Hello Arab Freelancers only please. This is a full website project from scratch. It is simple but comprehensive. The website wi jobs


    26,737 Hello Arab Freelancers only please. This is a full website project from scratch. It is simple but comprehensive. The website wi 仕事が見つかりました。次の価格: USD

    ...しかも1日1、2時間程度それをするだけです。 スマホorパソコンのどちらかがあれば出来ます。 あなた自身が本気で ・今の現状を心の底から変えたい ・どうしても在宅で仕事をしなければならない と思っているならきっと大丈夫です。 【購入にあたってのお願い】 本気の方からの応募をお待ちしてます。 ①スマホもしくはPC(有・無) ②Wi-Fi環境(有・無) ③収入アップさせたい動機 理由 ④収入の希望額(〇〇万円~〇〇万円) ⑤ビジネスに費やせる時間 ご興味ありましたら、  お気軽にお問い合わせください。 <↓LINE>    (ID:naokiookawa)  [ログインしてURLを表示]

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    ...いる方こそ試していただきたいです。 スキル、経験は問いませんがやる気のある方、マメに連絡つく方の応募をお待ちしております(作業自体は単純ですが根気はいるため) 皆様のご応募お待ちしております。 ご応募の際は、以下の質問に回答してください。 本気で稼ぎたい方からの応募をお待ちしてます。 ①iPhone もしくはPC(有・無) ②Wi Fi環境(有・無) ③お金を得る動機 理由 ④得たい希望額(〇〇万円~〇〇万円) ⑤ビジネスに費やせる時間 ※しっかり自己紹介が、できない方は ご利用頂けません。 *こんな方にオススメ* ●今の仕事が不安な方 ●在宅でお仕事したい方 ●新規事業をお考えの方 ●現状の収入では満足していない方 ●副収入として安定的な収入が欲しい方

    $236 - $708
    $236 - $708
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    ☆お仕事詳細・教えられた作業を素直にコツコツ頑張れる方 大歓迎です。・お好きな時間、 Wi-Fiやネット環境がある場所であればお好きな場所にて作業OK です。 ・しっかりとサポートしますので、ご安心ください。決して一人で考えることはありません。 ☆応募要件・経済的、時間的自由がほしい方にぴったりです。 ・現在のお仕事の有無は不問。副業、Wワーク歓迎です。・育児中、通院中、その他様々なご事情があそっても大丈夫です。・19歳以上の方(含学生)でお願いします。・携帯またはPCがあれば基本どなたでも可能です。特別なスキルもいりません。☆確認・スキル、経験は問いませんがやる気のある方、マメに連絡つく方の応募をお待ちしておりますお気軽にご相談ください。たくさんのご応募お待ちしております。

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    Want an Asian or African freelance programmers but not Egyptions.. Currently in Egypt for one day project

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    I wanna make the contract with freelancers in Latin America, South America, North America, Europe countries. Actually, it is large and long-term work and wanna give details via PM.

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    econmic project 6 日 left

    ...edu/article/?a=3133" [ログインしてURLを表示] Younis, Ahmed. Gender Justice Employment Gaps in the Arab World the Harvard International Review Summer 2013 pp. 50-55 1. How has gender equity changed in the Arab world over the past 30 years according to the author? 2. Summarize what the article tells us about ‘the ar...

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    I would like a simple but professional looking website selling subscription codes with 3rd party or offsite payment handling. It should have a public area where people can see the products, prices, and sign up if they choose too. Also a private area accessable only to registered users. Further information will be provided possible cand...

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    Hello, We are an arabic content website, targeting arab females living in SAUDI ARABIA, UAE, OMAN, QATAR, BAHRIN and KUWAIT. We post up to 10 posts per day, article and video content. This is our facebook page: [ログインしてURLを表示] You should be an expert and you have to goals to achieve: 1- Generating traffic to our website from

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    ...Entreprenuer base in Ghana, West Africa. I have a product that i would like to market through social media especially on facebook. It is camera that use 3G sim card and can also be connected via wifi All you need to do is power up the camera and put a sim card in the camera and then download an APP from playstore install on your Android...

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    I need a mobile android application that uses Augmented Reality to show information about different cultural attractions such as statues or famous paintings. I want it to be built using QR Codes as markers that will be placed somewhere around the place of interest. ** Important mention: All the tools used inside must be open-source / free of license

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    Quote the price to retouch 1 image as shown in the examples attached herewith.

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    This article will be a product review for one of my review websites. Freelancers who have previous experience in writing product reviews for IT/technical products may apply. Topic: Wifi Router Review - Budget Router - TP-Link N300 Wi-Fi Router You need to research on this WiFi router and understand its features and functionality before starting

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    I need a responsive app I would like it designed and built. 3 app 2 android apps and dispatch panel in 2 language English and arabic experience only needed

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    I would like a digital outline version of bridge. The outlined bridge would be used for a logo and apparel. I want the outline to be of the steel bridge in Sturgeon Bay, WI. See attachments of an example of what I was looking for along with a couple images of the actual bridge.

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    i need a bit of a complicate modification to a existing crystal report its a real minor task if you have the right experience in crystal reports task is to limit visible body line item to 10 lines for print purposes but yet the summery should calculate all lines for totals

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    you have to get some information for cooks i will let you know how make it throw team viewr

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    Hello, we need hotspot controler platform. (like [ログインしてURLを表示]) To do: - installation and configuration of CoovaChilli or Chillispot - Creating a website for your system. Plus the graphics. - 5 tabs to present the system - Option to register and login in for users - Adding new hotspots, hotspots configuration (speed, rules of access

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    $335 \u5e73\u5747\u5165\u672d\u984d
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