Stationary Design - City Lofts

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  • 優勝者: aminayahia


We are looking to redesign our stationary.

We are the Royce-Royce of building companies. The stationary must look crisp, luxurious and premium.

Outputs required:

(1) Letter head (City Lofts branded)
(2) Letter head (City Lofts main branded with a secondary tier of associate logos - these should look subordinate to the main logo)
(3) Business cards (City Lofts branded only)

I have attached our brand logo. The mint colour is canton coated 331c and gold.

The associate logos are: Master Builder Winner, Federation of Master Builders, Which? Houzz 2015 Service, Houzz 2017 Service, Construction Awards 2017, Construction & Engineering 2016, 10 year guarantee, Velux, Trustmark, Planning Portal

Key info for the stationary:

Company name: City Lofts London
Address: 12 High Street, Hampton Wick, KT1 4DB
Telephone: 0845 529 4321
Email: info@[login to view URL]
URL: [login to view URL]





  • manuelgonzalez91
    • 1年前

    Hello sir, please look at the designs I made for you #26 #24 #23 thanks a lot.

    • 1年前


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