Make a logo for a supplement company

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I am currently making a supplement company called PHLEX Labs.

We will specialise in a variety of supplements for improving athletic performance.

I called the company PHLEX Labs as it is a play on the word "flex" which is often used in the gym to refer to an individual tensing their arm muscles.
I thought the "PH" can stand for pH which is a chemistry term regarding the acidity or alkalinity of a substance.
The ph can also stand for pharmaceuticals.

A minimal, clean, professional logo is what I require which will be primarily black with maybe some green if you would like.

Please add what you feel is necessary based on the information provided.
You can maybe use pH and the H as a person.

Please show me your own creativity

FInd some supplement company logos attached.



“Very abrupt when communicating. Didn't want to put in the extra effort to help me out post contest. ”

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