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This logo will be for the California Association of Directors of Activities state convention in 2020. I would like the motto incorporated. It is "Set the Stage, Shine the Spotlight" and our CADA/CASL logo subtly included (see attachment). What I have in mind is a Broadway style theater's stage with two spotlights shining down. I am hoping that the FONT will be similar to a Broadway Playbill. We are an organization of teachers who teach leadership skills to adults and students. I will need PDF, JPG, vector, PNG files for the design. I would like to have the final design to be available in full color (and look good) in black and white as well. The design will be blown up on stage but will also be shrunk down as small as 1 1/2' X 1 1/2" (it needs to be legible at whatever size we need to use it for.) I would like to have the option to have you adjust the design (as needed) if your creation is chosen.



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  • gadeki
    • 10ヶ月前

    So far none of these designs fully capture what I am looking for. I definitely want a stage, full color, and the logo to be very small in the design. I am not seeing what I had hoped for so far. Hoping someone can design something more like what I had described.

    • 10ヶ月前
  • gadeki
    • 11ヶ月前

    I am looking for a full color design.

    • 11ヶ月前


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