Impact- Course Platform- Video Contest!

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Impact Festival Society is a non-profit & our mission is to unite the world to maximize our collective impact. We are launching a platform with courses that empower Impactors around the world to level up their skills and make more impact.
Your skills can be shared in a meaningful and positive way to create change in the lives of developing nations. Impact donates proceeds to various charity organizations.
The employer is looking for:
Enthusiastic freelancers, educators and content creators with various skills to create a video that explains HOW their skill can make a positive impact.
The video should include:
Introduction of yourself
What your skill is (anything goes here -> Content creation, web development, Marketing, SEO, Design, You name it we can use it to make an impact)
An example of you teaching this skill (i.e how to write HTML, or How to use google analytics)
How that skill can specifically be used to make a positive impact.

The winner(s) of this contest will be selected to work on the educational platform and have additional opportunities to work with the employer on various initiatives around content creation for the skills they’ve suggested they are specialized in.

The video must be at minimum:
5 minutes long
No upper time limit
Should be shared through a link via google or dropbox (or any accessible link)
Example video: [login to view URL]

Happy creating!






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