Simple 3D modeling project

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Hello all!

I need a 3D model of a single row of 15 tentacles that will be 3D printed. Please follow instructions carefully. Measurements are important.

1. The body of the tentacle should be 69mm tall and 2.5mm wide. Please allow small variations in width and height. Those subtle variations will add to the realism of the finished model.
2. The tip of the tentacle should be slightly larger than the body of the tentacle.
3. Each tentacle should be spaced apart by 3.5mm.
4. The base of the tentacles should be 6mm deep and 6mm high. Please allow the base of the tentacles to extend 3.5mm beyond the tentacles at each end.
5. I have included images that show the shape of the tentacle's tip in relation to the body of the tentacle.
6. No color or texture is needed on the model, but please do your best to make a realistic representation at this scale. However, the tentacles need to remain straight.
7. Please submit STL files only.

Thank you for your efforts! Good luck! :-)



“Mark has a wonderful talent and instinct for making things look natural and organic. He's extremely easy to work with and I look forward to working with him again. Highly recommended!”

プロフィール画像 AdamAquatic, United States.




  • RoyJack1991
    • 1週間前

    please check my design, #26

    • 1週間前
  • GabrielStudioFX
    • 1週間前

    Please check my entry 24#

    • 1週間前
  • badonj001
    • 2週間前

    Hi, Do you want them all to be straight, or do you want then to look like the protos of the corals? you will need supports, but they can be sanded with an emery board and painted. If you can provide your nozzle size and printer make, I can also provide you with an optimal gcode.

    • 2週間前


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