Seeking Blog Website Designer With 5+ Years Experience

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We're seeking a freelance with 5+ years of Blog Website Development experience to build SEO-friendly blog to drive lots of traffic from Google search Engine.

The Blog is designed for Amazon Affiliate marketing. We will recommend all smart products of Amazon Consumer electronics, Home & Garden, Kitchen & Dining category etc to our customers.

Ideally,you’ve been building professionally affiliate marketing blog for at least 3 years,and have 5+ years experience in Google SEO. English is your native language, and you have been previously built such great blog, and the blog may have a mount of organic search and rank.

The good example is [login to view URL], please study it more and more.

Our blog requirements included but not limited to:
[login to view URL] Web Design, create a different page for different types of devices
2.SEO-friendly (We check that professionally)
[login to view URL] all necessary WordPress plugins
[login to view URL] main social media button
[login to view URL] sitemap ie. navigation design
[login to view URL] template (style, color, structure, Theme images etc)
[login to view URL] other things helpful to promote blog SEO, like URLs, CATEGORIES & TAGS, etc
[login to view URL] user experience design

Note: We have bought the hosting and domain already.

Freelancers skills required at least:
[login to view URL] , CSS , JS (jQuery) , HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS.
[login to view URL] ( Plugins Development, Theme Development).
[login to view URL] Frameworks ( Bootstrap , Foundation ) , LESS / SASS / SCSS.
[login to view URL] SEO Optimization Knowledge Structure

Finally, we need you to send these four things as a part of your application:
[login to view URL] to 3-5 related blogs you’ve designed before
[login to view URL] factors do you think play import roles in a blog?(Just outline a few)
[login to view URL] much time it will take for you to build the blog?
[login to view URL] your other professional idea for the blog?

Warm notes:
[login to view URL] you make any important decision such as selecting template, Category, please discuss with me first.
[login to view URL] your job is not able to reach our requirements in 5 times, we will not pay. Thank you.




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