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Run an Email Marketing Campaign 写真
Weblance 写真
Email Marketing Experts
Launch email marketing campaigns to make businesses to register on the website. Perfect of any company that has a great email list but isn't sure how to get value from having it.
Run an Email Marketing Campaign
$114 USD
Write an Article About "Harnessing your Analytics Insights" 写真
Sanjit Kumar P. 写真
Sanjit Kumar P.
Content Writer & Social Media Marketer
Content on trending topics that's ready to promote on social media. A great way to become part of the conversation.
Write an Article About "Harnessing your Analytics Insights"
$50 USD
Design an App Mockup 写真
Nihal H. 写真
Nihal H.
UX/UI Designer
Energetic and attention-grabbing mobile app designs for a delivery service including map view, contact details, and order details.
Design an App Mockup
$78 USD


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Excellent work, super fast, super quality and understood the brief perfectly!

If you're looking for a talented web developer you'll find people like Charchit to help you accomplish your needs.

Charchit P.
Web Developer & Designer
$15 USD/hour
Wordpress Membership Website Building
USD $350

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Do you want to grab the visual attention of potential clients? Hiring a freelance graphic artist could be your solution. Graphic artists know how to use design to attract the attention of your audience. They combine new concepts, personal artistic skills and technology to design the best graphics for your business. 

Graphic design is essential in business promotion. All businesses, big or small, use it as a part of their marketing strategy. Your branding has the capability to turn a potential customer into a loyal client.

Before you decide to hire a freelance graphic artist, here are some reasons to do so:

  • Access to a pool of highly skilled graphic artists whose passion is design 
  • Professional graphic artists who use and understand the latest software
  • High quality design as your end product
  • You receive a professional assessment with access to general advice before committing
  • Combing ideas, style and artistic skills with practicality and expertise
  • Hiring someone who abides by design standards
  • Avoidance of design mistakes
  • Access to a broad talent pool, meaning you can find the right graphic artist that suits your individual needs
  • The benefit of experience in considering all graphic design aspects
  • Savings on development time and resources
  • Quick and ready access to a graphic artist for immediate tasks

Take advantage of the freelance community by hiring a quality, professional graphic artist to design your next branding job. With access to a broader pool of talented and skilled designers, not only will you end up with a quality product, you also can save time and resources. Now is the time to hire a freelance graphic artist and start reaping the rewards for your business.

What is graphic art design?

Graphic design is the art of integrating colours, imagery, text, fonts and illustrations. It involves the combination of images and text used to communicate messages and information to an audience. Some examples of where graphic design are used include website design, business branding, logos and product packaging, brochures, magazines and newspapers.

Graphic artists use design tools and software like Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, CorelDraw, GIMP and Inkscape. They understand and meet design standards while using innovative techniques. 

What kind of work is completed by a freelance graphic artist?

Graphic design is an effective method of communicating your business message. Through attractive visual branding, a graphic artist can improve your business.

Work completed by a freelance graphic artist includes:

  • Books, magazines, catalogues and newspapers
  • Business branding such as letterhead, business cards, brand guides and logos
  • Marketing materials: flyers, brochures, postcards, one-sheets, posters
  • Product packaging and labels
  • Presentations
  • Clothing designs
  • Reporting
  • Illustrations and image editing


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