Seeking Designer for Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment Concept Design

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Smart Asset Management is a Real Estate Development Company that is looking to start a new project focused on minimalism and co-living. Our team is currently looking for an exceptional designer/engineer who can help create a concept design for our Furniture and Fixture ideas regarding one of our properties. We have been looking to bring over international design concepts that have been introduced to east Asian countries such as Japan and Korea. The following link will show a similar idea of an existing café that we would like to incorporate:

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Attached are some of the concepts we would like to implement. Our overall idea is having a shared working space where individuals will have the option to rent out “pods” for privacy. The pods will be used for relaxation, napping, reading, and etc.

The overall design should be a hexagon shape for pods, which will provide for a private space for studying/working while also being able to convert into a sleeping area. Refer to the attachments below for inspiration, not as a template! We are looking for the most creative yet simple to build designs.

Our team is looking for individuals who are more-so proficient with Rivet and/or Auto Cad. We will most likely be using Rivet for the actual construction of the FF&E so rivet is preferred.





  • rashid78614
    • 1日前

    #extended #extended #extended 1 DAY PLZ due to the short time, the work has not been completed

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  • sancan8995
    • 3日前

    Hello, Please check my entry #16 . Thanks

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