Logo design for "Livingston Depot"

  • ステータス: Closed
  • 賞金: $40
  • 受け取ったエントリー: 50
  • 優勝者: zlostur


"Livingston Depot" is the Name we need a logo for..
- "Sip & Shop Station" is the Tag Line

This is a boutique cafe that is located in Livingston, Tennessee. This shop offers local artists, hand crafted items for sale, with a small cafe offering beverages, and lunch items. The keyword inspirations are elegance, down home, boutique, station, depot, misc items, Wifi

#1. The name should be in handwritten (cursive)font, elegant / but legible font, gold in Color
#2. The tag line "Sip & Shop Station" should be found in the logo
#3. This logo will be used for advertising print, and also main store sign.
#4. No trains to be used in the Logo.
#5. Like twinkle stars or lights floating above logo, but use your creative talents to bring this home.





  • sitehost
    • 1ヶ月前

    Thank you Everyone for your entries.. Customer Has chosen the one they like.. we will hold another soon..

    • 1ヶ月前
    1. waleedahmeddkjl
      • 1ヶ月前

      Okay i am hold please runner up me

      • 1ヶ月前
  • webmobileappco
    • 1ヶ月前

    please check #119

    • 1ヶ月前


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