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    Dear KALP. My name is Thomas Engesland. I am running the company Covision Technology in Norway. We deliver camera solutions for agriculture, lorries and machines. We are now developing a camera system for telescopic cranes. We are looking for assistance to develop the camera bracket for this camera. Problem description: The camera will be placed on the tip / top of the boom. The boom angle is c...

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    I have 3 different parts I need making, all drawings attached. No major rush as long as its within 30 days of payment so ideal as a fill in or apprentice project. I’ve had to adapt original drawings on IMG_2518/9 to add a mounting tab so all views don’t look the same but hope you can see what I’m trying to do. Quantities as below 2x IMG_2517 Bolts to be tack welded in...

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    Trophy icon New 2-page Brochure Layout 9 日 left

    Enolt is a leading industrial LED lighting manufacturer in NEW ZEALAND who needs a complete overhaul to our marketing designs. We are intially looking for a new 2 page PDF brochure design as a starting point. The winner of this competition will continue to design (with the same theme and styling we choose) our website, an e-book catalog, business cards and other ongoing projects. The 2 page broch...

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    保証 シール
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    I'm looking for somebody who can find me a manufacturer located outside of China. We have a large amount of different spare parts made up of bamboo and steel. I'm interested in finding a manufacturer for both type of parts. Sent CIF Chicago, US. Our bamboo parts range in size from 1 inch to 3 feet long. (I'm attaching a file to show one of the smaller more detailed pieces.) The ...

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    I am trying to build a PHP form that reads and writes to a SQLite3 database. The reading part is done but the writing part is not working because my approach was all wrong. I have the code below that results in inserting a string wrapped json blob which is not correct. I need an experienced SQLite3 programmer to do this the correct way which would be a prepared statement would need to be creat...

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    Discord bot gets data from API and push to channel: 1. Event start time and date once an event is created 2. Prize 3. Entry fee 4. Game Title/platform 5. Link to join event 6. Show winners, payouts 7. Show a link to the bracket

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    It's a bracket for raspberry pi and camera

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    OS: Linux, Software Versions: Python 2.6.6, PHP 7.3 High-level Requirements • Login to Zerodha • Place Bracket Orders • Exit Positions • Status updates on Telegram bot • Web Interface Detailed Requirements Basic: 1. Login to Zerodha Account, generate access token, save in database. 2. Page to manage "Primary Settings", "Trade Settings" & "St...

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    If I run a URL Inosecpection in Search Console, it reports a strucuted data error. If I cut the very same snittpet from the file and paste it into the Structued Data Testing Tool, it reports not errors. I have been over every comma, colon, bracket and data bit and I cannot see any errors. [ログインしてURLを表示] (very source to see or cut strructued data)

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    Noochoon Website 終了 left

    I would like to know what you would charge to take my site [ログインしてURLを表示] which is a functioning Cubecart music downloads site, and give it a creative lift. It just needs a cooler look and to be more visual...it is a bit clunky in some aspects, although all the info is there. Please visit the site to see. I am thinking of the lower end of this pay bracket. Please email. Thanks.

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    We are looking for technical drawings for the production of brackets to connect standard wooden posts to each other. The wooden posts will slide in the brackets and then the bolts can go in. An example in the attachment.

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    A bracket order will be placed at market price when diff in percentage of buyer and seller reaches 25 or below. This 25 value can put in symbol config table; can be modified too. Also wish to receive Telegram alert when order is placed. Order placed based on Trend. Target and SL for Bracket Order can be pre defined in symbol config. There can only be max one order in a day. In case one order is p...

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    Hi I need a expert for a spreadsheet described below. Problem description: Our street hot-dog re-seller gets certain % of price to his pocket from each hot-dog he sells. The percentages are decided based on his daily net EARNINGs (not the total value of hot-dogs sold). Below is the table with percentages breakdown and his net EARNINGs: Bracket 1: 30% $0-100 Bracket 2: 35% $100-300 Bracket 3: 4...

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    I am looking at automating my trade placement. I need a web developer to develop a web based application for me which can run on windows platform and will execute the trades automatically using RESTFUL HTTP API webservice provided by Zerodha (Refer Zerodha Api documentation for details). What I need is - 1. Token based authentication at start of the day 2. Read OHLC data for a set of script (Nif...

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    I need some one to draw a 3D CAD design for a bracket / holder that can attach the credit card terminal with a panel. The bracket will hold the terminal tightly, cover the the usb cable, cover the buttons (except power button). The bracket will need few screw holes that will screw with an metal panel.

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    We need a sales person to consistently bring in and convert leads. This can be remote of course. We are a branding agency, so we create brands and website designs. Typically, we charge in the $1000-$5000 bracket and offer a 30% commission on the sale. What you need to do as a sales person: - Prospecting - Qualifying - Presenting - Following up - Closing All necessary materials would be provided ...

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    We need email addresses of SEMrush ranked websites 40,000 - 45,000 (only that bracket). [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] Not every site has an easy access via email - we understand that but you will to take a quick look at each. Note it is 5,000 German and 5,000 English (likely) sites. You will likely need a SEMRUSH subscription. There is a two week free trial (we can provide that).

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    I very simple copy and past exercise, of just creating around 40 new pages, transfer old content and paste into new website, Page template is already created (images must be brought across, and not simply linked too) Please note URL structure must be exactly the same and the transfer must include meta title and data as well, we have yoast seo installed, please put transpage as the first word so I...

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    We have a 3D printed bracket that allows our sensor to be attached to the wall. We need someone with experience in solidworks to modify the existing casing to make it wider and a little longer.

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    Overview: Cloud hosted application that would be able to adjust Stop-Loss orders when pre-defined conditions (variables) are met with a Forex broker, and send alerts. Users: 1 user, personal use. Application Hosted Platform: Cloud (e.g. AWS) Exchange: Oanda (Forex) Live & Practice Security requirements: 1. SSL for login 2. User can easily update API keys. 3. Additional recommen...

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    I need you to get data from: [ログインしてURLを表示] There are 64 matches and 128 players (not all players are there yet, but by the time I award this project they will be there). For each player I need you to find how many times they served first in their last 20 hard court matches. Example on how to find data for the first player Nadal: Click on Nadal R -> Click on NAD-DEL (new window will pop up) ...

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    I need to get several brackets machined, and need drawings for the machine shop. I'll attach images of what I'm trying to achieve. There will be 4 total pieces, as the bracket in image #2 is 2 pieces joined by a screw. Each piece has at least one set screw. They will accommodate 5/8" aluminum rod. Thanks!

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    Cad Design 終了 left

    I need someone to make a L bracket cad file based off of images and dimensions I give. It needs to be relatively exact.

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    Trophy icon team tournament bracket template 終了 left

    hi, i need to create a template on Google spreadsheet to run a Soccer tournament. i need a template for round robin with the 2 top team playing a championship game. i need a template for 6 teams, 2 brackets. with the first and second place from bracket A playing a semifinal with the first and sencond place from bracket B consolation for the third places and championship game for the semifinal win...

    $20 (Avg Bid)

    Display the bracket game consisting of 4, 8, or 16 contestants on the screen size of the following mobile devices: iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max LG Stylo 5 iPhone 7 Plus iPhone XR iPhone 8 iPhone 7 Samsong Galaxy S10 Samsong Galaxy S10+ For example, with iPhone 7 Plus, its display has the following dimensions: W=77.9xH=158.2 mm. With these dimensions, the bracket game must be display...

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    Scorebook requires someone with strong vue.js/HTML implementation skills to develop its bracket game. This project consists of three milestones. Each milestone is to be completed in turn successfully. While we are open to design changes, the choice of vue.js is NOT negotiable. Please look at the details provided in the attached pdf file carefully prior to bidding for the project. Successful ...

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    Hello, I'm looking for someone who can make a website for example [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] tournaments modules -- Overview Stats , [ログインしてURLを表示] (The check-in period begins 60 minutes before the start of the tournament.) ( Overview,Bracket,Matches,Teams,Prizes,Rules

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    I'm searching for a developer that can help us with this system. It consist in make a brackets for our tournaments depending of participating player numbers. We're making our app in React, so we need people that can make this system very well. I will give you an example.

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    Trophy icon Design Product Packaging Insert 終了 left

    We have a product where we need a new design for the packaging insert. Here are our requirements. Front: RELLIX Steering Wheel Spinner Knob *insert 3 example pictures in attachments on front* Back: Universal Fit Steering Wheel Spinner Knob • Universal Fit for All Vehicles and Steering Wheels - Quick Easy to Install Aftermarket Accessory to Assist with Smooth Turns • Compatible with ...

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    Trophy icon Need inside jacket made 終了 left

    I want an inside leaflet jacket made of dimensions 117 mm (width) and 91 mm height. It is for a Orthodontic bracket packaging. I want my company Logo Orthosystems which I am sharing Also the name of brand of bracket is teSLa X in suggested font. below the brand I want it to be written Passive Metal SL Bracket 022 MBT 3 W/H check box options to be given ( ) 6-6 KIT Below that a check box ( )...

    $21 (Avg Bid)

    I need to edit an object in 2 .STL files for 3D printing. These two objects are versions of a bracket for holding and attaching a PCB to a DIY lithium ion battery pack. The original bracket spans 5 18650 battery widths. I need to shorten this so it now spans 4 18650 battery widths on each version of the bracket.

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    Timeframe for delivery: 1 week or less - Drawings should be clear with measurements in autocad format so it is ready for fabrication - Drawings should take into account the load taken by the bracket as described in the file attached - The aluminium bracket is to be extruded, so a mold will need to be fabricated by the aluminium diecast company.

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    hello, I am very new to this app and trying it out for the first time and am looking to get a 3D drawing made up of this metal bracket piece. I am not sure what information you all need from me to make this work so if we could work something out and a price that would be great!

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    hello, I am very new to this app and trying it out for the first time and am looking to get a 3D drawing made up of this metal bracket piece. I am not sure what information you all need from me to make this work so if we could work something out and a price that would be great!

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    Trophy icon Corporate identity for my services 終了 left

    I need corporate identity for my services. I have some graphic from another freelancer from past, but I lost source files. So I need recreate few items and create some items from scratch as well. My services are about programming. So it must fit it. I need: - Exported graphic - Source files in PSD or for Gimp - Purchased license on my name for all licensed parts and links for all free parts ...

    $21 (Avg Bid)
    保証 NDA

    I am a project manager at an engineering solutions company. We have a current project to use a shock absorber to stop a load should it overrun its end stop position. It is to be mounted horizontally to a floor mounted bracket. Four anchor bolts will then fix the bracket to the floor. The shock absorber manufacturer has used simulation software to provide the resultant max. load value experienced ...

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    1. Set start and end time daily 2. Initiate a third party indicator on the chart after an audio alert from NT Alerts function. 3. Place an entry limit order with ATM bracket and use attach to indicator function of NT 8. 4. If filled, Exit and flatten based on end time or opposite direction Audio alert. 5. If not filled by certain user defined time, cancel order for the day.

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    3D Cad designer 終了 left

    I require someone to design 3D models for me to be printed on my 3D printer. All models to be provided in stl format. I have a basic understanding of creating 3D models but need a designer who I can rely on to create accurate 3D CAD stl files for me on an ongoing basis. Most will be concepts and you will be required to design. Some will be line drawings which you will make 3d. I have a lot o...

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    Looking for a mechanic around Warragul or drouin area to do a clutch repair and an engine mount bracket replacement on a Nissan X trail 4wd 2003. Happy to assist with repairs but don't have the space or equipment currently. $2000

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    I am looking for a social media expert to assist for 2 month period (output based) in the development of content, mood and colour board, and engagement plan for launching my newly established kids clothing brand in Feb 2020. The clothing brand is high end targeting the Australian market as the primary starting point, as well as high end in Indonesia (secondary initial market). The clothing bran...

    $488 (Avg Bid)
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    Need an experienced Python programmer that also has experience and knowledge of creating Algorithmic Trading scripts. Looking to have a script built that will automatically trade high (buy/long) and low (sell/short) breakouts in real-time for various timeframes, i.e. all-time, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, etc. This script will need to work seamlessly utilizing the Interactive Brokers API, ...

    $238 (Avg Bid)
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    We have a woocommerce booking website, for each experience the client needs the customer to sign a waiver, we have created a online waiver form, where customers are required to complete, they add their booking number to it. We are using a booking export plugin which provides a list on a daily basis of who is attending that day, in that export we can include any fields relating to the woocommerce ...

    $180 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello there fellow programmers, I'm looking for a tool that will help me extract data from the tournaments listed on the link below: [ログインしてURLを表示] Once you navigate to the bracket, the tournament data is displayed. I would like the resulting table to contain 5 columns of data: column 1 - Player1 name (Winner) column 2 - Player1 Score (when available) column 3 - Player2 name (Loser) column 4...

    $160 (Avg Bid)
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    Animation of metal brackets with glass and screw elements. 5 Videos 15 sec. and the original blender files … The Look has to be realistic.

    $232 (Avg Bid)
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    mostly trouble shooting my coding with 5 sample tests plus some variations (modal, tabs etc). I will be doing each test over and over until perfecting them. You can watch me doing this over aiegoo github com /portfolio (plz concatenate them, so that you will be able to connect to my github pages, pushed every hour or so) Or see the finished sample attached to this project My test date is Nov 23 ...

    $132 (Avg Bid)
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    We are looking for a team to help build our first app that will be a set of future casino apps. For the first app, we would like to have a casino dice craps game created that has some advanced features other apps don't have. The app would be similar in game play to the following Android apps: Craps Trainer Pro, and Vegas Craps by Pokerist. There would be a free version and a paid version w...

    $5366 (Avg Bid)
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    Se trata de crear una "Language extension" para Visual Studio Code para un lenguaje similar al SQL. Se desea tener la funcionalidad de "Syntax Highlight" y "Bracket matching"

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    Baoji Hanz Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional tungsten material manufacturer and supplier located in Gaoxin District, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province. Based on the three pillar industries of Baoji, we mainly produce non-ferrous metal products, petroleum machinery and folk culture products. Our main products are titanium, tungsten and molybdenum pipe, plates, bars and wires. They are wide...

    $577 (Avg Bid)
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