Network Disaster Recovery Plan

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Project is for an assignment. Details are :
You are the administrator for your team in a small IT services company named MY I.T. You are tasked with formulating a disaster recovery plan for the organisation. The organisation’s 20 staff are reliant on Email and a database online application that contains all customer records and billing information. Each of the users enjoys individual desktop settings and application dashboards regardless of which PC they use. The business uses the internet extensively in its operations. MY I.T. only offers support to its customers Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.
The contingency policy for the company states that you must be able to restore quickly in the event of a failure and use only one tape media to restore all data. Finance has also flagged an issue that some billing information must be kept for the duration of the financial year.
Create a plan for a backup schedule that needs to describe the frequency and type of backups that will be required and the storage location and quantity of the tapes.
The disaster recovery plans must cover these points.
Prepare disaster recovery and contingency plans
Assess potential impact of business risk and threats on IT systems
Evaluate impact of system on business continuity
Evaluate threats to system
Evaluate risk minimisation alternatives against specifications and cost constraints
Formulate prevention and recovery strategy
Develop disaster recovery plan to support strategy
Identify cut-over criteria before initiating disaster plan
Identify and document resources required for disaster recovery according to specifications and cost constraints
Submit disaster recovery and prevention strategy to appropriate person for approval and signoff





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    I have written a 19 page document on Network disaster recovery plan. It is in PDF format. Can you please change the type of files to be uploaded to PDF , so that we can easily upload the document.Thanks.

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    Hi CH,

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