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We are looking for a new Logo and a Company profile(power-point or Acrobat Reader)for our Call Center Company.
The logo that we are looking for should be a name based logo which should look elegant and reflect a touch of the call center industry. The name of our Company is SYNOTRIX GLOBAL PVT LTD.
We also want you to make a Company profile in power point or Acrobat reader, The company profile should include the following:
1. Basic information like the company was formed 4 yrs back, The seating capacity, its a 60 seater Company, location etc
2. The company mission or vision: Which is to make things easier for our client, we cold call to customers, qualify them as per our clients requirement and let them talk to the client when they are ready to get converted. There is nothing better than a customer talking over phone ready to get converted.
[login to view URL] specialize in Telemarketing lead management
Lead Generation / Qualification of
telemarketing lead lists
Decision Maker Contacts
Appointment Scheduling
Product Promotion
Database cleansing and updating
Third party verification
Record verification
Fraud detection /prevention Calls
Welcome / thank-you calls
Continuity sales calls
[login to view URL] highlights at Synotrix Global:
An industry renowned Predictive Dialer for outbound campaign excel and
achieve maximum productivity
International Leased Data and voice connectivity by VSNL,Leased Data and
voice connectivity Enhanced CAT6 cabling for voice and data transfer over internet and
LAN State –of –the – Art telecommunication by a fiber optic network.
Dedicated fiber optic cables for internet service and telephone exchanges for near 100%
uptime. 100% generator back up for continuing essential services.
Round the clock support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year We have a state
of art logger to monitor all the calls incoming outgoing to monitor the performance and
train the agents to catch perfection
6. Dedicated QA Team
Synotrix Global's Quality Assurance Team ensures that every agent delivers quality
service at every customer contact. Our Customer Service Agents are considerate problem
solvers. We only employ highly skilled agents in India who provide superior customer care.
We train our agents to efficiently track customer service requests and immediately route
customer queries based on their training and expertise. Our devotion to training produces
superior customer service. Agents receive 4 weeks of in-depth training on core skills,
including communication, customer service and sales.
We have an in-house quality monitoring process that utilizes formal instruments of
measurement. This process establishes exceptional quality levels and tracks an agent's
performance based on the following criteria:
Competence levels
Communication with customers
Worldwide call control skills
Product or service knowledge
Overall professional conduct and performance
7. Why synotrix global is best and why client should use our services
8. Contact Details....

Who ever agrees to work on this should get in touch with me for any information he/she may need.

We suggest using relevant pictures in the profile as and where needed.





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