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    I am looking for someone who has expertise in setting up ABBYY OCR reading software (or similar OCR software) to automatically convert PDF, Word, Excel, Notepad and text documents received via email into a set CSV format for upload into a database. There are multiple document formats that would require the initial mapping for each document type. I will

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    In need of a robot to process pdf files using Abbyy FineReader 14 OCR Editor. Unprocessed pdf docs are saved on a password secured ftp site in a folder named "pdf". Need a robot to open each file in Abbyy FineReader 14 OCR Editor and save the outputted OCR'd docx file to a folder named "docx". The input pdf doc is multiple pages, the output needs

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    OCR, ABBYY, tesseract

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    OCR ABBYY , tesseract

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    ...In the app, I sometimes select a certain subfolder to upload to, sometimes not. On my Mac (High Sierra 10.13.4 (17E199)) I then let the files be scanned by an OCR program (ABBYY FineReader OCR Pro, V. 12.1.10) and then sort the files manually to their final destination folder on my computer. I would like to automate this process. When new PDFs are

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    ...Restaurant Name, Address, Phone Number - Server Name - Items Ordered, Quantity, Price - Total Price Abbyy has an API, but that is expensive, but the idea is to have something like that. Let me know if you have worked on Abbyy or other similar APIs. It would be even better if you have used one of the free or open source APIs and used models

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    We do not look for a automatic converter. We need experienced people who works with Abbyy Find Reader or similar software to create editable, translation ready documents. We pay per page.

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    The demo project will correctly read the letters, numbers and dates on coupon paper. And it will analyze the first row numbers of the coupon and query th...implemented with tesseract OCR SDK. If the functionality written above is not provided fully cause of the technical limitations of tesseract SDK then same demo will be prepared with ABBYY OCR SDK.

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    Would like to implement the abbyy cloud ocr sdk. Mainly unstructured pdf docs. 5-7 templates for 5-7 docs types. Would also need assistance with setting it all up in the cloud. Google Cloud or AWS or... Or, if I would need a second freelancer for that, that would be fine too.

    $15 - $25 / hr
    $15 - $25 / hr
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    ...completed. User should be able to click on the field recognised to either manually fix the value or remove the value to "re-scan" again. We currently have a licence for Abbyy OCR engine, but you can use another engine, if it will give you better & quicker results (prior to consultation with us, as we need to see what the licence agreements for the

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    Hi there I have a project to map 200 different financial statements using Abbyy Flexilayout studio. Each Statement has a different layout so approx 200 templates will be required. As part of each template I want to do validation to confirm that all lines in the statement have been captured. I am looking to get a high level of accuracy from this OCR

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    A library send byte[] (images and pdfs) to 3 OCR services: Microsoft Computer Vision API, Google Cloud Vision API and Abbyy Cloud OCR SDK. Async where possible. (.net 4.7 Classic library)

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    i need a programmer that can make an app for making virtual business card and manage others business card and can share them with his contacts (like cam card app, abbyy bcr app, ....) but i need that for my country and in a special language (not english), you can make copy most of features from apps that are available on app store or googleplay as i

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    87 入札 to do a specific macro procedure explained below: When jitsi window opens having a phone call and the user answers that call i would like as seen in the attached files ABBYY Screenshot Reader automatically capture the phone number (be careful here only the answered calls) Pic1 - The call popup Pic2 - The answered called window After that is

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    ...required to OCR. Languages: English, Russian/Cyrillic, other. TO QUALIFY TO THIS WORK : - you need to have 2+ years of INTENSIVE PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE in ABBYY Finereader or a similar software. "Professional" does not mean doing OCR for your student reports. ;-) - you need to have experience in MathType / Microsoft Equation Editor (formula typing)

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    Create ABBYY flexicapture flexi layouts for PDF docs

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
    0 入札 aplicativo que "reconheça" o layout do documento digitalizando e a partir daí renomeie ele baseado em dados que imagino deverá ser "coletado" por um OCR. Eu li sobre o ABBYY e ele faz algo próximo a isso. E tb me parecem que vendem o motor OCR para ser incluído em outros outros aplicativos...

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    We need Optical Character Recognition integrated with existing mobile iOS app. We have app developer to assist, however, need a developer with experience integrating ABBYY or other OCR solutions for mobile.

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    Android Expert. 終了 left

    Hi I need a android mobile developer who has experience with Abbyy OCR Library. Before bidding please share your experience regarding abbyy OCR library. I will share more details with respective guy. Thanks

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    ...regional AM radio station. The ad describes how invoice processing automation software can reduce accounts payable expenses through the automation of invoice processing. What we offer is a way for companies to automate the mundane task of invoice processing. The ABBYY FlexiCapture system reads scanned invoices or those obtained through email. It extracts

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