Video: simple animation for YouTube

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  • 賞金: €10
  • 受け取ったエントリー: 7
  • 優勝者: Savioperera



We will have more videos to do in the future. The winner might work with us on some projects after this contest.

I'm looking for a simple and nice video / animation in high quality. It only needs one background image (attached), a simple relaxing animation and a music (free of rights). I send you existing videos to have an idea of the content and the style needed. It lasts around 5 minutes but it's always the same animation repeated 20 times (breathing exercise).

Here is what we need:

- Video made for Youtube (1080p : 1 920 x 1 080).
- Video 1 (attached) is an example of the exercice but our video should be better looking of course and the animation should last 4 sec on each side of the square (not 5 sec).
- Create something with a similar style as our existing youtube video : [login to view URL] If you win, we'll give you the intro to add at the beginning of the video.
- Put our logo (attached) in the right-bottom corner in a discreet way (as in our youtube video).
- Make a relaxing animation of the square: 4 sec on each side (put a relax sound each time it begins to go up and each time it begins to go down).
- Put our text in french at the beginning of the animation to explain how to breath and what to do when we are on each side of the square.
- Find a relaxing music free of rights for the video.

>> Here is the text to put after the introduction and before the animation (the 1st text during 3 seconds, then the second text during 7 seconds).

"Exercice de respiration carrée (4 temps)"

"Prenez un instant pour vous détendre. Concentrez-vous sur votre respiration. Laissez le bien-être vous accompagner."

>> Here is the text to put on the left side of the square :
"Inspirez par le nez"

>> Here is the text to put on the top and bottom side of the square :
"Bloquez votre respiration"

>> Here is the text to put on the right side of the square :
"Expirez par le nez"



“Great job! Savio makes all the necessary changes so that you get the result you want. Nice and dedicated person. Recommended!”

プロフィール画像 MesBienfaits, Spain.




  • thebollysl
    • 7ヶ月前

    Do you want music to be "Royalty free"? or "Royalty Free" + "Free"? because good music comes with a price but had "Royalty Free" rights. Last question, do we exactly follow the video demo you have showed?.. and #increaseprize Thanks,

    • 7ヶ月前
  • srijonism
    • 7ヶ月前

    #increaseprize if possible. I can make it

    • 7ヶ月前
  • Savioperera
    • 7ヶ月前

    If possible increase the price to 15 - 20€ .

    • 7ヶ月前
  • Savioperera
    • 7ヶ月前

    Working on it, i need to talk with you for few more info contact me if possible

    • 7ヶ月前


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