Need To Create a Unique Different Design Top On Existing Footer Designs

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  • 優勝者: briangeneral


Before you bid or send me examples you MUST watch this 7-minute long screen capture video where I go into detail of what I'm looking for design wise.

Attached are the four-footer designs (2-mobile/2 desktop) and what they look like on desktop (laptop) and mobile.

I simply need to tweak the footer top from being a boring straight-line edge to something more sexy, creative, and cool. Then on the other footer blend the graphic in better and/or use two-ton blue colors, gradient blue, or insert some design into the boring solid dark blue on the one footer.

Need ASAP.

Just send me as many .jpeg examples as you can. I'm looking for the most creative person not necessarily the perfect design.





  • ishtiaqishaq
    • 1週間前

    Hello sir.. Can you please share the link of 7-minute long screen capture video .Thanks

    • 1週間前
  • shakilnazim3
    • 1週間前

    check #3

    • 1週間前
  • txbest13
    • 1週間前

    Arigo, I need to see it blended with the entire footer design not just the top part on the one footer and I need to see designs of the other footer. Thanks

    • 1週間前


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