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IIm looking to work with a professional videographer. Have a lot of work in my own business and through

Im uploading this video project to select the best person/people to work with.

Please read carefully!!!!

The Task:

1. watch my "amateur version on youtube: [login to view URL]

2. Make it look like a professional video/ Documentary style.

3. Find the right intro and outro and music.

4/ "sell the story., make sure text looks good.

5. Make sure the front picture of video matches my new [login to view URL] (under construction but it will be very clean in style)

The story is about how I was hours from dying, and 365 days after, was interviewing actor Mel Gibson on stage.(6 months Prior to almost dying, I got divorced, was without a job and had to start all over at the age of 52).

Its a story of not giving up. About hope. MY granddaughter Olivia was born 3 weeks after my survival. I added some images of her.

I can upload original videos and have added some still photos here as well.

Hope to hear from someone creative. I just want to see a few seconds of how you would create it Don't expect all of you to do a finished product ofcource.

susan binau
[login to view URL]
ps. The video will be shown on my new website (being updated) and in other media). U can add your name and logo at the end of the video.

I can opload original photage and still photos if needed....

Hope to hear from someone creative

susan binau
[login to view URL]
ps. The video will be shown on my new website (being updated) and in other media). U can add your name and logo at the end of the video.



“Very professional, delivered more than I expected. Very flexible. Thank you. Susan Binau Founder Lifeline in Grief”

プロフィール画像 susanbinau, United States.




  • ArieVantar
    • 9ヶ月前

    where the download link original video?google drive or etc? or you can upload on youtube first, make it not public video. and you can send me the link.

    • 9ヶ月前
  • ahmada2b
    • 9ヶ月前

    Please share the downloadable video link so it can be edited

    • 9ヶ月前
  • MattDine
    • 9ヶ月前

    Hello, wow what an amazing story i would be more then happy to help out. are you able to upload the clips for your youtube attempt that would be great they look like good clips without the text and with them and the photos provided i think i will be able to sell your story as you said in a way that you will hopefully be proud of

    • 9ヶ月前
    1. susanbinau
      • 9ヶ月前

      the "system here say they are too long" is there any other way? can I send you a link through google drive?

      • 9ヶ月前
    2. susanbinau
      • 9ヶ月前

      Do you want to give the video a try? and what's your deadline? Seems you are new here and a good recommendation will help you. I can sent you a link to the two original files via google...hope to hear from you asap. I will reward the other person tomorrow if I don't hear susan

      • 9ヶ月前
  • EliDesignn
    • 9ヶ月前

    Hi, can we talk specifically?

    • 9ヶ月前



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