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    Toefl iBT の writing 問題 (Integrated 及び Independent 両方) において高得点獲得確実ななスキルの伝授。条件は ・テンプレート必須(必要な種類を全て揃える、文・表現方法・単語など全て) ・当方では、スキルに従い2、3回しか練習しない(それ以上の努力は全くしない) ・自身で満点またはそれに準ずる点をとった実績必要 ・結果的に当方が22点未満であれば半額以上返金

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    , steady and deep voice about 700-1000 Japanese words, the final script is still being writing record a demo below: 政治制度を改革し、ベルトや道路のイニシアティブとインターネットの発展の新しい時代には3つの主要な座標系を構成している。 第19回cpc国民会議は、人々の生活に集中し、心の人々に貢献することを目的としたもので、人類の将来についての共有によるコミュニティを作成し、その値として。 議長xi業界とインターネットの統合されるインターネット・プラスを再定義し、大きな重要性の大きいデータ産業に付随して、インターネット産業のための方向をハイライトし、新しい時代へのトレーサビリティの産業。

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    ... ■不具合詳細 戦国ものシミュレーションゲームを運営しているのですが、ユーザーから多数、クラッシュ後にデータが消えてしまい、最初のチュートリアルからとなっていまったとのメールを受け取っています。(殆どがAndroidユーザーからの報告です) 機種やOSに傾向は見受けられません。 ゲーム内容: ■データ保存方法 データ保存にはPlayerPrefsを拡張したプラグイン、「」を使用しています。 PlayerPrefsのSave()同等のFlush()メソッドは都度実施しているため、ファイル書き込みはされています。 再現も難しく、解決するのに時間がかかっており、有識者に確認していただきたいと思っており、今回依頼をさせていただきました。 宜しくお願いいたします。

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    (English follows Japanese) 私(外国人)が添付されているメールニュースを作成しました。日本人のネーティブチェックしていただきたい。内容と文法はおかしくないかどうか。ワードの修正機能を使用して納品していただきたい。よろしくご検討ください。 I am not Japanese but I wrote the attached Japanese-language email newsletter. I am looking for a NATIVE Japanese person to check the content and grammar are written correctly. I am not seeking a bilingual non-native speaker of the language. Checking should be done using the correction function of Microsoft Word, and showing the corrections so I can see where the changes have been made.

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    I am looking for a freelancer with great Enslish writing skill to introduce originally created 「New English Pronuncation Symbols」to the world. English native prefered. The prospective ariticle will be on my HP with your name (nickname can be accepted).

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    2 writing》》》》》》》》》》2 writing》》》》》》》》》》

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    Content Writing 終了 left

    I would like a native Japanese to write 10 articles explaining English grammar in Japanese. The articles will be used as blog content. An example of an article would be "The difference between "will" and "be going to". 母国語が日本語の方に、日本語で英語の文法説明文を10通り書いていただきたいです。記事はブログに使われます。例えば「willとbe going toの違い」など英文法をわかりやすく日本語で説明した記事を書いて下さい。

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    I'm looking for an experienced content writer with expertise in using AI tools to create engaging, SEO-optimized articles. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in using AI tools for content creation - Strong SEO knowledge to optimize articles for search engines - Experienced in writing for diverse audiences - Ability to conduct research on various topics - Excellent writing and editing skills to produce high-quality content

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    ...dynamic B-roll, animations, and other techniques to boost viewer engagement. Ensure each video has a strong potential to go viral. Deliver projects efficiently, with quick turnaround times of 12-24 hours. What We’re Looking For: Proven experience in video editing, especially for social media platforms. Fluency in Arabic and English, with the ability to comprehend different Arabic accents. Strong writing skills in both languages. Proficiency in video editing software (please specify your expertise). Excellent attention to detail and an understanding of viral content trends. Experience with Trello. Ability to work under tight deadlines and manage multiple projects. Application Instructions: Include the phrase "I am the best editor at the top" in your proposal. Provi...

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    Immigration Letter -- 2 6 日 left

    ...experience in writing immigration letters and understand the requirements and guidelines set by immigration authorities. Specific Requirements: - The letter should clearly state the reasons for wanting to immigrate, highlighting my motivations and goals. - It should demonstrate a strong desire to contribute to the country I am immigrating to and explain how my skills and qualifications align with the opportunities available. - The letter should be well-written and persuasive, showcasing my personal background and qualifications in a professional manner. - I would also like to include evidence of my financial stability to strengthen my application. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in writing immigration letters, preferably for visa applications. - Excellent w...

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    I require an educational specialist to assist in the writing of a general description for a theoretical course in higher education. The project is specifically targeted towards the following: - The higher education sector - Developing a general course description Ideal candidates will have a background in education, with prior experience in curriculum development for higher education. It's crucial that the professional is able to craft a comprehensive yet concise curriculum that reflects the objectives, outcomes, and goals of each competency level. In arabic language

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    I am in need of an AI-powered article writer who can generate engaging content for various audiences. Key Responsibilities: - Tailoring content according to specified target audiences. - Ensuring the article serves its intended purpose, whether it's to inform, promote, or entertain. Requirements: - Proficiency in utilizing AI software for content creation. - A strong understanding of different audience types and how to write to appeal to them. Please provide any relevant experience with AI content creation tools and examples of articles written for different audience types.

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    43 入札 is crafted to have a high potential for going viral. - Work efficiently to deliver projects with quick turnaround times within 12-24 hours. The faster the better. Requirements: - Proven experience in video editing, particularly for social media platforms. - Fluent in Arabic and English, with excellent communication skills and the ability to understand different Arabic accents. - Strong writing skills in both Arabic and English. - Ability to work under tight deadlines and manage multiple projects. - Strong skills in video editing software (please specify which software you are proficient in). - A keen eye for detail and a strong understanding of what makes content go viral. - Experience using Trello. - In your proposal, write "I am the best editor at the top". T...

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    I require an intuitive and efficient E-Learning Application focused on academic courses. You must be able to deliver this project ASAP. Key Features: - Course Storage and Management: The app should allow for easy storage, sorting and management of a variety of courses. - Course Descriptions: Each course should have a detailed description that provides potential users with relevant information. - Testing, Flashcards, PDFs: Implement test-taking capabilities, flashcards for quick revision, and PDF viewing for any additional resources. Please ensure that your proposal includes: - Past Work: I'd like to see examples of previous E-Learning applications you've developed, specifically those that focus on academic content. - Detailed Project Proposals: A clear and com...

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    I need a fun comic script with subtle adult humour for my established robot characters. My mechanical protagonists should f...humorous. I have a backstory outlined for them and the designs and character outlines already defined. Key particulars of the job are: - Creation of a comic book script - Conveying the characters as friendly and funny robots - Weaving in elements of humor consistently throughout the narrative The perfect candidate for this job would have the following skills: - Strong experience in comic book writing - Ability to create funny, likeable characters that resonate with readers - Familiarity with robot characters and mechanics-themed stories If you have a knack for making individuals laugh and can translate that into a comic script, then I would love to hear...

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    ...individual who can assist me with writing a scientific paper in the field of computer science, focusing specifically on Deep Learning IoT with a primary objective to improve data security. Your role will involve; - Comprehensive writing on the selected topic, synthesizing complex information into readable and engaging content. - Strong focus on relevant research that resonates with the paper’s objectives. - Strict compliance to referencing protocols and understood publishing guidelines. Ideal Skills: - Strong science writing background, preferably in computer science. - Understanding of Deep Learning IoT and data security. - Ability to interpret complex concepts into understandable content. - Exceptional research skills. - Experience in scientific writing...

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    I'm in need of a highly skilled scientific health writer to create detailed guides on exercise. This content will be targeted towards fitness enthusiasts. Key Points: - The primary focus will be on producing engaging and informative content related to exercise. - The ideal candidate should possess a solid understanding of exercise science and related fields. - Previous experience in creating detailed guides or instructional content will be a significant advantage. - Your content should be able to provide value to fitness enthusiasts, helping them understand exercise theories and practices in depth. If you're a writer with a strong background in scientific health, particularly in exercise, and can produce engaging detailed guides, I'd love to hear from you.

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional who can utilize AI, specifically ChatGPT or a similar tool, to help me create high-quality articles. Key Requirements: - Utilize AI to generate engaging and informative content - Ability to adapt the tone and style based on the target audience - Experience in article writing and content creation I have not yet defined the specific purpose of the articles or the word count, but I will provide you with clear guidelines and expectations before you start working on the project.

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    I am looking for a creative writer to craft a 500-word article abou...has been paramount during personal hardships, stressful periods at work, and bouts of loneliness. Key points to focus on: - Joey's unwavering loyalty - The emotional support Joey provides - How he helps me during difficult personal situations, stressful work periods and moments of loneliness The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Excellent English writing skills - Proficiency in storytelling - Experience writing about pets or emotional support animals - Understand the bond between pets and their owners - Submit the project by the end of July, just before National Dog Day in August. We are not just honoring my dog but every pet that brings joy and happiness to their owners, despite...

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    ...unique business needs, and how to implement is a special discounted offer of $10 USD (originally priced at $49 USD). Inclusive of business consultation and customized AI Action Plan document. Limited to first 15 It Works:Consultation & Briefing: Share your vision, brand values, and goals with us. Our team will use this information to understand your needs Writing: Our team will assess your business and write your AI Action your report: You receive a report containing an analysis of your business and recommendations to supercharge your business with Features:In-depth Business analysis: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your business AI recommendations: Our AI experts will analyze your specific needs and goals

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    I'm looking for a skilled writer to create an e-book in English and Hindi. The content should be focused on self-help and motivation. The aim of this book is to appeal to the general public and help them improve their lives. Key Requirements: - E-book ...motivation. The aim of this book is to appeal to the general public and help them improve their lives. Key Requirements: - E-book must be in English and Hindi - Extensively cover self-help and motivation - Written in a manner that is accessible and engaging for the general public Ideal Skills: - Fluent in English and Hindi - Proven experience in writing self-help content - Understanding of the nuances of the Hindi language - Creative writing skills - Familiarity with ebook formatting Please include samples of prev...

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    Injector for FiveM (Cheat) 21 時間 left

    ...developer to create a desktop loader application compatible with Windows. Key Requirements: 1. Building the Injector (Loader) The injector is a standalone application that handles the process of injecting the DLL into the target game. Key Components: 1.) Load Cheat: Inject the DLL into FiveM. Injection Method: Implement a method for injecting the DLL into the target process. This could involve writing a process injector using OpenProcess, VirtualAllocEx, WriteProcessMemory, and CreateRemoteThread. User Interface: Design a user-friendly interface to manage scripts, configure injection options, and monitor the status of the injection. 2. Handling Lua Scripts (or Other Script Engines) If your loader will support Lua scripting, you need to integrate a Lua interpreter into your DLL...

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    I'm seeking an expert in pitch deck creation for my project. The central objective of this pitch deck is to present an innovative idea to potential investors. I am looking for a compelling probl...pitch deck is to present an innovative idea to potential investors. I am looking for a compelling problem/solution style presentation. Skills and Experience Required: - Proven experience in creating professional pitch decks - Ability to implement a problem/solution approach into presentations - Understanding of investor relations and professionalism - Exceptional graphic design and content writing skills The goal is to capture the attention of my intended audience - potential investors - and to persuasively propose my exciting idea. If you have the required skills, I would love to...

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    I'm looking for a skilled appointment setter for our data analysis agency, specifically catering to the retail industry... and social media. - Identify and target retail companies based on their revenue size as our primary qualifying criteria. - Engage with leads, educate them about our services, and secure appointments for our sales team. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in B2B appointment setting, ideally within the retail sector. - Strong communication skills, particularly over the phone and in writing. - Understanding of data analysis services and the retail industry. - Ability to work with a CRM system for lead tracking. If you are a self-motivated individual with a strong sales background, particularly in the realm of data analysis and retail, we'...

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    ...researcher, I'm seeking a dependable, well versed, and thorough academic consultant who specializes in neuroscience studies. My primary requirement is assistance in crafting a well-researched paper in the realm of Cognitive Neuroscience. Key responsibilities will include: - Guidance in ideation: I need help in the logical construction of ideas in relation to Cognitive Neuroscience. - Research Support: I am looking for assistance in finding relevant, top-tier research papers on Cognitive Neuroscience, as well as understanding complex, discipline-specific jargon and methodologies. - Paper Writing: I need help in structuring the paper in a coherent, professional, and academic manner. Ideal candidates would have a strong background in academic consulting,...

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    I need someone who knows how to use Your English must be VERY GOOD I need hundreds of articles; budget is $1 per two articles; CAD$50 for each 100 articles Here is how I work: I provide the title and a small description (IN AN AUDIO FILE), and you generate the actual article using ChatGPT or any AI Deadline: the sooner the better, but no fixed dates

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    I'm seeking a skilled civil engineer with a specific focus on structural analysis. The task at hand is a detailed technical writing report related to structural analysis in the field of Civil Engineering. As the ideal candidate: - You should hold excellent analytical and technical writing skills. - Expertise in structural analysis is a must. - Prior experience in creating technical reports is preferred. Please note: The nature of this project is remote, and compensation is competitive. I look forward to connecting with engineers committed to quality and professionalism. Let's build something great together!

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    I'm looking for a dedicated Virtual Assistant who can help us manage and maintain our eBay account. This includes creating and posting product listings, writing descriptions, uploading images, and optimizing the listings for SEO. Key Responsibilities: - Create engaging and accurate product listings on eBay - Write compelling product descriptions that can drive sales - Upload high-quality images that showcase our products effectively - Optimize listings for SEO to ensure they rank well on eBay search results Your Experience: - Previous experience in eBay product listing management is a plus - Strong writing skills and the ability to craft attractive product descriptions - Proficiency in image uploading and basic editing - Proven experience in SEO optimization for eBay l...

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    I'm looking for a talented content writer who can provide 10 well-researched, engaging, and informative articles in the technology field every month. The main goal of these articles is to educate the readers about various aspects of technology. Hence, the ideal content writer should be able to presen...Requirements: - 10 articles per month - Each article should be between 1500-2000 words - High-quality, well-researched, and engaging content - Familiarity and interest in technology - Ability to present complex tech information in an easy-to-understand way - Good understanding of SEO principles Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in writing about technology - Excellent research skills - Strong understanding of SEO - Creative and engaging writing style - Abi...

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    ...latest technology trends - Produce a 1500-word post that's both informative and engaging - Ensure that the content is suitable for a general audience, while also being detailed enough to appeal to tech-savvy readers Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in writing engaging and informative content - A good understanding of current technology trends - Ability to explain complex ideas in simple terms - Strong research and analytical skills - Perfect command of the English language, with a good grasp of grammar and punctuation Experience in writing tech-related content would be a plus, but it's not strictly necessary. The most important thing is that you're able to write a compelling post that will capture the attention of both tech enthusiasts and the general pub...

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    I'm in urgent need of a professional blog writer to assist me. You should have a good amount of experience in writing high-quality, engaging blog articles. Key Requirements: - Expertise in creating engaging, informative blog articles - Ability to write in a tone that resonates with our target audience - Excellent research and analytical skills - Proficient in English with a strong grasp of grammar and punctuation - Experience in SEO and content optimization would be a plus Please attach your resume or include a brief summary of your experience in your proposal. It's important you can start immediately and can commit to delivering quality work on a tight deadline. Looking forward to your applications.

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    I'm looking for a creative storyteller to write an adventure book aimed...elementary school children, specifically for ages 6-12 years old. The project will require the book to be illustrated with lively, engaging full-color visuals that complement the story. Key points and requirements: - Target audience: Elementary school children (6-12 years old) - Genre: Adventure - Illustration: Full-color, engaging visuals Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in writing children's books, particularly adventure genres - Ability to craft imaginative and engaging stories for the specified age group - Experience in working with illustrators to ensure that the written content and illustrations complement each other effectively Please include any relevant samples of your wo...

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    I'm in need of a skilled writer with a passion for technology to craft engaging to craft engaging and informative blog content. The focus of this project will be creating tutorials specifically designed for tech enthusiasts. Key Responsibilities: - Research, write and edit engaging technology tutorials. - Ensure all content is accurate, well-researched and tailored to the specified target audience. Ideal Skills and Qualifications: - Proven experience in content writing, particularly in the technology field. - A keen understanding of the interests and needs of tech enthusiasts. - Excellent research skills to ensure all content is accurate. - Familiarity with SEO best practices to help drive organic traffic to the blog. - Strong communication skills to keep the au...

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    I'm looking for a skilled writer to create engaging, informative...each post is to educate the readers, not to drive sales or increase website traffic. I need a writer who can translate complex topics into accessible, entertaining, and valuable content for a broad audience. Your prior experience in writing for similar audiences and your ability to provide examples of your work will be essential. You should be a strong communicator and capable of conducting independent research to ensure credibility and accuracy. Your work will not only inform the audience but also keep them engaged. You should be able to adapt your writing style to cater to the needs of a general reader. If you are confident in your ability to create engaging, educational blog posts for a general a...

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    I'm in need of a skilled writer who can create engaging and informative articles on various aspects of technology. Your responsibilities would include: - Crafting 1-5 well-researched, quality articles on cutting-edge tech topics. - Ensuring all content is original and engaging for the reader. To be successful in this role, you should have: - Demonstrable experience in writing technology-related content. - A portfolio of your past work, particularly articles on tech. - An eye for detail and the ability to produce high-quality, error-free content.

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    ...Deliverables include a comprehensive Word document covering: Key Responsibilities: Market Analysis: Cover both local and international markets. Financial Projections: Illustrate business potential with robust financial analysis. Strategy Development: Create a detailed plan to leverage our unique selling points against competitors. Ideal Skills and Experience: Proven track record in business plan writing, especially in the food industry. Strong market analysis and financial projection skills. Creative thinker with experience in premium and artisanal product marketing. Experience in dairy or food-related businesses is a plus. Additional Information: Focus on premium dairy products (cheese, yogurt, butter from cow, goat, buffalo, and camel milk). Support for local farmers and su...

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    ...engaging and relevant content related to catering. This includes writing articles, tips, and insights that cater to our audience. Design: Use Klaviyo to design visually appealing newsletters. Incorporate images (stock photos are acceptable) to enhance the content. Localization: Ensure all content is written in German and resonates with our German-speaking audience. Optimization: Optimize newsletters for both desktop and mobile viewing. Review and Edit: Proofread and edit content to ensure it is error-free and maintains a professional tone. Schedule and Send: Schedule and send the newsletter via Klaviyo, ensuring it reaches our subscribers on time. Requirements: Language Proficiency: Native or fluent in German with excellent writing and communication skills. Experience: Pro...

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    I'm in need of a talented writer and content creator who can produce engaging and sarcastic content, primarily focused on the tec...the technology industry. Your job will be to create articles that entertain the reader while also informing them about the latest tech trends and gadgets. Key Responsibilities: - Write engaging and witty articles on technology-related topics - Infuse a sarcastic tone into the content - Ensure content is entertaining without compromising on accuracy Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in writing captivating content, particularly for the technology industry - An understanding of sarcasm and the ability to write in a sarcastic tone - A knack for producing entertaining content without sacrificing on information - Familiarity with SEO best prac...

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    I'm seeking a skilled medical content writer to create website content for Mou...platform, providing them with informative, professional and easy-to-understand information. Key Requirements: - Experience in creating medical content specifically targeting patients - Ability to convey complex medical information in an accessible manner - Proficiency in maintaining an informative yet professional tone throughout the content The ideal candidate will have a background in medical writing or a related field, and a thorough understanding of patient-centered healthcare communications. Experience with web content creation and SEO practices will be a plus. produt information faq's how to use geneal infomtion word count 5000-6000 refrence

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    Centralized LMS Development in PHP 6 日 left

    ...highly valued. - **User Access**: I haven't specified the user access methods, but the system should ideally be accessible through web browsers, and potentially a mobile app. If you have suggestions or expertise in this area, please detail them in your proposal. - **Courses**: The LMS will host a range of courses. While I haven't defined the types, the system should be flexible enough to support Academic courses, Professional development courses, and Skill-based courses. If you have specific experience in these areas, please highlight it. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Proven track record in developing Learning Management Systems - Strong background in PHP, with expertise in using it for robust and scalable web application development - Experienc...

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    As an author aspiring to write a fiction book, I'm seeking an experienced and passionate ghostwriter. Here's what I expect for this project: - Developing an engaging plot using creativity and storytelling skills. - Generati...passionate ghostwriter. Here's what I expect for this project: - Developing an engaging plot using creativity and storytelling skills. - Generating original content that communicates successfully with my targeted audience. - Staying in tune with the genre-specific trends to ensure contemporary relevance. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in creative and interactive writing styles. - Prior experience in writing fiction novels. - Committed to meeting deadlines. If you match this profile and feel excited about this opportunity...

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    Send sample Watch this i put tutorail videos for EACH tab every the above line . Watch all videos and follow and just send me 1 sample . . . . .fixed 35 dollar about 130 writings EX . its for 1 writing is its for 1 writing is > . . . Another ........toturial

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    I'm seeking an experienced professional who can help craft a comprehensive and compelling company profile that is focused on showcasing my previous work in completed client projects. The profile needs to include sections for: - 'About Us': providing a brief overview of our company. - 'Services': detailing the unique services we offer. Skills needed for this job include: - Excellent writing and editing skills to ensure the profile is clear, concise, and engaging. - An understanding of our target audience to effectively showcase our completed client projects and capabilities in a way that appeals to them. Experience in creating company profiles in the past would be highly advantageous, and samples of your previous work would be greatly appreciated for r...

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    ...detail-oriented, as accuracy in contact details is crucial. Follow-Up: - Upon sending the initial message, I would like you to continuously follow up with the contacts until a response is received. The follow-ups should be polite but persistent. Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in conducting research on LinkedIn or similar platforms. - Exceptional communication skills, particularly in writing professional and engaging messages. - Strong organizational skills and attention to detail. - Experience in customer service or sales, with a good understanding of effective follow-up strategies. - The ability to work autonomously and adhere to timelines. If you're a proactive and detail-oriented virtual assistant with a knack for research and excellent communication skills...

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    Android profect 6 日 left

    ...the creation of multimedia content where visual and auditory elements are synchronized to produce a cohesive experience. This is widely used in filmmaking, vlogging, live streaming and video conferencing) • Generating text with AI (This process leverages machine learning and deep learning techniques to produce text that can serve a wide range of applications, from customer service to creative writing) • Live Update (Live updates for a teleprompter mean that the text displayed on the teleprompter can be updated in real-time while the speaker is reading. This feature is crucial in dynamic and fast-paced environments such as live news broadcasts, live events, or any scenario where last-minute changes to the script might be necessary) • Voice Track (Helps speakers stay...

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    Casual Service & Company Reviews 6 日 left

    I require your expertise in writing engaging and friendly reviews for service and company. Key Requirements: - Service and Company Reviews: I need reviews written for services and companies in a casual and friendly tone. - Timely Delivery: I would appreciate timely completion of the reviews, within a month would be ideal. Ideal Freelancer: - Experience: Proven success in writing engaging and friendly reviews. - Punctuality: Ability to deliver on time. - Flexibility: Being open to revisions if necessary.

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    I'm seeking experienced content writers who can create formal, professional and highly polished content for my informational website. The main task at hand is the crafting of a compelling company profile. Key Requirements: - Prior experience writing professional company profiles. - Ability to make complex ideas easily understandable. - Convey our business identity in a formal and professional tone. - Distinguish our company's offerings and significance within our industry. To apply, please share samples of similar work you've completed in the past. I look forward to viewing your work and discussing this project further.

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    I need a research paper written about UAVs in the field of Computer Science. ...well-researched, properly cited and does not contain plagiarism. Timeframe: Given the urgency of the requirement, it is essential that the project be completed ASAP. Ideal Freelancer: - A computer science professional with prior experience in UAVs, artificial intelligence, or related fields would be ideal for this project. - Strong academic writing skills and the ability to create high-quality, well-researched content. - Previous experience in writing research papers or academic articles. - A quick turnaround time and ability to work under pressure to meet the urgent deadline. Please submit samples of your previous work with your bid. Looking forward to working with a qualifie...

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    I'm looking for a talented writer who can create motivational content for entrepreneurs. Key Requirements: - Writing: The project primarily involves composing motivational content to inspire and assist entrepreneurs in their journey. Every piece should be crafted with the aim of uplifting and encouraging the reader, while also providing valuable insights and advice. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Writing: Proven experience in creating motivational content, particularly targeted towards entrepreneurs, is crucial. Your writing should be engaging and impactful, with a clear understanding of the needs and challenges faced by this audience. - Entrepreneurial Knowledge: A good understanding of the entrepreneurial world is important to effectively convey the right ...

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    am looking for a outline drawing for the front of a shirt and 1 sentence writing for the back of the shirt. If anyone is willing please send me some of your design and drawings please and thank you. For the sentence on the back i wanted to say When you see a king show some respect Or When you see a king bow down In something like this i have sketch need coloring

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