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    読んでいただきありがとうございます。 海外サイトRedditから、アニメに対するコメントを英→日に翻訳していただきたいです。 内容は、High School DxD BorN 1-12話 [ログインしてURLを表示] Working!!!3期 1‐13話 [ログインしてURLを表示] 2作品合計25話分です。 書き方は添付ファイルを参照してください。 1.RedditのコメントをコピーしてOpen Officeに貼り付ける。 注:ファイルはOpen Officeでの提出でお願いします。 DLはこちらから→[ログインしてURLを表示] 2.英語のコメントの下に日本語の翻訳を書く。 3.話の時系列に並べる。 4.全体の感想として述べられているものは一番最後にまとめる。 以上が流れになります。 下記サイトあにこ...

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    読んでいただきありがとうございます。 海外サイトRedditから、アニメに対するコメントを英→日に翻訳していただきたいです。 内容は、High School DxD BorN 1-12話 [ログインしてURLを表示] Working!!!3期 1‐13話 [ログインしてURLを表示] 2作品合計25話分です。 書き方は添付ファイルを参照してください。 1.RedditのコメントをコピーしてOpen Officeに貼り付ける。 注:ファイルはOpen Officeでの提出でお願いします。 DLはこちらから→[ログインしてURLを表示] 2.英語のコメントの下に日本語の翻訳を書く。 3.話の時系列に並べる。 4.全体の感想として述べられているものは一番最後にまとめる。 以上が流れになります。 下記サイトあにこ...

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    女史向けSNSスマホアプリのビジュアル面をお願いします。 システム機能的には完成しています。 なので、完全に動作するモックアップがあります。 10ページ弱のページデザインと機能呼び出しアイコンデザイン。 詳しくは、ハングアウトかF2Fで説明します。 [ログインしてURLを表示] に画面遷移図があります。参照してください。 株式会社エクスファ 東京都新宿区喜久井町 [ログインしてURLを表示]

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    Hi, I want to open a production line in Doha Qatar, but I am not quite sure which product will provide the maximum profit, there are five products I am thinking about 1-Manhole cover, current local competitor: Qatar Technical Steel Fabrication 2- Welded Wire Mesh, current local competitor: Khalifa Steel industries 3- Fire Metal Door, current local competitor: Target Metal industries 4- Traffic...

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    two different pets are needed these animals will be printed on the harness for small children they must fit in the field marked in the attachment I can't be copies of animals from European cartoons / fairy tales it must be your invention. one animal can be colored in a maximum of 7 colors

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    Please help me translate a 10 page document into Gujarati. Actually it is an operation manual of an instrument which is written in English. I want it to be translated in Gujarati. I want the translated document in Word as well as PDF. I will provide the original document in PDF format. I have attached a sample page of the document to be translated. I want this work to be done within maximum of 4 d...

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    Need a business analyst to work closely with Product owner in gathering the requirements, documenting them, communicating with developers and building wire frames.

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    Need a business analyst to work closely with Product owner in gathering the requirements, documenting them, communicating with developers and building wire frames.

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    Hi Ivana! We noticed your work on our contest so we would like to progress with you as our freelancer. Here's the description again: Looking for a creative designer who can make a unique trademark-free logo with an appropriate font. The company name is 'that dog' and the logo will need to represent a dog similar to the attached files. We would like the logo to be a memorable repre...

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    Okay I won’t lie in reaching out because I’m coding something in ROR and it’s been a few years, I can’t wrap my head around basic associations lol I literally just need a couple forms to pass IDs I’m sure you’re super busy, I’d love to pay you for an hour (you can charge me quite a bit I don’t mind) to help wire the backend It max an hours job for...

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    We are a Sensor manufacturing company based in Swindon UK. Hot Wire Drill is a sensor monitoring and data aquisition system. We are looking for a freelance microcontroller programmer(s). We are looking at the microchip PIC16F87/88 series or equivalent. We would also like some PIC implementation paid consultancy advice to understand how best to implement microchips in our system.

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    Hello. I need a graphical design with birds: - See sketch attached, dimension A4, Background transparent - Two birds drawn in the same style one male one female (in sketch they are two different styles any of these will work - Story: - I wish to paint it and print it or glue it on a A4 paper Envelope, inside I put some photos with me and my girlfriend. ...

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    We need someone to program buddypress, we need: 4 languages Mini forum, user can send photo's for determination (other users can answer) Payment module integration for using the app (per month / year) User level: Own task list Own adres list + adding gps data + comments Adding photo's + location Search for other users around him (within 5 / 10/ 20 miles) And there are some static pag...

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    Salesforce LWC 23 時間 left

    [ログインしてURLを表示] a web page that conforms to the below mockup. This is an internal page for backend users, so it needs to be professional-looking & simple to use, but not pixel-perfect. The user should be able to enter any text into the input & press the button labeled “Go”. Upon pressing the button, the text that they entered should appear below the input box according to the...

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    TiltbrushMultibrush Unity Import for URP 19 時間 left

    Need an importer for TiltbrushMultibrish Shaders to Unity that its compatible with URP, we have object that can be made available For example to cater for all colours Disco Coarse_Bristels Hypercolor_DoubleShader Ink Oil Paint Petal Think Paint Wet Paint Wiggly Graphite Neon Pulse Light Wire Lofted Spikes Paper Icing Tapered Flat Splatter Current toolkit being used [ログインしてURLを表示] But has n...

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    I want an aimbot for ESL Wire and FaceIt client anticheat.

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    Hi All, So my project is really simple. A lite window app that works as bank transfer/transaction receipt generator. You are expected to build this app where you have preset/loaded the BANK TRANSFER/ONLINE TRANSACTION RECEIPT TEMPLATE, when user enters other information and submit, it would automatically create a page pdf containing transfer initiation and completion receipt and export pdf for me...

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    We have a fan controller board with 7 fans (MR3010H12B1+6-RSR) that have 4 wire signalling. The board also has RS232 connectivity with a host board. The embedded software: 1) Must be able to drive all fans at the same speed (no per fan speed control required). 2) Fan throttle must be 0%, 10%, 40%, 70% and 100%. 3) A status LED must be used to show the status of the drive. 4) Last set fan throt...

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    Logo needed 終了 left

    Hi. I make handmade welded bracelets out of stainless tig filler wire twisted together. I want the main part of the logo to be a single bracelet. I sell them on Etsy and my shop is called Lowcobracelets. I make various types of bracelets but the one pictured is what i would want in the logo. I made my own logo, but not happy with it. Thanks!

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    Hi if you go to this website [ログインしてURLを表示] and scroll down to you see all these helmets. Could you please give me a helmet from all of them and change them to my colors please which i will send you a photo of please. Some may have to have a little white in them.

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    Hi all, Looking for support on below skillset Java back end engineer Spring boot Micro services Google cloud platform GitHub GitHub actions Harness Spinnaker Pipelines Restful web services Cassandra Elastic search Azure On perm kubernetes PCF Rancher Kubernetes cluster JFrog artifactory On perm artifactory Grafana Kibana Postman Let me know if you have experience in it

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    Technology must have - Laravel, Laravel Wire, Jquery , Html, Css, Mysql , Good database knowledge and good communication skills, work on own , fast understanding of requirements, good clean coding practice. * Work on tasks as assigned * The project amount is for monthly , if you asking for more than this - then please dont bid. * First test project will be for 1 day * After sucessful completio...

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    I am looking to design a waist coat with LED strip lighting around the edge of the seems. I currently have one design I have physically made with EL wire which works fine but I am looking to take it to the next level with LED strips or indiviudal LED's if necessary (Strips would be easier). The strips themselves need to have the pixels as close together as possible to maximise the effectivene...

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    I need someone to take my sketches and rough drawings of a new display stand and frames to display our cabinet handles at our customer's showrooms. The core concept are wire frame-blocks that sits on a pole with clip-on display panels. I need a mockup drawing as well as construction drawings based on my ideas. my next step will be to discuss with a manufacturer so the drawings need to be de...

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    we want to create a campaign for pain relief , to consult natural healing doctors from our clinics globally , First trip wire product is consultation , costing 20$

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    Hello, for a multilanguage ecommerce website, i am looking for a professional seo person/agency that can help to grow with OFF SITE seo works. I can offer 180€ per month (3/6 months) dipend from the results These the strategies: Link Building is King Harness that Social Media Power RSS Feed Blog Commenting Guest Posting Forums Posting Build Trust Incorporate...

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    Client wants a double sided business card with a barbed wire border across the top, with a cardinal sitting on the barbed wire. They would like a black card with white lettering. On one side they would like the following information M & A Fencing (512) 718-9406 or Espanol (512) 718-5844 On the other side of the card they would like the following information, with a black background and white ...

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    Dear Project Managers, I'm an academic teaching worldwide and leading a team of instructors. We need to design an online tutoring platform. Here are the major requirements of the project: We need an online teaching platform. We need to build a website builder and a SUITE CMS specifically designed to manage an online tutoring website. The content should be updated by managers and it should...

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    The title of the project is Analysis of a thin wire antenna using method of moments written in python 1. I want to understand the scope of the topic and it's fundamentals. 2. I want to know the parameters that can be used for the thin wire approximation and as well as the Method of moments and how to fine tune them. 3. I want papers to reviewed on the project. 4. I want a working stimulation ...

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    Our website is related to trading, we require a person who have experience in web development and is ready to work with our existing team, all the wire frames are ready and we prefer angular.

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    - Business card for Alliance TI ( Tone ( BLUE /white/black) Pretty much everything except NOTHING RED for this one. This card is to represent I.T. companies so all design much bt align with these theme. A second business card fo Alliance Sécurité ( Tone ( RED /white/black) Pretty much everything except nothing for this one This card will represent a security compagnie (installing w...

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    Hi, Thank you for your interest. Below is the scope of work, key steps and expectations. Please let me know your price, methods, deliverables and timeline. I'm not in a hurry but looking for the right method and optimized price. Please let me know when you have your proposal ready to share. Thanks. Best regards, ------------------------------------- Web scraping a real estate website for ...

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    we are developing a web and mobile based application. we have development team. we need a ux designer to create wire frames

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    I own a company that buys sells scrap metal. Basically buying secondary raw materials from individuals. I aim , to increase transparency by improving record-keeping and to replace uncontrolled cash transactions with wire transfers I need someone to create the architecture, business logic, design and full coding to meet my objectives. I want a full development cycle of the software from concept...

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    Hi Wire W., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    HI GUYS, No time waster please. I need a report based on dark web using the onion router (tor) and analysing the network traffic. This report will check on TURNITIN for PLAGIARISM, so please no copy paste or paraphrase the report. This project need to install 3 software freshly Proton VPN, TOR and WIRE SHARK. I need all the screenshots of your work so take every step screen shot and put it in r...

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    Magnepul 2.0 終了 left

    I am building a prototype. This prototype is a gasoline engine converted to use magnetic force to drive the pistons. This prototype needs a triggering system the tells the electromagnets when to energize. I have had an Engineering Feasibility Study done. I have all the engineering work. I need someone who can program my Arduino to operate the systems of sensors. I even have all the tables n...

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    Trophy icon Two Basketball Logos 終了 left

    Name of first logo: Courtroom Basketball Color options (3): One with black and red. One with white, orange (#ff811f) and black. One with black, white and gold (#c1a051). Attached three examples of likable logos. Name of second logo: E3 (Elite Exposure Experience) Color options (3): One with grey or white, black and red. One with white, orange (#ff811f) and black. One with black, white and...

    $150 (Avg Bid)
    保証 トップコンテスト
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    Hello there! I am working with a client who has 4 WP Forms on their website. All the incoming data from these forms needs to go to a (provided) API endpoint for encryption in accordance with HIPAA standards. I had a developer set up 3 of the forms, but I have not been able to reach him to wire up the 4th remaining form. This developer also wrote a function that disallows WP Forms from saving any o...

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    you are bidding on ten (10) skeletal metal wire ribs to fabricate 3D geometric shaped life size models (with base/stand) for holiday window displays NOTE: this is NOT for 3D printing or mold designs the brief and deliverables are attached (doc) winning bidder will sign an NDA

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    Arduino project for controlling projector. Project: I need Arduino to be programmed that can do: 1. If the light is weak (BH1750) and the time is after 20h a clock (DS1307), then send the TCP pocket over Ethernet or RS-232 to the projector to turn on. (HLK-RM04) 2. If the light is high and the time is after 6h a clock, then send the TCP pocket over Ethernet or RS-232 to the projector to turn it o...

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    We've reached a zero to one moment when all engineers will begin to use simulation to inform their day to day work, and it will no longer just be a small number of specialists running these codes. MSBAI develops a 'Universal Interface for Simulation' called GURU — a cognitive AI assistant that enables untrained users to run specialized simulation software, and harness the late...

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    Trophy icon Create a icon for my Logo 終了 left

    Hi! I am in need of a logo icon as a reflective harness. Se image for referance. Please make the icon hand made and blue in color.

    $22 (Avg Bid)

    Hi! I need someone who can draw a tiny image of a reflective harness sort of a animated style that can fit my Logo. The logo is going to be just the website name and then the reflective harness icon after it. Please send me a message.

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    PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING !!!! Please ONLY send your examples on (ERP systems, inventory systems, WMS or CMS) !!!! OTHERWISE Your proposal will be IGNORED or REMOVED 1. Good communication skills (Must be able to communicate verbally in English) 2. Have experience in designing wire-frames and designs

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    Need an expert to integrate wire transfer API for us

    $32 (Avg Bid)
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    This is an extremely easy job which requires very little expertise. What I need done is an array populated with all family bit codes of the one-wire devices. It will be an array of the following structure. typedef struct { const uint8_t family_code; const char* description; }device_code_t; The array should be filled in like this: device_code_t device_codes[] = { {0x01, "Part...

    $46 (Avg Bid)
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    Provide quotes respond to emails and correspond with project related requirements for construction. Must be able to use field wire and be decided supervisors personal assistant for all communications

    $6 - $12 / hr
    $6 - $12 / hr
    0 入札

    Looing for an expert that can build a simple system that can work with wire transfer API . Sections include :- Normal bank transfer details entry. OUR percentage commission entry ( which behind the scene has our wire transfer details already embedded there. As customer clicks submit the wire transfer ...when customers money go to their bank account ...our commission goes to our bank account de...

    $75 (Avg Bid)
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