the site's "image" will be provided to designer. Designer must be able to deliver the "image" the company wants to portray. Example websites will be provided ...

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    Trade Tracker 終了 left

    ...usr ability to track trades thru online brokers. For ex Interactive Brokers (IB). Other online brokers optional if API's exist. Program will:log each trade immed after trade is made, track Real-Time updates of All open positions held, along with Real-Time updates of all Closed positions, for the day, week, month, year. Program will for open ...

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    We care currently looking for someone to develop a web based mortgage lead application for a new project we are developing. This project MUST be done in PHP, MySQL The site will operate similar to [ログインしてURLを表示] and [ログインしてURLを表示] This project consists of development of All Database Development in MySQL All PHP Code for the following Mortgage application

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    ...sent to interactive brokers TWS system. [ログインしてURLを表示] The sending of orders can be done using [ログインしてURLを表示]'s system or directly using standard formulas inserted into the code via the IB broker plug-in. The basic strategy code is roughly complete in EFS code (although some may need rewriting), but needs modifying to allow for such

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    This software will be used by mortgage brokers and will need the following capability. 1) All user interaction will be web-based 2) All data stored in SQL server and everything else done with .NET 3) Assign "company accounts" and "user accounts" to users that allow someone from that company to log in and see all their companies files 4) accept

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    ...referred to credit repair wiz) to be able to see there clients name, date it was mailed, tracking # , projected mail return date round 1, rd 2, rd 3 , rd 4 , number of deletions , starting fico score, ending fico score. I would like the client to be able to log in and just look at there information. Also the password set up can you allow them to creat...

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    ...personal stock-option trading program at Interactive Brokers. All software is available at Interactive, but I need help pluging in the data. Program can be set up using several programs including Excel spreadsheet, Java, and Active X. ## Deliverables Here's an example of how I want the program to work: Buy 50 contracts of option XYZ at $3/Sell 50 contracts

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    Outline: The system will be used for a 2 level affiliate scheme where visitors to our website will be able to enter in basic details, such as name address etc, click submit and will then be automatically emailed a welcome email (which we can change in the system) that will include their website address, e.g., [ログインしてURLを表示] where 0000123 is

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    ...focused on servicing Real Estate brokers and agents. We are looking for a consultant to build an community/groupware addition to our web based financial application. Their concept is to present agents with a set of financial tools geared towards managing and running real estate offices through the web. We are looking to add a [ログインしてURLを表示]

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    ...currently am planning to use a phpnuke type site. In fact I already have the site up with phpnuke. I am not married to PHPNuke, I will use whatever makes the most sense when considering $$’s and future expansion. This project will include: **Further Clarification** 1. News administration system - I want the news/press releases to come to me (admin) and

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    ...Overview: Software will be divided into several modules. **BROKER INTERFACE SERVER/CLIENT & API**??" Replaces FOREX Brokers GUI and provides API for 3rd party software. ** **DATA COLLECTION MODULE**** ??" Will collect, store and serve data to all modules via an API and applications within the software suite. ** **TRANSACTION SERVER / TRADE MANAGER***...

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    ...communications Do you have the talent to create a killer Look and Feel. I need help with a new company and I am looking for two partners to help with the interface. YES, PARTNERS!! I am an experienced Internet Sales Exec who got crushed after funding was lost (post sept 11 attacks) I want to create a new company that will combine

    $95 - $100
    $95 - $100
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    ...other web apps Do you have the talent to create a killer app. I need help with a new company and I am looking for two partners to help with the interface. YES, PARTNERS!! I am an experienced Internet Sales Exec who got crushed after funding was lost (post sept 11 attacks) I want to create a new company that will combine email

    $30 - $100
    $30 - $100
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    ...piece of software that will interface with a broker API to send and receive data the program must also be able to read text file and re-direct the data in the files to the API the project also must have some sort of global variable , DLL that will work in Tradestation and allow me to access data from the program in tradestation several

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